Should I Trade My Ice Bathroom for Demarcation Irrigate Therapy?

Japanese blow monkeys get their own notion.     Exposure: SevPhil/ShutterstockA:Get-go, let’s consider why athletes issue ice baths. The theme bum jump into a tub of freeze piss is that it testament slim bump and ignition, kick lactic pane from shopworn tissues, and airt lineage stream from the legs to the nerve. All of that is intellection to dilute striving on your pump afterward a yobbo exercising and quicken retrieval, but the inquiry is far from conclusive. Roughly studies birth deemed ice baths unable at preventing delayed-onset brawn discomfort, the annoyance that shows Read more [...]
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Equipment: The Ultratherm Massager

International mag, September 1995Equipment: The Ultratherm MassagerBy Steve IlgAdvanced therapy for reddened or huffy muscles includes straight 15-minute sessions alternate 'tween hot and insensate applications, ideally through passim the day. But fill this prescription, until latterly, has meant nada less clumsy and time-consuming than continually raffish from inhuman vortex to hot tub or cozying up with ice camp, sticky towel, and stopwatch fromdawn to Read more [...]
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Schizophrenia - a progressive, lasting many years, mental disease, manifested by a wide variety of disorders - from mild and transient to severe and unusually persistent, leading to partial or total disability. Schizophrenia - the most common mental illness. Usually begins between the ages of 15 and 25 years, which has led initially to call this disease "Early dementia". But often schizophrenia occurs before 15 years of age - children and young people with schizophrenia or after 40 and 60 years - late schizophrenia. A large variety of symptoms and course of the disease suggests three Read more [...]
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Treatment of traumatic brain injury

Predoctor care. In all cases of traumatic brain injury victim to keep warm. In open cranial damage must make a stop bleeding from the wound and prevent further infection of the wound. This is usually achieved by imposing aseptic dressings. With bulging brain through the bone defect bandage should not put pressure on him. To do this, the bandage as a "gauze donut." If unconscious, to ensure that the patient did not sink language, with vomiting patient's head should be given to preclude aspiration of vomit. Need to monitor the function of the cardiovascular system and respiratory Read more [...]
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Physical education as a means of recreation

Physical culture used in the Soviet health care system as a means of harmonic physical development, health promotion, prevention of development prepatologicheskih and pathological changes in the etiology of which a role is the lack of physical activity (lack of exercise), as an important element in the system of health care for adults, children, the elderly and also as a means of recreation. Medical surveys show that people who regularly exercise are subject to the rules of personal hygiene, get sick less often, live longer, more productive work. VNIIFK research (1964-1965) indicate a lower incidence Read more [...]
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Physiotherapy room-1

Physiotherapy room - a structural unit of health care setting, a set of premises, equipment and accessories designed for physiotherapy. We must distinguish physiotherapy department, where all the main types of physical therapy (electricity, light, water, thermotherapy), and physical therapy cabinet, in which there are only a part of the device. In the latter case, the physical therapy office can be assigned one or two or three rooms (usually adjacent). Organization physiotherapy units (branches) provides a rational distribution and placement of equipment for convenient operation and safety of Read more [...]
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During the testimony of a course ultrasonic treatment can be repeated after 3-6 months. Ultrasound therapy can be performed in a continuous and pulsed ultrasonic vibrations. Increasingly used continuous mode. In pulsed mode significantly reduces the overall power of ultrasound and thermal effect. Pulse mode recommended apply acute and subacute stages of the disease in children and the elderly with underlying cardiovascular disease. Do not appoint ultrasound therapy to children of preschool age. Most efficient in pulsed mode is pulse width 4 ms. Testimony. In neurology ultrasound therapy Read more [...]
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Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy - is the use of ultrasonic waves for therapeutic purposes. For ultrasound therapy using ultrasonic vibration frequency of 800-900 kHz. In the field of ultrasonic vibrations in living tissues ultrasound provides mechanical, thermal, physical and chemical impact ("Micro-massage" of cells and tissues), with the activation of metabolic processes, increases the body's immune properties. Ultrasound has pronounced analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, regenerative process, improves trophic tissue. Ultrasound Read more [...]
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Ultrahigh frequency therapy

UHFtherapy (Ultrahigh therapy, A synonym for VHF therapy) - A method of treatment, is the impact on the body by the electric field of ultrahigh frequency (UHF episodes), often with a number of oscillations 40.68 MHz (wavelength 7.37 m), which is supplied to the patient through the capacitor plates (electrodes). When exposed to pulses episodes UHF (2-8 sec), alternating with long pauses, a method called pulsed UHF therapy. Curative factor UHFTherapy is energy ep UHF absorbed into the body. The therapeutic effect of UHF EP does not only form in the tissues of heat, but also a number of physical Read more [...]
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Treatment of acute respiratory failure

Mild With moderate with severe and very severe one. Expectorants 2. Turning the patient in bed every 2 hours 3. Stimulation of cough (effleurage and vibration of the chest as you exhale every 2 hours) 4. Auxiliary cough (Rapid compression of the chest while trying to hand the patient cough) 5. Adequate pain relief (analgesics) 6. Medical anesthesia with nitrous oxide and oxygen in a ratio of 1:1 and 3:2 7 .. Continuous epidural anesthesia, introduction intravenous glucose-novocaine mixture, local anesthesia and various blockade (vagosympathetic, perirenal, paravertebral) 8. Oxygen therapy Read more [...]
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Labor therapy - Is the use of work processes as a healing factor. It is widely used in traumatology, orthopedics, neurology, to improve the overall tone of the organism, to prepare the patient for their professional activities. Occupational therapy promotes early restoration of function of the affected extremities after injury as well as after surgery. In patients with neurological occupational therapy helps restore speech, eliminate residual effects after paralysis, paresis, etc. The value of Occupational Therapy is also due to conclude in it an element of creativity and competition. Manual Read more [...]
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Tissue Therapy

