Between sky and water …

That's right side, and it is better to say - from the bank, looks fisherman walking along a pond on the first, thin and transparent as glass, Ledkov. Photos from the archives of the fishing department But do not be too cautious and wait until the ice starts to withstand a medium-sized tank – By this time, the fish almost ceases to bite, and bite fortune gambling which sometimes happens on the ice first, so experience will not succeed. If sensibly assess the situation and not make «heroic» actions, the fishing on thin ice would be meaningful and therefore completely Read more [...]
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Freeze-up and behavior on thin ice

Natural phenomenon of formation of solid ice on the surface of ponds is surprising and is primarily due to the properties of water – unique fluid. So, at zero temperature, all the water molecules in some extent linked to the endless chain, so that in this state the liquid is a compound with the amorphous characteristic properties. However, when the water cools below a certain temperature value, ice formation begins – in fact, this means that the chains are broken into individual water molecules with their distribution in the crystal lattice. The water from the liquid Read more [...]
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Thin ice

There are times when people across the frozen lake, falls through the ice. Obviously, you should try to avoid unreliable ice or ice on the rivers with a rapid current, which can make the ice scour, even in spite of the bitter cold. We will consider the situation when a person went on the ice and fell through. When you fail under ice in cold water, you breath. This comes from the sharp temperature drop and shock. You start to suffocate. If time does not take himself in hand, water can enter the lungs and the person drowns. Second hazard when released into the icy water – it may be a cardiac Read more [...]
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Tyulkina Alexander Beletsky

Tyulkina Alexander Beletsky (30.08 (11.09) .1888, Ufa 18.03. 1980, Ufa), painter, teacher, Nar. thin. BASSR (1955), Honored. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1960). Graduated from the Kazan thin. School (1913), 1926-50 taught at the Ufa thin. uch-School. Math. as the author of landscapes, still lifes, executed in tempera: Maki (1920), Flowering Window (1924), the homeland of Nesterov (1948), Lv. placer (1953). 1937-44 before. Bash. Dep. USSR Union. Laureate rep. etc.. them. Salavat Yulaev (1975). Awarded hordes. Honor. Works are in HMRB, RM, Gos. muses. Arts of the East. Lit .: Yanbukhtin A. Alexander Read more [...]
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Turzhansky Leonard (Leonid) V.

Turzhansky Leonard (Leonid) V. (30.09 (12.10) .1874, ECAT., Perm. Lip. 03.31.1945, Moscow), painter and graphic artist. Graduated from Moscow. uch-School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1907), and in 1907-09 was engaged in the same place in the cells. Serov and Korovin. Since 1904 exhibitor, 1911-12 pers. T-mobile wa thin. exhibitions; 1904 exhibitor, 1910-23 pers. Union of Russian Artists; involved. Exhibition Association thin. roar. Russia (1926) and the Association of hud. realist (1927-28). In 1906 he performed in Fig. for ECAT. Well satirical. Dwarf and decorative panels above the Read more [...]
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Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic

Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic one of the largest concert org-tions of Russia. Organized in Sverdl. on the basis of a symphony orchestra. RADIOKOM-one oblprofsoveta chorus, soloists, instrumentalists and vocalists, concert-tour desk at Sverdl. Op. Theatre (1936). The structure S.G.F. included (1995) Req. State. Acad. Philharmonic Orchestra (c 1936), Ur. Trio of Bayan (1966), an ensemble of Russian. cum. tools Ayushka (since 1976), the band concert performers. The structure S.G.F. also included Acad. Choir (1943-58), Gos. ur. rus. cum. choir (1943-90), a children's Philharmonic (1979-91), Read more [...]
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Svedomsky Alexander

Svedomsky Alexander (1848, St. Petersburg., 1911, Rome), painter, landscape. Childhood, as well as his younger brother, Paul A., held at the family estate Mikhailovsky zd (Osinski have. Perm. Lip). Education brothers received in Acad. thin. Düsseldorf (the second floor. 1860) and in the studio in Munich M.Munkachi (early. 1870). Mn. traveled Zap. Europe. In 1875 he settled in Rome, lived in Russia in the summer at his estate, where he had a studio. Participated in the exhibitions: Intern., IAH, of St. Petersburg. the Society thin., Mosk. the Society lovers thin., Perm. of the Society of lovers Read more [...]
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ROOSTERS Alexander

