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Passion and bottom Tackle

I read in a magazine notoriously controversial advice - how to catch trophy catfish on the bottom rope. The Council presents the "Dummies" experienced angler.Catch trophy catfish ground tackle, of course, theoretically possible, if you're lucky. The trouble is that the right places, the right time and luck, as you know, is not always enough for everyone. Even on catfish boilers! Scoop elected holders' shurshavchikov "drovers fishing success and good luck. Probably, and I also do not correct a halo over his head. It's just a hat, nahlobuchennaya to the same sinful head. It is enough to look through Read more [...]
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Burbot trail — Myth or Reality?

It should be a time to see with their own eyes, and all doubts disappearPhoto: Ivan Semyonov The existence of so-called burbot trails supported by many publications and the opinions of fishermen. But in any case there is nothing better than a personal experience. No wonder they say: «Better to see once than hear a hundred times». I, frankly, in the practice of catching burbot never seen confirmation of the existence of this very trail. Catching burbot are many: and in the autumn, winter and spring. In open water, and all sorts of Donkey postavushkami winter – Read more [...]
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Silver Blades

And finally cleared up… Gone are the gray days with icy winds and snow prickly April. Opened sunny skies with a high abyss, where not see a single cloud. From morning even crust of ice crunches under your feet, turn gray with frost withered last year's grass, but the days are warm and affectionate. I would like to expose a person and sunlight, blinking, to go towards the warm wind, smelling the spring, which means that the melt water and fish…With fish I seem hurried. Where is it then be driven in the city, among the houses-boxes? But as always, if you do not happen Read more [...]
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In the course of the great river

Part 1. Terms and fishing equipment In winter fisherman is constantly in different fishing conditions, to succeed where he has to solve a lot of tactical and technical tasks, both in terms of site selection and construction of the optimal gear. In this sense, it seems, ice fishing on a strong vortex flow, so even at great depths — One of the most troublesome winter recreational fishing.This is due to the fact that large fast flowing rivers of ice after the establishment of a reliable fish quickly leaves the shallow coastal waters, and focuses on the fairway areas, gathering Read more [...]
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Taymenevy «bracelet»

Photo by Sergey Tishkevich In the early eighties of the last century, I served in the Far East in the garrison of naval aviation. If you were not an amateur angler, you will still be invited to go fishing. But like it or not — this is a secondary question. Even though the final result: obrybilis or left with the dream catch.One day, just after the first frost, we went to the river for trout Tumnin. Places are peculiar: hills covered with cedar and fir up to thirty meters. Tumnin further in the direction of the current flows into the Tatar Strait. On the opposite side of the Read more [...]
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With a nod, but … without mormyshkas

Figure author Ice fishing, as we know, are typically used two tackles: float fishing rod and tackle mormyshechnaya — Rod with a nod and a jig. And there is nothing new here seems to be impossible to come up with, it's gear began to like classical.But recently ice Ruza reservoirs surprised me a lot of familiar fisherman who enjoyed the amazing gear. He was holding a fishing rod with a nod, apparently it seems to be no different from the traditional mormyshechnoy tackle. A difference, as it turned out, it was. And it is very significant. The fact is that at the end of the fishing Read more [...]
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Fish rapid water

In winter, the fast sections of the great rivers anglers often catch bream and white eye decent size. Here shirokotelyh flocks of fish that differ significantly from each other in appearance, often mixed. This is due to focus on the same forage base, consists of a small benthic organisms, and in part it consists of fouling and organic deposits.And yet, with regard to the winter lifestyle of these fish, it is seen that the bream more committed to great depths and areas sustained and reverse flow. But here it is more than defend and almost do not bite, and «Fodder» It Read more [...]
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Autumn tackle

There was a welcome for anglers autumn time, when after the sweltering heat of summer in the waters became calmer without a rest, and the fish start to behave more predictably, moving away from the cooling water at the depth or in places with weak currents, where more food and less negative impact of excess bright light coming through the chilled water and lighten. And indeed the water at considerable depths somewhat warmer than in shallow waters, allowing different fish conserve vital energy, to absorb quickly absorbed by the food, which means that more and longer periods of Read more [...]
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Match tackle for carp

In the suburbs, there are many ponds paysites where carp are often caught when fishing for carp Makhov rod with a dull snap. This method is characterized by mobility, the ability to use loose stones on the hook attachment, and most importantly – the cast is very rarely overlaps leash and the main line. But he has and disadvantages: the range is limited to fishing from the shore, as a rule, the distance of 10-15 m, possible use of thin woods, the process takes place over vyvazhivaniya lured place. All of these deficiencies deprived Match tackle for carp.The first breeding of the fish began Read more [...]
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During winter, the

Part 1. Terms and fishing equipment.Photo by the author In deep wells sustained over the fish often just stops, and «Fodder» makes inroads in the relatively shallow areas, usually underwater rocky hills or ridges, borders rifts and pits, trenches piled deep channel. There is a fish rich pickings in the form of larvae and other aquatic organisms, and uses a variety of bottom fouling. Fishermen from one year to try to remember these «fish cutlery» and regularly visit them. Good to navigate on the site and reliably pinpoint catchability «point» Read more [...]
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Gear for the flow

