Midwest Pummeled by Thunderstorms

Pinch officials are assessing the terms caused by another fusillade of thunderstorms and tornadoes that took leastways fin lives and injured 75 mass crossways the Midwest Friday. Presence fine-tune on Oklahoma Metropolis, Oklahoma, the storms toppled cars and left-hand commuters treed on an interstate. One twister tossed a Conditions Line ramp pursuer motortruck nigh 200 yards earlier slamming it to the land, though the passengers loose with nipper injuries.Storms in Missouri and Arkansas caused considerable prop wrong and flooding. Trey mass went lacking other Friday and tercet others were reported Read more [...]
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The American Mississippi tornado struck

On the western part of the Mississippi tornado struck. Official data on the destruction and casualties has not. According to witness statements, destroyed several buildings, at least 11 people taken to hospital. — Victims of tornadoes in the southern United States, Mississippi, steel, according to the latest data, at least 10 people. Among the victims - children. According to the State Governor Haley Barbour declared a state of emergency in 17 counties. Serious damage was caused in Yazoo City, which destroyed several buildings, including - the church. Tornadoes also touched upon the neighboring Read more [...]
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Video about the consequences of a tornado in the United States, Mississippi

In the United States apart the rubble and count the damage from the devastating tornadoes in Mississippi zvestna about 10 dead and dozens wounded. Thousands of people were left homeless. The hurricane tore off roofs, felled trees and power transmission towers. In the state declared a state of emergency. In the affected areas destroyed hundreds of buildings, including the church and the funeral home. There is no electricity, roads are blocked, a lifeguard. To prevent looting, soldiers patrol the streets of the National Guard. Source: Channel Five Previous News: · In the American state of Read more [...]
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On 36 tornadoes hit Minnesota

American Minnesota was the victim of a series of tornadoes. Three people were killed, dozens were injured and are currently in the hospital.

Destroyed more than 200 homes, broken power lines. Hurricane lifted up cars and parts of buildings, gas broke several localities. A series of 36 tornadoes was a record for the United States since 1992 (when they were recorded by 27). And I still can not exclude the risk of new tornadoes.

Source: Conduct

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Petersburg waiting for tornadoes and tornado

In the heatwave, established now in St. Petersburg, the Northern capital may occur corydoradinae phenomena. This was reported by Rosbalt, doctor of technical Sciences, Deputy Director on science of the Center for interdisciplinary research on environmental problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Menzhulin. He said that traditionally tornado dangerous places are the Great plains of the USA, however, this type of weather, which is established now in the Northern capital due to the current changes in standard ways SYNOPTIC formations (cyclones and anticyclones), is transferred to us. According Read more [...]
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Tornado in the Kerch Bay. Video

June 22, at five o'clock in the waters of the Kerch Bay appeared a few tornadoes. They were born in the Straits, passed along the embankment and almost went to the territory of the fishing port! This amazing natural phenomenon observed many fact and yachtsman Eugene modafilin shot on the camera. The survey clearly demonstrates how the tornado was 50 yards from the yacht \"Jupiter\", miraculously meet with her. We learned from the captain of the \"Jupiter\" Dmitry Makayeu, as he felt this close to the tornado. \"I was charging tourists. They all complained, as they have no luck on Read more [...]
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Tornado in Voronezh. Eyewitness video

Witnesses of unusual natural phenomena today are citizens of Voronezh. Swept over the city a real tornado.Tornado in Voronezh: blame dry convection Residents of Voronezh before witnessed unusual natural phenomena. Above the city there was a real tornado. It is noteworthy that the sky was cloudless. Forecasters say that this tornado-like phenomena can sometimes observed in clear weather. Here's what they said Вестям.Ru leading expert of the Center weather PHOBOS Leonid Starkov. Usually tornadoes are formed in a moist and unstable air mass. \"We got used to the fact that they overhang Read more [...]
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Belarus is a country of tornadoes

Photo: From the archives August 6, at a press conference in Minsk main SYNOPTIC Republican hydrometeorological centre Olga Fedotova said that recently in Belarus are more likely to commit tornadoes.The increase in the number of tornadoes, according to her, due to fluctuations in climate and new technical possibilities for registration of this natural phenomenon. Often tornadoes occur locally and register them ordinary people - shoot camera or camcorder. The last time the weather service recorded tornado in June 2009 in Chechersk district of Gomel region). Tornadoes in Belarus occur on small Read more [...]
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In the Leningrad region have registered tornado. Video

Rare for the Leningrad region the phenomenon of tornadoes this summer almost settled in the region. The entire North-West Russia begin to compare with the American state of Texas. Fortunately, we have tornadoes are not very powerful. On the Internet there is mounting evidence of the appearance of vortices. Here are just a few places: Volkhov, Pine, Kolpino. By the way, in Kolpino tornado watch from the beginning of summer. Whirlwind there's even tossed and turned the car. Forecasters explain - tornadoes occur when extreme heat and humidity. This weather just ends hurricanes. Source: Read more [...]
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Nature has prepared the Russians new challenges

After the abnormal heat and temperature records in the same regions declared a storm warning. Cold snap brings strong winds, hurricanes and even a tornado, as in Novorossiysk.Five tornadoes formed over NovorossiyskFive tornadoes were spotted in the sea, between the Kabardinka village and Cape Jaco. Over the city hung storm clouds, where they formed a high pillars. The elements raged in earnest - the tornadoes that appeared, then disappeared. - At the moment tornadoes broke up, but there is a possibility of formation of new - told Life News operational duty MU Civil protection of Novorossiysk. Read more [...]
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In the Bay of Tuapse residents watched tornadoes

