«Own» among beavers

Each time the hunt broke wind on my part, or alternating directions. Suitable sites for Ambush on the leeward side was not. I kept watch grinders on the steep bank of a shallow ditch, a sawmill, extending from the river.The ditch beavers sawed birch, aspen, and then butchered them. On the shore of willow mowing and even Christmas trees came under sharp planes. My position was the most advantageous, if the wind is not a traitor. Masking spruce in perfect distance to the intended purpose of 10-15 meters. Beavers and Beaver Beavers fun and dancing, but not shot sailed. Slapping tails, they flop, gurgled, Read more [...]
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March to conduct a wetlands

Marshes are still frozen. But to go on such a pleasure marshes, and nothing else. At dawn I saw the lapwing. Something I do not remember we have this early appearance of lapwings. It seems to be somewhere heard whistling duck wings, but not sure. Dawn was a beautiful, sorry did not take place on a tripod and came too late.Ignoring the squally wind, does tokovali grouse. The wind was such that the camera pulls out of hand, and when jumping Kosachev just drift and soar into the sky. Tokovikov dozen, or so, they sang well. One overdressed Sandpiper morning high comical stood on the edge of the mound Read more [...]
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Storage shed at the bait

Once on a hunting exhibition, I was talking with an employee of the company, arranging the north of the spring hunting of bears. It turns out that the organizers did not bother bait and ambush, but just go around on a snowmobile with a customer places free of snow, and the choice of shooting animals.Photography Randy Harris Probably, it is not fair on the part of the beast seek bugbears via technology. Classic vintage hunting for bait must not go into the past, in spite of urbanization. In the northern regions, where permitted spring hunting bear, it must be carried out in the Read more [...]
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Factor wind

When a bite occurs when the water flooded a large part of the fishing line sweeps should not be harshPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Many fishermen poplavochniki who recognize only the active application favorite gear, which implies fishing in the swim on the course or in a forced wiring without running, you know how much can interfere or, on the contrary, help fishing wind or that direction. First of all, the wind acting on the line between the float and rod, as well as speeding up or slowing down the movement of surface water, thus changing the speed and even the nature of the game tips Read more [...]
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A successful debut

Night was falling. The short autumn day on the wane, plunging into the forest in front of the deepening twilight. We sat on the storage shed together with Andrei Karaulov boars. It was his first serious hunting. I volunteered to help him in this difficult matter. Long before our joint departure I became familiar with the basics of his hunting wild boar, which was once also absorbed from their older mentors and experts in this exciting hunt. He helped select the right equipment and clothing suitable for grouping of bullet cartridges to his double-barreled shotgun…And now, Read more [...]
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Geese fly over the Taimyr

One day, having been on the Taimyr Peninsula and also a good hunt geese every spring since you are waiting: what if you invite friends and this spring? Not always in the life of our dreams come true, but this spring our desires coincide with our opportunities, and we flew back to Taimyr. Thanks to good friends that after all invited! On the calendar, May 30, at Moscow is 30 degrees plus heat and Spring in the Arctic is not yet I came. Taimyr we met frost minus 5 and Strong northern, gusty winds of about 20 m / sec. Everywhere, everywhere look, lying untouched Read more [...]
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Tipping hazard sailing ship. What to do?

Your actions: 1. When the wind is strong, loosen the mooring lines, in order to reduce the pressure on the sails. 2. You should deploy the boat at an acute angle against the wind. 3. Sit in the center of the boat to increase its stability. 4. With a sudden gust of strong wind just lower the sheet to the sail freely dangling. THE BOAT CAPSIZED Your actions: 1. To eliminate the evacuated space within the hollow hull. To do this, sitting on the stern closer to one of the sides of the boat, and to ensure that between the Board and the water formed slit. 2. Then put Read more [...]
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Help a fallen overboard the ship. What to do?

Steps to salvation: 1. Noticing in the water man, go to him, without losing sight of him again not to lose the victim in the waves. 2. Close, throw in the water any salvage tool so that it appeared near rescued. 3. Maneuver the ship so to be on the leeward side, otherwise a sharp gust of wind can «blow away» the ship directly at the person. 4. If you go under sail, drain them, expanding the vessel against the wind. 5. In calm weather, raise the casualty to the ship via the stern, windy — across the Board, so that the ship is not overturned. 6. If the Read more [...]
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How to recognize the approaching storm. What to do?

• The accumulation of large, fluffy on the edges of the clouds, creeps over the horizon, indicates near a shower or thunderstorm. • The approach of heavy rain or storm in the next 36 hours shows a pale, ghostly halo around the moon or bronze sheen in the sky during sunset or sunrise. • About the rapid increase in wind and possible rain warns kind of racing is high in the sky blurry bits of Cirrus clouds and yellow sunset. • Red or clear, but with a reddish tint of the sky at dawn, the increase in humidity is also often warn about the imminent deterioration of Read more [...]
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Storms and strong winds. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Upon learning of the approaching storm, close and secure all doors and Windows. On glass stick crosswise strips of tape. 2. Prepare candles (can be switched off electricity). 3. Disconnect the electrical and external television antenna. 4. Do not leave on the street is nothing that can take the wind. 5. If approaching hurricane, try to stay away from the sea, from rivers and lowlands: you there can overtake raised by hurricane waves. 6. In the village house move in the most spacious and durable part of it, and best of all in the basement. 7. If you Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Nizhny Tagil. Competitions on mormyshku

In late March - early April just begins the most active period for fans of underwater fishing. Fish markedly activated with increasing oxygen supply. Taghilsky competitions held under the auspices of the Ural League angler. League was formed only recently, when several fans across the web met and began to appoint joint meetings on fishing. Now the weather has become less favorable disposition to anglers. Strong northeast wind blew cool air in the face anglers. A fencing pins frustrated by strong winds and flying across the ice.Read more [...]
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