It is worth the little things

Recently, the European part of Russia there are many private game farms engaged in animal breeding and commercial hunting. The main object of hunting in these farms tend to be a wild boar, and shooting is done from the towers.It would seem that could be easier than shooting from a stationary platform. But there are some nuances. The practice of hunting with towers have long been common in Western Europe, where the hunting area and dicherazvedenie are on a completely different level than in our country.Until recently, hunting towers was the lot of those in power, to shoot prey on forage-lit areas. Read more [...]
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Satellites hunter

In the morning, as soon as arrived at their hunting elk hunters circled over the crows, guttural cries letting the whole neighborhood of the arrival of humans. When the line was put shooters and corral began again heard cries of ravens. Over many years of hunting I have had to meet the winged companions hunter - birds, sirens, so I want to tell you about the most striking and memorable cases involving birds.For Announcers include forest birds in the family Corvidae. This family combines very different in appearance and lifestyle of birds.To include corvids and crested jay with blue mirror on the Read more [...]
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Uninvited guest

The darkness in the corners kopivshayasya forest clearing gradually enveloped the district. Only the tops of the trees behind the clouds brightened the autumn sky.Early September, the full moonless. The black hole of the night gradually swallowed and feeder, and solonetz, standing at a distance from the tower, where I nestled expecting output to feed hogs. On a white plate, attached on one of the shooting windows, it says: "The tower № 7. Yurove housing." These original name refers to all shooting towers in this respected me hunting.I sit waiting for several hours. Slowly and quietly look around Read more [...]
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Hungarian adventure

That winter came, it's time to hunt for ungulates! Unfortunately, the hunt in the homeland did not, but I was not discouraged. After all, I was invited to the wild boar in Hungary - a country with which connects me very much! Most hunters, especially hunters trofeyschikov well aware that Hungary is a kind of Mecca for lovers of hunting for prey, as there is quite a high density of animals and owners of hunting­GUSTs. That's why I immediately kindled enthusiasm when my grandfather Franz, or just Uncle Fyodor, a passionate hunter kabanyatnik and known all over Hungary fighter pilot, with whom Read more [...]
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Hunting cabal

We gathered one evening experienced hunters at the big table and talking by grassy, ​​"prescription" of gulls. Interestingly, this conversation was that it was not an outstanding success and trophies, but the annoying errors and mistakes curiosities. Getting laid «Happy Prapor», Telling about its recent history. AT early October, he bypassed his team assigned to hunting grounds, once again the first to determine the presence of a shelter animal in and reap cut down, think about where to put the numbers from which in which direction to send Read more [...]
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To be or not to be?

The recent wild boar hunting from a tower remember me positive emotions. Snowmobile wound uniformly worked idling, urging us to hurry to the evening ambush. Night was falling. Before fertilizing site had to go more than thirty kilometers. Weather still pleased with the morning sun and winter windless. Warm suit, shoes and carabiner with night sight — that's all I needed to that time. Sitting back and Encased transferring arms behind his back, we Vladimir Alexandrovich, my friend rushed to the target site. No, not rushed the Read more [...]
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On Rifle tower

In 1982, after graduating from the Faculty of Agricultural Institute zootechnical distance learning (VSKHIZO) and received a diploma of Game Biologists, I was accepted into one of the military and hunting farms in the position of hunters. Autumn day we moved the entire family to the central database of the hunting farm.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Farm is located on the border of the Moscow region, the area of ​​his land is about 60 thousand hectares. Jaeger and employs 12 people. It was mostly locals at the age of sixty years or more, before that I was timid at first. I like Read more [...]
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In summer ease

– We are on the spot, – He said the director of the economy, cut the engine «Niva». – Quiet,  Do not slam the door.– When the expected output of boars? – I asked in a low voice.– From nine in the evening usually go. What starts to get dark, the ground will evaporate, wild boars can you prichuyat, so close all the windows on the tower. I pick you up at midnight. Well, all good luck!«Cornfield» He stopped at the edge of a forest glade or a small field, elongated oval and sowed oats.The road from the hunting base took about an hour. Read more [...]
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Teachings of voluntary rescuers extrema 2012. Part 5.

Start here. The previous part here.Stage Beavers. (Objective: to climb a tower window to set jumpers down the tower, remove from the tower through the window of the victim is unconscious, back) Scraps of radio with the base of random short conversations with other teams of judges replicas gradually, like an iceberg out of the fog loomed a terrible and difficult stage of "The Tower", which have not been many teams, and those that have passed, barely managed.Therefore, at the end of "Behemoth" we were rather tense than relaxed. And on arrival at the base of the second car we almost immediately Read more [...]
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How many years, how many winters

One of the oldest symbols of Nizhny Tagil tower on Mount Fox celebrated last year for 180 years. On cast iron plate, reinforcing corner buildings, knocked out date: 1818 It became the basis for the reference history of this architectural dominant of the city. Traditionally, the tower was called. Sentry. But who could watchman residents gornozavodskogo village in the early XIX century? Unlikely from nomad raids as earnestly told us the third edition of the book "Nizhny Tagil" (Sverdlovsk, 1971). More understandable feature fire tower because even at the beginning of this century, the mining village Read more [...]
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Symbol of the city on the Fox mountain