Photo: Tornado, photo:gismeteo.ru Eyewitnesses to such natural phenomena as tornadoes, became residents of the city of Tuapse they watched them in Tuapse Bay. As reported «New TV Kuban» the tornadoes formed far from the coast, but close to the ships at anchor. Within 10 minutes tornadoes circled over the sea, and then disappeared. The company notes that the formation of tornadoes — common for the locals, but at the end of September, they appear rarely, most often see them in August. The formation of tornadoes, forecasters explain unusually high for this time the temperature Read more [...]
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Several tornadoes were observed in Anapa

Residents and guests of the city-resort of Anapa (Krasnodar region) could be observed on Friday, October 1, tornadoes that formed in the Bay. Tornadoes, according to «Anapana» had some on land they did not leave, appeared and collapsed into the sea. As reported Ugaro previously eyewitnesses to such natural phenomena as tornadoes, became residents of the city of Tuapse. Then the tornadoes formed far from the beach, within 10 minutes they circled over the sea, and then disappeared. The formation of tornadoes, forecasters explain unusually high for this time the temperature of the Read more [...]
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Tornado goes up

September 12, 2013. Tornadoes, moving up the slopes, cause more damage than tornadoes on the plains. This is the conclusion of researchers from the University of Arkansas (USA), studied detailed pictures of the devastating tornadoes of 2011 Tuscaloosa (Alabama) and Joplin (Missouri). The scientists compared the images between themselves and find common features. It turned out that when driving up slopes tornadoes bring much greater destruction than in the downward direction. If the vortex is on mountainous terrain, then he gets up, creating destruction there, but leaving untouched plains. New Read more [...]
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On lake Michigan waterspouts

September 13, 2013. In the Northern United States — Michiganlocal residents witnessed the formation of two giant tornadoes at the same time. Damage was avoided, because the tornadoes were on the water surface of the lake. But local meteorologists have warned about the possibility in the near future new phenomena that may affect residential areas.

Source: RT

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The island of Java has suffered several tornadoes

October 24, 2013. In two districts on the Indonesian island of Java, Bandung of West Java, and Pandeglang from the province of Banten, there were a few tornadoes. From the air tornadoes injured at least seven people; with fractures of the extremities and other parts of the body they are delivered in hospitals.Tornado that raged on acting Java in the middle of the week, destroyed nearly 350 homes and other buildings, but the locals believe that the damage is actually much more. Especially bad had quarters Bandung called Cipari and Jiminian. A resident of one of the data blocks received dangerous Read more [...]
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Powerful tornadoes do not let go of America

Abres,America — under the blow. The country does not release a powerful tornado. Giant funnel sweep away everything in its path. Is already known about 45 killed, two times more people were injured, thousands — without light. Tornadoes, poterpevshie half of America, become so rampant that States one after the other to impose a state of emergency. The nightmare continued for the last 3 days, it seemed, would never end. A series of powerful tornadoes that began on the evening of last Thursday, by the end of the week captured almost all the States in the South-Eastern United Read more [...]
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Tornadoes do not leave the Eastern part of the USA

In the state of Illinois giant funnel height of several tens of meters was formed in a matter of seconds. Tornado in chips smashed home. Data about the victims and the victims have not yet been reported.Meanwhile, neighboring States are just beginning to recover from the devastating tornado that raged there all last week. Source: The first channel, TornadoVideosdotnet, PRAVDA.Ru Season tornadoes USA is in full swingOn the US hit a new series of powerful tornadoes. This time the disaster has been the Central States of Illinois and Missouri. With risk to life the adrenaline shot tornadoes Read more [...]
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Following the tornadoes in the Eastern United States came the flood

on April 19. In the US, the flood covers all new areas. After North Carolina, Oklahoma, Alabama and Virginia emergency situation and in many areas in the East of the country.Due to snow melt and heavy rains, the river overflowed the banks. In Washington and its suburbs under water was a cafe along the embankments, underground garages and even the first floors of some houses. The locals on the Potomac river build a dam. Emergency equipment operates around the clock. According to the latest data, as a result of bad weather in the U.S. has killed 45 people. In some States declared an emergency. Eve Read more [...]
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In the United States in the several States announced the new threat of tornadoes

24.04.2011 In the U.S. National weather service warned that on the territory of the States of Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri can be a lot of tornadoes. Declared a storm warning. Meteorologists call on local authorities to prepare for tornadoes and floods. As expected, banks can reach the Ohio river and Miami and other bodies of water. According to the weather, the reason for the formation of new strong storms will become the front of bad weather looming over the southern part of the Midwest and Great plains. On the eve of a powerful cyclone has caused the formation of dozens of Read more [...]
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The cyclone storm in the United States killed more than 70 people

In Alabama in the United States as a result of severe storms and tornadoes on April 27, killing at least 25 people, according to Reuters with reference to the emergency personnel. CNN reported that on the same day, five people were killed in Mississippi and one — in Arkansas. The disaster also led to the disruption of all three reactors at a nuclear power plant «Browns Ferry» in Arkansas.According to the nuclear regulatory Commission and the U.S., wind gusts were cut off 11 power lines that led to disruption of the supply of the NPP. While the Ministry said that the Read more [...]
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