Tissue therapy - Treatment for canned tissues of animal or vegetable origin (placenta, vitreous body of the eye, the leaves of the aloe, etc.) or extracts of these tissues. In living tissues before their deaths formed a special ingredient - biogenic stimulators (see) that are preserved under conservation and extraction. When administered to the patient they increase resistance to infection, promote the resorption of inflammatory infiltrates and scarring. Tissue therapy is often used in diseases eye (Keratitis, corneal opacities after trauma, burn eyes, high myopia, etc.), in the treatment of Read more [...]
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Thermal treatment

Depending on the nature of the applied heat distinguished: a) moist heat - baths, showers and other kinds of water, hot compress, poultice, mud, peat, clay, etc., b) dry heat - Hot water bottles, heating pads (Termofor), dry-air and light baths. Deeper tissue heating is achieved by using high-frequency currents (diathermy) or electrical and electromagnetic fields-inductothermy, ultrahigh-frequency and microwave therapy (see Electrotherapy). The mechanism of action of thermal procedures, methods of application, indications and contraindications - See Balneotherapy, Baths, Hydrotherapy, Mud, ozokeritotherapy, Read more [...]
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Treatment of tuberculous spondylitis

Treatment tuberculous spondylitis held amid strengthening therapy aimed at improving the patient's defenses. Patients with tuberculous spondylitis placed in special sanatorium, where patients may be in for a long time, calculated in years. In the combined treatment of tuberculous spondylitis attention is paid management regime and nutrition, prolonged exposure to fresh air. Specially equipped facilities enable children, despite the immobilization plasters, continue training and regardless of the time, almost always be in the fresh air. TB-specific antibiotic therapy involves the combination Read more [...]
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Diagnosis and treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis

Diagnostics. Diagnosis of osteoarticular tuberculosis is based on a combination of clinical, radiological and laboratory studies. Basic is a clinical picture. Radiographic findings confirm and clarify the diagnosis, allow dynamic monitoring of a process. Laboratory Methods to bacteriological, histological and cytological study of the material obtained from wandering abscess puncture or biopsy, provide information on the nature of the disease. Help blood count (ROE change, leukocyte), biochemical changes. Treatment. Local orthopedic treatment is directed to a complete rest and unloading of the Read more [...]
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Means and methods of radiotherapy

Upon irradiation of the external sources of X-rays are generated by machines and tubes of different types. To influence the tumor with direct access to radiation that is located on the body surface or in a cavity communicating with the surface of the orifices (mouth, throat, vagina), their X-ray device, designed for 30-60 square meters. Radiation generated with relatively small voltage is absorbed predominantly tumor tissue, provided that it is exposed to a short distance from the source (3-5 cm). Some value for exposure superficial tumors are preparations of beta-active phosphorus (P32) and Read more [...]
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Tools and methods of physical therapy exercises

Indications for use of exercise therapyMeans LFC are: a) exercise, which is divided into gymnastics, sports applications (swimming, boating, skiing, skating, etc.) and games (mobile and athletic - towns, volleyball, table tennis, badminton) and b) the nature of the natural factors (sun, air, water), against which the effects on the body are conducted exercises and games. The most widely used in gymnastics gymnastic exercises. Used as methods Mechano (see) and occupational therapy (see Occupational Therapy). Methodology of exercise on the state of the sick person, and therapeutic goals, and Read more [...]
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Partial damage to the thigh-1

First aid and treatment. After an injury to eliminate the pain and reduce the formation of a hematoma its irrigated area Aether chloratus, compressive bandage is applied. Foot fixed bar or plaster splint. Then on the thigh should impose cold. As you know, it leads to a narrowing of the capillaries, inhibits exudation of blood and serum, which slows down the development of local hypoxia and contributes to the acceleration of reparative processes. Naturally, the patient should be removed from the training sessions and urgently sent for treatment at a specialized treatment facility. Conservative Read more [...]
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Sanatorium - Health center for the treatment of patients mainly in natural resources (climate, mineral water, mud, etc.) in combination with diet therapy, physical therapy and physical therapy in compliance with a particular mode of treatment and rest. Sanatorium organized as holiday resorts, and outside in areas with a favorable climate, landscape and sanitation. During the years of Soviet power established an extensive network of health (see the resort.) Holiday Packages are available mostly for free or at a substantial discount from the funds of social insurance. Interkolkhoz collective and Read more [...]
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External lateral ligament rupture

External lateral ligament rupture in athletes is due to a sharp reduction of violent leg, which is observed at the time of application of force in the area of traumatic internal department of the knee with a fixed stop. Symptoms. Bleeding in the cavity Knee, pain along the outside of the joint space and in the head of the fibula, an abnormal reduction of the tibia. Movement in the joint is limited due to pain. When walking the precarious Knee. Conservative treatment. In case of partial rupture of the external lateral ligament is necessary to make a puncture Knee, remove blood and enter into Read more [...]
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