Circus! Romanians mistakenly sent Marines to Tahiti instead of Haiti

Great embarrassment over sending elite infantry battalion of the Ministry of Defense of Romania in Haiti. According to "New Region" citing Times.RO, a group of military and 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid were mistakenly sent not in Haiti, and in Tahiti, which caused the explosion of hysterical laughter on the island paradise of French Polynesia.Due to an unfortunate oversight military department Romania sent a battalion of infantry in an entirely different direction, though their destination was the island of Haiti, where it was necessary to pass the victims of the catastrophic earthquake of Read more [...]
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COLOR STEEL one of the most important industrial sectors. W. Includes mining and refining of non-ferrous metals, met. Manuf. and handling, brings together the 15 sub-sectors (aluminum, titanium, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc, etc.). The cm-products chemical compounds miner. fertilizer, building materials and others. W. is the most important source of raw materials the cm Russia. Of the 55 major minerals W. has 48, including reserves of bauxite, nickel, cobalt region ranks first in the country and the second largest reserves of copper, zinc and silver. Birth of the cm as a branch of ur. Read more [...]
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The snow is usually blown away with the ice of frozen ponds, because the transition through riverbeds not as tedious as the path through the taiga. The snow that still remains on the surface of the ice, usually soon podmetaet or manages quite rapidly Anastasia and doesn't make the obstacles.But, the way ice reservoirs conceals within itself a lot of surprises and threats. It is connected in the main with the heterogeneity of the ice and its different strength in different areas of rivers and lakes.Non-hazardous for transportation 1 person is considered to be the ice, the thickness of which constitutes Read more [...]
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Landslide lake in Pakistan. Photo

This photo was taken during the second landslide near the village of Attabad, northern Pakistan, January 22, after the first landslide on January 4th blocked most of the Hunza valley, blocking the river of the same name. (Inayat Ali (Shimshal) / Pamir Times / CC BY-NC-ND) Six months ago, January 4, 2010, in a remote valley of the River Hunza in northern Pakistan's strongest landslide buried the village of Attabad, destroying 26 homes, killing 20 people and blocked the Hunza River. With the growth of the newly formed lake authorities rushed to evacuate local residents and help the victims of the Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan: the destruction of the Aral sea may have unpredictable consequences

The desiccation of the Aral sea may have unpredictable consequences for the entire world. According to international experts, socio-economic impacts associated with the desiccation of the Aral sea, is one of the world's largest disasters of modern times. To conserve natural biological Foundation of the Aral sea, to reduce the devastating effects of the Aral sea crisis on the environment and, most importantly, on the vital activity of living here hundreds of thousands and millions of people important task today. The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov said in his speech on Read more [...]
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Climate change 4 times increased risk of heat waves in the U.S.

September 5, 2013. Climate change in the past half century have increased the likelihood of abnormally hot summer in the United States, similar to the summer of 2012, more than four times, say the authors of a study published in the journal Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. Noah Difebo and Martin Scherer from Stanford University evaluated the impact of climate change on the frequency of abnormally hot summer weather in the United States, where the summer of 2012 was followed by an extended drought and forest fires, and July was the hottest month in the history of American meteorology.The Read more [...]
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The level of radiation in water at Fukushima-1 was calculated incorrectly

Japanese energy company THURSO denied on Sunday a common earlier message about excess radiation levels 10 million times in the water of the second reactor NPP «Fukushima-1». From the station «Fukushima-1» today urgently evacuated specialists liquidators after the company reported a sharp spike in radiation levels. The appliances from one of the workers, descended to the second unit showed excess levels of radiation 10 million times. He immediately ran away from the station and reported the incident. Then officials have established — readings were wrong, and Read more [...]
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The level of acidity of the oceans will rise by more than 1.5 times already in the 21st century

November 16, 2013. At the UN conference on climate change in Warsaw will be presented a summary of the report, which says that by 2100 the level of acidity of the oceans will rise by 70 % (more than 1.5 times) from these indicators and more than 2.5 times compared to pre-industrial levels. Ulf Riebesell of the research Center ocean German scientific society Helmholtz Zentrum said that globally, the increasing acidity of the ocean means more economic and ecosystem loss. A higher level of acidity is directly related to large volumes of carbon dioxide, which absorbs the ocean. see also: Arctic becomes Read more [...]
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Mass Mor fish occurred in Vavozhskaya area

on 4 August. Vavozh. Udmurtia. Vavozhskaya fish die due to the high content of nitrites in the water. According to the press service of the state veterinary of the Udmurt Republic, the facts of mass death of fish have been identified in rivers UVA and Shaft 29 July this year. Water samples were taken and dead fish showed the excess of the maximum allowable dose of nitrite - almost 5 times that of ammonium ions in 2 times. This was the cause of the fish kill. On this fact being tested. Source: Susanin Read more [...]
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As I was producing boxwood

Author: Andrew Mack Created: May 2008 Oh, Lasarevskoye .... I was there with my family in the 80 th rested three times. Great were times, no knife in the stores, you can not worry. But there I was engaged in a very interesting business-box-mined, while the family was sunbathing. To handle homemade knife, of course. I told him, who might be interested, as in Soviet times was extracted valuable species, this is not in the store to buy. It means this: I learned from the study of literature, which in those days was fabulous too, with gulkin nose that is good on boxwood handle. So to me Read more [...]
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Sun can produce super-storms and massive bursts of radiation

