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Black duck

Dear editors!Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The Ivanovo region is the river Uvod, which divides the city of Ivanovo in two parts. In winter it freezes over small areas, because it drains water resulting from the activities of the city and the industrial enterprises located here.So next to the Palace of Arts from the ground in a concrete fence follows the creek is now built-up from the ravine under the unusual name «Kokui». At the heart of the city on the river is Pushkin Square and the Palace of Arts. At this point, a bridge across the river, at which the transition is made. Read more [...]
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Gorlovka, Kramatorsk, Donetsk: announcements last hour 12.06.2014

On the outskirts of Slavyansk Ukrainian military threw incendiary bombs, report to the militia. The national guard under fired and killed the humanitarian bus, heading from Donetsk in Slavyansk. The situation in the East of Ukraine now, the latest announcements and actions.Furnished in Slavyansk: in the past day in the town was carried out a massive bombing by security officials. The attack was subjected to the outskirts of town - Semenovka, Cherenkova. By the evening of explosions and gunfire subsided, but later, closer to the night, the Ukrainian military has used incendiary bombs.Immediately Read more [...]
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Earlier there were reports that the storm Slavyansk, which continue to detain supporters of federalization may begin on 2 may.Siren civilian defense in Slavyansk, which should alert the inhabitants of the town about the beginning of the active phase of the special operation Kyiv authorities joined in the morning on Friday, the correspondent of RIA Announcements.Earlier there were reports that the storm Slavyansk, which continue to detain supporters of federalization may begin on 2 may. "The people's mayor" Vyacheslav Ponomarev said that at the beginning of active action on the part of Read more [...]
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BBC: Planet people

1. The wind2. Fire3. Savannah4. River5. Mountains6. Town7. Desert8. ArcticPeople are one of the most resilient creatures on our planet. From cool ice of the Arctic to the hot tropical jungle, they were able to adapt to the environment and to find methods for survival. They were useful to show the remarkable ingenuity and bravery. They learned to live shoulder on shoulder with other living creatures and use them for good.Each episode knows about one of the corners of our planet and about the methods and solutions that people managed to adapt to often the most extreme conditions.BBC: Planet people. Read more [...]
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COMBAT IN URBAN Criteria: the nature and features of hostilities [2]

• Requirements for armament and combat equipment in the conduct of hostilities in townSpecial conditions of warfare in urban areas and the disposition of these actions determine the next General requirements for armament and combat equipment:- shooting guns and grenade launchers played a very important role in the fighting in the town;- artillery at the battle in the town is used mostly for direct fire shooting;- the battle in the town causes excessive consumption of ammunition for all systems small arms and artillery, also asks the availability of ammunition of different types;- high-precision Read more [...]
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Guys,anyone know where I can get a map or diagram of the shelters in town????

25 Mar 2012 23:25|I like513 commentsMisha Radchenko You b for beginning visnal ,is there any generally applicable your town,in my for example there is no way I know and milliona people will die if hit in Google. Or try through the web site of the Ministry of IFL to see objects in your us Fri, they must be marked with all the shelter for peace ,but I'm used to it very raschityvat. There method is to go to my administration and pointeresovatsa, there must be an annotation on the evacuation of the population. So anyway , tell you a secret)))0 shelter under each Read more [...]
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That’s such apparatus I wish…

