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During the conduct of hostilities timely evacuation pokalecheni with places of armed conflict not only will be able to save their lives, and increases the chances for quick rehabilitation and commissioning. History knows many examples when the wrong acts comrades led to the death of the wounded. Knowledge of the basic rules of transportation of the victims should be the required minimum of at least some of the serviceman involved in an armed conflict.In Rota 1st aid is done in order of self-help or mutual aid, but mostly, a nurse and a medical instructor. In small sanitary battalion platoon organizes Read more [...]
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top 10 Skills FIRST AID

1st aid is a set of urgent measures to save human life. The unfortunate case, a sharp attack of illness, poisoning - in these and other force majeure situations require competent 1st aid.By Law, 1st aid is no honey - it is up to the arrival of the doctors or the delivery of the victim to the hospital. First aid can provide at least some people who are in a critical moment around the victims. But for certain categories of people, first aid - call of duty. Are you talking about the police, traffic police and the Ministry of emergency situations, military personnel, firefighters.The ability to provide Read more [...]
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top 10 Skills FIRST AID [2]

FRACTURESFracture - violation of the integrity of the bone. The fracture is accompanied by severe pain, from time to time - fainting or shock, bleeding. Distinguish between open and closed fractures. 1st is accompanied by injury of the soft tissues in the wound from time to time visible fragments of bone.1st aid at fracture:1. Please rate the severity of the condition of the victim, determine the localization of the fracture.2. If there is bleeding, stop it.3. Determine, may be whether the movement of the victim prior to the arrival of professionals.[] Do not move the victim and do not change its Read more [...]
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And if You have any new cases or generally, You don't understand, where naiblezhayshie clinic, you do not need to take the man out of the car. After the impact he has already made yourself the most comfortable position, perched under a roof and not in the rain and Your rush him out of the car, the only damage him. Now put the car on the handbrake, if it works, and if not, poke a couple of wheels to a machine where you do not need not pulled off, disconnect the battery by removing the two terminals - this need. Later to try to lower the back of the seat and push the seat itself is also necessary. Read more [...]
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1. Donetsk. 13.03.arrived in Donetsk euromayday, provoked a severe clash with Pro-Russian people of Donetsk and ...suffered.. / victims. 1 died from stab wounds?)several people between life and death in the clinic and another injured at least 50 people./2. Yatsenyuk Obama promised to continue to "fight for freedom"3. Expert : Yatsenyuk - political doll USA4. Germany : the Yatsenyuk - agent NATOWestphalia Angela Merkel in Parliament on the situation in Ukraine6. Merkel pointed his nose in double standards and support of the Nazis. ( a more complete write - in comments under the video. there is no Read more [...]
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1. To get necessary only in the direction from which you were moving. Narrow and the most terrible part of the ice already broke under you, now get back to reliable thick edge.So get out, get together with the forces that try to push against the edge of the ice, which will be selected, elbows, and try out to push himself out of the water on the ice surface. (focusing only on her hands to do it harder..)There is another method: remove from the water right arm to the shoulder and put him on ice, use it as a crutch. Fundamentally, what one hand can put on the ice a few more than two.Now try to throw Read more [...]
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For first aid needs:1. To properly assess the nature and severity of the injury. 2. Knowing the temper of the wound, to do the right acts on first aid. Bullet, penetrating into the body, causes the last damage. These injuries have certain differences from other injuries that should be considered when providing first aid. In the 1-x, wounds are usually profound and painful subject often remains inside the body. In 2, the wound is often contaminated with pieces of tissue, shell and bone fragments. These features gunshot wounds should be taken into account when rendering the victim first aid.The severity Read more [...]
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The extreme teachings voluntary rescuers 2013. Part Two.

Start hereStep 3. SEP 2.The next step was again the AKP (search and rescue). This fact somewhat puzzled already unsettled team. AKP is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive step. We went through this at the beginning of the competition and to be honest did not feel ready to repeat a similar walk. But it was not so scary. Bodrenkaya Katya elderly grandmother, but no health problems three days ago went to the forest for mushrooms and never returned. A few hours ago, she saw friends who did not know that the woman Katya several days walking through the woods. Later they returned and began Read more [...]
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Traumatic shock. What to do?

Traumatic shock is called the slow circulation of the body (lower currency circulating blood), for example, due to weakening of the heart, blood loss, dehydration (for poisoning). Shock may develop immediately after injury, and in a few hours. Signs: • General weakening of the body; • dizziness, nausea and even vomiting; • excessive thirst; • profuse sweating; • weak and irregular pulse; • rapid, shallow breathing. Your actions: 1. Lay him so that his head was lower, and legs — higher, placing them under the pillow Read more [...]
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Move the victim. What to do?

Any movement of the injured (wounded, injured) is possible only if it is dictated by the urgent need (for example, a man lying on the road, in the area of fire and so on). Moving alone If there is nobody to help you to quickly move to categorize simply flip) the victim, use the strongest muscles in the body — hip and shoulders. If the person is unconscious, there are two possible ways of its movement: 1. supporting under the arms, dragged behind him, retreating backwards; 2. tying the hands of the victim and selling in between his head to move forward on all fours, Read more [...]
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How to do artificial respiration. What to do?

