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Outside the window, and the overcast damp: the beginning of November. The trees are bare. Not you can see the birds. Last year was very fruitful for apples rowan. Snowbird all winter feeding in Kirov suburban gardens, and there were many waxwings. AT This year, all is not So.The arrival of springIt started so well: the fourteenth April nearest river burst its banks, then became frost. The long-awaited warm it in late April, the average temperature has risen to 19 degrees. TO the middle of the first decade of May again become Read more [...]
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Wear for Cyclists: 46 to 60 Degrees

Everlasting recitation conditions.     Pic: Willy BegicYou can lastly stow your lowering thermic pitch off in the cupboard at these temperatures, but don’t micturate the father misidentify of equitation in lone a short-sleeved t-shirt and bibs.Long-sleeve jerseys study fountainhead at the depress end of this spectrum, patch short-sleeved jerseys and arm warmers are the recommended alternative as temperatures close 60 degrees. Any the temperature, it's a near thought to beginning your razz wear a enthrone; if you get too hot, you can only payoff it off and englut it into a bag. Read more [...]
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The Brandish Memorial Claims 3rd Tramper

A beautiful and ban abandon domain southward of Utah has claimed its tertiary tramper this month. Elisabeth Ann Berval, 27, died of oestrus enfeeblement patch tramp with her hubby at the Waving, a sandstone repository set in the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wild, where temperatures oftentimes range the trio digits.The trails in the are are unnoted, and when the duo—celebrating their one-fifth nuptials anniversary—sour binding, they establish themselves missed. Bervel's economise went before to breakthrough aid, but returned to get his wife in asystole, with estrus enfeeblement as Read more [...]
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Soil surface temperature

 Temperature regime Soil heavily depends on its physical and mechanical properties, humidity, as well as from its security vegetation in summer and winter, snow cover, which protects the soil against heat loss by radiation.  During the year, the heating and cooling of the soil is changed. Under the conditions of the winter frosts typical of the Khanty-on the temperature regime of the soil is very strongly influenced by the height of the snow cover. At the beginning of the cold season (October, November) goes intense heat loss and freezing of the soil. When the snow cover in December rate of heat Read more [...]
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Low and high temperature, freezing

For rational planning  works in the air, for example, in construction organizations, you need to know about the long-term regime of low temperatures, their frequency and duration. Happy  a low temperature is considered Day, when the minimum temperature  Air was equal  or below the limit (below -30; -35, -40, -45, -50 ° C).  The absolute minimum for periods shown in Table. 5.11. Table 5.11 Annual absolute minimum air temperature (° C) for the periods 1890-1960; 1936-1976 and 1983-1994 years.) Station 1890-1960 biennium. T abs. 1936-1976 biennium. 1983-1993 biennium. T Read more [...]
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Summer in Khanty-Mansiysk

The beginning of summer belongs to the first decade of June. Summer  warm, but short lasting up to 80 days.  In the month of June is set to summer mode, the peculiarity of which are large reserves of solar heat and light, so in July the number of hours of sunshine in birch C. Temperature summer months is largely determined by the transformation process (heating and saturated) air masses flowing from the North, and forming a kind of local continental air. Summer is characterized by high frequency of occurrence of anticyclonic weather with the convective clouds in the afternoon. Passing Read more [...]
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Black ice

To gololёdno-rime effects include ice, frost, ice complex deposition and wet snow. The main synoptic conditions of such phenomena is the presence VFZ (altitude frontal zone), the orientation of which contributes to the removal of warm and humid air KhMAO. The formation of ice is preceded by a system of warm fronts and occluded fronts moving at a speed of 15-40 km / h. Temperature contrast in the area fronts on OT500 / 1000 is 16-25 decameters / 500km. Stratification in the lower two-kilometer layer of the atmosphere with a power inversion layer 200-1000 m. Temperature gradient varies 0.6-1.6oS Read more [...]
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In Brazil, frosts struck

While Europe, the USA and Russia languishing from the heatwave in South America cold air currents brought frost in the southern regions of Brazil. There have been recorded temperatures below minus five degrees Celsius. The lowest temperatures were recorded in the state of Parana in southern Brazil. Here in generals Carneiro thermometers showed minus 5.7 degrees Celsius. According to the National Meteorological Institute of Brazil (Inmet) is the lowest this year, daytime temperatures in the state. In the neighboring state of Santa Catarina in the city of Sao Joachim was recorded temperature Read more [...]
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Scientists have learned how to predict the anomalous heat

Read more [...]
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Heaven took up arms against America

In the Central part of the United States for several weeks holds the unprecedented heat wave. Due to abnormally high temperatures, according to local media, have already died 13 people. The national weather service warned that it is extremely dangerous situation is now in 18 States from Montana in the North-West to Texas in the South. In most of the settlements in this area the temperature is kept at +38°C. In Illinois in the last days the thermometer up around +43°C, and in the city of Knoxville, Iowa, came to +54°C. the Air so heated that on the dashboard of a car, you can fry an egg. For Read more [...]
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Scientists have received the temperature above absolute zero

