Thai police in Bangkok found a place slaughter of elephants and tigers

Thai police found in the center of the capital Bangkok massacre, which killed elephants and tigers and butchered carcasses, reported online version of the newspaper Nation.Putting slaughterhouse located in the business center of the city near Yanava where, except for banks and office buildings, are located also several foreign embassies.The police broke into the room where four people working in a slaughterhouse, were busy butchering a 400-pound tiger carcasses, said the publication. They were immediately arrested. Later, the police arrested four other people in the same case.According to non-governmental Read more [...]
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Thai Oil Spillage Forces Excreting

Tourists and residents were evacuated from Thailand’s Phrao Bay Tuesday abaft an estimated 5,000 liters of oil water-washed abreast the island. The oil leaked into the sea from an seaward line owned and operated by PTT Globose Chemic, the state’s largest petrochemical manufacturer.An estimated 50,000 liters (13,000 gallons) deliver spilled into the sea since the demarcation ruptured on July 27, according to Home Geographical. About Thai officials awe it could be often worsened than reported. "If that (50,000 litres) was the tangible measure, they should get already eliminated it, Read more [...]
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Thailand Leads Better Countries for Expats

The likely Sriracha shortfall isn’t the lone understanding to motility to Thailand. The south-east Asian state topped HSBC’s view for the outflank exile feel, grading mellow when it comes to devising friends, having an participating sociable living, feeding fountainhead, and acquiring funds in club.The HSBC view, which tangled more 7,000 expatriates from near 100 countries, compiled the top 37 outdo places to know afield. Chinaware (No. 3), Singapore (No. 6), India (No. 7) and Taiwan (No. 8) all emerged in the top ten.According to WSJ, Asia is domicile to about of the highest paying Read more [...]
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Thailand is a long heat and drought

The dry season of 2010 will be hotter and longer than usual, cause severe drought and jeopardize the rice harvest, said Friday the chairman of the Foundation of the national system of prevention of natural disasters in Thailand Summit Dhammasarot, quoted by the newspaper Bangkok Post.Usually hot dry season lasts in Thailand in mid-February to mid-May. This year, the heat came in early February and can last until June, said Dhammasarot, former director of the National Center for Disaster. "This year, all provinces should take care of creating additional reservoirs to store water. Problem must Read more [...]
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Unusual shallowing Mekong stop cross-border trade in Thailand

Unusually strong This year the seasonal shoaling Mekong stop cross-border trade between Thailand and China, said on Tuesday the Thai news agency TNA. Trade between northern Thailand and southern China shut down for the past two weeks, since the river is completely dry cargo barges and both sides are "trapped" in the river ports of Chiang Saen (Thailand, Chiang Rai Province) and Guanglie (China, Yunnan Province), the agency said. "The depletion of the Mekong - the usual thing for this time of year. The dry season is always doing cross-border trade in the area more difficult. However, usually small Read more [...]
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Floods in Myanmar have made 25,000 people homeless

Read more [...]
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Thailand. Flood

Source: Lead Previous news on the topic: · Torrential rains caused flooding in Thailand. Video · China. Floods · India. Floods · Romania. Flood · North Korea. Flood · Pakistan. Flood · Read more [...]
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Thailand will face the role of Atlantis

Some locations may simply go under water According to the results of the research, Professor anon Sanitwong, Director of the regional centre for South-East Asia non-governmental organizations START dealing with the problems of climate change, predicted that the average temperature in Thailand will grow by 3-4 degrees over the next 35 years. In their research START has divided Thailand for eight climate zones and built a model of climate change in each of them for the next 35-55 years. Due to the increase in temperature in General will change the climate in the country as a whole. In the rainy Read more [...]
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Which is wagerer for a kinsfolk picnic: Southward Africa or Thailand?

Ness Gunpoint: Southward Africa Makes a Period in its Privilege     Photograph: picture courtesy, Herman Potgieter, S Africa Touristry Ness Pointedness, Southward AfricaMantle Period: S Africa Makes a Pointedness in its PreferA:As I'm certainly you already experience, comparison Africa and Asia as opponent go destinations can be ninety-seven bully. Both are so whole unlike, with several rewards and cautions, that indentation them against Read more [...]
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In Thailand, the landslide demolished in the Gulf area major highway

In Thailand after prolonged heavy rains right before the eyes of many witnesses failed a section of a major highway. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Meanwhile, floods caused by river floods threatening several communities.

Authorities announced the evacuation. It is not excluded, that it will open the floodgates of one of the reservoirs — experts fear that the dam will not withstand the pressure of the arriving water.

