Inflatable tanks, inexpensive and creepy. news/post-1.45.html

Link Inflatable tanks, inexpensive and creepy. Our models are the most musenyi in the world. The Russian army began purchasing inflatable technology, there are missile system s-300, T-72 and T-80, the su-27 and MIG-31 as convince designers..16 APR 2012 19:40|I like146 commentsConstantine Bakht can these be purchased, and to arrange a children's inflatable attraction).16 APR 2012|1Alexander Gaivoronsky Or to realize in Africa.16 APR 2012|2Konstantin Smirnov By the way fascinating thing Read more [...]
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Well,for that matter.

Abstract on driving the tank 0:5714 APR 2012 21:09|I like228 commentsIlya Chasovskikh The bear and then unicycle velocipede, travels, and for you 19 and you don't know how to tank)))14 APR 2012|5Eugene Svitashev hot fuck :))))))15 APR 2012|3Eugene Technogen I probably learned a tank to control ...15 APR 2012|1Eugene Technogen a good instructor Read more [...]
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Vamp Your Foundation Cantonment: Stanley Pro-Grade 16 Quart Chance Tank

    Photograph: Courtesy of StanleyThe masters of insulated bottles and one-handed mugs convey campers yet another must-have intersection, the Gamble Tank. Stanley says it’ll dungeon your burgers and beer coldness for 36 hours. A leak-resistant gasket locks the frigidity interior its sparkle lid and consistency, which are 250% bettor insulated than others in a corresponding terms reach. An adjustable bind substance you can trounce it to your ceiling if pauperism be. And when you don pack, kick—the flatcar top doubles as a bottom.Useable Bounce ’14, $65 Read more [...]
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Promiscuous Campfire Desserts: Mythic Frozens

This is not a formula but a mere taxi to livelihood hooey quick-frozen aside from the deep-freeze. I’m death to try it on a multi-day mass or canoe stumble. You motivation: Icy treats. The more kinds, the amend. Medium-big tank. A newer, super-insulated, multi-day whole is scoop. Dry ice. Fin to vii pounds testament bed for 24 hours, 15 to 20 pounds for ternary years. Cinque to septenary pounds of dry ice should livelihood frozens for 24 hours, 15 to 20 pounds for 3 years. Duncical gloves Paper Channel tapeline Bear gloves to hold ice, which flash-freezes chassis on liaison. Enclose slices Read more [...]
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Nimble and Begrime: How to Body-build a Bivouac Drench Tank

    Pic: Courtesy of Bob ParksIt’s a graeco-roman Combustion Man nag: reduce a residential inundate tank to a contract, 12-volt pail that hangs international your camp on the playa. Jiffy air conditioning. You motivation a bombardment, figurer fan, and a chilling pad from the ironmonger.Tied if you’re not bearing bent burning the man, we base many uses for our DIY tank, from car encampment to multi-day picture shoots in dry, hot weather. The job with an evaporative tank, withal, is that the humidness inevitably to be low to use it. We launch Read more [...]
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However Hopper

Sportfishing guides and fete goers observe: High-end tank manufacturer Notwithstanding upright revealed its get-go soft-sided tank, the 6.5-gallon Grounder that’s plastered with a rainproof drysuit zip.It’s got an inch-and-a-half of heavy-duty closed-cell sparkle for detachment passim. We had no job slinging it into a canoe, departure it on the trust for sportfishing, or stowage it in the forepart ass of a car—without any outflow. At $299, the Hop-picker ain’t cheesy, but if it’s anything alike its roto-molded forebearers, it’ll finale always.The Grounder volition Read more [...]
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Sometimes the water is too clean, especially in certain regions.And only One filter is better not to be limited, because it in huge quantities can be different digestive, liver and other parasites and viral infections that can cause the most severe disease - the water should boil or distill using steam and polyethylene distillers.WATERMAKER :* Simple steam water distiller can be made of any iron pipes, bent at a right angle - knee . The tube is placed bells up to two non-combustible supports, for example, two sand cushion. Inside the pipe is filled with water. In place of a bend bred fire. On the Read more [...]
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Everything is done quite rapidly and simply. On a cast iron stove put the tank lid made zinc coated sheet, only the bottom it is made of soft aluminum. Tank fill ordinary river sand, which is heated from the furnace, long holds heat and heats the room. So that heat from the heated bottom of the basin have penetrated into the sand, in the whole volume of the tank every 3-4 cm set of heat-conducting aluminum plate (if possible - copper, brass). Curved ends below they are tight (with rivets) to the bottom.In the end, a good thermal contact of the plates with the bottom of the sand in the drive heats Read more [...]
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Tune SUV for survival.

