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The Ministry of Defence will not have to buy new machines «Izhmash»

First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that the Defense Ministry does not plan to buy from «Izhmash» New machines. The main arguments — no license to sell NGOs «Izhmash» and external control imposed on Concern «Izhmash» by «Russian Technologies». Yes, and the new machine, said Sukhorukov, izhevtsy still not presented the Ministry of Defense.— In 2010, we issued our requirements to manufacturers of small arms — ranging from pistols and ending with rocket-propelled grenades — manual, easel, etc. We now have two Read more [...]
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Summary from Strelkova Igor Ivanovich

13.07.14. Message from the militia."Well With the initiative Lugansk air force 1st kick Lugansk drying in the area of Alexandrovka normal Flight. The results of the RAID information is specified, the preparatory data, our pilot work filigree."13.07.2014. Morning summary.Night and early morning were hard, were night shooting. Now in the morning on Donetsk militia fired from artillery convoy guards, which had been moving in the direction of Saur-Grave. According to preliminary estimates, the Punisher 7 killed, two 10-ka pokalecheni. Also destroyed military equipment.In Marinovka mortar Read more [...]
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The RIGHT SECTOR Requests ACCESS TO MILITARY ARSENALS of UKRAINE FOR the Suppression of the Uprisings IN the SOUTH AND East of the COUNTRY.

Management constructive nationalist groups "Right sector" demanded the Kiev authorities to open military arsenals for their self-defense forces, told ITAR-TASS source in the defense Ministry of Ukraine"This requirement of the Ukrainian government and the Ministry of defence has put forward favorite "Right sector" Dmitry Yarosh. He stated that "conservative approach" control of power structures do not allow to restore order in the country and exclude antimicrobia protests in the Eastern and southern regions of Ukraine", - said the interlocutor.With all of this, according to a source, jarosz "in Read more [...]
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FISHINGMany represent her on the shore with a fishing rod in his hands, but the fishing wartime is very different from fishing time of peace. The 1st difficulty is that the reservoirs are applicable for catching fish are often on the other side of the front of the fisherman. But, even if the pond is right next door entirely possible that he will be under fire. If not, fear is "fishermen" in uniform. Many parts, standing on the banks of ponds, not brezgel to vary your diet with fish. But about the rods speech and could not be.No rods were compensated by the presence of grenades and grenade launchers. Read more [...]
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NATO is PREPARING FOR WAR WITH RUSSIA: on the doctrine of «Trident Jancke-2015» will involve 40 thousand soldiers.

In the last decade has seen the continued trend of increasing tension and mistrust on the part of the military-political control of NATO, including Poland and the Baltic States, the policy of Belarus and Russia in the East European region.The situation is exacerbated with each passing year. Western politicians are only doing what you find cause for accusations of Belarus or the Russian Federation's plans to conquer Poland and the Baltic States. This was vividly demonstrated in the process of preparation and holding of the joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises "West-2013". What only guessing Read more [...]
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"The government plans to end this year to introduce a bill, according to which the Russians will be able to vote, serve a year at the call of any two year contractIn addition, the document establishes the procedure for military service at the call of servicemen enlisted, subject to premature termination of employment under the contract and not previously held military conscription.According to today's laws every Russian guy in age from 18 to 27 years old not eligible for deferral must serve in the army one year on appeal, with all this short period, which may be a contract with the Ministry Read more [...]
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Alexander Cucumbers

The BELLS.Another disturbing news is coming from the near abroad. Moldova, for the conclusion of the Association agreement with the EU may become a pioneer of military rage against Transnistria, which in turn will lead to the next round of bloody civilian war on the banks of the Dniester, after more than 20 years truce ..If this forecast is realized, a new war of Transnistria could be the beginning of the war between Russia and NATO.MORE :Transnistria (PMR, RMN) - the government in South-Eastern Europe, declared September 2, 1990 on the ground of the former Moldavian Russian Socialist Republic Read more [...]
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Pindos, assessment of military capabilities