Source: The first channel

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Flooding in Thailand continues

Unprecedented in its power flooding in Thailand continues to have a devastating impact on the North, and the administration of Bangkok warns residents of the capital, living along the Chao Phraya river, to be ready for possible flooding next week. The water level in the Chao Phraya river yesterday was abnormally high, however, as it turned out, this was associated with the release of excess water from dams upstream. Currently, the water level remains almost a meter below the maximum. However, the administration of the capital fears that the continued release of water from dams, sea level Read more [...]
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Thailand. The flooding. Video

Thailand is experiencing the strongest earthquake in recent years. Large-scale floods killed more than fifty people. The water had reached the capital from Bangkok. Flooded highways, Railways, tens of thousands of people have fled their homes. The reason - long showers. The rainy season this year, according to forecasters, should have been completed a month ago, reports NTV. Source: Lead , NTV Read more [...]
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Is it good for women to traveling unaccompanied in Thailand?

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS Amber: Bangkok's Thou Castle     Picture: CorbisBangkok's Chiliad CastleALL THAT GLITTERS IS Aureate: Bangkok's K CastleA:Thailand can be a position of sempiternal chance thrills or big-city hustle, and you should mix and mates according to your notion. As for travelling unparalleled, sweat not. Evening if you wish to jaunt unparalleled, thither are so many like-minded travelers about that society is ne'er far from mitt, if but for a sauceboat rag to the islands or an info-gathering beer. The material subject? How do you toughness the madcap itch to drumhead Read more [...]
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In Thailand from floods killed nearly 100 people

Element left homeless more than four million people. Flash floods swept Thailand claimed the lives of already 94 people. According to the Institute of emergency care in Thailand, the number of victims could increase because of the floods is still ongoing. Because of the welter of more than 4.2 million people were left homeless, flooded many farms. Flooding continues in Thailand for almost three weeks, mainly affected the Central and Eastern regions of the country: of the 73 provinces 38 are in the water, passes «Interfax». Source:  Komsomolskaya Pravda, euronews The number of Read more [...]
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Floods in southern Thailand

The southern part of Thailand is literally washed away by a devastating flood. Under the water there was a lot of settlements. Almost a million local residents were forced to flee. In some parts of the country water rose five feet. Evacuation of people engaged in the army. However, some areas access is difficult. The country has almost completely paralyzed rail and road connections.Solar Kingdom turned into a disaster area. This is the result of the current rainy season. In the water - more than half of the country's provinces. Trapped weather was even tourists. On the popular island of Read more [...]
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Thailand was hit by the flood of the century

The flood that hit first on the Northern and then the southern areas of Thailand, was the strong over the last hundred years. According to their data, the number of victims of the floods in the country has risen to 122 people. Also from natural disasters have affected more than 6 million people in 39 provinces of Thailand. Tens of thousands of local people remain cut off from the outside world.The city of hat Yai, Songkhla province. In the aftermath of the floods that engulfed large areas in southern Thailand, killing at least 12 people @ AP Flooding affected more than half of all provinces Read more [...]
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Flooding in Thailand. Photo

Victims of the floods in Thailand have become 180 people, reports on Tuesday, the AFP news Agency, citing a statement by the government of the country. Previously, the government of Thailand was reported to be 140 dead. The flood began on 8 October in the North and North-East of the country. Torrential rains have caused breakthrough dam of two major irrigation reservoirs 300 kilometers from the capital Bangkok. At the end of October anomalous precipitation has moved to the South, causing unprecedented in the past 100 years flood in the southern provinces of Thailand. According to France Read more [...]
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From the floods in Thailand have killed, 206 people

The death toll from flooding in Thailand has reached 206 people, said on Friday the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country. Over the past week the number of flood victims has increased in the southern provinces of Thailand. In North-East new victims was not, however, the flood was resumed in several areas after the spill, the Chi river in the province of Kalasin. The level of flooding in the North-East as a whole has dropped dramatically. Even where flooding has resumed, he did not rise above one meter. The danger to human life in these areas is minimal, however, the water standing on Read more [...]
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Heavy rains in Thailand led to the flood. Video

The strongest rains have caused floods in the South of Thailand, according to «Russia 24». Have been flooded dozens of major cities, traffic in the streets paralyzed. Water arrives. The authorities evacuated residents from the affected areas, and mountainous areas, where, after prolonged rains can go landslides. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Half of the provinces of Thailand have become areas of catastrophic cooling

on January 19. Thirty-five of the 77 provinces of Thailand in January were at different times declared zones catastrophic cooling, writes on Wednesday, the Thai newspaper the Nation with reference to the Center of prevention of natural disasters in Thailand. Seventeen provinces in the North and centre of the country was considered an area of catastrophic cooling from 31 December to 9 January. Then in the center of the country has warm, but cooling was moved to the East and South. In some provinces catastrophic warning is still in effect.In Thailand considered catastrophic cooling below Read more [...]
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