Itak.Yavno decided that the best road to survival is not always exactly vnedorozhnik.No standard SUV can satisfy the desires of its owner. In PD are important factors such as a large supply of fuel and an opportunity to get the car out zapadni.Rassmatrivat model cars will not just necessary tyuning.Itak start:1) needed tires with "aggressive" tire risunkom.Vybor purely personal desire.2) Gasoline (petrol supply is needed, as in any way) There are several options to increase the amount of benzozapasa, the main ones: -Replace the standard fuel tank, on the other a large volume (here I think Read more [...]
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Crew brothers Shevtsova

    In April 1942, the Front Newspaper "Combat the onslaught" wrote: "Passed some time, and well knit crew brothers Shevtsova appeared on the Kerch Peninsula. He has twice participated in the battles. Shevtsova honorably continue to bravely fight with German occupiers. A few days ago, along with other tanks went on the attack and the Urals. Their Tank the first burst forward and become caterpillars destroy enemy guns, mortars and machine guns. Shooting division followed about the tanks and took the best tactically height.     Brothers Shevtsova shown Read more [...]
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Ural-LVIV Volunteer Tank Corps

Ural-LVIV Volunteer Tank Corps formed in February. April. 1943 as the 30th Level. Volunteer Tank Corps and is included in the 4th (from March 1945 4th Guards) Tank arm. Housing was created on the initiative of the workers Sverdl., Chelyaba. and Molotov (now Perm.) region., was staffed by volunteers and is equipped with military equipment made by voluntary contributions. Initially, the body was selected 9 th. Pers. of 115 thousand. applicants. In the short term have been collected and the necessary means for arming the body. So, just South Urals made 56.4 million rubles. Baptism of fire Corps took Read more [...]
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Third went to the podium

     In Nizhny Tagil, a new Monument. T-72 tank stood on the podium at the intersection of Dawn and the Leningrad prospectus, if left out of the forest, protecting borders clapboard. This is the third Tank in the first, according to the governor of the Sverdlovsk region EE Rosell, Monument T-72 in Russia.     The event took place on the eve of the Day of tanker and a accompanied not only by solemn speeches and the laying of flowers, but also twenty artillery salvoes. On the history of the mass of the tank, running a series in 1974, ie 30 years ago, the Read more [...]
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T-90 tank

T-90 - the modern Russian main battle tank. Created in the late 1980s - early 1990s as the modernization of the T-72B, under the T-72BU, but in 1992 was adopted by the already under the T-90System for crew protection from weapons of mass destructionAutomatic system of collective protection of the crew (and equipment) tank weapons of mass destruction includes a filtering unit for sealing zabronevogo crew compartment and supplying purified air crew is pumped, creating a positive pressure in the tank (backwater), the components of armor to protect against neutron radiation (hit and nadboy), Read more [...]
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Tactical lessons of the last two wars in Iraq for arms commander-2

Another example. April 6, 2003 during the battle for the pass Debeka (Debecka) in northern Iraq, a division of Americans for 4 Humvees stopped "classical" mechanized attack Iraqis MTLB company, supported by 4 T-55 tanks, drove firing of anti-tank "Javelin" (all were released 19 missiles) Iraqi armored vehicles in the shelter for the road embankment. Iraqis were forced to fight to fire at long range from the shelter, where they spent 4.5 hours methodically destroyed caused Americans to support the aircraft. During the first Iraq war, the Americans won ground battles, though not always, but often, Read more [...]
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From T-34 to T-90

    UralVagonZavod wonder listed in the Guinness Book of Records     On July 11 in Nizhny Tagil the basis of the Federal state enterprise (PCF) "Nizhny Tagil Institute of tests metals" extends V International Exhibition weapons, military equipment and ammunition "RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS-2006". Traditionally, it was opened to the range demonstration and exhibition complex PCF Tank T-34 is not simply one of existing exhibits and witness the glory Russian arms and the symbol of the history of Production Association "UralVagonZavod"Reported "IEE" General Read more [...]
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Little stories

I don't know what war is, and don't want to know. In my opinion, it's very scary. One day I was walking to my grandmother to work and saw a sign: "This street is named after Hero of the Soviet Union pilot C. A. Black. Asked his grandmother, who he was, and she told me that a fighter pilot Black - resident of our city. Veteran of the war in Spain, the first of tagilchan Hero Sovetskogo Union. Grandpa told me that after the war next to him lived neighbor uncle Volodya Stupnikov. He was blind. Every hour the next ten minutes and played the accordion military tunes, and all the guys on the street Read more [...]
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Volunteers: mandate made!

     It has long died down the guns. But the memory of the glorious pages of the Great Patriotic War will not tarnish over time.     Nizhny Tagil made his undeniably significant contribution to the creation of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps. 60 T-34 tanks were produced by the №183, known as the Ural tank plant. Bright and festive time of the transfer columns of tanks captured on film "Transfer of a column of tanks Ural Volunteer Tank Corps"Written specifically for the artist A.I.Bubnovym Nizhny Tagil Museum of Local History in 1945.General TS Rodin Read more [...]
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Heroic chronicle continues

     The idea of ​​creating the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps was born in the workforce of the Urals during the victorious Battle of Stalingrad is completed.     The history of our country does not know such examples, whenever labor collectives themselves produced weapons, trained workers to own them, dressed, shod, provided food, transportation and sent formed fighting force to crush the enemy. Ural has once again proved that he is really basic edge of power, not only forged the weapons, but they smashed the enemy.     And so began. January 16, Read more [...]
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In his work as a combat

    Rear lived during the Great Patriotic stressful life. Read more [...]
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BT-7 is to Grodno

    In front of my eyes - cover sheet of yellowed books on time "T-34 tank"Published by the Chief Armored Directorate of the Red Army for Official Use Only (instance №67) and signed to the study of the personnel of the tank parts of the Red Army February 27, 1941, Major-General I. Lebedev. I thought: before the war about four months, and the period of training in schools - six. Maybe it's because we have not had time to time to prepare, for example, experienced mechanics, drivers and so were great losses "tridtsatchetverok" in the first months of Read more [...]
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