The drought has deprived the eastern provinces of Syria wheat crop

"The global market is saturated with offerings of grain" - in one voice shouting traders on the world's major stock exchanges. This is true, but for large producing countries and the key players of export-import operations in the international trading platforms. These data have nothing to do with countries below the poverty line. Syrian authorities have had a very frank discussion with local sociologists and here what conclusions they have reached. Severe drought in the eastern regions of the country led to complete destruction wheat crops and mass migration population dehydrated lands. Eastern Read more [...]
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Doku Umarov announced the intention to storm the Olympic objects in Sochi.Terrorist Doku Umarov, which is a favorite of the self-proclaimed "Caucasus Emirate", announced his intention to carry out attacks on the Olympic objects in Sochi, reports the South American press.Recall that in July 2013 Umarov has urged his own associates in all areas of the Russian Federation to prevent the holding of the 2014 winter Olympics.Video with the proclamation of the 1st of the most wanted Islamist RF was posted on one of the web sites militants. Umarov called for to prevent the holding "satanic" Read more [...]
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UN distributes food in eastern Syria

Representatives of the UN World Food Program began distributing food to the population of eastern Syria, badly hit by drought selnoy. According to calculations of the organization in the food need more than 190 thousand people. The drought has been going on for three years and irrational use of water resources in the region have led to the fact that more than one million Syrians have fled their homes. A significant part of the refugees have found temporary shelter in the Syrian capital Damascus. Source: BBC Russian Service Previous News: · The drought has deprived the eastern Read more [...]
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The wheat crop in Syria suffers from drought and yellow rust

Farmers Syria for the past three years suffer from drought, and in the current season in the wheat fields of the country hit a new trouble - yellow rust. In June, the USDA reported that the outbreak of Phytopathology in Syria wheat harvest season will amount to 3.3 million tons, which is 18% lower than the previous year, and 35% less than the record for Syria indices of production. According to experts, the most affected by drought and rust areas, yield losses range from 35 to 50%. In the season 2009/10 wheat crop in Syria amounted to 3.2 million tons, despite the fact that the government has Read more [...]
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Syria: thousands of people fleeing drought and famine

About 800,000 people have fled their homes in North-East Syria, because of four years of drought and a complete lack of public infrastructure. The United Nations reports that most of them moved to camp without electricity or running water near the city. Residents complain that in this area there are no schools for children and nowhere to work to feed their families. Those who remained in the villages, sell their property and are dependent on the UN and the Syrian government. World food programme, which started to operate in the region, provides food to about 200 thousand people. Source: She Read more [...]
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Flooding in the North of Syria

02.05.2011. Victims of the floods that flooded several villages in Northern Syria in the province of Hassakeh steel three people, reports news Agency «Xinhua». The flow of water washed away the bridge lying in the region of the highway. Killed a man and two women, who were at that moment on the bridge. Rescue from the rubble affected houses, which can be five people are still missing. A week earlier, torrential rains flooded the 28 villages in this province. As a result of natural disasters killed five local residents. Source: RBC Read more [...]
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Because of the storm in Syria closed the port of Tartus

December 12,. Stormy weather that hit on the Mediterranean coast of Syria, forced the government on Sunday to close the trading port of Tartus. Hurricane sandy caused a storm in the North-East of the country and in the southern provinces. Unprecedented snowfall observed in Damascus. Snow cover in the Syrian capital reaches 70 see Cut off from the rest of the country was mountainous areas, where the snow lay at around 700 meters. Forecasters say the widespread cooling. The welter interrupted classes in schools and educational institutions, emergency service restores communication, the affected Read more [...]
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The middle East is in the grip of snow and the elements for the third day

2 March. In parallel with the ongoing bloodshed in Syria throughout this country the rains come with the snow. Most of the precipitation fell and rolled on the Golan heights. It is reported that most of the roads are blocked by snowdrifts. A similar pattern is observed also in Jordan and Lebanon. Endless showers, with snow coming for the third day in a row across the middle East. The storm did not prevent anti-government demonstrations in Syria, which took place on 2 March in 12 cities, including Damascus and Aleppo.It is noted that the weather prevented the holding classes in Jordan, where Read more [...]
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Syria: Rebels could transfer chemical weapons

Syrian authorities are concerned that the rebels could get chemical weapons from several countries, and then blame the government in its use of force, according to a letter from the Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council. "We are genuinely concerned that some of the countries that support terrorism and terrorists, could provide chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups, arms, only to say that it was used by the Syrian government," - said in the letter.It says that a statement of concern about Read more [...]
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On the border of Turkey and Syria exploded car: there are victims

On the border of Turkey and Syria car exploded, reports Reuters. The victims of the explosion were twelve men, about 40 were injured. Previously reported seven dead. The explosion near the Turkish city Reyhanlı. According to preliminary data, the car exploded with Syrian numbers. The representative of the Turkish authorities said that the car did not explode as a result of air strikes, says RBCCategory: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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U.S. says: target Israeli airstrike in Syria was a convoy of arms

