Tushkina – our everything

It is said that on the territory of the Altai cedar few places: on Seminsky Pass, near Lake Teletskoye and surroundings Karakoksha in Choya district. The yield on the pine cones in the Siberian taiga happens once every four years. The brigade cborschikov say that taiga theft not, his man on the left duty in camp every day. In the Altai taiga no willow cedars the branches of which you can climb on the top. Local residents collect only fallen cones — Tushkina. Waiting for the wind drops or bumps herself when ripe. Autumn — this Read more [...]
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Larch – a symbol of the Siberian taiga

In the frosty winter nights and mornings in the Siberian taiga can often hear the hum - it bursts from the severe frosts, break the ice on the rivers and ice.Snow here or not a lot, or it is very loose, loose, and because the soil freezes in the winter a depth of three meters. Even in summer, when the day is hot, it is not thaw deep. AT these conditions may increase the hardiest tree species. Foremost among them are is occupied by larch. Among the pine trees growing on in Russia, the most common is just that tree. Forests dominated by larch, occupy a huge area — Read more [...]
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Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM What is the path to taiga? It's all! Sometimes it's an opportunity that gives destiny. AND from what can match the a sense of joy when, having windbreak, losing track of time, tired to limit, you suddenly see: the trail! FROM what joy to fall, throwing off his backpack, next to the her Wet moss, realizing that now certainly somewhere to come!Yadavno go to solitary hiking in northern taiga, tundra. Northern, Polar and Ural Mountains were populated by me. AT This time the plan was: go to Western Read more [...]
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Crystal Air taiga

What to cook from a grouse? Offer to fry spit was rejected, as have zhirka are not enough. We decided to bake them in sol. At the biological hospital, located on the UNAR bank of the river, a tributary of the river Taimur, a tributary of the Lower Tunguska, I was a colleague Yuri. That October morning, as usual, wandered through taiga. Behind my backpack on small-caliber rifle shoulder TOZ-16, and in front of a few days of hunting in the forest ... It's been two hours I He came out of the hospital. AT autumn air smelled Read more [...]
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Who of us is a real hunter?

Once in Mogocha already being retired, I was invited by my colleague Dima on Shilka river to live in a cabin, to catch burbot zakidushka, like with a gun on the forest.It was the beginning of September. I agreed. Learning about the upcoming trip, a request with us and my son Igor, who was studying in the 8th grade. Mother would not let go first, referring to the beginning of the school year, but then agreed: three days – not so much. Making the necessary fees and load a motorcycle «Ural»We went to the Chusovinke where Dima was a boat with a motor-Kazanka. Overdrive all belongings Read more [...]
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Taiga was

Photo Aconcagua / FLICKR.COM LYNXThat day I I hunted wapiti, walking along morning the track, trying to approach it on lezhke. It was a beautiful sunny morning, nothing boded trouble. Climb up the slope, his eyes buried in snow, not to lose track. AT Ussuri taiga all the snow trampled trails, large and small, they agree, disagree, meander. Just need to follow to lose. Then he will have to start looking for another. I go, I preoccupied my thoughts, when I like someone stops and He speaks: «Look up». I stop.I Read more [...]
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Squirrel on goad

Herders' camp was located on the river Lyulyuikta - a tributary of the Lower Tunguska. In the second half of October - when the deer was to render more than a week, we Valera Kombagirom early the uchagah (horse deer) went on the hunt. The assistants took Husky Palma.Evenki on his way of life especially deer hunters olenevody.Verhovoy — business card of this nation. October Evenki call «Ugunai» — time shallow snow vazhenok coverage. Sadly there are bare larch. Only spruce, pine, fir, cedar, juniper, rosemary, cranberries pleased with his Read more [...]
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Pillows on the transition

The story of the Siberian hunter.I wade sleepy eyes, staring through the loophole on the garrulous river, the peaks of the oil soaring to the sky. Fog spilled today by the channel and therefore enveloped the opposite shore, swam slowly, clinging to the shore willow. The river was clean, enlightened.Morning frost prohvatyval. Yawning I crush my jaw. Terrible sleepy.When the taiga, with dogs or traps - there easier, run myself, but run. And then, in an ambush, when the beast of the guard - and sleepy. Sometimes we have to lie all day.Transition - a place where animals are more often overcome obstacles. Read more [...]
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Children Bayyanaya

In the winter 1977 our Party was disbanded. We have for many years provided our geologists status information bowels of the earth, and themselves out of work. I had to go to the cable-drilling assistant driller. The main tool was the sledgehammer at me - really helps the development of intelligence. How to give it a couple of times on Bailer, so just remember the periodic table or the second law of aerodynamics. We drilled hole for the foundation. After all, all the houses in the North are on stilts, like on chicken legs. Insidious this thing - the age-old permafrost.Master, and therefore the chief, Read more [...]
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Vegetable diet in the taiga

Taiga a very difficult environment. Get the power in the taiga conditions quite difficult. Not always possible to get meat, protein foods. In this case, you need to prepare your meals from plant food. Today we will discuss how you can eat the plants in the forest. Even in summer, taiga vegetation is so diverse, so to find a meal – We need to have knowledge that the edible and what is not. In late summer, the fall in the forest abundance berries: Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, blueberries, raspberries, lemongrass, etc. Many berries are suitable for food Read more [...]
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Arctic, Antarctic and taiga

