In Moscow, a new deadly poisonous mushroom

Scientists are puzzled how a rare fungus could be in our latitudes,Refrain from collecting summer honey agaric mushroom strongly recommend mycologists. They found in the woods near Moscow poisonous mushroom as two drops of water similar to his brother's edible.As reported «MK» at the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, a fungus called galerina bordered never previously met in the capital region. Until now it is only occasionally found in the North Caucasus. Why is this a toxic body has expanded its range, scientists have not the slightest suggestion. Perhaps this is due to Read more [...]
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Evacuation from the accident site

In the case of officially announced or undertaken independently evacuation is necessary to collect all the home and quickly but accurately instruct them about safety when traveling on the danger zone. Agree on gathering places and ways of communication in case you are lost.! Young children MUST hang on neck what some improvised cases with a note or tag, which indicate their first and last names, address and contact numbers of relatives or friends who know them.! Before you go out, you need to equip "for emergency weather", the most reliable protection against inhalation, the mucous membrane, Read more [...]
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Top 10 things that can be better not to meet

Let's start with the tenth place. It rightfully occupy poisonous frogs that live in Central and South America, Madagascar. Located on their back glands that produce toxins. Poison one - only golden frogs inhabiting Madagascar, can kill ten people. albeit weakly but one consolation - frog produces toxins gradually and very slowly.In ninth place is the wild Indian and African buffalo. This is a very dangerous animal, as fears neither man nor other animals. Full-grown male reaches 2 m at the withers at a mass greater than 900 kg. Horn can curl up in a semicircle or diverge widely from either Read more [...]
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survival medicine

SYMPTOMS OF POISONING POISONOUS MUSHROOMS.Poisonous mushrooms accumulate toxic substances - toxins that are entering into the human body, causing poisoning. Like acts of toxins identified several groups of fungi:1. Mushrooms containing poisonous cyclopeptide (Falla-toxins, amanitin, virosis) cause the most languid poisoning (60-80% fatal finale). Is dehydration, acute cardiac deficiency, hepatic coma, impaired renal function (poisoning by type of intoxication white grebe). Such species in our area is galerina trimmed that by mistake you can collect instead of Armillaria summer, autumn tint or tint Read more [...]
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River of toxic chemicals flooded several villages in Hungary. Video

Two people were killed and more than 60 were injured in spill of toxic waste as a result of accident at the plant for the production of aluminium in Western Hungary. A spill of about 700 thousand cubic meters of toxic chemicals - red mud — flooded several villages, including the Kolontár, devecser, Salovaara. In Devacare from toxic waste sunk about 400 houses. In Kolontar wave spilled pesticides reached two-meter height. According to the associated Press, citing national news Agency of Hungary, MTI, deployed in the region a large-scale operation to eliminate the consequences Read more [...]
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The consequences of the ecological disaster in Hungary. Video

According to experts, a spill of toxic waste in the West of Hungary may become an environmental disaster for the countries of Eastern Europe and seriously threatens the ecosystem of the Danube. © RIA Novosti, Infographics. Paul Karaulov On Monday, October 8, owned by MAL Zrt large enterprise for the production of aluminum Ajkai Timfoldgyar Zrt 160 km West of Budapest was an explosion that destroyed the dam of the reservoir with toxic waste — the so-called «red mud». According to rescuers, after the explosion of the tank turned around 600-700 thousand cubic meters of Read more [...]
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Protection of Plants

Protection of Plants. Plants are protected from poisons animals and each other. Sometimes they become toxic for other reasons. Degree of virulence PlantPrimeurs may depend on the medium; nappimep from sodepzhaniya selenium in the soil. Thus, the usual non-toxic Plants can be poisonous. Action Plants chepez stomach. Solanine poison accumulates in the light or greenish-pepezi MOV kaptofelya tubers in the soil. Cyano compound amygdalin, CL DURING paspade prussic acid, contains the bones in pepsika, abpikosa, plums, cherries. Heavy otpavlenie can come from being devoured 20 seed abpikosa. Pitted cherries Read more [...]
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In Ukraine swam toxic waste from Hungary

Red mud from Hungary, which resulted in the Danube after the local man-made disaster, went to Ukraine and the Black sea. As reported TV channel news 24, this was confirmed by scientists of the Ukrainian scientific center of ecology of the sea. However, according to them, the majority of chemical substances dissolved in a large amount of water. In addition, the waterway to the Black sea, there are two storage tanks, the so-called «iron gate». A significant portion of heavy metals settled on the bottom. Therefore, according to the experts, there is no danger. The level of pollution Read more [...]
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For tourist: Solomon's seal

Poisonous!Similar Landyshev, luxurious plant up to 50 cm with oblong-oval leaves, usually located on the top of the stem in the amount of 5-10 units and similar to Convallaria. Blooms in May and June. The flowers are greenish-white, odorless, hanging on stalks. Fruit - a bluish-black berry ripening in July and August.Whole plant is poisonous.Used in medical purposes, but only Tips for doctors. Read more [...]
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For tourist: Entoloma poisonous

