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Protection of wildlife in hunting grounds of the Samara region is carried out from the ground and from the air

Despite the heavy snow, the regional department of hunting and fishing continues to work actively for the protection of wildlife. One of the major functions of inspectors — is to check the legality of finding the people with the weapon in favor of and compliance with the rules of the hunt. The event involved several mobile groups on snowmobiles, as well as small-engine helicopter.Air patrols hunting grounds of the Samara region first introduced - after one of the Ekaterinburg airline was awarded a state contract for rental of four helicopters Robinson. For each flight rotor helicopter is Read more [...]
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Hunting for geese in Kazakhstan

"All happy families are happy alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way," Leo Tolstoy. The words of the famous classic is the best suited to the goose hunt.Kazakhstan in the Eurasian region on the possibilities of hunting goose leader without competition, well, no, of course, and a goose flying through Russia and Ukraine is in Europe, but not in such quantities and superior quality. The Chinese have long days and nights fed, almost selective rice ducks, so that they come to the parameters " Peking duck" . In our country, we carried out the development "virgin and fallow" Read more [...]
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That day father Mihai was expecting a terrible shock. In his native forest in which he grew up and grew old in the middle of nowhere, 20 miles from naiblezhayshie villages where they have never lived a single living soul, not counting himself Yes faithful dog, my grandfather met... He even found it difficult to firmly find someone met. First, the old partisan seemed that came to him... the Germans. Yes, the Nazis, the same punitive. However, after a minute or two grandfather realized that it is the mistake of fear: what the Punisher, on the court, thank God, eighty 5, not 40 2nd. Looks grandfather Read more [...]
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Base Strategy of URBAN COMBAT

The battle in the town is very complicated in tactical terms, and belongs to the category of combat operations in complex criteria. The advancing units must act openly and on unfamiliar terrain, enemy, well-oriented in this area, emplacements which, reinforced, covered and concealed. The city is characterized by a high density of artificial structures, which form the blocks, streets, alleys, dead ends. Troops operating in the town on the technique, are doomed to move along the streets, which dramatically reduces the ability of their maneuver. Buildings are an excellent shelter for personnel, but Read more [...]
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Dark side of survival — MARAUDER.

This his opus I start writing for what would be cool some hot heads. I have not once, not twice heard from his interlocutors that will de bp and crowds of looters will rob houses and warehouses, shops and boutiques. I did not like very touch this subject, but, you see, is necessary. And so.Any city wartime differs from city peacetime, primarily because of lack of shops, as well as jobs. This rule applies in particular cities, whom fell fate withstand a siege or seizure. Peaceful person can ask a question - "where's happening purchase food, and how much money it's going on?" My answer openly. Read more [...]
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The kidnapping. What to do?

Analysis of abduction shows that 90% of all abduction occurs at the moment when the victim is on the way to work or from work or close to the apartment. That is, for kidnapping choose a place where you cannot change the route, even if you cannot change your time of arrival and departure. Usually the action on the abduction is as follows: one of the criminals shall report by telephone or walkie-talkie that the victim had left, and the other — that the machine is approaching the target point. Here the street block specially rigged car accident or overlap «suddenly» a broken Read more [...]
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The seventh annual open tournament Cup Podolsky deanery on military-applied sports. Part 2.

The first part here. Report zakat-and here. The first part of the report Goldem-and here, and the second part here.WARNING more traffic! At 13:30 I was with the remnants of the escort (steps 8, 9, 10 finished their work before) and Goldem-th went to the base. Were based on about half of the third. And at three o'clock in the team followed all free to go and help the judges in step "2 Day stay" and "Medical Assistance."At this stage, were "civil", which the arrival of a bunch of judges already fry kebab, which is then treated to judges, group support and team.There was also seen and, Read more [...]
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HOW to RESET the Instrument.

To zero the instrument is easy. You will need: a) target cells pre-known size, for example, as the photo of the American field installation FM3-22.9; b) the optic tube, so as not to run after each shot to look at the target.Also, you should know how many tick marks on your face correspond to one cell on the target, when elected to reset the distance. Assault rifle is better to zero at a distance of 200-300 meters, sniper - 300 and more.If you understand the line of movement of your bullets, then reset to zero and the smallest distance. So, for example, it is clear that the height of the line of Read more [...]
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How to teach intuitive shooting

Say at once: although the text and in the first person, but "not my moped."I want to share their experience of personnel training "intuitive shooting." It may be useful platoon commanders, the maximum the company level, particularly involved in counter-terrorism operations. By using this technique, you can get a group, skillfully maneuvering, and most importantly - without a miss firing offhand, of any of the provisions, including the flares at night, no night, sighting devices.In 1996, a fire of our group very impressed its own, and "spirits" so just drive in a panic. Judge for yourself: Read more [...]
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The decision on the company and the conduct of the RAID perceives the group commander after receiving combat puzzles from a senior officer. On the basis of the understanding acquired puzzles and evaluation environment the group commander takes the decision.In the process of assessing the situation the commander of the group is exploring all available intelligence and other information about the enemy and the area of future actions of the group and takes the decision.In the study of the enemy assessed:- the composition of the forces and means of the enemy on the route diversion and in the area run Read more [...]
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For tourist: Rules in campaigns

In the highlands of ordinary citizen, usually, it happens very, very rarely. If life in the town is right built, defined and developed, then it happens in the mountains for a few - more. Here you need to instructor or a person understands the terrain perfectly, and for you to be followed somewhat complex and bizarre FriItem first - a complete ban on the use of alcoholic beverages! Intoxicated drinker and not a place in the mountains! Immediately comes this string of heroism and daring dashing and immediately want to climb - and then jump from what - what sober person does not even guess Read more [...]
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