21 Mar 2012 20:26|I like1012 commentsIvan Tolmachev Well it or megalomania, or paranoia.21 Mar 2012|2Dima Kupriyanov Curious how much this animal to one eats)21 Mar 2012|2Dalivit Wolves L. 20 exactly.21 Mar 2012|3Dmitry Androsiuk Body duralumin alloy...+ Kevlar and fiberglass...Weighs only 2.5 tandia diesel on Ls 4x4... Eats along the 10-12L in the town until the not particularly shitty car...Find the link, will post...21 Mar 2012|Dima Kupriyanov 10 - 12 this field or Volga))))standards tachila Read more [...]
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The shadow of Hiroshima is the effect of the silhouettes of objects due to busy light emission at the time of a nuclear explosion. Named after the Japanese town, where the shadow of Hiroshima for the first time were seen. One of these silhouettes captured man sitting on the steps of the Bank Sumitomo in anticipation of its opening (250 metres from the epicenter) [puc.1-2].Shadows from the railing on the bridge over the river Motoyasu 800 metres from the epicenter [puc.3]. The shadow of Hiroshima appear the same as a normal shadows: in those places where the radiation is something blocking the path Read more [...]
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Yacht «Standart»

July 3, 1914, Thursday. Gulf of Finland, Kronstadt. On the barrel to "raid Standard" stands in the retinue of 5 destroyers - "the Army", "Volunteer", "Moskvityanin", "Emir of Bukhara," "Finn" and the schooner "North Star" - the imperial yacht-beauty with 3 little folded out aft masts. In its form of restrained pride, but not arrogance; simplicity, grandeur and dignity. August family the other day, July 1, returned to her from the Crimea. Ordinary swimming, which from year to year being accomplished for 6 years to the mutual enjoyment and crowned passengers and crew. Yacht gorgeous and young, as Read more [...]
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Chusovskoy experiment, or instead of an epilogue

Studying the underground structures of the Ural cities, collecting grains of historical records, interviewing dozens of witnesses, local historians, getting acquainted with the legends and stories, exploring space failures, exits and other material traces dungeon expedition Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture gather more scientific data on many ancient cities in the region. In the analysis of this material began to fish out the so-called awkward questions, which are characterized in that the results due to their appearance, does not fit into the scheme already adopted, do not illustrate the generalized Read more [...]
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Ufa. Historical Sketch

The first Monastery in Sergiev Ufa were male (1570-80-ies.), Is not far from today's St. Sergius Church and Dormition - first Usolsky mountains on the site of today's buildings ladies Annunciation Monastery, the first mention of the Assumption is found in charters Tsar Boris Godunov in 1598 from the first of the XVII century. appeared and the first lady's Monastery - the Nativity of Christ across the bottom of the street of Kazan, the first mention of it in the letter of the king of Misha Fedorovich 1619 GK middle of the XVII century, the population and territory of Ufa grew up in a couple of times. Read more [...]
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Morning left tributary of the River Great.

Morning (Lett. Ritupe) - river flowing through areas of Latvia and the Pskov region of the Russian Federation. Is a left tributary of the stateliness. Applies to Baltic Basin District, the pool Peipsi lake and river basin Narva and rivers Lofty. The general direction of flow of the river morning from the south-west to north-east. Istok morning comes from the lake Meyrin, which is available in the village Berzgale Rēzekne Latvia. After the village of Orin river begins to flow through the territory of Russia in the Pskov region in the first Pitalovo area, and in the lower reaches of Ostrovsky area. Read more [...]
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Urals in the peasant war of 1773-1775.

The internal policy of the government of Catherine II, aimed at strengthening the dictatorship of the nobility and the further strengthening of the feudal order, accompanied by the strengthening of social oppression as Russian­of the population, and the non-Russian peoples of the Volga region and the Urals. Hard course was hosted by the Government in respect of the Cossacks: The SBI­dilos «regulyarstvo» constant and burdensome for the Cossacks service, the gradual elimination of old Cossack rights. Center of the struggle became Yaik [51]. Strengthening social and material inequality­equality Read more [...]
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Ural Bazhovsky. Trip Report

Roads in Bashkortostan - on a solid top five. It starts to realize when you go beyond it. Decent asphalt pointers. All under one standard, as if on the ground of the military unit are. Talk about the villages that we passed, it makes no sense - other than benign huge village, shaded by more than one visit to Rakhimov. Nature is also rather monotonous - steppe, mounds of pine. For Novobelokataem towards the Chelyabinsk region, the station Unkurda are two roads. Asphalt through Belyankov, slightly shorter grader directly. Went on grader. In principle, a good road. Even more so, given the fact Read more [...]
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Both smiling CITY

