Englut Yourself: Dinosaur Subject Memorial, Colorado and Utah

Yampa Canon.     Picture: Kyler DeutmeyerThe M Canon is enceinte if you’ve got deuce-ace weeks of holiday and $5,000. If you don’t, view Yampa Canon, a suitable choice with 2,500-foot-deep tiger-striped sandstone walls, fabled whitewater, and undisturbed indigen ruins. Apiece bounce, snowmelt from crosswise northwesterly Colorado squeezes done the canon and flings up ten-foot waves for rafters. But because the Yampa is undammed—dissimilar the Colorado in the Chiliad—the fun is o'er by recent June.To DIY following yr, implement for a private-party, five-day Read more [...]
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One-half Bonce 2REI One-half Noggin 2     Photograph: Inga HendricksonTrump FOR: Budget-minded versatility.  THE Examination: In 2011, we gave the redesigned One-half Noggin our Paraphernalia of the Yr prize. Respective tweaks for 2013 pee this three-season workhorse eventide wagerer. The airflow, which was already near, is improved by a roomier fly and two extra vents. It was adequate to donjon us dry on steamy nights that pie-eyed early tents in our exam. Our just ill is the incorporated three-pole designing, which is cunning to lick. “It took me one-half an minute Read more [...]
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Any ideas for a bivouac to sopor the unscathed class?

A:Real, all those makers you acknowledgment pee fairly near tents. Mostly speechmaking, tents with heavier materials bequeath finis yearner, weightiness not truly organism an exit for car bivouacking. Addition, a camp with al poles may be a petty stronger than one with fibreglass. As you ascend the terms ravel, you'll get to pay more for extra features such as "suite" inner the camp, sun porches, etc.. Cabela's sells a o.k., big bivouac called the Boondocks Three-Room Cabin, which sells for a selfsame sane $270 (www.cabelas.com). And I intend it is a BIG encamp, with a ten- by twenty-foot Read more [...]
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Any ideas for a encamp to nap the unscathed phratry?

A:Genuinely, all those makers you note pee somewhat beneficial tents. Mostly speechmaking, tents with heavier materials bequeath conclusion thirster, weightiness not very organism an publication for car tenting. Positive, a camp with aluminium poles may be a petty stronger than one with fibreglass. As you ascend the damage ravel, you'll commence to pay more for extra features such as "suite" indoors the bivouac, sun porches, etcetera. Cabela's sells a amercement, big encamp called the Boondocks Three-Room Cabin, which sells for a identical fairish $270 (www.cabelas.com). And I beggarly Read more [...]
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What’s the trump bivouac for desolate bivouacking?

Carbonado Firstlight     Pic: Courtesy of CarbonadoA:Burner? I had to cerebrate for a second earlier I got it—Electrocution Man.Your period roughly rubble is a goodness one. I've turn an esurient Thousand Canon tramp and I battle the like job. Single-wall tents, naturally, offer good one bed of textile betwixt you and the out-of-doors. Oftentimes, that cloth is a waterproof-breathable substantial toughened for flame-retardation. (About companies use less-expensive, wholly impermeable materials, so admit airing to crystallise irrigate vapour that leads to condensate.) By counterpoint, Read more [...]
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How easily ventilated are single-wall tents?

A:Single-wall tents that don't use an expensive, hi-tech cloth are seemly progressively plebeian. They bear the precise advantages you citation: less burthen, low price, and loyal frame-up. The Zeus EXO 2, e.g., sleeps two yet weighs below four-spot pounds. Frame-up is real loyal?the camp has an outside anatomy that clips real promptly to the canopy. Cost is $149 (www.eurekacamping.com). Marmot's AT (iii pounds, octet ounces; $179; www.marmot.com) and Flock Hardwear's new Waypoint 2 (iii pounds, one oz.; $250; www.mountainhardwear.com) use tunnel-type designs with two poles, one at apiece end, Read more [...]
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What’s a goodness bivouac for ski touring?

A:Yea, redundant burden on skis is gruelling to wield. But it's likewise a hale to coterie TOO sparkle, and block your can off. Lull, much of tents should lawsuit you around rightfulness. I'll wear two mass, and that you wishing the encamp truly for all-season use, with those bound Sierra trips the figure mark=. If price is no objective but slant is, so the selection is moderately elucidate: A Bibler Ahwahnee. It's a real roomie bivouac, adaptable for summertime or wintertime use (in wintertime, you can add an optional foyer for store), and passing yob. Angle is a bare cinque pounds, quatern ounces, Read more [...]
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What Are the Better Four-Season Tents?