News began excuse Israeli aggression against Syria. U.S. administration officials who wished to remain anonymous, said that on Wednesday, Israeli aircraft attacked Syrian territory, according to The New York Times. "Americans believe that the target of an air raid that took place in the vicinity of Damascus, was the convoy, which was carrying the ultramodern air defense system, designed for the Shiite militant group" Hezbollah "in Lebanon" - journalists write Isabel Kershner and Michael Gordon.According to these U.S. officials, Israel informed the United States ahead of the Read more [...]
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U.S. supported the plan to inflict on Syria’s chemical attack and blame the Assad regime

Emails leaked may argue that the White House approved the use of chemical weapons in Syria, writes the tabloid The Daily Mail. "In such an attack could be accused of the Assad regime, which, in turn, would encourage the use of foreign troops in the affected country," - says journalist Louise Boyle.So, on Monday, it was reported, quoting e-mail correspondence, "two senior employees of the British company Britam Defence, fulfilling government orders" (language editions). "The letter outlines a plan," approved by Washington, "and explained that Qatar will finance Read more [...]
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U.S. accused the Syrian authorities of the terrorist attack in Aleppo

The U.S. State Department blamed the attack on the university campus in Aleppo in the Syrian army. Explosions January 15 claimed the lives of 87 people, more than 150 were injured.Today the U.S. Department of State issued an official comment on the tragic events in the second largest city of Syria. Department of State is the statement "witnesses" who claim that government aircraft carried out several strikes in the vicinity of the university. Were killed in attack students and refugees, highlighted by the agency. "We condemn all attacks on unarmed civilians and emphasize that Read more [...]
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The ships of the Russian Navy for the first time to hold maneuvers off the coast of a belligerent Syria

The General Staff reported that the detachment of the Russian Navy will fulfill marines off the coast of Syria. However, it soon became known that one of the ships sent already broke. According to experts, the Navy is preparing for a possible evacuation of Russians from Syria. Representatives of the rebels told the opinion, that of the 30,000 people living in the country while the Russians are ready to leave no more than a thousand.On Friday, a source of "Interfax" the General Staff said that the ships of the United mezhflotskoy factions of the Russian Navy in joint maneuvers in Read more [...]
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Provocation against Russia is prepared to Syria with the Slavs

Allies Syrian opposition intend to arrange provocation with individuals of Slavic appearance to discredit Russia as one of the key mediators in the talks, said the military-diplomatic source.According to him, representatives of interested in the overthrow of the current Syrian regime structures conduct the recruitment of persons of Slavic appearance - citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, which will play the role of the Russian "mercenaries", allegedly fought on the side of Assad and captured fighters so-called Free Syrian Army.These "mercenaries" have to give the cameras Read more [...]
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Syria called the information on the use of chemical weapons provocation West

Syrian ambassador to Moscow Riyad Haddad called a provocation allegations of Syrian army chemical weapons. In his opinion, misinformation can become a pretext for foreign intervention in Syria. "Of course, everything is done for the organization of intervention in Syria, but I think that, thanks to the efforts of Russia and China will not happen" - said Haddad. The politician did not give a direct answer to the question of who is behind the stuffing of this information, but said that the foreign media, including Turkish and Arabic, inaccurate covering the events in Syria to facilitate Read more [...]
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Russia sent to Syria marine units

Russia sent to Syria, large landing ships (LST) "Azov" and "Nicholas Filchenkov", carrying the few marine units and military equipment, "Interfax" referring to a source in the General Staff of the Russian Federation. The ships are sent to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the support center of the Russian Navy. According to the source, December 28 ships will join the group in the Black Sea Fleet missile cruiser "Moskva" and frigate "Smetliviy" that will guide them in Tartous. "The special forces tasked with ensuring security of ships while Read more [...]
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Military U.S. and France are prepared to protect storage of chemical weapons from Syrian rebels

Elite units of the armed forces of France and the United States are on the Jordanian-Syrian border, preparing for a possible intervention in Syria, in the event of the fall of President Bashar al-Assad to protect stocks of chemical weapons at the hands of Islamists.The command of the French Foreign Legion in the past months repeatedly departing from Jordan to Syria scout to gather information. To camouflage the soldiers of the elite French army units carried out, presumably, protect the field hospital for refugees located in the Jordanian city of Mafraq.Specially trained for combat in the desert Read more [...]
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General Shamanov: Navy ready to evacuate Russians from Syria

Airborne troops of Russia will come to help women and children in Syria, where appropriate, and even, if necessary, provide evacuation of Russian citizens. This was announced on Tuesday Airborne Troops Commander Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov. The more experience of such operations by Russian soldiers there. Of course, the airborne troops would come to help, but if such a task will be assigned military leadership, added Shamans. "Absolutely responsibly declare we are ready" - quoted Shamanov "Interfax". "I remind you that this experience we already have - the evacuation Read more [...]
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Kidnappers Russians in Syria demanded a ransom for their release

Russians and the kidnappers of an Italian citizen in Syria demanded a ransom for their release, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The hostages were employees of a private enterprise. The Russian Embassy in Damascus has already begun to take the necessary proactive in contact with the Syrian side. Ukrainian authorities do not agree with Syrian rebels abducted earlier Ukrainian journalist Ankhara Kochneva they suspected of having links to Russian intelligence.Russians and the kidnappers of an Italian citizen in Syria demanded a ransom for their release, according to the Russian Foreign Read more [...]
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