Hunters shot escaped from the zoo in Romania tiger

Romanian hunters shot and killed Tuesday tiger that escaped from the zoo of the city of Sibiu, according to the Romanian edition of Business Review, citing local authorities."This morning zoo staff cleaned (cage with a tiger), and when he left, he left the door open. So the animal could leave"- Said vice-mayor of Sibiu Astrid Fodor (Astrid Fodor).Another representative of the city administration Mirela Gligorov (Mirela Gligore) said in turn that the tiger "It became dangerous"So I give it a shot, even though the authorities had promised earlier to catch the beast, after having Read more [...]
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Do the right thing

Fedor went on the trail of the seriously wounded a large ingots. The sun was setting. The beast went to the key, overgrown with thick pihtachey. And suddenly there is emitted a deafening roar strength tiger. Fedor shot up and began to back away, ready to fire when the tiger dares to pursue it. Tiger do not make a sound. Hunter safely, however, wet with sweat, reached the winter hut, where his companion had already kindled the stove. Hunters, of course, sent a lot of curses and striped advance were very disappointed that such a good pig will be eaten by the morning.In the morning we went to the Read more [...]
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Tigers and leopards in captivity

Part IThe history of captivity giant cats, probably dates back to the period when people thought they were his totemic ancestors. It is known that the Ainu and some African tribes have the custom to keep in captivity, the animals worshiped or considered their ancestors - bears, owls, monkeys, hyraxes, and even in one case - antelope, duiker.We can not say with full confidence that the people of the Neolithic settlement in Chantal Hüyük caught and kept in their sanctuaries leopards. But it definitely makes them much later the neighbors - the tyrants of the Greek cities of the Eastern Mediterranean Read more [...]
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Tiger label

Podvezshy timber left me where Ussuri taiga turns into moneyThe bears are brown and black. Black - it's one that the Himalayan. Udege call it belogrudkoy.Avtor Photo: Ron Wolf Motor noise disappeared into the woods, and the journey which I dreamed of since childhood, began. Now my plans — go to the headwaters of the Bikin at who descend a hundred years ago with Arsenyev his guide Dersu Uzala, which is now the largest in Primorye tiger population.Not passed and kilometers, I see the side of the road in its first life tiger trail. Prints on Fresh Read more [...]
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Completed season catching leopards and tigers for the label in Primorye

Scientists of the Moscow Institute of Severtsev completed the survey in Primorye and labeling Red leopards and Amur tigers, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Deputy Director for Research Reserve "Cedar Pad" Michael Kretzschmar.Amur tiger and Far Eastern leopard are included in the International Red Book. According to the last census conducted by scientists from Russia and the United States, living in Primorye not more than 40 individuals of the Amur leopard. Over a hundred years of their natural habitat has decreased by 40 times.The Amur tiger - also one of the rarest predators of the planet. Read more [...]
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Thai police in Bangkok found a place slaughter of elephants and tigers

Thai police found in the center of the capital Bangkok massacre, which killed elephants and tigers and butchered carcasses, reported online version of the newspaper Nation.Putting slaughterhouse located in the business center of the city near Yanava where, except for banks and office buildings, are located also several foreign embassies.The police broke into the room where four people working in a slaughterhouse, were busy butchering a 400-pound tiger carcasses, said the publication. They were immediately arrested. Later, the police arrested four other people in the same case.According to non-governmental Read more [...]
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Hunting, which was not

Serge Ogorodnikov — he is «Garden», Solid, square, seven on eight on eight Seven muzhichina, size and power skidder in the late seventies he built this cabin.Dragged thirty kilometers, four pass and five keys welded iron stove, two axes, two-handed saw, dishes — all that is needed to Ussuri taiga normal industrialist. Cabin get the standard three to four meters without the porch, as it It happened to the warmth of the Far East.   Today, the distance from the hut to the the nearest forest road was reduced to seven Read more [...]
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In the kingdom of Tiger

The skin of the local tiger, forced to endure the harsh winter, the wool has a much longer and more dense than its Indian counterparts. The price for tiger skins lately exalted, and now a good skin can not get cheaper than 30, 40 and even 50 silver rubles.GOLD AND huntingIf the Ussuri basin is a combination of northern species of vegetation with the South, not least the diversity seen in it in relation to animal species.First of all I must say that the river Ussuri fishes so plentiful that if I started to tell different cases, all the readers would take my word for fiction. Who is easy to believe Read more [...]
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As he was killed Shaitan, or the legend of the «evil spirit»

Many hunters, especially bibliophiles know about Jim Corbett and his book "Kumaon cannibals." This British Irish had shot 12 tigers and leopards-eater, which, according to rough estimates, ate one and a half thousand men ... This happened in Northeast India when the British ruled.Where less known hunting man-eating tigers Russian officer Nicholas Apollonovich Baykova. Location - Manzhouli, the beginning of the twentieth century. No doubt there were other intrepid hunters who managed to outwit and produce man-eating predators. The local population of their adored, revered as a hero, a legend about Read more [...]
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For the tiger with a brush and pad

  In November 1997, within the framework of "Tiger, Tiger", organized by the Dutch foundation "Artists for Nature" and supported museums in Glasgow (UK), a group of artists from different countries working in India in the National Park "Bandagar." He took part in this project and Vadim A. Gorbatov. As a result of this work was an exhibition and book published. Part of the proceeds from the sale of paintings and books that aims to protect the Bengal tiger.          Every morning in the predawn our jeep crosses the border at the checkpoint, and we enter the tiger country. "Move on foot out Read more [...]
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Hunting in India

