How to cut the trunk

Experienced hunters and arrows know that for a good quality barrel rifle - it is almost everything. Of course, the accuracy of shot impact and match boxes to the trunk, and the availability of high-quality ammunition and ballistic coefficient, and many other factors. But the significance of the barrel processing, slicing his way in providing accurate battlefield can not be overemphasized. What is the reason for the increased spread of hits from rifled barrel? Reasons enough. This is too tight lozhevyh screws weak­tion mounting ring sight, a custom schedule pressure in the Read more [...]
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Bread crumbs or Ariadne’s thread

When a person gets into an extreme situation in the wild, There are three options: it will last and are looking to save; it was not enough and did not seek a third, quite exotic option, ala Hollywood thriller – man missed and are looking to finish. Sometimes it happens… Today we talk about the system of identification characters, that a person can leave, so that rescuers can find it faster. Or, even if he was not looking for something casual travelers may understand the signs and come to the aid. In the third situation, on the contrary, we must try not to leave traces or confused, Read more [...]
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Homemade compass

When a person is in extreme conditions, usually it does not take in anything that is necessary for survival, including compass. There, you need to find, or to make an alternative substitute from scrap materials. Today we will talk about how to make a substitute for a compass. Homemade compass help out for orientation to the cardinal, not more than shopping. There is an element without which it is impossible to do homemade compass. Need a piece of steel wire, sewing needle, nail. Without steel, the metal rod will not work. It just so happens that all compasses are based on the fact that the geographic Read more [...]
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The addition of CAMOUFLAGE GHILLIE Suit IN HOME Criteria

The sniper can without the help of others to make fluffy camouflage type Gilly, with several species: the present set jacket plus pants, jacket hoodie, Cape-poncho. The most common in the manufacture option is Cape-poncho, comfortable appeal, functional universal thing. But more exciting, though, and the most labor-intensive option is currently set.What to choose is a matter of taste and personal preference, but the main points in making each choice remain the same.• Selection of materials:1. Grid-maljavochnik. The more grid has to produce the better. Part of it will be spent on experiments on Read more [...]
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THE SURGICAL SUTURES. ( Parts 3 and 4 )

PART 3.The TECHNIQUE of BLENDING W. H. is depending on the applied operational methods. For example:- when grignetti and in other cases when you want to get a strong scar, resort to doubling (duplicator) aponeurosis of the U-shaped seams or stitching on the Girard - Zeke (Fig. 10, a).- When suturing eventrule or at the deepest wounds use removable 8-seams on Spasokukotsky (Fig. 10, b,...).- When stitching the wounds of complex shape can be applied situational (guides) stitches, which bring together the wound edges in places more tension, and after applying constant seams they can be removed.- If Read more [...]
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The SURGICAL SUTURES — ( Teachers ) Part 1 and 2

PART 1. CLOSURE OF SKIN WOUNDS.To connect the edges of the skin wound are different types of joints:- Layering they are classified as an ordinary hub, continuous (blanket, submersible, mattress, beauty), U-shaped and Z-shaped. With respect to the surface of the skin sutures are divided into vertical and horizontal.. Dependent from case to wound the seams are nagranie (under the seam is wound cavity) and padeniye (the thread is held under the bottom of the wound).- Also used neocave the connection edges of the wound.- On functionality can be distinguished adapting, directing and hemostatic sutures.- Read more [...]
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HOW to Cut the TRUNK

Experienced hunters and shooters know that high quality barrel for a good rifle- it is almost everything. Of course, on the accuracy of the shot is affected by adjustment of the Lodge to the trunk, and the availability of high-quality cartridges, and their ballistic coefficient, and a huge number of other reasons. But the importance of the processing of the barrel, the method clippings in providing clear of the fight impossible to overestimate.What causes excessive scatter of hits from a rifled barrel? Circumstances quite. It tightened and excess stock screws, loosening the mounting scope rings, Read more [...]
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Surgical Sutures

Learning naklydyvat seams. Perhaps some of the submissions will not be useful, but it would be useful to know.Surgical sutures - the most common way to connect biological tissue (wound edges, wall bodies, etc.), stop bleeding, bile leakage, etc. using suture. Unlike crosslinking tissues (blood method) exist nonblood compounds thereof without suture. Depending on the timing of imposing x Sh. distinguished: primary closure, which is applied to the accidental injury immediately after primary surgical treatment or surgical wound; delayed primary closure is applied to the development of granulation Read more [...]
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Hozpaket, yes or no …

Hello everyone! Read smart people debate about whether it is needed in the campaign hoznabor. In our area many evil spirits in the form of ticks, lice, mosquitoes, etc. So it is better not to leave open areas of the body. And just in torn clothes walk in bodily injury. Was I have here a set. Bought chpok before a long trip to the landfill (in the time of deferral). So he looked inside.In parsing.Inventory: - 4 buttons 7mm; - 8 colored thread on the 2m mark 40 (was still white, the image remains); - 2 needles; - Nitkovdevatel; - There were three pins (once). One evening, in an unequal battle, Read more [...]
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Required:• A piece of camouflage fabric commercial coloring is similar to the Polish "Panther";• three strand cord of business on 10 meters, olive-green, a few extra laces coffee and white colors;• thread khaki;• cans of spray paint.The procedure itself:• Cut the cord length 40 cm in the amount of 86 units, for previously removing the Central nylon thread.• Cut out the fabric for the upper band 40 cm 5 cm plus allowances - two pieces.• One the wrong side of the spread out evenly all cords and covering all the 2nd band to secure the thread manually, so that all fringe broke Read more [...]
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This stretch - the signaling that I will describe is the thing that can be collected from the improvised. Perfectly help close the timber Most likely passages appearance of the enemy and warn in advance of his appearance. List required: 1) The line 2) monofilament yarn 3) wire pigtail isolated copper, and aluminum can odnozhilku (but it is worse) 4) batteries square type crown, better take expensive 5) Duct tape 6) Sleeves Brass 12 - 16 gauge, you can think what you want to replace them koonteynery 7) Light Bulbs with electrogarlands 8) Gunpowder, better smoker, ideal "Polar Bear" 9) toilet paper Making Read more [...]
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survival note vyginalnye stuff

