Let’s talk about injuries

So you raised your pet. Now it's time to move on to its intended purpose. And then you expect all sorts of troubles. For example, injuries, poisoning, bites of poisonous snakes. Photo by Aleksey Factor There are open and closed injuries. The former include razmozhzhenie tissue, external skin lesions (wounds, scratches) and subject to enforcement, as well as open fractures in the ground breaking of the surface tissue. By the close of injuries include bruises, sprain, muscle tears, fractures, concussions and closed.Let us examine them in stages. Here's what experts recommend in veterinary Read more [...]
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Paradoxes judging FCI

February 22, 2015 we, as we like to say in St. Petersburg within the framework of the International Exhibition "Baltic Triumph" took Dane dog show "German drathaar." After that just want to take a deep breath, and sadly, it is hard to breathe ... The triumph of the exhibition was held, and after that there was only a bitter aftertaste. Photo ccho / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) For some reason we believe that better abroad: potatoes, apples, bread, mushrooms… Even migratory game that reproduces at us, and with the flight to it gathers the best gastronomic shades. Read more [...]
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Paint the White Sea

There is in Russia a place where the soul seeks to every Russian. Especially if all his life he goes hunting trails, inhaling the smoke of bonfires, spends the night in the hunting cabin.Rustle makes careful to turn his head. it Dog on berries found and raised the capercaillie. There seemed to have collected all the centuries attracted miners «furs» and monks who sought prayerful solitude.There is nothing more appropriate for understanding the true nature of Russia than its northern expanses. The beauty of the White Sea is fabulous, especially in the Read more [...]
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My dogs

Blizzard     "Journey" in the world of commercial hunting was waiting for me at the beginning of my way into literature. About Siberian fur trade, I was still only pochityval in the books, but the hunt for fur-bearing animals in the northern taiga zone of the European part of the country is more or less known, and therefore hoped that such a thing I will succeed.     We Arkhangelsk forests of spruce forests, aspen and boreal bogs selvages Masta only marten, squirrel postrelivat yes.     But to be like for the same marten, it was necessary, of course, a good hunting dog. Search Ostroukhov Read more [...]
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Drathaar fisher

In the summer I live in the country, in a village with melancholy title «Terpigorevo». The village is situated on the banks of the Pirogov Bay Klyazma, separated from the yacht club «Nut Bay». In summer, the entire coast is surrounded by greenery. Beauty! Silence… Together with my apartment and my dog – drathaar Bottom, experienced hunter.Opposite – Sorokino Village. Another LP Sabaneyev wrote about catching bream in the pits near the village. Klyazma now under water, thanks to a dam in Pirogovo. Gulf have long chosen the sailors, and Read more [...]
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Like this!

Photo by the author Finns eagerly told that here in South Karelia, they will be the winners of competitions Russian hounds, though none seriously did not think so.«Se on siin! (Like this!)» – Finnish commentator said that the Finnish ice hockey team won the World Cup.Finns eagerly told that here in South Karelia, they will be the winners of competitions Russian hounds, though none seriously did not think so. But – let's hit the road!The competitions were to be held from 4 to 6 November 2011. But not everyone is able to arrive at the scene November 3: who Read more [...]
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Meetings in solotchinskih meadows Meshchora

I was invited to take part in All-Russian expert spaniels competition for the prize of Vagina bog field dichi.Po established tradition they held Oka meadows near Ryazan. Gathering held at ohotbaze under Solotcha.Photo by the author From Kovrova is 300 kilometers to the southwest. Asphalt, not bad, but far from highways. For Gus-terrain gradually descends to the valley Prioksko. They narrowed and wagged his way, almost like mountain. With one of the corners flashed a shield: «Meshchera Reserve». Here it is, Meshchora! Roadbed and the frequent sharp turns and on straight Read more [...]
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Gifts outgoing autumn

Mid-November, rainy night to heat the furnace in the country, I glance over his hunting diary. Memorable day for me, on November 14, four years of my dog, kurtshaar Ada, and the fourth field is said legashatniki.Photo: Mikhail Semin More little over a week, and it is possible to sum up the pen for the season. But since there is still time, I remember the brightest moments of our hunt.The beginning was a little crumpled, throwing for new lands in search, as always, pristine land, did not bring the desired result. No game was, but in an amount no more than «home» a corner. Read more [...]
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Hunting with hounds in Russia

The Extraordinary Adventures of Austrians in Russia, or to see HerbersteinIt seems a lot of books and articles written on the history of hunting dogs, the origin of the Russian greyhounds. The number and volume of sources could be the envy of any other breed of hunting dogs. However, in order to get a more or less clear picture of the events, it is necessary not only to read, but, comparing, analyzing read.With surprising ease, some authors speak of greyhounds in Kiev dowry of Princess Anna Yaroslavna (XI c.), And at the same time claim that the Russian Borzoi owes its birth to the Mongol-Tatar Read more [...]
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For the groom to Finland

Part II express my deep gratitude to our friend Irene Villas and judges-kurtshaaristam Pellyanen and Hannu Heikki Liedes, thanks to which we have discovered already very fond of Finland in a completely new quality.Experience colleagues drathaaristov Karen Grigoryan and Leonid Sonin, set out in Article «For the groom to Germany», Could not leave us indifferent: decided to continue the tradition and started to headline this opus exactly — «For the groom to Finland». In addition, we faced the same problem — find a decent dog, the most appropriate and bitch with Read more [...]
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Fights in the American

