Australian teenager survived after spending two months in the forest without food for forty-degree heat

18-year-old Australian Matthew Allen spent nine weeks in the forest, not wanting to go home. Judging by the state in which an adolescent, he had all the time did not eat anything, a little drunk, and was kept in the open air, while Australia is experiencing record heat. The young man disappeared in late November in Westley, a suburb of Sydney. Your mobile phone, bank cards and clothing left behind by Matthew Allen. But neither is connected to his quest police, no trace of teen volunteers to detect and failed. Came across a young man who disappeared two tourists vacationing in the local forest. Read more [...]
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The teenager lost in the Australian desert and to survive for three days drinking his own urine

18-year-old Briton lost during sports jogging. For three days, passed in heat waves, the teenager was forced to drink a liquid lens and their urine, to die from dehydration. Sam Derry went for a run on Tuesday morning. The young man from Europe recently got a job mate on a farm near the Australian city of Longreach. Derry got lost while running in woodland. He came out of the thicket into the wilderness, and went in obviously the wrong direction. Teenager three days actually walked in a circle. At this time, the air temperature in the Australian desert is more than 40 ° C. For three days Read more [...]
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Parents must learn to educate-5

As we age, especially in connection with such a violent period of puberty, individual psychological characteristics of children as it intensified, become more complex, were felt more noticeable. If last irascible child sharply reacted to your intervention in its affairs, it is now becoming a teenager, he did not hear any calmly fair comment to him. "Here, and try to talk to him!" - Shrug their parents. And say not, and condemn not. Only - how? Irritable teenagers comments condemnation best bear in a calm, friendly manner. Without shouting, without nervousness: "Again I saw Read more [...]
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Parents must learn to raise 2

The family of Sasha neither father nor brother to blame not touched. Bottle of dry wine can be seen in this family except on public holidays. Of course, living in this environment brought Sasha intolerant attitude apparent to the other guys ordinary moments of life of adults. In another case, four of fifteen teens caught on the edge of thirteen-year-girl who tried to rape her. The girl desperately resisted, but gradually lost strength. Obviously, terrible would happen if it were not for the sudden intervention of a passing classmate Sergei guys, seeing what was happening, the boy ran to them. Read more [...]
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The consequences of improper sex education

The lack of attention to adolescents inept intervention in their lives, the misuse of them teaching methods lead to negative effects, immoral actions of children in a very rough, difficult, awkward age. We have said previously that because of puberty in adolescents increases sexual interest, they want to communicate with members of the opposite sex. Not being able to do that without having a kind and tactful advice seniors, they act as a prompt friends, tells how a private nature. And it often, as if waking up, pushes for early sexual rapprochement. Having experienced a new and previously unknown Read more [...]
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About the psychology of teen

What are the changes that occur in the mental development of adolescents? In contrast to the younger students, teenagers already can not simply honesty learn course material, but also to organize, summarize and analyze it. Their memory is enriched by new concepts, it becomes meaningful, capable not just mechanically reproduce what he heard, but also to understand its detail and draw conclusions. The thinking is becoming more and more abstract, able to logical analysis studies. About abstract concepts such as heroism, beauty, happiness, teen already knows how to be serious, critical. If earlier Read more [...]
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