Protection of wildlife in hunting grounds of the Samara region is carried out from the ground and from the air

Despite the heavy snow, the regional department of hunting and fishing continues to work actively for the protection of wildlife. One of the major functions of inspectors — is to check the legality of finding the people with the weapon in favor of and compliance with the rules of the hunt. The event involved several mobile groups on snowmobiles, as well as small-engine helicopter.Air patrols hunting grounds of the Samara region first introduced - after one of the Ekaterinburg airline was awarded a state contract for rental of four helicopters Robinson. For each flight rotor helicopter is Read more [...]
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Redistribution hunting grounds continues

Photo by Ilya Lipin AT «HORN» continue to receive letters in which readers are reporting occurring in some regions of Russia seizures of hunting grounds.In this publication we will try to analyze what is happening around the hunting grounds, until recently owned Hunting «Aseevsky» JSC «Surskaya manufactory name Aseeva» Penza region (hereinafter – OAO).Here is some of the documents sent to the Editor «HORN».1. A letter from the Chief Editor «HORN» PN Gusev on 26.04.2012 «On the artificial withdrawal» hunters Read more [...]
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Dugout. Or how to spend 12 hours?

To begin with, that it was not yesterday, and not a month ago, and was in 2011. At that time I still straykbolllom fond. Systematically, we went into the woods, where the lead independent life and "playing war games." And once the task was to build a "bunker", but I'd rather call it - dug. But it turned out not bad in the end.Issues with the tools and software we did not have, as they were on the machines. We had 10 people, we were divided into two groups: one that equips the camp (tents, campfire, convenience) and one that is engaged in the construction of the dugout. About the camp, I Read more [...]
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BP from Chinaytsev.

Each scenario is your PSU. This post is not a documentary, but is rather the artistic character of the exposition. Moderators please do not swear ... It is no secret that Russia's population will decrease each year (approximately one million people.) Who needs details welcome to: Today in the border areas of the Amur from our side too little population lives, but with the Chinese (the "chinayskoy") hundreds of times more ... This demographic imbalance will inevitably lead to the fact that Chi (China) - nai is "borzet" and try to exert pressure (economic, political, Read more [...]
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