Severe storm c tornadoes in North Carolina. Video

On Sunday, North Carolina withstood severe storms. Residents reported eight tornadoes that "moved the" home, pulled the trees and made "solar eclipse". A wide range of convective phenomena observed from Florida to Virginia, according to NOAA. One tornado was recorded in Oakland Park (FL). Another pillar funnel swept the roof of a factory in Belmont (NC). Multiple mobile homes were overturned in Linwood (North Carolina). Another tornado has found application in Greensboro (NC), where wind gusts reached 140 km / h, and the hail was the size of a baseball. The smallest damage - it's a power outage.The Read more [...]
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Italy: A tornado struck the industrial zone near Milan

July 30, 2013. Tornado swept over the region Gretstsago west of Milan, where the production of a number of Italian companies. The tornado lasted only 10 minutes, but during that time he managed to destroy several buildings, tear out of the earth pillars of power lines, to turn a lot of cars and wounding more than a dozen people. «We were inside at the time when the truck hit the wall and he kicked her. Then burst the windows, and we all could not understand what was happening. Just look: the roof blown off and the door everything is destroyed»- Quoted Reuters local residents, Read more [...]
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On the East Kazakhstan tornado hit

July 30, 2013. On the East Kazakhstan collapsed real tornado! Huge crater managed to capture on a mobile phone area residents, who were traveling on the highway Ust-Kamenogorsk — Families in the evening on July 28 wrote "Time" in its issue dated 30.07.2013, the (E.Fomina).East of the country at the weekend turned out to be at the mercy of the weather. Heavy rain, hail, and then the strong wind hit the region. "Gusts of wind on the field reached 28 meters per second," — told us in the press service of the Department of Emergency Situations (DFS) area. It is no wonder Read more [...]
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Photos of the destruction of deadly tornadoes in the United States

The couple stands beside the ruins of his home in Yazoo City, Mississippi. It is the city most affected by tornadoes April 25, 2010. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images) In this Sunday, April 25, 2010, over the southern states was a deadly tornado. Tornado victims are already 10 people, including three children.Late on Sunday, April 25 electricians are trying to restore the electricity supply. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images) Destroyed building company «Reeves Rubber Engineered Products» in Alabertvil, Alabama. Can not be recovered almost 100 buildings. (Dave Hyatt / AP) Morgan Hayden carries a Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in Arkansas killed one person, injured 25

The central part of the American state of Arkansas was a tornado. As a result, killed at least one person and another 25 injured. According to local authorities, the element also destroyed several houses in the area of ​​Van Buren, 120 km north of the city of Little Rock. In addition, the rescue team is looking for people in the house, hit by a tornado. It is possible that this building locked three. Natural disaster knocked down trees and power lines along highways. Source: Associated Press Previous News: · Pictures of destruction deadly tornadoes in the United States · Video of the Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in the American state of Oklahoma

Destruction after a tornado May 11, four people were killed on Monday in Oklahoma because of the tornado that struck the evening on the southern and central parts of the United States, reports the Associated Press. Bad weather led to accidents on the roads, blocking ultimately two federal highways, and cut off a significant portion of the population with electricity. According to the TV channel CNN, in this state of a few dozen people who received injuries as a result of the tornado, were hospitalized on Monday night. Status of eight of them rated as critical.Powerful tornado was on the Read more [...]
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By tornado swept north Serbia

In the north of Serbia, near the town of Sombor recorded tornado. In a matter of minutes from the earth to the sky stretched giant crater, she moved towards the locality. Although natural phenomenon considerably frightened locals, great damage is not caused. there were no injuries. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Nizhny Novgorod tornado has torn the roof and stop the train

June 13th. Nizhny Novgorod region comes after Saturday's tornado. Rain, thunder and lightning accompanied by a squall which tore the high-voltage wires, poles and trees felled, endured the roofs off houses. Nearly 300,000 people in 12 districts were left without electricity. Stopped rail service with Nizhny Novgorod. Severely damaged dozens of cars.Until now, the regional center everywhere - fallen trees, broken wires. Under the rubble - dozens of mangled cars. Passengers express train Moscow - Kirov hurricane caught on the road. They tell us that they had seen a huge lightning, after which Read more [...]
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Tornado in Minnesota

As a result of the tornado in the state of Minnesota, killing two people, injuring dozens. As the representatives of local authorities, tornadoes were held in districts Otter Tail and Polk on Thursday night, according to ITAR-TASS. Tornado destroyed dozens of houses and a gas station. Serious damage was done to the city of Wadena, where there are about 4.3 thousand people. Only there sought medical treatment for more than 20 people. As representatives of the serving area power company, a tornado damaged the gas pipes, resulting in the formation of several centers of Vaden gas leak, Read more [...]
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In the United States once again raging tornado

On the American state of Montana struck a powerful tornado, news agencies reported. Strong vortex overturned cars and tore roofs off houses. Wind speed at the center of the tornado exceeded 200 miles per hour. Hurricane winds accompanied by hail the size of golf balls. Tornado also swept through the city center, damaging a bar and a casino and leaving only the walls of the automobile dealer. Coming in from Main Street, the vortex toward the 10,000-seat avtoarene, felling trees and posts. A few hours the main street was closed while the bulldozers removed garbage and debris. Rescue teams Read more [...]
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A powerful tornado struck on Canada

