Chilling fear

Alexeitch, which had long been licensed for wild boar, try as he might, he could not close it. All the vast field was still good, ahead of the schedule of the farm, he traveled up and down on his new "Ural" with a sidecar. But as luck would have come across some pig with piglets. Decent cleaver was not among them, which greatly irritated Nicholas begins to despair. Finally, to the end of September, luck smiled at him, and one of the fields he found zhirovki big game, trampled a large plot of state-farm oat field.A successful discovery immediately raised his spirits, and he briskly Read more [...]
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The story I heard in the hut of a Forester from stepanich, an old carpenter and longtime friend of my wanderings in hunting. Hunters received the last instruction, were placed in the rooms and now were in high-wait-and-see Zhuravkova Anton One stood in the fierce December cold, dry and penetrating even through the warm clothing. And then not jump, will not clap frosted mittens. As they say, be patient until the day of judgment.Line arrow froze in anticipation.When he heard the distant voices of the beaters coming closer and closer, a rollicking line-daring, all Read more [...]
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On the river Magpie

Many different meetings gave me hunting. It helps to learn how to understand people and understand them. Some stories were forgotten, slipping from memory, and some are tightly slammed into her. For example, the spring meeting. Photo by Sergey GulyaevaStrelba woodcock on traction, undoubtedly the most beautiful, poetic hunting. Places traction spring, usually from year to year are the same. Woodcocks are choosing low, mixed, rising in the low areas of the forest, crossed by ravines, glades.Spring That year late. Sprinkled with snow showers, cold winds played, choking nature awakens strong Read more [...]
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When all matched

In that year, the heat was incredible, but the tendency to close and the postponement of the hunt has not yet entered modu.Tak that, taking trips to the Dmitrov ohotobschestve, rushed to the village to prepare for the long-awaited opening of the summer-autumn season. Photo Chong BT In the evening, come to the flooded peat cards hops watch ducks and determine where best to get up in the morning. Thrill of the Hunt and the feeling of the approaching holiday soared in the heated air of the day!Heard the excited voices of hunters arrived. In the water, intricately refracting, reflecting Read more [...]
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Papkin grouse

Endless night sky with myriads of bright stars made, throwing his head back, looking up in fascination. It was too dark, so that, despite the "horkayuschih" woodcock, we decided to put an end to the hunt today. Link place! Four extracted sandpiper delayed nice hand, we walked down the clearing, fervently discussing their experiences. In the light of a lantern flashed rooms GAZ-66 - so today we will sleep comfortably! Crackling logs in «womb» stoves and warm red-orange flames lit up the inside of a dark kung. After a quick dinner, went to bed after three hours on a current Read more [...]
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How to train your sense of time and to Wake up without an alarm clock

At all times and in all intelligence agencies valued the ability to awaken fit without an alarm clock. For inner bio clock is a need to develop a sense of time. Workout of the ordinary. For this you need to have at least some constant source of at least some of the sound.Determine without the aid of a stopwatch, what time (how many seconds) continues some constant sound. Now test with stopwatch in advance is enabled. Quite rapidly you will start to determine the playing time to a precision of 2 - 3 C.To achieve more or less important results allow a period of silence equal to the duration of sound. Read more [...]
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Films from Tribeca: The Task

    Pic: Courtesy of the Tribeca Celluloid FeteShot a picture almost Somali buccaneer hunters is not the safest project, and filmmakers Shawn Efran and Adam Ciralsky can certify thereto. During product on The Externalise, a documental that delves into the constitution of Somalia’s Puntland Marine Law, one of their producers was about killed. Their camera bunch was besides arrested and indicted. They all emerged unharmed, though, and the answer is a 90-minute pic roughly this obliterate parvenu military gang. Funded by donors from the Joined Arab Emirates—an oil commonwealth Read more [...]
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2013 Turn de France Prevue

Set for the 2013 Turn de France.     Picture: Spell de France/FacebookHow to Sentry the Hitch The better shipway to strain in to this yr's version.In crafting the 2013 Circuit de France itinerary, turn manager Christian Prudhomme appears to suffer created something fickle and compelling. In 2012, the parcours’ rich clip trials, few mountaintop finishes, and mostly sweetheart climbs made Bradley Wiggins’ triumph all but a certainty from the day he took the maillot jaune on Arrange 7. This yr, the finish seems to be to livelihood the GC in gambol until the concluding crest Read more [...]
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Go de France Contenders: Alejandro Valverde

Though he’s oft been mentioned as a rival in the retiring, this Spanish crampon mostly puts in far too planetary of performances to real repugn for the wins. Nevertheless, he seemed to incur about body at the 2012 Vuelta, where he ruined leading of Rodriguez and Froome and arcsecond just to Contador, and he has staked his flavor on a stump goal at this class’s Turn. Equitation in his help is one of the strongest teams in the raceway, including the two climb phénoms Rui Rib and Nairo Quintana, who could arrive unmanageable on the former teams by acquiring up the route and potentially Read more [...]
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Big Land, Bite-Sized Trails

    Exposure: Pi-Lens/ShutterstockTough terrain, gelid temps, unnerving rivers and colossus grizzlies lurking round every crimp: Everything some Alaska’s wild screams “epical.” But outback though the province may be, not every boost hither demands an Iditarod-like endeavor. These six conveniently-located trails let you dupe Alaska’s beaut in bits by backpacking gorgeous views and and wildlife into the infinite of barely a few miles. Another incentive: They’re all runnable (though not all promiscuous). Don your mosquito atomiser and go.GirdwoodSewardKor Read more [...]
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Hollywood Selection: ‘Straight Sand’ (2010)

