Today we can successfully combine fishing and a family holiday

Hunting, fishing - traditional male hobbies. One bad - escape to nature fails only on weekends and holidays, when it would seem, is the time to be with family.It is very difficult to choose between his passion and loved ones. In fact, this is not required – it is possible to combine these two parts of his life.Have you ever thought about how to bring your family on a fishing trip? Surely not, because his wife and children will distract and scare away the fish can spoil all the fun. There is a way to avoid all this. Today you can, along with their loved ones go on organized fishing trips in Read more [...]
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Yesterday and today

From the history of Vesyegonsk society of hunters (the 60th anniversary of the formation) (see. As "EGR» № 32) Article on the subject (see. As «HORN» Number 32): the arrival of 1973 ROOiR Valentin Vasilyevich Chekantseva activities of the Company adopted a more orderly forms. When it was formed 32 primary group. Besides shooting of ungulates, to Each team brought norm calculations feed device solonetzes for elk, wild boar, hare. For the same purposes Read more [...]
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IMZ today — that the waiting hunter?

IMZ - the largest diversified military-industrial complex of Russia. The factory was founded July 20, 1942 decision of the State Defense Committee of the USSR for the production of military small arms.Photo: Mikhail Semin Dear readers! As you know, very often there are questions about the various kinds of domestic gun (Izhevsk). I was promised the representatives of the plant, that if we put questions to the designers, craftsmen and I systematize them, then we can get the answers to them (more on this - in the comments). We also offer acquainted with the history of self-loading Read more [...]
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Izhevsk gorizontalki today

On the eve of the War of 1812 it produced about 2 million guns. And in 1812, more than 6000 flint guns for the army. The first order for the production of hunting rifles joined in 1875. But already in 1885 at the plant manufactures 14 "species" Single-shompolnye guns and 8 "versions" double-barrel. Beljak extracted from IL-43. Photo: Vladimir Motkova So the range was quite large and diverse. Over the years, the plant has developed its own design school have been educated and trained workforce, which now delight of hunters with their products.The first sign in the class of horizontal Read more [...]
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Where today, March 27, geese?

It is not the first spring to «Russian Hunting Newspaper», Data on migration of woodcock and waterfowl hunting club offers Moscow «Safari». Preparing for the readers of this issue of the newspaper, we also decided to use the information obtained from the press service of the capital club.In order to understand where today are the first waves of geese, it is necessary to know what effect a particular region gained spring. Where the snow came, and where he still remains. In central Russia Winter usually retreats from west to east. It was not an exception and this year.In Kaliningrad Read more [...]
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The wind does not subside for several consecutive days. Already a few days to a number from the sky fray nameless drizzle. And all the same a few days we put on fishing «We wait for tomorrow». All, no more excuses. Differently «tomorrow» may never come. Without any excuses train ride tomorrow!The next morning janitress from next door sweeps in a bunch of dirty izlohmachennye leaves and snowy road brush smear the sticky goo on the windshield. Still dark, dimly lit lamps, gray shadows roam the wet asphalt. And then the wind-wind for a long time on their feet, Read more [...]
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How much is a ticket now?

Photo by Mikhail Semin Many different discussions and rumors in the past, 2011 was published on the pages of your newspaper, and discussed by the people on the occasion of the introduction of the Russian hunting permit single sample. Finally, the mechanism of running and regardless of the wishes every hunter is obliged to receive it.So not having a complete picture about this procedure, I went to the chairman of its grass-roots team (which already belong to '41) in early November 2011 to clarify the circumstances of the case. At first glance, everything turned out pretty simple.He Read more [...]
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Hunting in Russia yesterday and today

From time immemorial, hunting was busy grand and royal persons. In Russia, among the kings, princes and boyars it was a favorite hunting falcon. The greatest contribution to the organization of falconry was a "policeman sokolnichago Road" (1656), written by himself Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, father of Peter I.From the history of Russian hunting is known to the XVIII century hunting included falconer and more agile way. The main weapon of the first was the falcon, and the second – hunting dogs (hounds and greyhounds). During the reign of Anna Ivanovna began practicing rifle hunting with setter. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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