Diagnosis and treatment of tetanus

Diagnosis with characteristic clinical picture is not difficult. When uncertain, obliterated clinical and early development stages of tetanus should be differentiated from strychnine poisoning, encephalitis, tetany, rabies, hysteria, etc. A careful history taking and clinical manifestations allows for differential diagnosis, but at the slightest suspicion of tetanus should immediately begin treatment. Forecast of tetanus unfavorable, mortality reaches 40-70%. Treatment. For suspected tetanus patient hospitalized immediately, create tranquility, placed in a separate room (boxing), darken the windows. Read more [...]
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acute infection. with severe disease of the nervous system caused by a bacterium (tetanus wand) when it enters the body through broken skin or mucous membranes, widespread. advantage. in agricultural p-tries. Lockjaw organism lives in the intestines of herbivorous animals and humans without causing disease, and falls with their feces to soil where it can persist for years. Most often occurs after S. injured foot when walking barefoot ("disease of bare feet"), usually develops in 5 - 14 days after infection, manifested attacks torment. convulsions, and often ends in death. C. Prevention Read more [...]
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Records of patients

For timely preventive measures requires strict record of all cases, e as persons with staphylococcal complications encountered in the hospitals themselves. Epidemiological analysis of each case will determine the causes that contributed to contamination and to identify the source of infection. Detected carriers suspended from work in the operating room, dressing rooms, as well as from work to care for newborns. They undergo rehabilitation. In each case, staphylococcal disease or complications arising in the hospital, in the area of sanitary-epidemiological stations should be sent opovestitelnye Read more [...]
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Experience of domestic and foreign authors demonstrated the great effectiveness of tetanus toxoid with longer intervals. However, the intensity of immunity depends on the dose administered tetanus toxoid, and the multiplicity of the injection. There are indications of a direct relationship between the dose of toxoid and antitoxin titer in the blood, although the surplus toxoid may even help to reduce the titer of anti-toxin, since the excitation phase followed by a phase of inhibition. In addition, frequent dosing may contribute to pronounced local l general reactions. For each patient there Read more [...]
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The results of treatment depend not only on the location of the lesion, but on the reactive properties of microorganism. Can significantly reduce the protective properties of the organism in infants (3-4 months) use toxoid less effective. Introduction toxoid simultaneously with the implementation of measures to improve the reactive properties of the body and have an effect in people with reduced protective properties, as well as young children. Introduction toxoid helped shorten the recovery more rapid disappearance piemicheskih lesions and other symptoms of the disease and earlier normalization Read more [...]
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Waste products aureus inhibit phagocytosis. Neutralization of these substances caused by antibodies that differ from antitoxins. Immunized rabbits observed active cell reaction and phagocytic activity, quickly localizing and suppressing activity staph while in non-immunized rabbits with a staph infection commonly observed inhibition of phagocytosis. In immunized animals increased completeness of phagocytosis. In the mechanism of antibacterial immunity plays a role not only the height of agglutinin titer, but the activation of phagocytic leukocytes with simultaneous excitation and observe leukocytosis. Consequently, Read more [...]
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