Whole copy-paste The Pentagon intends to ensure that Russia, China, Brazil and India did not "have undermined the stability of the world." This was stated in a PBS broadcast, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The Pentagon chief, in particular, voiced threats facing his country in the next decade. In addition to terrorism, cyber security, unpredictability of Iran and North Korea as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the head of the U.S. defense department has ranked the challenges and the rise of a number of powers. "Countries such as China, Brazil and India, not to mention, of course, Read more [...]
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Review for 20-29 February 2012

Good health to you)Heartfelt thanks for such a meeting, "Prodigal Son" in the last survey) Well, with the ensuing calendar spring all of us) Perhaps I'll start with the obvious incredible: quote "... February 9 and February 12, 2012 in the area of ​​Kuzbass, Kemerovo region, Russia, there were two powerful explosions of unknown origin, with a magnitude of 3.6 and 2.6 on the Richter scale in the same place, a new burst of magnitude 3, 7 on the Richter scale occurred February 15, 2012 a few hundred kilometers to the east of the explosions ... " Explosions of unknown breed - as the wording Read more [...]
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BP failed. Libya. Part 1

Frankly I'm not a big believer reprint, but then there was something interesting, and so very much wanted to share with Komrad. Also I would like to hear the opinion Komrad about this, vsezh survivalist and ardent supporters of religions are a little different to such matters. Based on this information goes that everything we write here and discuss - is the foundation of what is present day war, and the whole picture is far more extensive and we should always be more aware of issues related to safeguarding their own population.Events in Libya continue to vigorously discuss. However, the military Read more [...]
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I think the hive mates? without portanote? only not too long ago discussed this question.

[ASYLUM] : Survival Equipment, Tourism, BP 14 Jan 2013 18:09Shoigu will force the military to zapamatovat about portance. "Would like to make an order, so we come to the end of this year, forgot the word 'socks'. Need to allocate additional funds and absolute to turn away from this concept in the Armed Forces. Determine new needs and solve the puzzle"- leads the Agency of the word Shoigu. The Minister noted that the provision of military winter things - the main thing in the budget of the Ministry for 2013. A new form of the Armed forces, in which there are no Read more [...]
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If tomorrow the war

If tomorrow the warThere is an opinion that the next Russian president may well get all prepared for combat Armed Forces as a result of giving the current Russian Armed Forces "new look." In this vein, for example, experts expressed authoritative publication "Independent Military Review". In less diplomatic terms about what is happening in the military sphere expressed many former military. On the potential military threat to Russia and repeatedly wrote "Tver newspaper." Well, there are some reasons to believe that Russia may be defenseless against external threats ...So if tomorrow the war? Read more [...]
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Departments are preparing to evacuate Russians from Syria.

Russia's armed forces, including the navy, and other services and agencies have begun preparation for solving urgent problems in Syria, especially to evacuate Russian citizens and military personnel. This two sources in the security agencies told the newspaper "Vedomosti".Besides the Ministry of Defense, an indication prepare specific plans evacuation of Russian citizens given the MOE and other agencies, said an official of one of the power structures. This publication is not able to obtain official comments MOE and the Ministry of Defense. At the same time one of the sources confirmed the validity Read more [...]
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BP from Chinaytsev.

Each scenario is your PSU. This post is not a documentary, but is rather the artistic character of the exposition. Moderators please do not swear ... It is no secret that Russia's population will decrease each year (approximately one million people.) Who needs details welcome to: Today in the border areas of the Amur from our side too little population lives, but with the Chinese (the "chinayskoy") hundreds of times more ... This demographic imbalance will inevitably lead to the fact that Chi (China) - nai is "borzet" and try to exert pressure (economic, political, Read more [...]
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KAF — EDL (Everyday Life)

Continuing the story of life on a military base KAF (Start, continued number 1 and number 2 continued) Due to the nature of the "object" most of the pictures are not made by me, taken in the public domain. However, the author makes sure that all the images he had seen them with my own eyes, touched hands, stomped their feet, etc. etc. The text will be meeting a lot of anglicisms. Please understand, their use in the story is intended to convey the atmosphere at the base, not the author shows no desire to show off.      Anyway, based on the life does not stop for a minute, with the darkness Read more [...]
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