     One of the oldest symbols of Nizhny Tagil tower on Mount Fox celebrated in 2003, 185 years: on cast iron plate, reinforcing corner towers, date stamped "1818". That it became the basis for counting the history of this architectural dominants (outstanding point) of the city.     Traditionally, the tower is called "Watchdog". But from whom could "Caretaker" residents of the village of metallurgy in the early XIX century? One can hardly say that "from nomad raids"How earnestly told us the third edition "Nizhny Tagil" Read more [...]
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Verhnetroitskoe village. Trinity Church

Verhnetroitsky factory was founded in 1752 by Ivan Gavrilovich Osokin mine owners, they immediately to the plant - in the 1753-59 biennium. and erected a stone church. The main altar in the name of the Holy Trinity was consecrated in 1759 (the date of the consecration determined hramozavetnoy certificate signed by Bishop. Kazan and Sviazhsky Gabriel). From the 1760s. factory fled into the possession of the founder's nephew - Ivan Petrovich Osokin, Coy may have finished upgrading of the church. 1773-74 biennium. factories were devastated pugachёvtsami, after the defeat of the rebels restored to Read more [...]
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A new victim of the tower killer

Unfinished TV Tower, after a long hiatus, has claimed another life. Body shattered girl more than a day has lain on the ground floor of the buildings before rescuers pulled her out. Experts still wonder how the deceased was able to climb the tower. On Thursday, about 16 o'clock in the evening the police received an anonymous phone call. A male voice said about a girl who on Wednesday broke into the unfinished TV tower near the circus. To check on the place went up the police Leninsky District. Recall that Tower-Killer wonder got his nickname. Since its construction was halted, «symbol of Read more [...]
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Nevyansk Leaning Tower

One of the most magnificent monuments of history and architecture of the Urals. And one of the most mysterious She is beautiful and mysterious, when the night sky rises her strict and formidable silhouette and bell ringing, as if tragically struck midnight And when the sky is rapidly running clouds, it seems that the inclination of the tower reaches catastrophic proportions that it is about to collapse and bury themselves under all their secrets But after a moment, the other takes years and centuries, and continues all the tower continues to fall and she lives in this endless fall Mysterious Read more [...]
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Not only emblem

Original emblem Nizhny Tagil is a "watchdog" on the Fox Tower Hill. It is not just inspired artists. In the first half of the XIX century Lisegorskuyu tower painted PP Venetian Merchant in the painting "Tagil in the winter." She also captured in the famous picture of the poet Vasily Zhukovsky, who visited the Nizhny Tagil factories with Tsarevich Alexander Nikolaevich in 1837. Panorama Tagil first half of the last century, opens with this highest point of relief, captured in paintings JF Hudoyarova "Fete at Fox Hill". The tower itself is then used as a fire tower. It belongs to the construction Read more [...]
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Leaning Tower

(Extract from the forthcoming book "Volkovskoe shops")There is a version that the Urals except Leaning Leaning Tower there was a similar tower in Nizhny Tagil. She appeared in about 70-ies of the XIX century, when arrived from Verkhoturye first guild merchant Nikolai S. Volkov built at the intersection of the Tagil kriulya (now black) and a landmark street (Linden tract) luxury estate. It was a two-storey stone house with a high tower, the building of the brewery, long building warehouses and stables, timbered merchant's office, landscaped gardens, gardener and caretaker houses, public Read more [...]
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Why Nevyansky tower built?

The meaning and purpose of each use of the architectural structure and beauty. About the external splendor of the Leaning Tower, we have already spoken. The architect was able to translate it in a covenant of old Russian masters, still erect wooden churches: «hack height, as a measure of beauty and tell». And because the tower is still pleasing to the eye with its harmony. Well, and what was needed Demidov high stone tower? What is its appointment? Most often, stone towers built for defense. Such, for example, the original purpose of the Kremlin towers in Moscow. But Nevyansky plant Read more [...]
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Revolving restaurant — at an altitude of 762 meters

     At the ski resort "White Mountain" on top of the mountain opened a new restaurant with rotating turret, which is at an altitude of 762 meters.    Inside the tower restaurant seating capacity for 50 persons. On the open same site, built at the foot rotating tower, the tables can accommodate up to 100 visitors at a time. In an open area in the mini–barbecue for a portion of flavored meat you need to put 320 rubles. Andrew Combs. References: Newspaper "Taghilsky working" dated 02.04.2008.Read more [...]
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Unanswered Questions

What is told in the story «Architect», Only the version that the author did not consider the completion of the search. She only invites the reader to continue the search for the real historical architect Leaning Tower. Who created the tower? this is still one of the questions to which the answer is not found. The architect is not only the creator of the Leaning Tower. In its creation involved a variety of craftsmen who used engineering solutions. Let us listen to the opinion of experts. Architect R. Podolsky, who inspected the tower in the thirties of this century, wrote: «It Read more [...]
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Water tower in Beloretsk

The tower is topped with a log multifaceted belvedere. And once it was placed on the observation deck, on which walking watching and looking out over the city, which does not seem to be on fire. Village Beloretskogo plant was almost all wood and fires were not uncommon. Firehouse was next and no telephone in the air was rising bullish bubble inflated, giving a signal fire. In addition the signal dubbed rumble bells.  Inside the tower so far is riveted iron tank. Tank inside the tower had a volume of 28 cubic meters. Metal pipes on the water to the village of Upper vodorazdatochnye column Beloretskogo Read more [...]
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