Preparation: 1. The chest of the victim released from service and laid him on his back. Under the scapula should put a cushion from a collapsed garment so that the breast was higher, and the head slightly hung down. 2. If necessary, clean the mouth of the victim, and the head to rotate to the side. 3. Pull the tongue of the victim, so that it is not clogged his throat. There are various methods of artificial respiration. Their choice depends on the type and degree of injury. The way I (used to help autopause, asphyxia, and other) Your actions: 1. To kneel at the Read more [...]
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The imposition of a pressure bandage. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Lay the victim. If possible, remove clothes from the place around the wound and inspect it. 2. If the wound no foreign objects put on any clean, easily absorbing the blood of the material (cloth, a handkerchief, a piece of cloth and so on). If possible, raise the bleeding part of the body (it helps to slow the circulation of the blood and put it on top of the napkin, handkerchief or piece of cloth tightly rolled wad of cotton wool (or a roll of bandage, begin a tight bandage the wound. 3. If the bleeding is not stopped (you can see the blood seeping through the Read more [...]
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Carbon monoxide poisoning. What to do?

Signs: • The dizziness. • Headache, shortness of breath. • Nausea, vomiting. • The loss of consciousness. Your actions: 1. At the burning immediately to fresh air. 2. Put a cold compress on the head. 3. With the weakening or absence of breathing, give him to smell ammonia. 4. Apply artificial respiration. 5. After the victim came to himself, to make it in a well ventilated room, lay in bed, warm water, to drink strong tea. 6. Call a doctor. Read more [...]
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Narcotic poisoning. What to do?

The reason most tragic cases, drug-related, is overdose. It is especially dangerous drugs with sedatives, you have a calming effect. They cause a person sleepy and sharply reduced muscular activity. In severe cases, death. Signs: • Excited state, bouts of hysteria. • Dilated pupils. • Nausea and vomiting. • Hallucinations. Treatment: • lay the patient on his stomach and turn his head to the side; • try to make him lavage of the stomach and cause vomiting, check before it, does not block the throat; • lay him away from the Read more [...]
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If something is caught in throat. What to do?

Caught in the throat and respiratory tract small objects can cause severe shortness of breath. Before the ambulance try to provide the victim first aid, using first tapping on the back. The victim is conscious If the victim is an adult: 1. Tilt it forward so that the head fell below the shoulders (this can be done both in standing and in sitting position); 2. Repeatedly hit his hand on the back of the victim (between shoulder blades); the blows should be strong enough to cause an involuntary cough; 3. When a foreign body POPs out of the pharynx and the person begins Read more [...]
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If teeth. What to do?

When accidents are often damaged teeth. Your actions: 1. if the person is unconscious and from his mouth bleeding, turn it on its side, release your finger to the mouth from broken teeth and blood clots. 2. Lay him in comfortable for breathing posture. 3. If victim is conscious and has no other serious damage from his seat, tilting his head so he could spit blood. 4. If knocked out one tooth and gum bleeds heavily, roll of sterile gauze swab, insert it in place of the broken tooth and have suffered harder to eat this is the place for 10-15 minutes. Blood regularly need to Read more [...]
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Help a fallen overboard the ship. What to do?

Steps to salvation: 1. Noticing in the water man, go to him, without losing sight of him again not to lose the victim in the waves. 2. Close, throw in the water any salvage tool so that it appeared near rescued. 3. Maneuver the ship so to be on the leeward side, otherwise a sharp gust of wind can «blow away» the ship directly at the person. 4. If you go under sail, drain them, expanding the vessel against the wind. 5. In calm weather, raise the casualty to the ship via the stern, windy — across the Board, so that the ship is not overturned. 6. If the Read more [...]
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The bites of poisonous insects. What to do?

Often bites do not result in death of the victim. Dangerous they are only for people who are allergic to poison bite their insect. So first of all no need to panic. The Scorpion's bite Poisoning lasts up to one and a half to two days, the signs are particularly strong in the first hours after the bite. Place bite swells, inode can receive fluid-filled blisters. The Scorpion stings are not deadly, but the discomfort lasts a few days. Signs of poisoning: • General malaise, • headache and dizziness, • chills, • shortness of breath, • restless Read more [...]
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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation / updated 31.01.12 /

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - a complex of measures aimed at restoring the heart and deliver oxygen to the tissues. Indications for CPR: a state of clinical death, the presence of a pulse in the absence of respiration, state of agony. Contraindications: biological death, 3,4,5 fractured left ribs (the heart).CPR can be divided into the following stages: 1) Preparatory. Place the body on a horizontal tough surface. Undo the robe. Loosen squeezing pieces of clothing (jacket, tie, belt, jeans). Set the indications and contraindications for CPR.2) Ensuring the upper airway. Ensure that the Read more [...]
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Fractures are closed - without breaking the skin, and open - with their break. Any fracture of dangerous complications. Bone fragments at a bias can damage the large blood vessels, nerve trunks and spinal cord, heart, lungs, liver and other vital organs and even cause death. Ability to recognize the nature of the fracture and correctly produce immobilization, ie create stillness in damage. Extremely necessary to prevent complications during transportation to the place of the victim provision of skilled care. How to recognize the same fracture? Usually the fracture victim notes pain noticeable Read more [...]
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