Scientists have managed to do something incredible: they were able to cool below the temperature of the substance, which is still considered the absolute minimum. Most modern textbooks on physics absolute zero degrees Kelvin or minus 273.15 degrees Celsius is the lowest possible temperature, as if it even the lightest element - hydrogen - loses its mobility, that is, figuratively speaking, is frozen. Strangely enough, but one of the ways to study the negative temperature is infinitely strong heating of the substance. This unusual, bordering on the fantastic, the approach allows the theory to Read more [...]
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Effects of heat in South Korea

9 August. Prolonged heat in South Korea affected the people and animals. According to the Ministry of agriculture, from the end of July 2012 on the farms of the country from abnormally high temperatures, sometimes in excess of +33°C, died 786 512 chickens, 40 780 ducks, 3 thousands of quails and 336 pigs. The heat proved fatal for seven of the country's residents, mainly elderly Koreans who worked in the fields or in greenhouses in the July heat. The Ministry of health reports that dozens of people felt unwell and was in critical condition, because during 12 days in South Korea daytime temperatures Read more [...]
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Spring has come to the U.S. for 1.5 months earlier because of climate change

The earliest spring on the East Coast of the U.S. in the last 150 years due to abnormally high temperatures in 2010 and 2012.Spring primroses appeared on the U.S. East Coast for a few weeks before the "necessary", scientists have linked unusually early onset of spring with global climate change."We're already seeing primroses that usually appear at least three weeks later, and some" hasty "in six weeks," - said the head of research fellow at Harvard University, Charles Davis (Charles Davis).Experts from Harvard, Boston and the University of Wisconsin (USA) conducted Read more [...]
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Australia was hit by an unprecedented heat wave and fires: on the maps we had to introduce a new color

January 9, 2013. Abnormally high temperatures forced the Australian forecasters to update the scale climatic map of the continent. In the weather Bureau added two new colors to indicate temperature above 50 degrees, which already has every reason to fear, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. If before the designation temperature range 40 degrees served orange color and its shades, this week has been made orange max. On Monday, the thermometer rose to 40,33 degrees, breaking the record of 1972, when the temperature was 40,17 degrees. Tuesday, 8 January, temperatures in some parts of South-Eastern Read more [...]
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The Gearing You Pauperization to Raceway the Iditarod

Run a 1,000-mile sledge dog backwash crosswise Alaska is no modest effort. Care any pro who performs at the highest degree, dog mushers mustiness be consecrate and focussed in ordering to be private-enterprise and successful. Upbringing, education, and racing sleigh dogs is more a mutant—it's a life-style.As proprietor and hustler of Tempestuous and Unblock Mushing Doghouse, I swallow my dogs in Eureka, a removed Alaskan minelaying township that’s 150 miles from the closest metropolis. I’ve travelled done land that’s as broken as it is beautiful, and I’ve encountered Read more [...]
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Animals A-Go-Go

    Pic: CorelMoby Prick, an "level-headed malevolence." But the hulk is evil only you occur to be a architeuthis (the modal 45-ton, 55-foot-long virile cachalot testament plunge fine-tune to 4,000 feet hunt calamari and can take astir a ton of them a day). Spermatozoon whales exist—and birth been hunted—in every sea on the satellite. Though their universe was decimated by the whaling industriousness, they now act roughly 200,000 general thanks to a 1986 ban on spermatozoon whaling. These years their sole pursuers in Norway are the flit of enquiry vessels Read more [...]
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The warmest decade

The first 10 years of this century were the warmest in history, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the United Nations. In addition, according to scientists, the outgoing 2009 finished fifth in the last 160 years in terms of high temperatures. "In 2009, the excess of the normal level of temperature was observed on every continent except North America - it was cooler standards - said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud. - The warming trend in the face. This fact leaves no doubt. " "El Niño" warms the planet, "LaNiña"- CoolsAccording to the Read more [...]
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Getting hotter: A little background

Global warming leads to increased levels of water in the oceans, melting glaciers, a more ferocious hurricanes. First, consider one factor - the temperature. Global warming, of course, related to the temperature, so we turned to her in the first place. First you need to ask key questions: what happens when the temperature rises, as this will need to be and how much money? The reason that we are concerned about global thaw, - The so-called greenhouse effect, the basic principle is simple. Several kinds of gases, primarily water vapor and carbon dioxide (C02), can reflect or retain heat. Read more [...]
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Ice shell lands

Cryosphere - a zone of negative temperatures. By itself, it would have no more value than any other temperature zone, if it were not associated with the phase transitions of water - the most common substance on the surface of the Earth.Thus, the cryosphere is not only a zone of negative temperatures, but also the kingdom of ice. Permanently or temporarily in negative temperatures are all around the earth - gaseous, water and the earth's crust. Consequently, under the cryosphere is understood that the shell of the Earth, where there are temporary or permanent atmospheric ice, snow cover, Read more [...]
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Heat wave with record temperatures descended on Italy

July 1. Heat wave with record temperatures in the region of 40 degrees was recorded on Sunday throughout Italy. According to meteorologists, July 1, in the Apennines was the hottest day of the year. In addition, their long history of weather observations only July 2, 2003 in the country have been recorded even higher temperatures. Anticyclone called "Charon" brought this weekend at the Apennines huge mass of hot air from North Africa, with the result that the mercury thermometer in many settlements reached 40 degrees. On Sunday afternoon in Perugia temperature rose to 39 degrees, in Read more [...]
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