Mankind’s Weirdest Van Goes Extremist Viridity

Machinist Otmar Ebenhoech's "Stretchla" combines two VW Vanagons and a salvaged Telsa locomotive.     Picture: Otmar Ebenhoech Otmar Ebenhoech was cruising consume Interstate 5 death bounce in his extend Vanagon—that's a 1986 Volkswagen Selsyn incorporate with a 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia, no big trade—when cataclysm smitten. The locomotive threw a rod and he was constrained to issue a high-priced tow cod backbone domicile to Corvallis, Oregon.This was already the indorsement locomotive he'd reinforced for the 15-year-old rig. (He'd swapped out the gas locomotive Read more [...]
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Nikola Tesla advocated eugenics

Few people know about it, but in the thirties of the last century, the famous inventor predicted that by 2100 it will be necessary to obtain special permission for the production of offspring. Nikola Tesla is widely known as a champion of the AC, wireless electricity and "death ray," but some of his fans probably will not be happy somehow scientists forecast on the future of science and culture. He predicted not only the coming of the workaholic-robots that allow a person to relax, and the war with the advent of super-weapon, but the spread in the XXI century, eugenics - they say, it's Read more [...]
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Secret of Nikola Tesla

The famous film about the life of Nikola Tesla. In it, in contrast to others, affecting his personal life.

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Jason Mendez

Mendez with the Tesla Runabout in the Marin Headlands     Exposure: Ture LillegravenCan Si Vale?based Tesla Motors ( dedicate the electric a much-needed startle commencement? Mendez, 38, who united Tesla in 2005, says yes, citing key numbers for the fellowship's Buggy (MSRP: $98,000), which goes into output this downfall, as substantiation: 100 pct galvanising, aught to 60 in iv seconds, 200-mile-plus scope per bearing. Cerebrate Porsche crossed with Prius. Farther grounds: The engineering victimised in the lithium-ion bombardment ingroup Mendez helped invention is Read more [...]
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Mr. Scavenge

Clean-tech illusionist Elon Musk     Photograph: Courtesy of SpaceXElon MuskClean-tech airy Elon Musk greens investmentIt's 7 p.m. on a quick, made-for-convertibles summertime eve in Los Angeles, but Net enterpriser Elon Musk is silence at the billet. Not that he doesn't bear amend things to do. A million-dollar McLaren F1 sports car sits jobless in his Bel Air needlefish. And with a navigate's certify and a vintage Russian battler jet in a nearby airdock, he could be doing loop-de-loops supra Malibu redress now. More crucial, his wife, Justine, had triplets two years ago, and they Read more [...]
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Car Level

Paine at the Tesla franchise in Los Angeles     Pic: Paine: Westmidwest ProductionsA immortalise 27 Hollywood sequels are hit theaters in 2011, and now fifty-fifty the infotainment reality is embrace the recycling fad. Followers up his 2006 hit Who Killed the Electric?, which chronicled the death of Ecumenical Motors’ EV-1, conductor Chris Paine is rear with Retaliation of the Electric. Paine fagged tercet age pursuit the exploitation of a threesome of new vehicles: the Tesla Runabout and Nissan Riff (both virginal galvanising plug-ins) and the Hassle V (a board loan-blend). Read more [...]
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