All the rigging as the bite alarm used by hard cockPhoto: Ivan Semyonov We have to admit that in the winter we are quite rare catch in the waters with a strong current. Winter gear, especially a jig rod, generally ideal to work in a standing or flowing water very slightly. Therefore, most fishermen are caught in the winter on lakes, reservoirs, creeks, dams. On the rivers, we try to keep quiet spots, whirlpools, dams, but sometimes you need to be able to catch and strong currents.[mkref = 1694]River Klyazma very fast rivers midland further for here is very uneven, almost solid Read more [...]
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Plug tackle for different fishing conditions

Part 1 on small reservoirs with roach, carp and carp.Photo Anatoly Mailkova It makes no sense to repeat often that the gear must be optimized conditions for fishing and, in the case of the plug is also the size and resistance of the fish. If we talk about the rod, I prefer to take the most light, «sportswear» model maximum length. In small ponds rarely have to deal with large prey. Easy rod makes it possible to perform accurate light wiring accessories, make a quick and short cutting. Some of the trouble can begin at a strong wind, which we recently discussed. However, Read more [...]
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Photo Anatoly Mailkova The first hunt for pike, my wife began after the lifting of the ban. For several years, the predator can be caught only from 15 May.The results were modest: one leaving – a pickerel. After the May holidays, however, we were lucky. On Kozlovsky dam bait pike grabbed nearly two pounds, and she lost her twin on the shore, I barely had time to throw it out of the water.My fishing victory after the incident ended. Fatally unlucky! I tossed all the years of experience verified sites, but returned without a catch. But the spouse «detached» to the Read more [...]
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Forgotten tackle?

Photo Anatoly Mailkova As before all fished on the Klyazma? There was no feeder or Tyrolean sticks or rods Bolognese, or rather, perhaps, all this was simply no one suspected that there are tackles. And it is very easy to catch a very simple but effective tackle. They called her donk. Although it was not a classic donk, more precisely, it was not at all donk. It would be better to name this rigging rods poludonkoy.On Kliazma strong (for the river median strip) and a very uneven flow, to find a site with a flat bottom and smooth the passage almost impossible. And the fish on this Read more [...]
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Spring float tackle

Part 2.Photo Anatoly Mailkova To begin with, the fish start to float on the rivers can be even when the ice is, but the jet flow has to make its way along the coast. This year I started catching bleak at Dubna at a time when the water went over the ice. The ice on the bottom, about one meter above the ice melted, the water is still clear, and it is bleak. This small fishing on the river ends in two days. Then begins the flood due to snow melting.The water is turbid, a very strong one. Catch seemingly nowhere, but it is possible. In small bays and coves, on a very small places, Read more [...]
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Fish muddy and cold water

Mining young fisherman demanded work and perseverance.  Ice, ice ... I dreamed cubes, crystals and stalactites. No, not from the refrigerator, for a cocktail, and disintegrating. In the Gulf of Rybinsk Reservoir ... bass, jumped out of the hole and waiting that they will take away passing by the last brave angler…Outside the window – the first serious onslaught of spring. A week washed away, blown and melted remnants of snow in yards and ditches, pits on the roads have reached a level of depth when the suspension of the Russian SUV began to ask to slow down. Ice Read more [...]
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With zhivtsovoy tackle

Zhivtsovaya catch predatory fish, probably one of the most ancient ways of fishing. Especially fans of animated catching a fall sometimes, because the jelly water and close the winter, the angrier some are predators in different water bodies. And they feed almost the entire short daylight hours. Especially these different pike, perch, burbot and walleye.Fisherman with zhivtsovoy tackle must be sufficiently mobile to, moving from place to place, great fishing on the waters, find a cluster of predator and get results. This fishing is an interesting and entertaining, and emotionally, Read more [...]
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Third-year Rule     Pic: Courtesy of TrangoIt's a no-brainer that every kid crampon inevitably a upstanding tackle. Gratefully, thither are a server of options usable. Our kinsfolk swears by the Trango Next-to-last, a full-body tackle that fits petty chargers betwixt 25 and 80 pounds. In our receive, it's practically easier to get Canaan into this rule without creating a tortuous mass than is with otc models. The cushioned leg loops offer additional padding and quilt, which is a thanksgiving for both aspirant crushers and kids who opt vacillation in their harnesses to really mounting Read more [...]
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Earlier You Turn Up: Be An Arborist

    Exposure: Freesolo PhotographyExpectant out-of-door jobs are uncommon for kids isolated in suburb. Mounting trees in a tackle with a chainsaw? An elision. Prereqs: A willingness to get begrime—guess alimentation branches into a jaunty—and flow out in heights places. “Thither’s dozens of r-2 ferment, so rock-climbing skills interpret comfortably,” says Nicholas Dankers, of Seattle’s Shoetree Cycles/second. How to Break: Obtain a local arborist who necessarily an adjunct and testament instruct you to use a chainsaw. You’ll do the humble Read more [...]
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Union network.

Greetings gentlemen. Komenty reading the article "New angler or how I wished I have the Internet." Namely koment friend shgm and answering style "search yuzay" I once thought that this phrase is synonymous with the phrase "FSU!" So, I went there myself, and that's what naryl.A and actually reading the lines of PushkinOnce he threw into the sea seine - seine came with the sole slime. Another time he threw seine - seine came with grass of the sea. The third time he threw seine Seine came with the sole fish, With a difficult fish - gold.I've often wondered - seine, the same type of Dragnet, Read more [...]
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