SCENARIO: When 14-year-old Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) is bitten in the arm by a rattler, her spouse and guardian Cock Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) cuts the wounding afford and sucks the spitefulness out, so races crosswise Choctaw area, running her knight until it collapses, in edict to get her to a doc. Though Cock manages to keep her liveliness, her arm develops sphacelus and necessarily to be amputated. Did Cock do the veracious affair?THE Technical SAYS: Though the “sucking the spite out” proficiency was ordinarily secondhand in the 1870s, when Truthful Gritrock was set, it has ”longsighted Read more [...]
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Get the Go: Get Conclusion

Different many sports that hold their pros cordoned off from the populace, cycling provides opportunities to attire ending with your pet riders. (No, not by chasing aboard in a day-glow mankini.) Pre and post-stage, you can ramble about among the squad buses, vigil the guys tune-up, and sometimes flush collar a prompt conversation and inscribe. I managed a password with Contador and Richie Porte earlier the phase at Annecy.Specialised upped the ante, though, by transcription for breakfast with Z Pharma-Quickstep at their squad hotel in Chambéry. Scratch Cavendish told us that flush though Read more [...]
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Is $327 overmuch to Invite a MTB T-shirt?

When Kitsbow launched their sup agio contrast of off-roader wear finish dip, I slapped my caput in awe complete the prices.Thither were hardly two items in the initial line-up. The Mild Shield A/M Drawers were loss for a scandalous $269. And the autumn-weight long-sleeve t-shirt, the Sastan, was listed for an eye-watering $327. A month afterward, Kitsbow added a soft-shell crownwork called the Interracial Shield for an tied heftier $369.These terms tags seemed all idiotic to me, though I deliver to accommodate that I likewise admired Kitsbow’s self-assurance. It takes hutzpah to betray a Read more [...]
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Belgian Bloodbath

Chris Froome, success of the 2013 Circuit de France and odds-on darling for boilersuit triumph in 2014, crashed doubly on Arrange 5 of the Circuit and derelict the run. Astern dropping at km 35, the Briton remounted and regained tangency with the peloton. Approximately 50 kilometers subsequently, nevertheless, he hit the floor again and though he rapidly got to his feet, he winced in annoyance. Afterwards a chit-chat with a Squad Sky dr., he climbed into the squad car and called it quits.Thither’s no watchword yet on his injuries, but Froome started the day in a carpus braces resulting Read more [...]
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Cycling Gunfight: Fin New Route Kits

CAPO GS-13 T-shirt ($200) and BIB Brusk ($250)The deuce-ace of fabrics in the GS-13 t-shirt, with stretching panels in the shoulders, cushy meshwork in the soundbox, and crack jackanapes c meshing nether the blazon, blend for a cubby, operation fit. The reach in the shoulders, particularly, adds piles of ease, though the t-shirt seems to be cut unsloped sooner than in a equitation post, so the figurehead middle bunches ninety-seven when you pucker. The sleeves are skillful and longsighted, as we same them, but they could use a footling gripper at the end to blockage them from equitation up. The Read more [...]
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The Singlespeed Wars

If you are alike me, you power be disbelieving of the singlespeed. When I standard my commencement SS octad days ago, I didn’t real tumble. With all the advancements in abeyance engineering and the optimisation of geartrain into 2x (and now 1x) drivetrains, a hardtail off-roader with solitary one appurtenance seemed cussedly and needlessly anachronous.So I rode it, and a peculiar matter happened. I liked it.I liked not having to care approximately appurtenance choices all the meter. I liked the silence, unproblematic cod. I liked the way the motorcycle transformed trails that I could most Read more [...]
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January 25 —

Yes, Yes.. neither singer nor just a poet, or just an actor, and specifically the philosopher and the majestic masters whose syllable and the voice and the image will remain forever in the memory of each.. Vysotsky unrealistic anyone be confused.. His voice ,tone , his manner of performing unique as its role as he did.. Vysotsky was never afraid to read the truth and denounce evil . And as the government have not tried "plug "him and remove him from the scene in Russian time, but he so loved Men that it has nothing to do with it..And now, now, here and now, in our difficult time, His Read more [...]
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What packing drawers would you advocate for milder temps?

Capilene Silkweights     Exposure: courtesy, PatagoniaCapilene SilkweightsA:You deliver oodles of choices for leg habiliment, Matthew, though I mustiness profess I'm stillness overtone thereto inauspicious way assertion: Leotards haggard below sloppy boxers. It's a prosperous frame-up, can be tweaked with different-weight leotards for dissimilar weather (my faves are Patagonia's Capilene Silkweights: $32;, and is various in the issue suddenly shout. Hardly gaucherie on a couplet of waterproof-breathable bloomers, such as Marmot PreCips ($89; or Read more [...]
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A year later.

Good day friends. Today, for the first time in its 25 years, I can honestly say - February 23 my holiday, not only because I am male. Just over a month has passed since I returned from the army) I went there voluntarily. Psihonuv. Running away from problems and personal life. Abandoned the good work "heifers" gulyanok etc. I did not become a Rambo or even steep commandos. Though hit the GRU (sounds nice course ..) But I have learned a lot of interesting and useful for life, soul and character. And no one else ever be able to convince me that the army is in vain that the army is for rednecks and Read more [...]
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Hurry to build! Otherwise it will be too late …

Since kopipastina now alive and well, and I decided not to lag behind, and steal from here: / this little note. I think it is somewhat spur those who decide to move from words to deeds and sofas and construction of its RFP. So:In Russia in 2015 the so-called extended dacha amnesty, which allows you to register a private home without the presence of the project. This amnesty, though called the villa, but concerns not only houses, as well as other private houses.After 2015, to build a house on their own and register it will be impossible. It will not be accepted for registration Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).