Before the fox and beaver hunting small

Duel. Who will win? In the Tyumen region, an increase of the population of game and the BeastDespite the fact that the industrial scale in the Tyumen region zverodobychi minimized amateur hunting in there. And, of course, the objects of wildlife and their habitats are still in need of protection, control and regulation. On the results of the federal state supervision in the field of preservation of hunting resources in the region in 2012. "MK" the chief of the Tyumen region Alexander Gosohotupravleniya Matychenko.What are the hunting area? The use of the public are 8.954 million Read more [...]
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Flooding on both sides of the Atlantic

The floods in the north of Argentina, several thousand people were left homeless. The city streets were under water, do not work shops and schools. With the effects of the elements and fighting on the other side of the Atlantic. In the UK, the damage from the strongest in 20 years floods exceeded 100 million pounds.To the north of Argentina collapsed heavy downpours. Resistencia city - the capital of the province of Chaco - now more reminiscent of Venice. Just a few hours there fell more than ten inches of rain. Life in the city is paralyzed not operate enterprises, institutions and shops. Read more [...]
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Heavy snowfall in northern China

About 76 thousand people in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China affected by heavy snowfall hit the region on December 6-8, according to news agency «Xinhua».

«Heavy snowfall almost paralyzed the life of the district, completely destroyed 23 houses and damaged another 2.3 thousand buildings. Because of the disaster killed thousands and affected 1.22 439 000 head of cattle. On a number of highways difficult to move «, — the report says.

Source: RIA Novosti

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U.S. cold to — 53, electricity has risen by 190 times.

America leenee: most of US were in the zone of intense cold. In new York even declared a state of emergency: urban residents require not leave the house without the latter necessary. And in the town of Comerton that in Montana, the temperature dropped to 53 degrees.In this regard, the exchange gas prices in the United States rose to a record high level. Thus, the price of gas in new Jersey, where fuel is supplied, namely, in New york,.increased in mo to 90 bucks for a million English thermal units, or to 3.24 thousand dollars for one thousand cubic meters. It is 7.6 times more expensive than on Read more [...]
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In the southern Urals drought and locusts destroyed 362,000 hectares of crops

July 16, 2013. In the southern Urals drought and locusts have caused damage to agriculture by 1.4 billion rubles. According to "New Region", the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region in the southern Urals due to lack of rain in June, as well as the invasion of locusts killed 362 thousand hectares of crops. The total area of ​​affected crops totaled 767 thousand hectares. Damage is estimated at 1.4 billion rubles. Under these circumstances, the affected farms have accelerated the pace of hay and silage, harvested as fodder for the winter may not be enough. Read more [...]
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In Ukraine without electricity more than 200 settlements

In Ukraine, due to snow and squally wind tonight energized over 200 settlements, the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Hardest hit Poltava region, in which no light is 141 town. No electricity in several villages and towns in Kharkov, Kiev and Lugansk regions. Restoration of the power supply system power companies engaged teams. By the morning of January 8 provided the movement of road, rail and air transport. On clearing the roads from Ukravtodor involved over a thousand pieces of equipment and more than two thousand employees. Source: RBS Read more [...]
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In Italy, about 65 thousand households without electricity

Around 65,000 families were left without electricity in the Italian capital of Lazio after Saturday fell on her element, local media reported. Due to the extraordinary power of the winds that caused these tornadoes, in the provinces of Latina (Latina) and Viterbo (Viterbo) were damaged power lines, causing power supply discontinued about 50 thousand families. More about 15 thousand families were left without electricity and heat in the Roman province. Currently, teams of technicians national electricity Enel Group are working to restore the electricity supply to these areas. Strong winds and Read more [...]
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In Xinjiang, due to snowfall, affecting more than 260,000 people

More than 260 thousand. People were injured as a result of heavy snowfall in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China in the north-west of the country. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC, heavy snowfalls have destroyed nearly 800 houses in the region, has more than 4.8 thousand. Homes were damaged. To date, reports on the one who died as a result of a snow storm. Authorities had to urgently evacuate the 5 th. 435 people. Local authorities have allocated to deal with the consequences of the disaster about 15 million yuan (2.2 million dollars). In the most affected areas Read more [...]
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In the Philippines, «sugar buzz»