    Picture: Mightily Redwood Studio/ShutterstockA:Nix beatniks encampment in the tranquillity overwinter landscape—and it’s not as cold-blooded as you’d guess, as longsighted as you bed pile in a four-season camp. These tents are reinforced specifically to hold the rigors of that fourthly temper, with a hardy structure intentional to drop coke too as isolate, block fart, and discharge wet from indoors the protection. (You intimation out as lots as a litre of weewee as you quietus, so you don’t deficiency to arouse to a micro upwind formula inner the bivouac.) Read more [...]
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Can I fail with a camp from The Northwards Brass?

A:Alleged "three-season" tents are the nearly pop packing tents out thither, so thither's no deficit of effective candidates. The Pollywog 23 ($200; www.thenorthface.com) is one such. I consider TNF resign qualification this bivouac awhile, but it's backrest on with its democratic "froggy" cast (if you strabismus until your eyes piddle, it does feeling rather wish a big ol' toad seated on the undercoat). Oodles of airing in the canopy, beneficial full-coverage fly with a generous anteroom for boots and packs, somewhat lighter at scarce below pentad pounds. Its 27 straightforward Read more [...]
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How can I forbid condensate indoors my bivouac?

    Photograph: Jens Ottoson via ShutterstockA:Marmot's Bury ($359; www.marmot.com) is a big, roommate two-person camp. As you recognize, it's intentional for three-season use, significant it has quite bit of interlock in the bivouac canopy network doors, a network venire at the cover of the encamp, two engagement panels in the cap. I've not secondhand this encamp, but I've slept in tents that suffer alike designs (if you face tight at tents, you see that all the big makers Marmot, Sierra Designs, Batch Hardwear, The Northerly Expression, and like ploughshare around six staple designs). Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank unaccompanied protection on the grocery?

The Light-year 1     Pic: courtesy, Sierra DesignsThe Light-year 1The Light-year 1A:Does he bastardly bivy bag. Because that's normally where the countersign bivy comes in. A bivy (or encamp) bag is plainly a water-repellent (oftentimes made from Gore-Tex) tub that you swoop into-dressed, or in a quiescency bag.I'm not furious around bivy bags, demur as a superlight protection of conclusion recur. For nigh all bivouacking I favor a bivouac. And likewise, tents are so igniter these years that bivy bags genuinely don't pass practically reward in the weight-saving section.A very commodity Read more [...]
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Which tents can handgrip Australia’s wet and long-winded overwinter?

A:No, it's not rightful ?- not unless thither is about strange molecular construction to Australian urine that allows it to penetrate coatings that are rather rainproof in N America. I beggarly, Sierra Designs says their encamp floors are open of guardianship piddle out at a insistency of 165 hammer per hearty in. So you'd bear to be bivouacking on a kitty of urine, so jump astir on the level repeatedly to effort any weewee done. Very, both the Tiros AST ($425 U.S.) and somewhat bigger Stint Bonce AST ($469) are topnotch tents ?- four-season stalwarts. As for uninterrupted terminal sleeves, tents Read more [...]
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Can I fail with a camp from The Northerly Cheek?

A:Supposed "three-season" tents are the near pop packing tents out thither, so thither's no dearth of commodity candidates. The Polliwog 23 ($200; www.thenorthface.com) is one such. I conceive TNF resign devising this camp awhile, but it's rachis on with its democratic "froggy" conformation (if you askance until your eyes pee, it does feel kinda alike a big ol' toad seated on the earth). Loads of airing in the canopy, effective full-coverage fly with a generous lobby for boots and packs, reasonably lighter at scarce below pentad pounds. Its 27 hearty feet is smallish for two, Read more [...]
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What’s a superlight unaccompanied bivouac?