Paracord - nylon rope special weave first used in parachutes times 2nd world war. It went from there and its title - parachute cord (parachute cord, cord).At the moment this universal thing continues extensively used for military purposes and has taken extensive recognition among civilians for personal introduction. Army paracord so useful that copying of dealing with all and Sundry, because he is extensively known for "the masses".Army paracord available in 6 different versions. Will go for a more adapted for civilian purposes variants on the theme of the army paracord third type (Type III), often Read more [...]
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Spinning. Own experience.

Describe their own experience in manufacturing of yarn and felt the material at hand (the dog down). Take the dog (spaniel) vychesyvaem.razmer comb depends on the breed, the more the gap largest and long teeth. Next comb out down in one line feed finer comb (several times, in order that would clear the litter). Then fold in half again and scratching (for whatever hair straightened and better twist-suchilsya). At this stage of training is completed. Further material is made of felt or thread. 1 felt by taking the material uniformly take a bad turn over the fabric on a flat surface, well splashed Read more [...]
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Spinning, weaving and felting.

As promised the full article on spinning, weaving and felting. A little history: Weaving was invented by a man in the Neolithic period - about 8000 years BC. Before nucleation weaving primitive people dressed in animal skins, which were ligated strands made from the same animals lived.Weaving - production of fabrics of yarns of animal or vegetable origin. Weaving process is preceded by the spinning process. Of short hairs or vegetable fiber spun yarn, twisting the hairs or fibers together. The filaments are then intertwined. The longitudinal yarns form the foundation fabric, and crosswise yarns Read more [...]
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Marching sewing kit

Hello I want to talk about his marching sewing kit. Sewing kit is an integral part of any marching remnabora. With it, you can not only quickly repair your clothes, shoes, tent or sleeping bag. Thread, needles and pins, are included in it by themselves are very useful and can be used in many cases. Layout sewing kit more or less clear and varies among tourists only in the number / color of thread, number / size of needles and other items. The main difference is in how the storage compartment, included in this set. My method is that all the little things I keep inside the main coil. In the role Read more [...]
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Traveling bags. three in one.

Good health, Komrad. I want to bring to your attention something ... not in terms of something WOW! but in terms of "do not know what to call it"Who are interested in clumsy work, ask for CAT. Initially it was not enough already ... ryukzachek for my back, but still of interest to me, as the capacity to carry something. Creative thought is haunted and she had to obey. Naturally first cut is small straps, but does not mean that threw - cut parts joined together (in medicine trimmed part is called a "cult", just as it is better) And sewed them. Whole new thing (tuning) are stitched by hand, the Read more [...]
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survival hunting

CROSSBOWS FOR HUNTING.Luke many peoples of the planet were used for hunting and as a stand-alone device, firing at the right moment and without roles arrow. These bows are installed, for example, about trails and a passing animal hitting disturbing thread or grasping tied the bait, he was shot through simple improvements of this device, it is clear where. These quite ordinary devices typically produced already in the right place from scrap materials, because shots were fired at small distances (from a few cm to several meters), and particularly high-quality bows was not required. But the strength Read more [...]
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survival medicine

THE SURGICAL SUTURES.This article will be devoted to the question of suturing wounds in extreme criteria. For starters discuss the question of the right tools, in the 1-x, the desired suture material, they can serve as a silk thread or in the last case, no matter what the thread, so it can be a fishing-line is not a huge cross-section, in-2, is a needle, its preferred size of 2-3 cm, and the 3 probable pliers for easier sewing.The stitching of wounds must begin with the fact that "suture" we need to disinfect in vodka, Cologne, solution of potassium permanganate little pink etc.All of this must Read more [...]
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Portable emergency

Recently, the forum turned mixture of terms that have a common abbreviation - NAE. The term first - portable emergency (aka - Capsule survival) and Untouchable Emergency Reserve (aka Survival Kit, aka Set (Set) Survival). In the first case we assume a compact set of survival tools, constantly carried with him. Second - a stock of tools, products, food, medicine, etc., assembled in anticipation of an emergency. In case of accident NAZ (which capsule) helps to survive for 3 days, NAE (that person) - for a week.Below is just the first option, as they say, your performance.As the container was Read more [...]
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Thread and needle in EDC

I want to share a simple and convenient way to store and carry an emergency kit micro needle - thread.There are many sets with sewing accessories, as mass-produced, and samples of custom. One of the most popular, as far as I know, "Sewing kit" from an alloy containing thread, needles, pins and buttons. But personally for me, except the one hand needle and thread, usually do not need anything. Over the past couple of years and only came in handy that pants, sew torn, but a hole in the pocket of his jacket. And on the other side of the usable space in your pockets and do not have enough. (Bags Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).