Drought in the summer months, and then a tropical typhoon reduced the amount of sugar cane production in the Philippines. As a result, for the first time in 8 years, the island nation is forced to significantly increase the volume of imports of sugar. According to new government figures until April Philippines will buy 50 thousand. Tons of imported sugar. This was during the eve of the conference held in Manila, said the head of the committee on regulation of the sugar market Koskolluela Rafael (Rafael Coscolluela). Next purchase is scheduled for June, shipments will be 90 thousand. Tons of Read more [...]
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EVACUATION 1941-42 Regular relocation. productive forces of prifr. and endangered occupation districts of W. E. beg. since the early days of WWII. Carried out under the hands. Council on E. (prev. N.M.Shvernik, Deputy. Kosygin). In the second floor. 1941 W. was moved 667 enterprises. Among them mosk. zd Caliber, Kiev Bolshevik s-dy and Ukrkabel, zd Elektrostal Izhorsk, Moskov. Automobile, Kharkov Tractor and dr.z-dy. Ch evacuated enterprises were placed on the basis of kinship, enhancing their product. potential: Magnitogorsk met. zd equipment took 34 companies, Nizhny Tagil, Orsk, Chelyaba. 13, Read more [...]
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Of virgin

Of virgin land covered with natural vegetation, to-rye not used plow agriculture. By decision of Feb-March and June (1954) Plenum of the CPSU embarked on a rapid increase in the mfr. grain due to the development of virgin and fallow lands eastern. and the south-east. districts of the country. The massive development of Ts in the Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Siberia, W., Volga and others. Districts) was conducted in 1954-56. In subsequent years. the pace of work has significantly decreased. If for 1954-56 W. mastered 2555 thousand. Hectares Ts (ie 852 thousand. Hectares Wed in), then in 1957, 231 Read more [...]
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HOLUNITSKY (Belokholunitsky, Glavnoholunitsky) ironworks

HOLUNITSKY (Belokholunitsky, Glavnoholunitsky) ironworks Regular. gene-l-prosecutor A.I.Glebovym on p. White Kholunitsa Sloboda have. Vyatka Province. in 1764 Zd repeatedly passed from hand to hand: Naib. long they have owned S.Ya.Yakovlev and his successors (1769-1828)), A.F.Poklevsky-Kozell and his successors (1874-1902). Enterprise Mfr. sheet metal from imported iron. MY. iron post. increased: in 1770 it was made 19.3 thousand., 1800 107 thousand., 1837 207 thousand. pounds. Products h da great demand in the markets of St. Petersburg. and Moscow, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. In the mid. and the Read more [...]
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Grain reserve of the Red Army

Grain reserve of the Red Army a form of billets / agricultural products in years. Second World War, is based on the post. SNK and the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) from 10 July 1942 On the creation of the 1942 harvest grain fund of the Red Army in the amount of 145 million pounds. to meet the needs Cr. Arm. bread. Supplies of bread had the power of the tax. In the case of non-delivery of the plan with the / x production in HF impose the same sanctions as for non-compliance with the required supplies. In December. 1942 SNK and the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) to accept the post. On the Read more [...]
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Factory Industry

Factory Industry in Dosov. time incl. negornozavodskie (processing) industry prom., is run by factory-s-dskoy inspection. The emergence and development of AF-ZP W. was prepared width. the proliferation of small-scale fisheries and crafts. Settlement and development of the edge in the second half. XVI-XVII century. accompanied by the influx of craft us., to-Roe brought with them from u. districts of the country's traditional crafts, tools and techniques of craft work skills. Already in the XVII century. in ur. , there were more than 70, and in the villages. areas up to 40 craft specialties; was Read more [...]
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UCHALY of p-tion n. in Resp. Bash. Located 450 km to the south-east from Ufa, surrounded by the lake. Uchalu, Yushaly, Urgun, Kalkan et al. W. DOS. Feb 1. 1963 on the basis of the settlement. Concentrating comb that Uchalu Small, p. trust New Uchalu and Mining Department Mindyak. In 1934, on the shores of the lake. Yushaly were discovered deposits of copper-pyrite ores. Integrated development Uchalinsky field early. after the formation of 28 July 1954 Uchalinsky Concentrating comb that. In 1958, were put into operation and career Uchalinsky Mezhozernogo mines (mining ores mined in an open and Read more [...]
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Ufa Engine Plant

