Emergency shutdown of power supply in Mordovia left 5000 people without electricity

Nearly five thousand people were left without electricity in Mordovia on Saturday night, according to Russian Emergencies Ministry. According to authorities, power outage on Friday night occurred in 14 localities Ardatov, Atyashevsky Romodanovsky areas and a total population of 5.2 thousand people. Soon the area Romodanovskaya power was restored. "At the moment remain without electricity two districts, 13 settlements, 2.4 thousand houses with a population of 4.9 thousand people," - said in a release. Approximate time of completion 03.00 Saturday, said the MOE.Category: Factors and Read more [...]
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Natural disasters in the world in 2012 caused damage to 122 billion euros, 9.5 thousand people were killed

Because of the floods, hurricanes, droughts and other natural disasters in the past year, a total of around the world were killed 9.5 thousand people and caused material damage amounted to 122 billion euros. Such data led today in Munich German company "communiqué D" / Munich Re AG /, which is one of the leaders in the insurance market. Most often, natural disasters have occurred in the United States. Only one hurricane "Sandy", leaving thousands homeless people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, has damaged at 38 billion euros, accounting for almost a third of the Read more [...]
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In Mozambique, due to flooding evacuated 55,000 people

Authorities ordered the evacuation of the Republic of Mozambique 55 thousand people due to severe flooding in the south of the country, local media reported.

"We ask people to move to safer places. According to our estimates, the disaster has affected 55 thousand people," — told reporters in the press service of the Office of Disaster Management in Mozambique.

Category: Floods
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Element is de-energized 11 settlements in the Kuban

About 18 thousand people remained without electricity on Tuesday night in coach of the district of Krasnodar region the storm, during which there was a broken wire on the transmission line, a spokeswoman told RIA Novosti press-service of "Kubanenergo". "At about 22.00 MSK the storm is broken wires on the transmission line 35 KW, no light left 11 settlements in the coach of the district, mostly farms - about 18 thousand people, "- said the agency interlocutor. According to RIA Novosti, spokesman of the Southern Regional Center of Ministry of Emergency Situations, "because Read more [...]
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Town in Sicily may disappear due to landslides

Large landslide can completely destroy the town of SanFratelli the Italian island of Sicily, home about 2 thousand people, reported local media on Monday.

In this small town living two thousand people. About 1.5 thousand of them have already been evacuated, and the rest are located on the outskirts of San Fratelli to follow what is happening.

Local media noted that due to heavy rains on a hill near the city is the formation of a landslide. In the worst case, all the houses in SanFratelli for eradication.

Source: Interfax

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Downpour left homeless more than two thousand people in Brazil

As a result of heavy rains in the south Brazil More than 2 thousand people homeless, damaged about 2.5 thousand houses, and all of the cyclone that hit the region, have suffered up to 500 thousand people.Of material damage officials said 16 cities. Fixed falling trees on houses and power lines in several localities winds tore roofs from houses. According to preliminary information, there is no loss of life.To the south and south-east Brazil from the beginning of December last year, hit by several severe cyclone. In South America's largest city of Sao Paulo rain was 43 days in a row. According Read more [...]
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Almost 70,000 Indonesians affected by the floods in Java

Over 66 thousand people the Indonesian province of West Java have suffered for the last week of the flood Chitarum after heavy rains, said on Friday the national news agency Antara.According to the head of a social service district Karavang Banuary Nadeaka (Banuara Nadeak), there is only flooded about 16,000 housing units and currently have lost their homes about 30 thousand people. Residents waiting for the recession of the water level, are placed in markets, mosques, schools and government buildings leased, are dependent on food aid.Every year, millions of Indonesians suffer and thousands die Read more [...]
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Flooding in Brazil left homeless 32 thousand people

According to the local civil defense services, the continued heavy rains in the Brazilian state of Alagoas deprived of shelter for more than 32 thousand people. Six people on the list of missing lead.According to the department, the rain comes the third week. As a result of rampant floods in 21 settlements were flooded homes. Rescuers say they have suffered at least 55 thousand people. Of deaths have been reported.The number of flood victims in the north-east Brazil increased to 38 manAccording to local authorities, the death toll could be higher - to them just to get by making communication Read more [...]
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Strong earthquake

Many prophecies, including the Bible, indicate that the harbingers of doom will be natural disasters, including earthquakes. Statistics today show us that the earthquake began to visit our planet more often, and there is no explanation for this. If we return to the familiar 20th century, in the period from 1900 to 1930 was only two thousand earthquakes. And in the period from 1940 to 1982 - 1000 earthquakes every year! Since 1983, 800 earthquakes occurred in the night, and in 1984 the number increased to a thousand. Needless to say, not all of them lead to the loss of life and great damage, Read more [...]
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Heavy rains in China killed more than 40 people

April 14. Forty-two people were killed and 17 were missing as a result of heavy rains in Gansu Province in northwest China. ITAR-TASS. Hardest hit mountainous area in the county Minsyan. Here, heavy rain and hail disrupted normal life of 358,000 people. The population of the county is about 450 thousand people. During the last days of the dangerous areas evacuated nearly thirty thousand inhabitants. About 6.4 thousand people are awaiting evacuation. In four dozen villages county Minsyan knocked out power system. Search and rescue operations are complicated by low temperature, the continuing Read more [...]
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Over 144 thousand people have been affected by the earthquake in Xinjiang

March 12. According to the Civil Administration of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region / Xinjiang, Northwest China /, a magnitude 6 earthquake, which occurred on March 9 in Lop county, injured more than 144 thousand people living in 16 counties / cities / districts Hotan, Aksu and Kashgar , the direct economic impact of the disaster reached 523.48 million yuan / U.S. $ 1 = 6.3 yuan /, fortunately, there were no human victims.According to statistics, 144 thousand 201 people affected 30,764 families were evacuated 36 thousand 641 people, destroyed and 5267 damaged 84 thousand 679 houses in the earthquake, Read more [...]
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In the Mexican state of Tabasco, in response to floods evacuated about 7 thousand people

In the Mexican state of Tabasco, in response to floods evacuated about 7 thousand people. As representatives of the police, the victims of the disaster have already flown to safer areas. The state authorities have decided to lay special channels that will help prevent further flooding of the region from the crowded river Grijalva, reports Associated Press. Cause of the disaster became incessant rains that led to the rise of the water level in the rivers. Affected including more than 60 thousand people in 200 villages. Partially flooded farmland. Source: RBC Read more [...]
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In several regions of Siberia restore electricity, broken due to accidents

In the Altai region left without electricity immediately 24 settlements, home to several thousand people. Blame - snow and rain and strong gusty winds in some places - up to 20 meters per second. Emergency crews are now trying to eliminate problems on transmission lines, but in this weather is not easy to do. In Krai storm warning.The situation is similar in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The work was done all night - no light were about a thousand people. And as it became known, all the faults in power removed. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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