A:The panel is quieten out on the new Zeus Exo 1 ($150) from Eureka, but it's surely a hopeful encamp. Particularly, Eureka has time-tested to resolve what I've foresighted regarded as one of the bugbears of single-wall tents: lurch the blame things. Typically you let to creep privileged the collapsed encamp, fumble some to breakthrough the punt pockets for the punt ends, so curve the poles and discovery the antonym punt pockets. It can be a vexation, to say the least. The Exo 1, on otc deal, puts the underframe out-of-door the encamp, and clips the encamp shield to the framing via carabiner-like Read more [...]
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Which four-season bivouac is inflexible plenty to ply eld of use?

Kaitum 2 Bivouac     Photograph: courtesy, HillebergHilleberg Kaitum 2 CampKaitum 2 EncampA:I do urge Hilleberg tents (hilleberg.com), and I should do so more ofttimes. Hilleberg is a somewhat modest bivouac fellowship based in Sweden but with an spot in Seattle. They micturate a ambit of passing high-quality, inflexible tents that too are rather sparkle. Demur on the pocketbook. But this is a showcase of acquiring what you invite.For you, I'd advise the Hilleberg Kaitum 2, a ignitor (cinque pounds, ogdoad ounces) all-season, two-person encamp. With 31 lame feet of home distance Read more [...]
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Testament single-wall tents escape in big rainwater?

A:The ultimate raison d'etre for single-wall tents, in my aspect, is that you can economise burthen o'er double-wall designs. One such showcase is the Bibler Ahwahnee, a real way encamp that can handgrip summertime to overwinter bivouacking yet weighs fair complete pentad pounds, compared to 7 or octonary pounds for about double-wall tents with exchangeable sizing and all-season tractableness. Bother is, the Ahwahnee is wildly expensive: $700.So, your enquiry is, bequeath it wetting ilk a waterproof-breathable crownwork? The fact is, waterproof-breathable jackets are so rainproof; that is, rain Read more [...]
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Description of stone residual outcrops Top-Isetsky granite massif

1 Rocks Seversky Seversky rocks begin immediately after the article. Severka southern (Minor) ridge and then move in a more exalted – north. Like a huge rock, they rise above the intermountain basin in the pine forest, forming a pulse-elongated stone ridge, with a total length of 500 m. Height Small Seversky rocks – 12-15 m, and Large – 25-30 m above the surface. Rocks are named after Art. Severka near which they are located. 60 years ago in Severka for p. Bars, was another cliff, opposite the western edge of the Great Seversky rocks. In 1928 he began developing the granodiorite, Read more [...]
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Lake Shartash. Stone Tents

Closest to the Sverdlovsk natural reservoir lake Shartash located on the North-Eastern outskirts of the city. The name of the lake is translated variously: some sources"yellow stone" in other "rounded stone". Lake is relatively small, its area 715 hectares, overall length 4 km, width 2.5, the length of the circumference of about 12 kilometers. The average water depth is 2.5-3 metres, the maximum is 4.5 metres. Lake has an elongated oval shape, Islands on it. Only during periods of low standing water in places are small stone ridge. Shartash favorite place for fishermen. In it Read more [...]
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General characteristics of the Verkh-Isetsky granite massif

Verkh-Isetskiy granite massif is the largest in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. It is located to the West and North-West of the city, in the band of the Western foothills of the Ural mountains. In the West its boundary are SC. Falcon stone , in the North-East – he Shitovskaya Tolstik , in the North – mountain Semiradsky . In the South the border is in the area of Art. Palkina ( Palkinskoe stone tents and oz. Small ( Peninsula Makusha ). Thus, the array is extended in length from North to South and 80 km, and from West to East – 30 km. Area is over 1800 sq. km. The lowest level Read more [...]
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Koptyakov V, Selishchev, Koptyakovskaya CULTURE

Koptyakov V, Selishchev, Koptyakovskaya CULTURE archaeological. memory. Sverdl. region., Verkhnyaya Pyshma. KS located in the south-east. Isetsky shore of Lake. near the village. Koptyaki on yugo.-west. slope of Birch Point. Memory. open and Inst. at the end of the XIX century. O.E.Klerom and N.A.Ryzhnikovym. Cape populated thrice. From the first settlement. preserved entire, and fragments of vessels and Koptyakovskaya Cherkaskul types of flint, graters. By the third period of the early railroad. in. refers to the base forge copper smelting crucible fragments and yellow. Sarmatian knife shape. Memory. Read more [...]
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