Chilling fear

Alexeitch, which had long been licensed for wild boar, try as he might, he could not close it. All the vast field was still good, ahead of the schedule of the farm, he traveled up and down on his new "Ural" with a sidecar. But as luck would have come across some pig with piglets. Decent cleaver was not among them, which greatly irritated Nicholas begins to despair. Finally, to the end of September, luck smiled at him, and one of the fields he found zhirovki big game, trampled a large plot of state-farm oat field.A successful discovery immediately raised his spirits, and he briskly Read more [...]
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Phototrophs: Mammals

I bring to your attention the few phototrophs who managed to make a year-dva.Zverey much smaller than birds, so a wide variety of will. However, there is room for improvement!Beaver has not yet been removed, since this animal comes out only at night. Let us therefore be content with pictures muskrat. This specimen caught me in the early spring, just outside the town, it can be said in the dash. And the presence of ice gave me the opportunity to sneak up on it just at a distance of 3-5 meters. But first things first.First muskrat do their own thing on the ice at a distance.The thing is that the Read more [...]
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Dudak — interesting bird

The village in which we are, is the capital of the small district center in the southwest of Rostov region. Around the endless steppe with shallow ravines and winding rivers, whose shores are covered with reeds impassable. The end of September 1940. The sun had just risen and accelerates the last shreds of the morning mist. Breathe easy. I'm standing on the porch of the house, and his father at the gate, talking with a neighbor in the same passionate hunter amateur like himself.  20 km to the west of a narrow ravine, with slung over her rotten bridge  Ukraine began.This hardly populated Read more [...]
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Boar Attack

Wild boar - animal really serious. He is not seeking a meeting with the person and try to circumvent it, but wounded and pursued by hunters behaved bravely, sometimes aggressively, often hides and attacks. Very rarely unprovoked attacks. I've been hunting for wild boars — and one and two together, and now, but I never got into difficult situations related to the attack on the boar myself personally, but I know a lot of such cases.Odnazhdy company went under license to hunt wild boar. We went for two days. On Saturday we decided to hunt the hare, and on Sunday go to the boar. We are a party Read more [...]
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Tverskaya wilderness

Over the past twenty-odd years every spring I go out in the forgotten corners of the god of the Tver region on capercaillie huntingIllustration J. CSISZAR During this time there were many grouse taken, but still I consider myself to objectively «City» hunters. Any happened over the years! AND simple approaches strewn with pine needles forest road, roadside rooster who sang and complicated ordeal for flooded tussock bogs rare pine, overgrown in two-thirds of the human growth rustling dry sedge grass type.And the results have Read more [...]
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These hounds are born rarely. It had everything: instinct, Paraty nestomchivost mind, pozyvistost. She was in an elite ranger dog hunting estate, so almost did not visit exhibitions, competitions and tests, although it had excellent pedigree, dog deserved.«Peremolchki» — break impact on voting trail in the rut. «Zarev» — bright gon «by sight» after rising to a hare maturation. «Paraty» — the ability of the hound to chase the beast, not letting rip away. Starting to drive on first Read more [...]
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Wild boar with a approach — first experience

To be honest, stories about effective boar hunting with the approach until recently perceived by me as interesting, but far from the realities of hunting stories. My skepticism was based on the certainty that the wild boar hunt can be a shelter or with a towerIn summer, the son found on the Internet is quite an attractive proposition to hunt deer in Belarus, and in early July we went to Vitebsk region in the hope of at least partially realize that beautifully offered our Belarusian counterparts. Greeted us quite welcome, accommodation and hunting are also consistent with the stated in the invitation. Read more [...]
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On the approach to the boar

I'm always on the hunt «behind»! And if the name of the wild boar hunt, the more! Therefore, even at nine in the evening, I opened the door of the house hunters friendly barking at its West Siberian huskies. Hugged and greeted each other and sat down to tea. — You were late, Dimon! But if you are not tired of the way, we can walk through the fields. Weapons you have the right, not blundered — I think the sense is.At 22:30 we were on the leeward side of the field and watched through binoculars. Field size of three hundred to five hundred meters, sown vetch-oat mixture, Read more [...]
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Cartridge for the opening of hunting

35 years ago, I, like all of our rural hunters believed that the way of the shot at the bird is a "five", the autumn duck - the "troika", the hare - "unit" and for geese should shoot buckshot. Over time, my views have changed.It was found that the fraction should be taken by 2–3 rooms are smaller, and most appropriate for the goose «unit» or «nulevka»In a pinch, fit two zeros, and the opening of the hunting is enough «bekasinnika» and here's why.Having acquired on the occasion of TOZ-25 16 gauge sharp and heap fight and being a supporter of the right of Read more [...]
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Five days in Vologda