From the book "Hunting for larger dichna different continents"It's been almost two years since I last met with a professional hunter Aje Kumar. When I again shook his little hand, renewing our acquaintance over time, both of us were very pleased. As in any profession, including professional hunters are the real masters. Few of them smoke or drink. They are infinitely loyal to their occupation. I knew that my companion, Ajay Kumar, fall into this «elite».  After a long and tiring trip through almost half of the world famous hunter Elgin Gates and I were in Ngapure, the capital of a Read more [...]
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Taiga was

Photo Aconcagua / FLICKR.COM LYNXThat day I I hunted wapiti, walking along morning the track, trying to approach it on lezhke. It was a beautiful sunny morning, nothing boded trouble. Climb up the slope, his eyes buried in snow, not to lose track. AT Ussuri taiga all the snow trampled trails, large and small, they agree, disagree, meander. Just need to follow to lose. Then he will have to start looking for another. I go, I preoccupied my thoughts, when I like someone stops and He speaks: «Look up». I stop.I Read more [...]
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Wild Russia

From December 16 to January 18 at the State Darwin Museum held a photo exhibition "Nature and animals of Russia". The exhibition was organized by the Centre "Amur tiger", established by the Russian Geographical Society on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013. It is aimed at promoting the respect for nature and the preservation of rare species of animals, including Amur tiger, which is listed in the Red Book. Photo State Darwin Museum This exhibition was organized by the results of the photo contest of the same name, which was launched in Ecology Read more [...]
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Tiger: murder hunt

November 15 four residents of Primorye went hunting in "Fauna" in the area to hunt for prey KraskinoPhotos: As soon as the hunters went to the organization pen – who in the paddock, the numbers who, – both on the part of one of them heard the shots. When the hunters arrived to shoot, he said that out of the bushes at him rushed a tiger began his vomit, and then the hunter opened fire on it from the SKS carbine. Tiger gave up and left the hunter. Subsequently close huntsman hunting area was found shot the tiger, presumably the age of five or six Read more [...]
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Tiger Tiger in Africa

Photo by the author Send this story prompted me to found a family archive of photographs, which captured my brother, targeting new carbine. But all in order.When I appeared on the hands, thanks to the Russian legislation, rifled barrels, I began to think about the equipment trehlineyki (KO-44) regular sniper scope. For this purpose, I found in the sale, to the commission, a civilian version of the PSO-1 with a three-digit serial number of the second hundred.This sight is integral with the bracket, with a seat type «dovetail» and is designed for self-loading of the army, Read more [...]
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Shop for «Tiger»

The carbine "Tiger" continues to be one of the most popular models of hunting weapons for the Russian hunters. Although Izhmash in 2014 dramatically reduced the release of "Tigers", that last year there was another surge of interest in these weapons. «Offal» SVD store in a compressed state. Of course, This is primarily due to Western sanctions against Russia, which led to Nomenclature precipitous reduction of import of weapons and rounds in our country, and is not to affect the assortment and prices. Situation cartridges Read more [...]
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Errant Tiger

Biologists estimate that every year on our planet die about 27 species of living organisms. Sometimes the most unique. How many of them have disappeared over the past century! Here it is not just right to let the Red and Black Book.Over the last century, four tigers killed and ate throughout Asia about a million people, and half of them India. Who today heard of passenger pigeon? A at the nineteenth century, these beautiful birds in flocks lived in nemerenno neighboring continent torn taut wings, hot air and prairie jungle, and of them Read more [...]
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The anniversary of the presidency, Putin celebrated with Amur tigers

Vladimir Putin, the patron of rare and wild animals, proposed to punish severely encroached on the life and liberty of certain types of securities, endangered fauna, and submitted to the Duma a bill. In general, "who is on the Amur tiger will raise his hand - the day will not live in freedom ..."The original photo on the website Chairman of the Russian Geographical Society, the Russian president wrote in a memorandum: «As practice shows, the largest number of illegal actions carried out in relation to a limited range of species of rare animals».As Read more [...]
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People and the Tigers almost 50 times clashed in 2011 in the Far East

Specialists Rosprirodnadzor confirmed 86 cases of conflict between man and the Red predators in the Far East in 2011, most of whom came to the Tigers, according to the environmental agency."Of the total cases, 48 ​​occurred with the Amur tiger, 11 - from the Far Eastern leopard, four - with a polar bear, eight - with Steller sea lions, one - a gray whale, 10 - a merlin, and on one occasion with the Steller's sea eagles, white-naped crane, black storks and peregrine falcon"- Said in a statement.As explained in the message, the conflict is a situation that "It is negative for both Read more [...]
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Corruption is once again defeated our PCR(((

Link The Ministry of defense instead of "Tiger" want to buy "Lynx" " Military review In the Russian defense Ministry decided in 2014 to turn away from purchasing the "Tigers" - "Russian hammer". Now Russian troops instead of "Tiger" will do Italian armored car..19 Jan 2012 19:32|I like66 commentsKonstantin Smirnov Solicitor,cheaper and more adapted to our Slovene words19 Jan 2012|5Vladimir Catherine Well, not that that would be cheaper (the civilian version "Tiger" more hammer" but better is a fact. I think Read more [...]
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