Perhaps, in the midst of all kinds of art in architecture, no rivals for the approval of the creative power of the world's population. City impossible to ignore, it is available to all the organs of emotion, he fills the landscape, obscures the horizon, he - alpha and omega of at least some of the road. View of the town is subject to not mind the 1st person, but will, if not all of its inhabitants, then a collective will, which dictates the era - and that, if not the time runs eventually overlooking the town? Change, grow skyward main town of, and that's Yekaterinburg, founded as the capital of Read more [...]
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State of the ice cover on lakes and rivers of the Kostroma region

On the Volga River near the village and in the town of reddish Volgorechensk under the bridge appeared ravine, where ice cover is absent. The average thickness of the ice on the river Volga to 45 cm On Kostroma spill ice thickness up to 50 cm, it is gullies in the South and the North Channel about Kastinskih gate. On the river Kostroma ice thickness from 40 to 50 cm. Nemda on the river near the town and village AN kady Berezovets ice thickness from 40 to 50 cm on the ice formed nasluda. On the lakes Galichsky Chukhloma ice thickness from 40 to 50 cm. On the river near the village of Vetluga Podoliha, Read more [...]
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river Uvelka

Properties of the river Uvelka. Istokenvalid area near the array Selendi and lake Kundravinsky,located 20 kilometres South of the town of Chebarkul. The length Recoatable 234 km with a catchment Area of -5800 square KMPlayer tributaries of Central Kazakhstan  small rivers coqui,  Comlek, Karasu,  Coelho, Shares and Kubanka. Country baberaham river Hilly. On the river hosted two town - Yuzhnouralsk and Troitsk. And makepolo Krasnogorsk and a large number of villages. On the ground of Yuzhnouralsk, Nouvelle during the construction of the power plant was established at Yuzhnouralskaya Read more [...]
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Journey to Zyuratkul. 3-4 August 2013

Before the trip to Zyuratkul all Summer 2013 was held on the banks of the river Sim. And then, after a rest on Sime next weekend, it was decided to go to the next weekend at this high mountain lake. The decision was quite spontaneous, there were several options. But in the evening before the intended trip outweighed the scales toward Zyuratkul. Was made an excellent plan to visit the town of Shem, the fountain, the thresholds, and actually speaking, the lake and the mountain range. Not everything had left for the following year. 10.00. Saturday morning we met the cloudy weather.With small caps Read more [...]
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The wild edges Zatirlyanya

Beloretsk small town, but when you do not know the road, he begins to grow in size. Where the fuck Morse guys where saves ?! (C) Well, where is the road to Tirlyan ??? Found and drove north isselodovat Beloretskogo district. 1st item Shushpa. Village on the white where they filmed The endless cry. Before the village abounding stream. Well, well, it's Snow White! Nothing too exciting. Dacha settlement, bought up magnitogortsamim. Generally curious to look at the expansion of Magnitogorsk Truckers on such utter sinusoid as kombinat who will close the thread a piece of metal, so sledtset Read more [...]
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Pavlovian reservoir

Pavlovian reservoir built within the boundaries of Ufa plateau consisting of a limestone karst that impacted slozhnoststroitelstva. With all of this narrow canyon, formed by the river in Ufimka tolschahUfimskogo plateau not give water spill. Because, without looking at his bolshuyuprotyazhennost, Pavlovsk reservoir sufficiently narrow.Relax on the Pavlovsk reservoir favorite thing many zhiteleyUfy and nearby localities of daylight saving time. Not counting the colorful beauty of the famous fishing at Pavlovsk reservoir. With some flourishes and spear fishing at Pavlovsk reservoir. Being upstream Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).