ROOSTERS Alexander (25.8.1939, p. DiaNovosti Belozersky district Coorg. Region. 13.06.1976, Kurgan), painter and graphic artist. Graduated Sverdl. thin. School (1963). 1963-76 worked in Kurgan. Author of a series of watercolor landscapes Bash. (1974), paintings Zauralye Workers (1969), Bread Zauralye (1974), Still life with dry flowers (1974), a portrait of the poet K.Hudyakova (1970) and others. Prod. are PGHG, Magnitogorsk State. thin. Gallery, Tyumen. thin. Museum fig. claim., Coorg. region. thin. museum and private collections. A. Lit .: Lviv, Lutsk O. Alexander Petukhov. Barrow, 1989. Author: Lions Read more [...]
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PERM Regional Philharmonic

PERM Regional Philharmonic Regular. in 1936 as a fin. concert-tour desk Sverdl. Op. theater, then converted to Perm. Dep. Sverdl. Philharmonic. In the late 30's became an independent concert org-tion. Her first cond. Belokopytov AA In 1993, the creative team was represented by F. Soloists Ensemble Singers of Russia (thin. Arms. Honored and conductor. Worker. Arts of the Russian Federation Vladimir Novik), Russian quartet. cum. tools Loaf (thin. arms. Zgogurin OV), pop ensemble Illusion (thin. arms. Nar. art. Danilin RF VN), the illusory theater Smile (hud.ruk. Bastryakov VI) show group of Appetite Read more [...]
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ORENBURGSKY Drama Theater. Maxim Gorky

ORENBURGSKY THEATRE im. Maxim Gorky established in 1856 on the basis of repertory B.K.Soloveva. Grand opening was held on 14.01.1869 Bachelor performance Turgenev. In the theater at various times worked repertory A.Ayarova, P.Kazantseva, N.Koralli-Tortsov, I.Novikova, A. Rasskazova and others. His early stage. acting work M.Pisarev, P.Svobodin, N.Svetlovidov, P. Strepetova and were masters of the stage V.Andreev-Burlak M.Velizary, V.Komissarzhevskaya, E. Leshkovska, P.Orlenev, M.Tarhanov. Repertoire incl. Manuf. domestic, foreign drama and plays by local authors. In different years. worked in Read more [...]
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Nyrob pos. Mountains. type in Cherdynsky district of Perm. region. Located on r.Nyrobka 50 km from Cherdyn. The first written mention of N. refers to 1579. 1924 to 1959 adm. c. Nyrobskogo district. In the village. function Forestry and comb t Nyrobles. Us. 5.8 thousand. Pers. (01/01/1996). In the old hours. Village. is a white stone Church of St. Nicholas (1705), vaulted ceilings and wall-to-swarm were painted in 1724-26 thin. Mikhailo Bazhenov. Until 1923 the church was a wooden sculpture of St. Paraskeva-Friday (XVIII c.), Which is the pride of the Math. worldwide collection of wooden sculptures Read more [...]
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NURMUKHAMETOV Rashid Muhametbareevich

NURMUKHAMETOV Rashid Muhametbareevich (04.09.1925, 23.08.1986 Ufa, Ufa), painter, Honored. thin. Bash. SSR (1968). Cum. thin. RSFSR (1977). Graduated from Moscow. thin. Inst. Surikov (1956). N. created a gallery of nat. characters in the portraits: the Hon. Art. B.Valeevoy RSFSR (1952), People. Art. Z.Nasretdinovoy USSR (1955), sculptor M.YAKUBOVA (1967), the poet M. Karim (1971), the composer Z. Ismagilov (1974). By genre compositions. Legend of Batyr (1967), Victim sharia (1969). 1960-65, 1971-80 before. CX BASSR reign. Engaged in pedagogical activity: 1972 80 taught at the Ufa State. those Read more [...]
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Melentie Herman A.

Melentie Herman A. (17 (29) .06.1888, s.Orda Oshinskogo y. Perm. Lip. 28.03.1967. Sverdl.), Painter and teacher. Graduated from the Kazan thin. School (1915 kl. NI Feshin and P.P.Benkova). In 1915-18 worked as Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. 1919-35 taught at schools and art studios Kungura, Pedina-ones and thin. College Perm; 1935-53 in Sverdl. thin. uch-School. Author paintings ist. and genre: Pugachev Kungur (1925); Motovilikhinskiye uprising in 1905 (1935), the Brigade had a powerful press UZTM (1937) and portraits of his father (1916), female L.Ovsyannikovoy (1926), a steelworker N.Bazetova Read more [...]
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LAPSHIN Jaropolk Leonidovich