Ufa Engine Plant put into operation enterprises in 1935, vol. first ten harvester engines and five diesel engines koji. In 1938 Mfr. engines increased to 8 thousand. pcs. In 1939-1941 zd have shifted to the mfr. aircraft engines, it is now the defense values ​​under № 184. His ter. evacuated in 1941 numbered s-dy of Leningrad, Moscow, Rybinsk and created an association of enterprises Ufa zd № 23. in years. The Second World War a new company started and no. 97 thousand. Aircraft engines M-105 and its modifications for aircraft LaGG-3, Yak and others. After the war, zd masters vol. turbocombustion Read more [...]
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Ufa plant elastomeric materials, products and structures (AO)

Ufa plant elastomeric materials, products and structures (AO) Regular. as an enterprise rezinotehn. products on the basis of the evacuees in the cities. WWII in Ufa, Yaroslavl RTI and Leningrad. s da red triangle. In the 60 reconstructed, resulting in a swarm, the company has established specialized complexes preparatory Mfr. rezinotehn. products (30 thousand. tons of rubber compounds per year); rubberized fabric dec. destination (44 million sq.); offset printing plates for printing prom. (55 thousand. Sq.); V-belt drive (96.8 million units). parts tin Technology (800 m); aeronautical products Read more [...]
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Ural Cossack troops

Ural Cossack troops Regular. in 1591. until 1775 and in 1917 -Yaitskoe. It was situated on the ter. Lv., H. Guriev region. Now state. Kazakhstan and the south-east Orenbah. region. Ts founded in 1613 Yaitsky town was renamed in 1775 in Uralsk. Check-Wed and lower reaches of the river. W. early. in end of the XVI in. In the beginning. XVII. Yaik Cossacks already pleaded servitors Eng. gos Islands, but retained considerable autonomy. From 1734 on p. W. create lower-Yaitsky line defense to swarm from nomad raids entrusted Yaik Cossacks. For participation in the Cross. War of the hands. E.I.Pugacheva Read more [...]
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Ural Automobile Engine Plant (UAMZ)

Ural Automobile Engine Plant (UAMZ) Regular. in 1967 the Sverdl.-44 (Novoural'sk) under the name. Ural Plant of automotive spare parts branch of Moscow. s automotive da them. Likhachev (UZAZ branch ZIL); 1971 UZAZ ZIL. Given the specialization Mfr. renamed in 1976. Ur. Automotive Engines zd (UAMZ ZIL) in 1992 transformed into a joint stock company composed of AO ZIL. Wed-payroll number. slave. 8.5 thousand. Pers. Manuf. spare hours. truck ZIL early. In 1972, with the 1968 mastered Mfr. automotive gasoline engines ZIL-157KD, from 1977 to 1991, the plant was no. trucks ZIL-157KD 16-18 thousand. Read more [...]
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Ural region

Ural region formed Nov 3. 1923 It is composed of ECAT., Perm., Tyumen and Chelyaba. lips. On ter. region. was established on 15 env. and 205 districts. In 1925 from the region. highlighted the Komi-Perm. nat. env. UO conditionally divided into four zones: the Urals (the Komi-Perm., Kungurskiy, Perm., Sarapulsky env.) Gornozavodsk W. (Upper Kama, Zlatoust, Sverdlov. Taghilsky env.) Zauralie (Irbitsky, Ishim, Kurgan, Trinity Tyumen, Chelyaba. Lufia and env.) and S. Tobolsk (Tobolsk env.). Pl. UO amounted to 1,757.3 thousand. sq. km. Ts ECAT. After civil. War economy W. was in a state of crisis. In Read more [...]
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