This book is an alloy of invaluable experience, scientific knowledge and practical skills for intrepid explorers of the most extreme places on earth - the Arctic, Antarctic and taiga. The Creator offers a true survival course in the criteria endless permafrost and the terrible taiga climate. What uniforms you need for a polar expedition and hike into the forest? What to do if you ran out of supplies of food? How not to fall into the hands of predators and to protect yourself from possible injuries and diseases? How to kindle a fire with one match? And in the end, how not to get lost in the vast Read more [...]
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HAPPY PEOPLE. A YEAR IN the TAIGA ( 2010) – international short version of the film ( 90 min)

Doc. the movie works, the days and life of hunters and their families from the village of Bakht , in the middle reaches of the Yenisei river , where they engaged in fishing and hunting , I rely only on myself.. " HAPPY PEOPLE. A YEAR IN THE TAIGA" ( 2010) :In the international version of the movie "Happy people" re-vocalized (narration reads Werner Herzog), changed the music, and most importantly - reduced the duration of the movie, so it was easier to accept. In a 90-minute version of village life was over brackets, and all the attention paid to people's lives in the taiga. Also changed Read more [...]
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Excellent video on the subject of survival in the forest and taiga. Please add to the group.

RNU Bryansk: Survival in the Bryansk forests 21:50 Survival in stand-alone criteria. 29:57 Siberian hermits (decades full autonomy) 28:08 Building shelters in the woods 18:03 Survival school. Baikal. To survive in the taiga. 24:36 27 Dec 2011 19:52| I like 6 11 comments Sergey Vladimirovich Alexey, thank you, video added to the album "Video on SURVIVAL" Read more [...]
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Northern Urals. Flora and Fauna

North Ural Region dense taiga forests, tall subalpine meadows and marshes. The vegetation of the Northern Urals is very diverse. Only in taiga forests, there are about 200 species of higher plants, of which 28 species of trees and shrubs. Individual ranges of the Northern Urals, rising above the surrounding plains to 1000—1,500 m altitude, have a distinct shift of vertical vegetation zones. Adjacent plains to the mountains covered with dense coniferous forests and taiga. To the west of the Urals crude taiga, with thick moss soil. To the north, in the basins of Shchugor, Podcherem, Ilych and Read more [...]
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Wishes taiga travelers Northern Urals

The peculiar nature of the Northern Forest Zauralye surely entice the traveler. In Mansi taiga so interesting and informative that he had no regrets forget about the noisy urban civilization, which left a short time. Occupation enough for everyone: fans of mineralogy and zoology, botany, ethnography, kinofotoohotnikam. But we must take care of this reserved area. Counting only those tourists who gently and humanely treat nature for them this book was written.Lovers of Geology and Mineralogy we must remember that the north-western corner Priuralsky Khanty-Mansi autonomous district holds many minerals. Read more [...]
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The wild edges Zatirlyanya

Beloretsk small town, but when you do not know the road, he begins to grow in size. Where the fuck Morse guys where saves ?! (C) Well, where is the road to Tirlyan ??? Found and drove north isselodovat Beloretskogo district. 1st item Shushpa. Village on the white where they filmed The endless cry. Before the village abounding stream. Well, well, it's Snow White! Nothing too exciting. Dacha settlement, bought up magnitogortsamim. Generally curious to look at the expansion of Magnitogorsk Truckers on such utter sinusoid as kombinat who will close the thread a piece of metal, so sledtset Read more [...]
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You wanted about this whole autumn.. Well finally the 1st snow just for the weekend and the weather is suitable..just something -10 a day.. and tomorrow is kind of like warming..and escaping from the house, taking with him Gladkova and everything you need, you left..went long and in places where there were previously never wander far from all, to see the first snow animal tracks.. to open the latest Lambushka.. eh.. what can be cooler?? the fire, the stars romance.. But the romance ended... and another has begun.. when you, after 3 hours on the road, 2 hours on a deserted dirt road , and as much Read more [...]
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Construction wintering in the taiga

Greetings friends! Here wrote an article about the construction of the taiga winter quarters. I think many of you will be surprised by this, since they have not built one, but others will probably find this helpful. Taiga cabin plays an important role in the life of every hunter fishers. As the main hunting takes place in the winter, then the need for such wintering very high. Hunter trapper, having at its disposal a certain section of the forest - puts network such wintering. The network consists of a basic hut in which the hunter lives and putikovyh huts in which a hunter spends the night Read more [...]
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We are all well done

Came once again from another trip. And so for the 4 days are made a lot: - filmed a lot of videos of Lake Zyuratkul. Wanted a golden autumn, removed pre-winter. - Lake in almost all removed from the water. Removed the most remote corners of the lake, including the mouth of the Great Kyla. In truth bearish place. - Legacy: Large Satka, Ai, fabulous winter taiga - Ready material on derivational channel that built the cons and the remains of which hitherto attracted the taiga - Was Chernosharskom swamp. There's all red from lingonberry - Made two detailed interviews. With Director park Zyuratkul, Read more [...]
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In search of the “Golden tier”. Part 1

(End. Starting in №177, 190, 218, 236)   I'll tell you one of those stories. My companion, a sly squint, asked: Gold Kolchak want to find? Do not you say ... That's where the first, on a shelf, a book about the last days of the life of Alexander Kolchak, it provides detailed reports of his interrogation. What just not asked Admiral revolutionary investigators, but not a single question about the missing gold in the book is not. Accident? I think not. At all times, the metal, especially gold reserves of the state secrets, so that to obtain information about him was impossible. Read more [...]
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