In marching criteria enormous faced with are numberless little injury. These include: blisters, abrasions, scratches, cuts, scrapes.No matter which of these small problems without adequate healing can lead to severe dilemmas: inflammation, infection, suppuration.In the worst, but not the very rare case scenario, you can get gangrene of the limbs, investirovanie blood and destruction. Death from abrasion? The fact that the criteria of survival, when the hand can not be nothing, than to treat the wound, the body is weakened by hunger and physically exhausted, the case really can't take a harsh turn. Read more [...]
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SURGICAL SUTURES ( introduction)

If you think that the stitching holes, suturing pants and things sewing purely for women, you will have exactly 2 hours to change your mind until the tissues on the wounded limb overlay harness will not begin to die, and to do so, the rescue service.You can of course remove the harness for 15 minutes, lost a couple of liters of blood from shining wound on his leg from unsuccessfully launched a homemade boomerang, but it is always better to have for yourself a bag with sterile suture material (needle+thread), or even a sewing kit, fishing line or floss teeth, to help you always true to sew up the Read more [...]
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For first aid needs:1. To properly assess the nature and severity of the injury. 2. Knowing the temper of the wound, to do the right acts on first aid. Bullet, penetrating into the body, causes the last damage. These injuries have certain differences from other injuries that should be considered when providing first aid. In the 1-x, wounds are usually profound and painful subject often remains inside the body. In 2, the wound is often contaminated with pieces of tissue, shell and bone fragments. These features gunshot wounds should be taken into account when rendering the victim first aid.The severity Read more [...]
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Wounds, scratches and abrasions. What to do?

If scratches and abrasions contaminated, you can treat them yourself. If the wound is large, it is better to consult a doctor and make a tetanus shot. Treatment: • without touching the wound, wipe the area around it with a wetted cotton wool; • the wound smear with iodine and tie clean bandage; • the wound is best to bandage bandage with cotton-gauze pad from the individual package first aid (such bags are sold at pharmacies); • taking dressings, in any case, do not touch the side of the pads, which will fall on the wound; • if you don't have Read more [...]
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Abdominal injuries. What to do?

In the abdominal cavity are organs such as the bladder, intestines and uterus (in women). They have a large quantity of blood vessels, where damage may be no less dangerous than the wound, directly to our bodies themselves. Open wound If the wound goes along, so she was not disclosed, the abdominal muscles must be tensed. To achieve this, the victim should be put on the back, gently lifting outstretched legs placed beneath them rolled blanket, coat or jacket. If the wound is wide, it may be disclosed when the tension of the abdominal muscles. To relax the latter, you should put something Read more [...]
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survival medicine

All damage to the body can be divided into closed, i.e. those where the external integument, skin or mucous membranes remain intact, and open or wounds, the relevant feature of which is specifically damage to the outer integument of the skin or mucous membranes.This unit is caused mostly by the fact that undamaged covers protect warped plot from getting infectious origin and thus provide uncomplicated closed injuries. The wounds of the first to be threatened by the introduction of infection in the moment of injury, and after it, and so for your own uncomplicated require special protective measures. Read more [...]
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The surgical sutures (article 2)

Learn nakliyat seams. May be some of the presents are not necessary, but useful to know. Joints surgical - more wereplotbunny connection method bio tissue (wound edges, the walls of the organs, etc), stop bleeding, geleistete etc. using suture material. In contrast to staple tissue (bloody way) is bloodless ways of their connections without the introduction of suture material.Dependent on the terms of imposing W. H. are distinguished: primary seam to impose on random wound specifically after primary surgical treatment or surgical wound; delayed primary closure to impose development of granulations Read more [...]
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If you have been bitten by

Wound: the Depth of one to four inches, with uneven edges and abundant bleeding.What to do: -to Treat the wound inside hydrogen peroxide. -The edges of the wound to anoint alkogolesoderzhaschee liquid. -Apply top dressing.What NOT to do: -Not to cauterize the wound with fire. -Not fill the wound with iodine, brilliant green, alkogolesoderzhaschee liquid - wound will not heal.Aggravation: Suppuration, gangrene,investirovanie rabies. Rash around the wound, swelling of the limbs, larynx, loss of consciousness speaks about high sensitivity to the saliva of the animal. Symptoms partly neutralized by Read more [...]
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