Two Guides Hacked to Dying in Papua New Guinea

Two porters were killed and a grouping of Westerly tourists attacked patch trekking done a distant jungle train in Papua New Guinea Tuesday. The radical, persuasion to admit octonary Australians and a New Zealander, was robbed and attacked by six bandits wielding machetes, knives, and spears, the Everyday Send reports. The crew of six attackers disappeared binding into the jungle afterward the blast, having killed two porters and wound the others. The tourists suffered comparatively fry injuries, including cuts and nestling header wounds, though one of the Australians was speared in the leg. The Read more [...]
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Giant wave in France in the sea washed away tourists

On the southeast coast of France looking for tourists, which was washed into the sea giant wave. We already know that one person was killed. Five others are considered lost. On the Cote d'Azur, where there was a state of emergency, in these days is very bad weather. Declared a storm warning. And as soon as weather forecasters do not promise improvement. By the way, quite recently in China had a similar case: On the coast of China, a huge wave washed away tourists. A group of tourists admiring the sea, when the beach is suddenly covered with water. Eight people were missing. According to media Read more [...]
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Ferris hillfort and Sandy Lake

Length of 22 kilometers. A group of tourists comes in the way of the station sorting, reachable by tram, by bus or by train. At first it is necessary to go along the railway line to the west, to the village Palkina (distance 3, -5 km). Near the village, where the river Iset almost at right. angle falls River Grille, should make a small camp to see the archaeological excavations carried out here for several years. More detailed information on the excavation Palkinsky tourists can see in the Sverdlovsk museum. The village itself, to the north of the railway line, there are spectacular cliffs - Palkinsky Read more [...]
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Border guards of the Urals

More than three thousand kilometers stretch Ural mountains from north to south. This mountainous border in central Russia is firmly entrenched and held still. Much of the credit that belongs to a prominent statesman and scholar Urals Vasily Nikitich Tatischev. He was the first Russian Ural mountains began to call. Tatischev same and came to the conclusion that the borderline between the two parts of the world - Europe and Asia. Boundaries drawn VNTatischev two and a half centuries ago, with all its conventions preserves the historical significance, it is known to the world and is supported by Read more [...]
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The highest peaks of the Urals

Pier Pechora - p. Aranets (Steamship) - Saber y - p. Van gyr -r. Belfry - the city Manaraga -r. People - Art. Koch-Yu. Route length 425 kilometers in the taiga, swamps, alpine zone, without trails and roads on unpopulated areas. Duration - 20-22 days. Season - June - August. Every year more and more people conquer the northern Ural taiga and tundra. On the west passed the Polar Urals railroad, east of the great Siberian river Ob this part of the Urals is connected with major cities of Siberia. Approaches to the highest peaks of the Urals greatly facilitated. But now is not so easy to go through Read more [...]
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Bardymsky Ridge

Mountains. Revda - p. Krasnoyar - city Shunut-Stone - p. Bardym - Bardymsky hr.- of Zgoryan - Hookah city - the city of Turotash - art. Urgal. The route length of 270 km, the length of 12 - 14 days. Season: winter, summer. To the west of Sverdlovsk on the slope of the Ural Mountains stretch from north to south wooded ridges: Konovalovsky Uval, which is a rare natural monument mountain Shunut-Stone (724 m), and with the top of the ridge Bardymsky Zyuryan (678 m). Here is preserved the area pristine Ural nature with beautiful river valleys Serge and Bardot, carry their water on the dramatic cliffs. Read more [...]
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Odessa beaches are attacking benthic algae

Strange stains on the surface of the sea frightened hundreds of tourists on the coast of the spit Karolino-Bugaz. Streaks of dirt, width up to 50 meters, and a length of 5 km, appeared near the sea coast, on Saturday afternoon. As reported by local resident George, strange stripes stretch along all beaches from the railway station \"Sea\" to the railway station \"Sunny\". On Sunday, like spots appeared on the beaches \"Dolphin\" and \"joy\"that has already caused a panic among the tourists of the city. However, caught near the site of contamination associate Professor of botany ONU name of I. Read more [...]
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The earthquake on the Aeolian Islands in Italy — 7 affected

Strong aftershocks, magnitude 4.6 on the Richter scale, were recorded today on the Aeolian Islands in Italy, reports ANSA. According to preliminary data, the earthquake injured 7 people. They are all taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. In the capital region - Lipari-registered minor destruction of buildings. The epicenter of the earthquake was located at a distance of 6 km from the island, under water at a depth of 19 km The publication reports that the earthquake caused the convergence of landslides. Information about the victims being specified.The Aeolian Islands earthquake The Read more [...]
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Germany walked tornado. Photo

Photo: 24.08.10 In Germany in the welter was destroyed resort on the island of Helgoland. Tornado destroyed camping, suffered at least 11 of tourists. The nature of the wounds tourists not specified. Glaucous gull island Frank Botter has described the situation as \"catastrophic\" and sought help from mainland Germany. According to witnesses of the incident, the tornado was so strong that it knocked the aircraft at the local airport. The island of Helgoland belongs to Germany. It is part of the Federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, the population of the island without tourists Read more [...]
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What are the Outflank Excursions Good Rio?

