The International Soothsayer: Be All That You Can’t Be

Extraneous clip, January 1996The International Predictor: Be All That You Can't BeIt lets you run freely and savour the sights," says Michael Sneath, an subaqueous trainer for Belaqua, which manufactures the Respiration Reflection Babble, a $10,000 submergible scooter fitted with a Jetsons-style ventilation helmet.Yes, it does. It likewise lets you love scuba--BOB can contract you 40 feet down--without playing any strong-arm study, olibanum fashioning Read more [...]
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The European Union requires that the pigs were toys

Pigs should be toys - such requirement is contained in the EU directive, which came into force at the beginning of this year. Pigs must have permanent access to materials that should be of interest to them, says the directive. The main purpose of the new Directive - to ensure animal welfare.The Directive does not regulate what kind toys should be in pigs. But the experience of the German breeders who tried to "entertain" his team showed that in the top of a hryushek - colorful balls. However, observing the behavior of pigs in the eco-farms in Germany have shown that pigs clever games Read more [...]
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A child in the living room

Most of the time a child spends in the living room, where he was inexperienced man who was waiting for! any unforeseen circumstances. Lest misfortune, should be removed from the furniture fragile and dangerous pieces of furniture, such as glass or porcelain figurines, etc. It is bad when a child is always something to prohibit adults. The child harmoniously developed, it needs to give some leeway and autonomy. The corners of furniture are the main cause bruises and bumps, so it is advisable to cover them with foam adhesive tape. Remember, alcohol, cigarettes, lighters, matches should be kept Read more [...]
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Cognitive development Review-1

In this context, it is extremely interesting to observe the behavior of the infant disorganized game. It is often possible to see how the kids come up with their own ideas about the situation of testing object permanence. Closing and opening of the subject becomes a favorite pastime of infants under the age of about six months. Any toy, in which something disappears and then appears, draws attention to the baby. Perhaps that is why so many of the popular children this age toys based on the use of this technique. That infants who have toys in boxes and neat mother, almost inevitably come to Read more [...]
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Hanging toys

Children with mental retardation toys suspended at a later date. Toy should be bright enough to child pay attention to it, and is made of a material that is easily verifiable current disinfection. Toys hung on a special bracket at 60-70 cm from the child's sternum (Fig. 12). Lower hanging toys could spark a child strabismus. Bracket, on which was mounted a toy, is a metal rod, curved-shaped, with the assistance of a special clamp is attached to the bed. There is another way of fixing bracket. On the upper side of the bed plate drilled hole diameter of 0.5 cm, respectively, which on the Read more [...]
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For healthy childhood-5

Raising a child with his first day of his life with a permanent establishment of strict regime, which is based on accurate and correct sequence of feeding, sleep and wakefulness. In drawing mode, you must take into account the physical abilities of the child, the type of the nervous system after an illness and impaired children regime should be gentle. In these cases, your assistants should be the local doctor and health visitor nurse. Great place in the wake mode to exercise. In 3-4 weeks, talking to your doctor, you can start massage, continuing it until 4-5 months. With 1.5-2 months can Read more [...]
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Toys (hygiene)

Toys (hygiene). Toys are an important means of educating children and their overall mental and physical development. From a hygienic point of view, toys must meet the age characteristics of children, do not harm their health. To avoid the possibility of injury are important simple forms of toys, no sharp edges and the material. This is especially important for the youngest children. Pre-condition is resistant paint film covering toys, which should be strong and do not dissolve in water and saliva. So toys can be painted only certain dyes and sanitary regulations on the manufacture and sale Read more [...]
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Radiation in children's toys

In recent years, Russia has frequently detected radioactive toys. Preferably, such dangerous items manufactured in China. It happens that the radiation level toy exceeds the norm by 20 times. Given that radiation is most dangerous for a young growing bodies, a game with such an item can be fatal. Doctors have long established that radiation causes delays in mental and physical development, cancer, infertility further and constant contact with the radioactive subject simply unacceptable. How does the radiation enters the toys? According to experts, are often used in their production of low-quality Read more [...]
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