Cause considerable damage to a tornado hit the Canadian town of Midland, Ontario, 60 kilometers from Huntsville, where on Friday kicks off summit "Big Eight". It is reported that on the next day in several cities, including in the Huntsville, declared a storm warning. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, strong winds with speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour and thunderstorms will dominate in this part of the province of Ontario and raised in Huntsville, including, where should gather the leaders of the leading eight countries, as well as specially invited to the meeting "eight" presidents Read more [...]
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Pervouralsk tornado swept over

Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region, June 29 - witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon began on the eve of the day the villagers Magnitogorsk Pervouralskiy urban district. Following the frequent hurricanes in the area of ​​the village collapsed real tornado, - the local "channel PTV." According to eyewitnesses, a whirlwind of a few tens of meters in diameter and a few hundred meters high, went through the outskirts of the village, raising clouds of dust skyward. Within a few minutes a whirlwind gaining strength, walking about on the ground. At the base of the tornado funnel clearly Read more [...]
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The villages of Ivano-Frankivsk region was a tornado

Photo courtesy of Crime TV 29.06.2010 Natural disasters recently swept the west of the country. Ivano-Frankivsk region suffers constantly. No sooner had the poor villagers recover from the previous rains and hurricanes, as they were replaced by the tornado came. Recently, some villages severely affected by the elements revelry. Now, some people simply have nowhere to live. What was going on in the village, people have taken for end of the world. Huge clouds swept over the sky and strong wind tore trees from their roots. — When there were two clouds, we got a tornado. He is twenty-five Read more [...]
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Tornado Kolpino, a suburb of St. Petersburg

As a result of the tornado in the suburbs of St. Petersburg Kolpino was damaged six cars, the TV channel "Russia 24". The footage broadcast by the channel, it is seen as a whirlwind lifts into the air passenger car and pours it into a parking lot. People will not be affected, RIA "Novosti".On July 9, after 18 hours Kolpino locals are very rare for our latitude phenomenon of nature - a brief tornado. How to tell "Fontanka" witnesses (in the near future we will put a video filmed), the house 56 to the factory car park avenue behind the fence were parked "Lada" 9 model. According Read more [...]
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Nefteyugansky tornado and flood Lipetsk. Video

Nefteyugansk witnesses managed to shoot a video for the rare natural phenomenon of these places - the tornado. Destructive whirlwind walked across the parking lot and technical buildings on the outskirts of the city. Tornado tall with 8-storey house with a roof and broke easily braided metal sheets, like paper. According to forecasters, the crater was formed due to the contrast of warm and cold air along with the storm. And in Lipetsk almost the entire city center was flooded due to heavy rains. Roads stalled dozens of cars. In the midst of huge puddles stuck taxis and trolleys. The movement Read more [...]
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On the German island of Heligoland was a tornado

Tornado passed on Monday over the sand dunes of the German island of Heligoland, is affected, the agency DPA. Helgoland - island in the North Sea as part of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, the area of ​​the island - just 1.7 square kilometers. As reported by camping on the island is completely drifted sand, witnesses also report fallen on takeoff field on the island of the airplane. As the director of Island Tourism Claus Furtmayer injured eight people, including two - hard. At the scene of the island's own rescue services until further assistance from the mainland is Read more [...]
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survive the cataclysms of nature

HURRICANE,STORM,TORNADO . what to do in force majeure situations.*The storm is an atmospheric vortex enormous size, with wind speeds up to 120 km/h, and in the surface layer up to 200 km/H.*Storm - long, very strong wind speeds exceeding 20 m/s, is usually observed during the passage of the cyclone and is accompanied by strong waves and destruction on the land.*Tornado - atmospheric vortices in a thunderstorm cloud and propagating down, often to the surface of the Earth in the form of a dark cloudy sleeves or trunk with diameter 10-key and hundredths metres. There is a short time, moving together Read more [...]
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Petersburg waiting for tornadoes and tornado

In the heatwave, established now in St. Petersburg, the Northern capital may occur corydoradinae phenomena. This was reported by Rosbalt, doctor of technical Sciences, Deputy Director on science of the Center for interdisciplinary research on environmental problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Menzhulin. He said that traditionally tornado dangerous places are the Great plains of the USA, however, this type of weather, which is established now in the Northern capital due to the current changes in standard ways SYNOPTIC formations (cyclones and anticyclones), is transferred to us. According Read more [...]
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In Chernivtsi region was the tornado

Photo:archive of RIA Novosti About a hundred houses were damaged in the tornado, held on the evening of July 19 in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine, informs radio «Freedom». Are the words of eyewitnesses, according to which the tornado raged around half minutes, but during that time a large number of homes were left without roofs, part of the damaged wall. Human victims are not present. At the moment, going door-to-door bypass of the affected houses, Commission of the city administration determines the damage. The head of Chernivtsi meteorologist Tatiana Negatiave said that the Read more [...]
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Tornado in the Kerch Bay. Video

June 22, at five o'clock in the waters of the Kerch Bay appeared a few tornadoes. They were born in the Straits, passed along the embankment and almost went to the territory of the fishing port! This amazing natural phenomenon observed many fact and yachtsman Eugene modafilin shot on the camera. The survey clearly demonstrates how the tornado was 50 yards from the yacht \"Jupiter\", miraculously meet with her. We learned from the captain of the \"Jupiter\" Dmitry Makayeu, as he felt this close to the tornado. \"I was charging tourists. They all complained, as they have no luck on Read more [...]
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