In Khabarovsk Krai hunter shot it attacked the Amur tiger

Young male Siberian tiger was shot dead on October 31 hunter in the Khabarovsk Territory. The man was biting wounds of hands and feet, the investigation will restore the full picture of what happened, told Tass in the Primorye branch of the Center "Amur tiger"."Prior to conducting a full investigation, it is premature to talk about who is to blame for what happened. So while it is not necessary "hang tags". As we know, the tiger is almost never without a reason not to attack people. There have been cases of people going to shoot a tiger with a view to production and after Read more [...]
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Bullet Mayer

It is suitable only for shooting at short distancesPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov The newspaper regularly publishes articles about the equipment bullet cartridges for smooth-bore hunting weapon. It is often recommended to use a bullet turbine Mayer. Many hunters have become convinced of the effectiveness of the bullet, its stability and accuracy.In particular, Boris Emelyanov in «HORN» Number 42, in 2010 wrote that for hunting wild boars «for decades it uses mostly bullet Mayer». And in numerous pamphlets, sold under the name «Hunting minimum», Replicated Read more [...]
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The lock and load HARPOON FOR FISHING

To catch fish with the introduction of FORTS on shallow water, with a transparent or rather nezapyatannoy water where fish can be seen on the background of the bottom.As the spear will fit virtually no matter what plane, longish line. Better that wood was strong, but just were processed with a knife. Suitable birch, juniper, forest nut, maple etc. In addition to sharpness, it is crucial to try to expand the area of damage, because it can be quite difficult to pierce the fish using a spear with a tip. The solution may be the use of branches, with a fork at the end. The way you can make a spear with Read more [...]
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continue to teach surgery..

MECHANICAL JOINTS The PARENTHESES. Connect the edges of the wound can not only needle and thread. we know how to use the stapler in life many things connect. here the principle is the same..we will tell about the materials used in such surgery, which can be purchased at the equipment ( or to get in the clinic) save for myself.. * Brackets MichelBrackets Michel (Fig. 1) represent a small Nickel plate with a width of 2.5 mm and a length of 1 cm at the ends tucked in and with a sharp thorn. Application and removal of the brackets is a special tweezers. The advantage of this method is the absence Read more [...]
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Chest injuries. What to do?

Especially often occur during car accidents, fall accidents on manufacture, etc. the Most common ones: Puncture wounds of the breast when the breast is pierced with a sharp object) Signs: • Pain in the chest. • Difficulty breathing. • Bloody bubbles. • When inhalation occurs with a whistling sound, which means that the wound is sucked in air. • Bluish coloration of the lips and skin. Your actions: 1. Try to close the wound, so that the victim can breathe. 2. This can be done first by hand, then seal the wound with a bandage, placing Read more [...]
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survival training

Self-DEFENSE: the knife. A fundamental condition for the effective use of a knife is its correct position in the hand [is]. There are three types of grip: arrow up, arrow down and arrow forward [RIS]. The best among them is the last one. In this case, the handle lies diagonally across her hands. About the Garda (the junction of the blade with the handle) it obhvatyvala index, middle and huge fingers, while the thumb rests on the top side of the dull side of the blade. Changing the direction of the blade with your fingers, also the position of your wrist, you will be able to strike in any direction, Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Krasnoyarsk region. River grayling, trout

Siberia always lures own pristine nature. We also get to the famous rivers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory had more than one day. There are no roads, well, never did. So after suffering a little rocking in the helicopter we finished our stay in the heart of the Siberian wilderness. For many miles around here no towns or villages.Fishing in the Siberian region mind-boggling. We like ourselves here in prehistoric times. After all, the fish does not know what the bait, it will not poison standing on the banks of the factory and do not scare poachers. Fatyaniha River in recent years has not changed Read more [...]
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