Carbon-14 (14C) found in Japanese cedar, shows that our Sun is capable of producing flash 60 times and more powerful than the one that struck the province of Quebec power grid in 1989. Mysterious surge level of atmospheric carbon -14 in the 12th century, can be a sign that the sun can produce solar storm is ten times worse than anything we've ever seen, According to a team of physicists in an article published this week in the journal "Nature» Nature. Carbon-14 (14C) is produced when high-energy radiation that falls into the upper atmosphere of the Earth, converting nitrogen-14 in Read more [...]
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Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Technology

Messages were read on Atlantis between 1924 and 1944. They are the most fantastic, strange, incredible information in a series of posts of the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.Edgar Cayce said that the people of Atlantis used planes and submarines, and also has advanced technology, superior level achieved in the XX century. Also, the people of Atlantis were experts on "remote photography" and "reading of the inscriptions through walls, even at a distance."Destruction of Atlantis. Case says that "electric knife used for cutting metals, had a form that it can be used as a Read more [...]
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The Chilean lake Water 2 dried over night

on may 24. Lake Water 2 (Cachet II), located in the southern part of Patagonia, disappeared in less than 24 hours, leaving a muddy puddle. Lake, containing 200 million cubic liters of water poured into the river Baker, increasing its volume in 3 times and having 5 square kilometers square. Since 2008 Porridge 2 was dried up 11 times. People living in the region, are in constant danger of flash floods, which can come down from the mountains. According to experts, if global warming is not stopped, the floods will happen more often.Melting glaciers Colonia is the cause of motion of lakes rivers. Read more [...]
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Has the Charlemagne merging black holes?

What exactly was the reason many times growing up level of cosmic radiation in the 774-775 years? Maybe the collision of two black holes?In 2012, it became clear that in the years 774-775 BC. e. Earth survived a huge temporary increase in gamma radiation. The question of his nature aroused with serious disputes. Version of the supernova was almost immediately rejected: for such gamma radiation it would have to be a month arhividimoy in Earth's sky. Neither the Chinese astronomers or other representatives of the peoples of written no such notice can not remember, did not manage.The probability Read more [...]
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Scientists have created artificial muscles

New artificial muscles of nanotechnology yarn impregnated with paraffin, can lift the weight more than 100 thousand times their own, and generate 85 times more mechanical energy than the same amount of natural muscle. By this view, the scientists came from the University of Texas at Dallas, and professionals from their international teams from Australia, China, South Korea, Canada and Brazil. The filaments are made of artificial muscles seamless carbon nanotubes. These hollow cylinders made from the same type of graphite, as usual slate pencils. Themselves nanotubes can be 10 thousand times Read more [...]
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Thermal shock on the East coast of the U.S.

on June 21. Climatic indicators in the North-Eastern part of the United States officially began the summer. However, its beginning was marked by extremely high temperatures and unbearable heat in the zone of high pressure. Over the Great Lakes and the U.S. cities of Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Louisville temperature remained within 33-38°C.Although in 2012, this heat has already occurred in this part of the country. In Detroit, the thermometer showed more +33 degrees about six times since the beginning of this year. In the first official day of summer in Chicago this temperature Read more [...]
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Flood risks for England will increase by four times

on July 19. By 2035, the risk that in England floods will occur throughout the country, will increase four times. This was the conclusion of a special state Commission, analysis of rainfall data, especially with regard to the situation in June 2012. Preventive measures to strengthen buildings, improved planning of new housing and training of the population should be carried out immediately, according to the representatives of the authorities and meteorically. There are also special subsidies from the state budget for the costs associated with the planned protective actions, so you do not have Read more [...]
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The black hole at the center of our galaxy in 2013 will light 100 times brighter than the sun

In 2012, an article by scientists from the Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, under the direction of Takayuki Saito (Saitoh TakayUKi) And it can now be found in the digital library at Cornell University, but somehow forgot about it, but in vain. The article says that in summer 2013 the gas cloud G2 will be absorbed by the black hole Sgr A * (Sagittarius A *) in the Russian translation of "Sagittarius A star", which is at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, and because of this it will light up in 100 times brighter than the sun in the infrared range of the electromagnetic radiation. Read more [...]
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Astronomers spotted in space mini-galaxies

Scientists from the Institute of Astronomy. Max Planck managed to find space in an unusual "population" of tiny, young galaxies that are actively forming stars. The discovery was made thanks to the Hubble telescope, allowed to return to 9 billion years ago.Galaxies churn out stars at a rate, where in ten million years to increase the number of stars in a variety of times. By comparison to the same number of stars, the Milky Way took a thousand times longer.Note that the dwarf galaxy about a hundred times smaller than the Milky Way. Their star formation rates are extremely high, even Read more [...]
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Scientists have found a star in space flying across the sky at a speed of 24 kilometers per second

Object's mass is 20 times the mass of our Sun Spitzer Space Telescope image of a giant star was runner-Zeta Ophiuchi. In the picture, resulting in the infrared, visible shock wave created by a star. According to the assumptions of astronomers, this star was next to his companion, even more massive star. When it exploded, Zeta Ophiuchi was ejected from the system. Object's mass is 20 times the mass of our Sun. And its luminosity is 80,000 times the luminosity of the sun. Star is moving at a speed of 54 thousand miles per hour (24 kilometers per second). In the photo Zeta Ophiuchi Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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