Poisonous!It occurs in the main in the southern half of the forest zone, more on the edges, in the middle of bushes, from July to October. Cap diameter up to 17 cm, smooth, naked, whitish flesh or bodily yellow, initially convex with tubercle, then funnel-shaped, with wavy and curved narrow margin. Some time later hat becomes slack and fiber-striped. Leg length 10 cm, width 2 cm, cylindrical, whitish, silky. Snow-white pulp, with the smell of flour. Plate initially yellow, later yellow-pink. Poisonous mushroom. Read more [...]
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Tourist note: first aid for poisoning mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms liking caused poisoning divided into three groups:1st group - fungi that cause liver languid poisoning initially and then other important fundamental bodies; these include palely grebe and its variants. This quarter cap toadstool enough for fatal poisoning, from which no escape provide skilled care is virtually impossible. Palely toadstool contains a very toxic substance - felloidlin capable to destroy and dissolve the reddish blood cells. Symptoms of poisoning appear after 7-40 hours, symptoms of poisoning: headache, dizziness, stomach pain, vomiting, cramps, cold extremities, Read more [...]
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For tourist: Poisonous berries

When collecting feral berries in the forest should be cautious, so were not included in the wicker poisonous berries. On its external data they are very beautiful, appetizing and not cause concern because they may get not only a braid, and in the mouth inexperienced and unknowing collector, and it threatens the sometimes deadly threat.The basic rule of silent hunting - "When in doubt - do not take!" - always work, and the collection of berries it has not been canceled. In general, before going into the woods is useful to familiarize with some plants that should not even taste, Read more [...]
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For tourist: Belladonna

Poisonous!It is a perennial herb up to 1.5 m in height, of the nightshade family, still called belladonna. Rhizome multicipital large-branched roots. One or more stems, stems erect, branched, out of the rhizomes. Leaves are alternate, broadly, pointed, entire, up to 20 cm and more than length. Flowers solitary, sometimes paired on small stalks in the leaf axils, off-purple color.Fruit - a shiny purple-black berry. Blooms in July-August. The whole plant is very poisonous. Used in medicine, but only for the purpose and advice of the doctor. Poisons found in the plant - apoatropin, Read more [...]
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For tourist: Wolf bast

Poisonous! Very dangerous plant. Low shrub up to 2 meters high with juicy bright red berries that little pile molded directly on the bark. Seeded drupe fruit ovoid, up to 8 mm. Berries ripen in August to late autumn hold on the branches. Grows in all types of forests. Poisonous bark, berries, leaves, roots.In all parts of the plant contain highly toxic substances - glycoside dafnin and mezerein. 5 or 6 berries are deadly to humans, 30 g leaves of the horse killed. Symptoms of poisoning: a burning sensation in the mouth, vomiting, convulsions, loss of consciousness, temporary loss Read more [...]
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For tourist: Raven Eye

Poisonous! It is a perennial herb longish and with a creeping rhizome, with a standing height of the stem up to 35 cm, on top of which plug-whorl of 4 obovate leaves and bluish-black with vaguely waxy coating on the end of a berry. On the stem of a plant is one single berry. Blooms in May and June greenish-yellow flower. Perianth double row of eight leaves, 6 stamens, four bars.Berry ripens in July-August. Very toxic to people and pets, as it contains toxic substances - and PARADINA paristifin. Read more [...]
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6 million tons of toxic chromium in landfills in China

In China for two decades, abandoned toxic waste chromium pollute the environment. Chemical factories have closed, but about how to clean up hazardous landfills, nobody cared. Source: NTDRussian Read more [...]
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Gobies act as bodyguards coral

Science knows a lot of different forms of symbiosis, but this the first time scientists have found: Corals call for help calves to protect them from those toxic algae.Examples of symbiosis that is close co-existence and mutual adaptation of members of different species in nature abound. To mind immediately come microorganisms that live in the intestines of mammals, without which digestion would be virtually impossible, or, say, widespread in the tropics, ants and community trees. Typically, speaking of symbiotic mutualism mean, that is a win-win cooperative species, although there are other Read more [...]
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China: it was not just able to

It turned out it was not just the smog. Chinese Academy of Sciences reports that the air high in suspended solids, which blanketed Beijing in January, was also filled with a lot of toxic organic chemicals. They are called photo-oxidants. And if the research results are confirmed, this means that the air over the capital of China is more deadly than previously thought. [Professor Li Xinsheng, University. Sun Yat-sen] "Nitrogen compounds found in smog, usually represent nitrogen dioxide. She, as well as sulfur dioxide, usually accumulate because of the exhaust gases. If the weather Read more [...]
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The train derailed in the U.S.: a leak of hazardous substance

In the south of the U.S. state of New Jersey has gone off the rails freight train. As a result, emergency leak chemicals. Because of the collapse of the bridge four freight cars fell into the river, of which there is a leak of vinyl chloride. According to ITAR-TASS referring to the American media, as a result of leakage affected 18 people, all of them complaining of breathing problems. Vinyl chloride - an organic substance, a colorless gas with a faint sweet smell. The substance is extremely flammable and its explosive mixture with air. In combustion emits irritating, toxic substances, among Read more [...]
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The river flooded several villages of pesticides in Hungary. Video

Two people were killed and over 60 injured in a spill of toxic waste from the accident at the plant for the production of aluminum in western Hungary. Spill of about 700,000 cubic meters of toxic chemicals - red mud - flooded several villages, including Kolontar, Devecher, Shomlovasharhey. In Devechere from toxic waste dumped around 400 houses. In Kolontar wave spilled pesticides reached two meters. As reported by the Associated Press referring to the National News Agency of Hungary MTI, in the region launched large-scale operation in the aftermath of the accident: Rescuing the Rescuers sent Read more [...]
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