Meetings in solotchinskih meadows Meshchora

I was invited to take part in All-Russian expert spaniels competition for the prize of Vagina bog field dichi.Po established tradition they held Oka meadows near Ryazan. Gathering held at ohotbaze under Solotcha.Photo by the author From Kovrova is 300 kilometers to the southwest. Asphalt, not bad, but far from highways. For Gus-terrain gradually descends to the valley Prioksko. They narrowed and wagged his way, almost like mountain. With one of the corners flashed a shield: «Meshchera Reserve». Here it is, Meshchora! Roadbed and the frequent sharp turns and on straight Read more [...]
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Banding corncrake

The specific migration routes, little is known corncrakePhoto: Petr Zverev From 12 to 19 June in Petushki district of Vladimir region worked the Russian-French expedition to study the breeding biology of the corncrake. The expedition was organized by the Department of hunting and ornithology Federal Tsentrohotkontrol edited “HORN”. C French it involved an expert on the corncrake, a member of the research group on the ecology and conservation of animal laboratory of environmental studies from the University of Anzho John Farkud.Work was carried out in the flood plain Read more [...]
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Three happy day

Opening suffered by September 1, grieve the game. Flight of ducks was not. Our team of six people and produced not a single trophy. A hunter's soul is like a holiday. Will not suffer, he called the Tver and received good, rushed to the edge of your favorite heart…The plan is: night guard of wild boars in the morning – with a gun on the bird. Such a perspective can not but rejoice. With hardly wait the evening hours on the eighteen hundred, and we finally leave on the oatmeal box. He did not get to three hundred meters, leave the car and taking everything you need for Read more [...]
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Korostelin morning

Early August morning. In the east, brighter and brighter begins to redden pink stripe - harbinger of the imminent appearance of the sun. Over rested for the night earth spreads a light mist. The air is filled with a delicate aroma of field herbs and flowers, fresh and immovable, but plenty of prolapsed dew promises a good clear day.Slowly move the field, bordering on rye Niwa. Ahead in the search moves my kurtshaar. Sorry, no wind! But we hope that with the sunrise the air flow will set in motion the vegetation, thereby rendering befriend the setter.Reaching the small lowlands, Read more [...]
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Crake - wonderful, tenderly painted unusually modest beauty bird. The Latin name "kreks-kreks" tried to imitate the voice of the corncrake is not transmitting strange, thrilling charm of his songs. Photo by Alexander Mishchenko The summer – run and nimble as a mouse, little black korostelyata, which, once seen, never forget. They grow quickly and by the autumn will become a coveted trophies, classical objects for pointers and spaniels. Crake is among the most popular of our cultural booty hunter. This magic wand, that seems to have always, when there is nothing else. Still, Read more [...]
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Game and hay is time

FROM REDAKTsIIMy become discouraged when we see the abandoned, overgrown weeds and forest fields and meadows. But the other extreme - intensive farming, stubbing bushes, plowing grassland, fertilization. All this is detrimental to the birds and animals, the inhabitants of open landscapes. Now, in many regions embarked on intensive agriculture. Early mowing large areas during nesting birds - a real scourge for hunting. In such places, once again, as in the 70s, began to disappear corncrake, quail and partridges. Readers are invited to a professional opinion on this issue - the ornithologist, Read more [...]
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