LAPSHIN Jaropolk Leonidovich (20/09/1920, Novomoskovsk, Dnepropetrovsk region)., Film director, winner of the State. etc.. RSFSR (1975), Nar. Art. RSFSR (1980). Of the family servant. Since 1944, at the end of VGIK (L.V.Kuleshova), working on Sverdl. studio first as assisistenta dir., then dir. thin. movies. In the movie, developed ist. theme. In 1959, put thin. It's time to film the taiga snowdrop (prize-Union Film Festival, 1959). Filmed for television novel V.Ya.Shishkova Gloom-river (4 episodes, 1968 TV film festival prize, 1969). In 1973 he made the film Privalov's Millions (based on the Read more [...]
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Kusa ironworks

Kusa ironworks Regular. merchant N.Mosolovym at the confluence of rivers. Coosa and Ai on the South. W. in 1778, had a blast furnace and bloomery f-ku. Cast iron and supplied with Zlatustovskogo Satka s-ing, was altered in iron, from-cerned manufactured axes, hoops, staples, nails, etc.. Items cross. life. In 1797, with the construction of a bugle blast early. pig iron from local ores, from which one worked out bayonet iron castings, as well as iron. In 1798 the plant was moved to rent A.A.Knaufu, and in 1811, the treasury and began to cast iron core and bombs. In the 50-60 XIX century. the enterprise Read more [...]
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Kaslinskim ENGINEERING WORKS based merchant Ya.Korobkovym Tula in 1747 on South. W. in p.Kasli as iron-smelting and iron-. In 1752 it was bought by Nikita Demidov. At a factory, there was one blast furnace, 16 bloomery and forge, 8 acting hammers. With the advent of the s-connected and so the birth of the village. Then Kasli, in a rum in 1772 lived 727 artisans and workmen. Zd smelted iron and Manuf. iron in Patriotic War In 1812 it produced guns and shells. In the 40s of the XIX century. beg. cast iron cookware products, architect. and household products. Casting quality was very high. Products Read more [...]
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KASLI of p-tion n. in Chelyaba. region. Located 138 km north of the Chelyaba. of the lake. Large and Small Kasli, Irtyash, Sungul and Kirety. The first settlement. arose in 1747 when p. merchant Ya.R.Korobkovym chug.-lit. and iron-h-huh. From 1752 the plant was transferred to the ownership of NN and Demidov, and from 1809 L.I.Rastorgueva merchant and his heirs. From 1908 to 1917, the plant was owned joint stock-vu. During cross. War led E.Pugacheva zd was completely destroyed (1773), and only a beginning. 80s of the XVIII century. rebuilt. K. In the first stone buildings: the s-dskie housing, Read more [...]
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Thin Stone

Thin StoneDistance from Stone Dog Rib (Kourovskaya hostel)According to the measurements of the Soviet Union time to route number 58 According to modern measurements, according to the map-sailing Chusovaia River (UCC 2010)89 km 92 kmThin Stone rock on the right bank of the river Chusovoi 92 kilometers from the tourist center in the village of Sloboda Chusovaia. Here begins the village Martyanovo. Stone difficult sloping limestone slabs, a strong growth of spruce.  In the past, on the right bank of the stone was Pleshakovskaya (or Pleshkovskaya) breech marina. Behind her on the Read more [...]
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ISTRATOV Yuri Ivanovich

ISTRATOV Yuri Ivanovich (10/29/1928, Sverdlov.), Art. cinema, a painter and graphic artist. Pers. Cinematographers' Union and the Union of thin. The Russian Federation. Hon. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1973). Laureate of the State. etc.. RSFSR (1975). Rod. family servant. Graduated Sverdl. thin. School (1948), art. Faculty of VGIK (1954). From 1954 on St. Studios. Hood. cinema and TV films, TV shows, plays, concerts Sverdl. TV. Participated in the production of thin. It's time to film the taiga snowdrop (1958 Ya.Lapshin diploma 2nd century. encouraging diploma and the All-Union Film Festival, Minsk, Read more [...]
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Arts Fine and decorative

Arts Fine and decorative The oldest discovered on ter. U. memory. fig. Art Society rock Fig., metal plastic relate to the period of primitive communal system, from the Upper Palaeolithic to the railroad. in. (Rock fig., Sauromates Sarmatian animal style, perm. Animal style). Wrongfully seek direct communication with them later thin. culture of the region. But echoes of perm. animal style can be seen in the ornament Aboriginal Y. Komi, Udmurt, Mansi and Khanty. Archaeological. findings suggest that the ancestors of the Komi has decorated clothing woven pattern, geometric embroidery traditions Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).