Part 3 I take a few steps and lower the leg on a dry blueberry bump, not to slurp wet moss! But, as luck would have cracked under the heel of an old branch, hidden inside. Tokovavshy grouse stopped. There was an oppressive silence. Careful bird to listen carefully, and I scolded myself, frozen stone statue. Minutes passed, and Moshnikov silenced itself does not showed!I take a decision to approach another capercaillie, is not daylight. Forward! «Teke, Teke, Teke, tk-tk-tk-ch-ch-tearing, tearing-h, h-tearing»…Two steps forward! I should Read more [...]
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Winter chub

Wearing a naval coat and hat with crab, I went to the pond, bound with strong thick icePhoto: Anatoly Mailkov In 1978, I was given a winter vacation. From Belarus, where I served as a navigator in one part of naval aviation, to his home in the Krivoy Rog I was getting a train. My parents live there.That will come, no one previously reported. The next morning I was already in place. That's a familiar two-story building. On the threshold of the apartment he met my mother. We hugged each other and kissed.– And where is the father? – I asked.– Where is it to be at Read more [...]
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Just do not eat!

The spring end of the 70s of the last century, as usual way, met in the remote taiga forests of the central part of the Komi Republic. The snow was deep, the beginning of May reaching more than a meter during the day - clear and sunny, and at night kept temperatures down to -15 degrees, so that the crust anywhere freely support the weight of not only humans, but also large animals.The bright spring sun hardly bares hidden under a thick blanket of snow high bumps, stumps, fallen trees. Go during the day where anything was possible. Hardly having got to weakening by the hour snow Read more [...]
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Ukrainian Belyakov

A friend invited me to go hunting in the Ukraine. Photo by the author A friend invited me to go hunting in the Ukraine. He lived there relatives hunters, but because of problems with the vouchers were not. We traveled by car. Around the extended field where a crop, but where to have not mowed corn. They share a fairly dense copses. Here we and had to hunt for rabbits. A friend invited me to go hunting in the Ukraine. He lived there relatives hunters, but because of problems with the vouchers were not. Went by car. Around the extended field where a crop, but where to have not mowed Read more [...]
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Gift of St. Tryphon

The river divides the village Dmitrovka Suhusha Yegoryevsky area into two unequal parts. And if the bridge over the river it lives up to its name, then after 800 meters from the village, resting on the dam forms a man-made reservoir Suhusha. Engraving from the archives of Peter Zverev The banks of the pond overgrown with rare shrubs and marsh vegetation and therefore were several pairs of nesting ducks. Migratory birds in spring and autumn stopped there to rest. Describes the events occurred in the early 90s of the last century now.On the western shore of the reservoir, called Read more [...]
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Heap fight distant shot

With great pleasure reading materials Victor Gurov. They relate to hunting of birds and animals, or weapons and ammunition cartridges - they are always interesting. And the author's sensible advice, one can see that he knows the essence of the question raised. Photo by Ilya Antonyuk Take, for article «The gun, a cartridge and a shot» («HORN» Number 20, 2013). I never took into account the impact of the projectile on the fraction of the air compressed in the barrel when it moves. But I think we should not exaggerate its impact on the accuracy of the battle, Read more [...]
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Quest on Ladoga

The weather in June in the North -West Russia, namely in the Leningrad region not known for its warm, especially at night, and all processes in reservoirs tightened in mid-June in Lahti spill I came across another bream with caviar and pike, which should already take on the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga, a little late with the coolest, and according to the rules allowed him to catch somewhere after the 20th of June. That's good luck !!!. Photo by the author A series of unsuccessful fishings in late June and early July in the old places are not crowned with success. I had to go Read more [...]
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Winter meeting in Bryansk woods (continued)

Hello again! The last time I stayed on the fact that the next day we went on a mini-march. Chosen route to the way it was at least a maximum of swamps and dry forest.Vaughn away old pine trees on them and we moved (and in the foreground is the same pine elk with antlers) When on the road we've got the first cranberry bogs, it became clear that this year, as in the past, and even worse, with a case full of cranberries seams - it is practically none. It seems to me to blame the terrible heat in 2010 - remember? We in the Kursk region broke all possible records, have personally seen on the scoreboard Read more [...]
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