    Exposure: Ksenia Ragozina/ShutterstockA:Seth Kugel, the New York Multiplication’ Stinting Traveller editorialist, splits his sentence 'tween the Big Apple and São Paulo, so he’s a Brazil locomote pro. I reached him during his up-to-the-minute skimp thither to ask astir prophylactic, main excursions from Rio de Janeiro.“Thither’s a few real light options,” Kugel says. But timing matters: December is both the Christmas flavor and the heart of the Brazilian summertime, so hordes of local tourists leave be on the relocation.  Kugel suggests Read more [...]
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From the island of Hainan evacuate tourists. Video

Today one of the most popular resorts in South-East Asia began a mass evacuation. The Chinese authorities are trying to rescue thousands of tourists from the famous beaches of Hainan island. There are already a few days do not stop torrential rains. Much of the island is covered with water and mud, no electricity and communication with many villages. More 130 thousands of local residents were forced to flee their homes, according to NTV. At the same time, disaster struck another Chinese province of Gansu in the North of the country. There is a powerful landslide wiped off the face of the Read more [...]
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Tropical storms and floods in Mexico has claimed more than 40 lives

on September 17, 2013. Two tropical storms hit Mexico. \"Manuel\" attacked popular resort of Acapulco: in the hotels of the city are stuck 40 thousand tourists. A weakening hurricane \"Ingrid\" has influenced the work of oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. Torrential downpours caused flooding in the interior of the country, the victims of the disaster became at least 42 people.The resorts of Acapulco tropical storm \"Manuel\" not only banished from the beaches of American tourists, but also caused the derailment of several landslides that actually destroyed several blocks on the outskirts Read more [...]
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Due to the eruption of the volcano Bromo thousands of tourists can’t go home

Problems with the rest — and tourists in Bali. There began to erupt the volcano Bromo. The sky became overcast with clouds, so a ban on air travel. Bromo is relatively small and located far from the nearest large settlements.Now the volcanic cloud rises to a height of up to five and a half thousand meters. Just blocking international air corridors. When the ban on flights will be removed, is not yet known. Now the cloud is shifting Australiawhat closed within a radius of two kilometers. Source: Star Read more [...]
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The resorts of Thailand was hit by flood

on March 31. Russians are leaving areas of Thailand that has been in the disaster area. After the storm and heavy rains in the Gulf flooded Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Tau. Thousands of tourists were trapped. Among them hundreds of Russian citizens. Their life and health is not threatened.Source: Leadon March 30. Floods and landslides in southern Thailand has killed at least 11 people. Because of the disruption of the movement of water and air caused by bad weather, the resort Islands of the country «stuck» thousands of tourists. Source: BBC Russianon March 28. Five Read more [...]
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Azov sea flooded the beaches of Ukraine

The opening of the holiday season on the Azov sea coast of Ukraine under threat. The part of the beach was swallowed by the sea, others risk being closed to tourists because of unresolved health problems. The sea swallowed up almost all the beaches of the Azov sea coast of Ukraine. In Mariupol district lost beaches just four village - Sedov, Breakage, Cold and Nameless. Water is already close to the boarding houses and residential buildings, according to Ukrainian \"5?th channel\". According to the Director of boarding in the Sedov Alexander Ershov, a month ago during a storm 50% of the beach Read more [...]
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In Greece, due to the landslide killed a tourist-American

23 mais a sudden the landslide on the volcanic Greek island of Santorini killed an American, four more foreign tourists were injured. Tourists descended on the mules along the steep path located on the high Bank of the picturesque town of Ia in the small tourist port of Armeni. Suddenly there came a landslide that caused the rockfall. A huge stone hit the American together with the mule from the path into the abyss. His body was later found by rescuers. We still have 49-year-old wife of the deceased, their 22-year-old daughter and two young tourists from Mexico. In a local hospital after receiving Read more [...]
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Landslides and floods in Thailand. Photographic

According to AFP, Thai troops joined with the search for victims after a deadly landslides, poglatila house in the South of the country affected by the floods, according to officials. Naval vessels have rescued hundreds of tourists stranded on holiday on the Islands. At least 15 people were killed due to the unusually rainy weather, have flooded homes and businesses and which affected about one million people, although this must be one of the hottest months of the year. ATTENTION! Some pictures contain scenes of violence and cruelty.Translation: Alex Crete Pictures: Madaree Tohlala/ Read more [...]
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Flooding in Cambodia caused the deaths of 58 people

on September 23. The number of deaths from seasonal flooding in Cambodia has reached 58 people, reported on Friday by the international media. Thai newspaper «Thai Rath» reports that the greatest damage from floods suffer Cambodian province of Siem reap and Kampong Thom, where over the last three weeks has killed more than fifty people. The American news Agency associated Press passes on Friday from Cambodia, the death toll reached 58 people.Cambodian newspaper the Phnom Penh Post reports that on Thursday afternoon in the flood of the river Siem riep about 200 foreign tourists Read more [...]
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The volcano \»Child of Krakatau\» intensified in Indonesia

Authorities fear that may be affected tourists. on 4 October, the government of Indonesia has asked tourists and fishermen not to get closer than two kilometres to the steaming volcano, known as the \"Child of Krakatau\". The volcano in the Sunda Strait, located 130 kilometers West of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, appeared after the terrible eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, which killed tens of thousands of people. \"Child of Krakatau\" grows not by days, but by hours - up to five meters per year. At the moment the height of the volcano is 400 metres away and it is very popular among tourists. But Read more [...]
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The South of Thailand have met tourists new year’s rains

3 January. The resort zone of the southern provinces of Thailand have met tourists coming to the country to celebrate the New year, rains and storms at sea, and the southern province on the border with Malaysia — and the flood, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. According to reports of the meteorological service of Thailand, in the early days of the New year, heavy rains were on the Islands of Phuket and Samui, and Krabi, where for the holidays arrived tens of thousands of Russians. In Krabi and nearby provinces, for which a further 31 December was declared a storm warning, four-meter Read more [...]
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