            The tests (test) burrowing dogs in America are held by the rules of American Kennel Club (AKC). They can participate terriers and dachshunds: Australian, Bedlington, Border, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, a miniature bull, fox terriers, etc. (a total of only 20 terrier breeds). To test allowed dogs aged 6 months and older, registered in the AKC. Castrated males and females may also participate. Emphasizing that the blind and deaf dogs are not allowed to test. A judge can not assess the performance of not only their dogs, but also belonging to parents, sisters, brothers, children, Read more [...]
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Time Norn Renaissance

60 foxes took Norn hunter with a good dog for the season in the southern regions of Russia in the 80-ies of the last centuryPhoto: Adrian Kolotilin We, the hunters often humanize the dog gives it the mind, the soul, some of high quality. It is difficult to understand her mind, when she feels the owner, but he came down with a trolley bus and walking to his apartment house panel.There are certain patterns of new breeds of dogs different places. AT of the capital, provinces, these laws also vary. Boom Norn hunting south Russia came in the beginning of the Read more [...]
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Hunting for grouse

Summer hunting marsh game with gun dog probably one of the most striking. Is that shooting grouse broods even more breathtaking. Quiet early morning of August. Huge floodplain meadow shrouded in milky fog. Besides biting lashes shepherds herd kicked out after the morning milking, unless Warbler breaks the silence. Ah, yes, here's a gun impatient whining, ripping off the leash in the search.Hunter steps on wet hummocky, pats on the head, trying to calm the dog shaking with excitement, finally opens the collar and give the coveted team «Search!» Pointing decompressed Read more [...]
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Kursk touring

Late fall. November. We are moving from weaning to weaning. And at the edges dubnyachkov Kursk, in the bush thorns, we hope again to see the work of dogs woodcock. As it takes a bird!Late fall. November. We are moving from weaning weaning. AND by Kursk dubnyachkov edges in blackthorn bushes, hoping once again to see the work of dogs woodcock. As it takes a bird!His eyes again and again want to see the white marble of our pointers through a blue haze of wet branches with thorns rare coins copper sheet. Ahead collapsed with baggy log belonging to his arms Read more [...]
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These hounds are born rarely. It had everything: instinct, Paraty nestomchivost mind, pozyvistost. She was in an elite ranger dog hunting estate, so almost did not visit exhibitions, competitions and tests, although it had excellent pedigree, dog deserved.«Peremolchki» — break impact on voting trail in the rut. «Zarev» — bright gon «by sight» after rising to a hare maturation. «Paraty» — the ability of the hound to chase the beast, not letting rip away. Starting to drive on first Read more [...]
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Cruelty, which nobody notices

Dog on the roulette wheel, and dangles her boss - eka prodigy! The usual pattern for the city. The requirement that the dog was on a leash, is performed. How controllable dog - no one knows. And how can she live - too. Meanwhile ...I have never dealt with overexposure dogs. If in my house, and the dog stayed, they belonged to a close friend. And about these dogs, I knew almost everything.But then the economic circumstances have forced me to take a month a strange dog, Gordon Setter. With its masters, I spent a few lessons of obedience. All dog handlers understand that general obedience is necessary Read more [...]
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Louse, how are you?

I still remember this incident. Once I picked up my hunting German pointer elk lice. It was a horror for the dog and for me. Two months of agony - they did not take anything. Only in November, when the hunting dog is bathed in the icy water, lice finally retreated.In 1970–80s no synthetic drugs against ticks, fleas and lice, and there was no trace. None were not there, except dust and chlorophos. Treated dogs the old-fashioned: bathed in the infusion of wormwood, chamomile. On collars to protect pet 3–5 months from parasites, and never dreamed of.However, now the abundance of drugs, Read more [...]
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Hunting or murder?

The beast must be mined with the least causing injury and sufferingPhoto: Fotolia Most recently, one of the hunting forums user posted a video of their hunting. On this occasion in the forum turned heated discussion.What happened on that video? Podranok-lisovin not been able to escape, lying turnout and young vyzhlovka his ruffled. It ruffled because I could not reach or afraid. Dragged by the tail, bite in the groin, but to get, taking the place clearly did not know how. Fox made a halfhearted attempt to defend himself, dragging his hind legs, and finally just lay down and just Read more [...]
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View from the outside

That took another Moscow Regional Exhibition of hunting dogs, 118th in a rowPhoto: Alexander Harseev TO Unfortunately, the village is not the case They allowed me to break in Moscow on two days, so I can share my impressions only rings dogs older age group, but and then by a separate breed.Pleasure to watch English and rings especially Irish setters, both male and bitches. With such a classy feeling of disappointment is not livestock You should feel even the owners whose pets were far from coveted top three winners. Read more [...]
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On the hunt for wolves

There are days on the hunt, when you can not manage. Ride for a good place and find nothing; not chasing the hound, from the field did not rise; the wind blows, it seems, is particularly unpleasant, the sun annoys the horse does not satisfy, greyhounds seem sluggish - in short, the age would not go on the hunt.Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev On the contrary, there are other days when you go playfully holding up the house, where nothing seems to be, and can not be found, and Meanwhile, the grass as much as dogs will, and horse will become stump Read more [...]
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