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On Earth, found traces of ancient life

In the north-western part of Australia's Pilbara region can be found traces of life that existed on the planet about 3.49 billion years ago. According to some reports, there was an old sediment.Such opinion was scientists from Old Dominion University. They found in the local sandstone prints, which are, apparently, the oldest traces of life bacteria planet.Experts said that this is a so-called bacterial communities - cyanobacterial mats. A detailed study of the composition of the stones did not reveal the presence of fats, proteins, and the more the microbes themselves, but something still Read more [...]
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The island near Phuket traces of an unknown giant creatures — people in horror

Mysterious footprints giant creatures appeared on Friday night on the island of Mai Pai (Bamboo Island, north of Phi Phi). Traces appearing in the forest, pass through the yard of a local school and lead to the sea.Mysterious footprints are extremely concerned students, parents and teachers. According to them, the traces left a huge snake. Traces represent a long strip, consisting of pairs of circles. Each circle diameter is 20 centimeters. Local experts estimate that the length of the snake, which left traces of the data, should be not less than fifteen feet. Atwar Payne, a teacher from Read more [...]
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In the Himalayas are expected to be powerful earthquake

on December 30. How did you manage to find a research group led by scientists from Nanyang technological University in Singapore, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 8 to 8.5 left a distinct \"scars\" in the Central part of the Himalayas. This discovery could have far-reaching consequences for the region, the population density which is similar to the rate in new York city. According to Professor Paul Trapane, the existence of such destructive earthquakes in the past means that in the future tremors of the same power can happen again, especially in those areas where traces pratyush earthquakes Read more [...]
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Physiological canvas mental acts-1

On the other hand, the discovery of conditioned reflexes gave a key to understanding the nature of mental acts, for the imposition of the physiological canvas. First of all the data that the work of the cortex of the brain is in the closure of relations between different nerve cells before unrelated, have created a materialistic doctrine of associations. Conditioned reflex - this is association. Any appearances - the landscape, the melody, the experience, etc. - causes stimulation of certain cells of the cortex. Excitation of a certain group of cells is never isolated, because at the same time Read more [...]
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The theory of neural traces

The founder of our national physiology Sechenov spoke of dreams, it is only "an unprecedented combination of seasoned experience." In such a condensed form as clearly expressed in the materialist conception of dreams. On the essence of dreams in the history of human thought expressed opposing views. Dreams are caused past experiences of the individual, so they can only be a new combination of elements of the past experience of life, the dream can not be anything that has never been and never experienced. This is the materialistic point of view. Idealists believe that dreams can be Read more [...]
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Forensic investigation of blood stains-1

Doctor - a specialist in forensic medicine helps the investigating authorities in the identification of objects, similar to the traces of blood, Seizure and their correct direction for examination. The white and light for traces of blood clearly visible and are red, brown, or brown. On dark subjects blood spots may appear lighter than the surrounding background. These spots and stains, the color of which is close to the color of the subject vehicle, identified under good natural light or obliquely incident light. In some cases, the identification of traces of blood is difficult because of a Read more [...]
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Dreams and memories

Dreams are a clear testimony to the extraordinary ability of the brain for a long time to keep traces of previously experienced stimuli, it is known, is the foundation of psychic memory. In fact, during sleep, people can sometimes see the images from that of the past, which they have long been forgotten. In this dream he or other image, such as a long-lost sight of, or even a dead person can be played with the precision with which it can not recover arbitrarily, that is, on their own. All this points to a connection with the phenomena of dreams memory. In particular, it is of interest to the Read more [...]
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Determination of blood group

Determination of blood group carried out to identify the possibility of its origin from a certain person. In the erythrocyte, serum and blood enzyme systems contain a large number of transmission by inheritance of antigens (proteins), some combination of which every system characterizes a particular blood type. Group membership is defined as a trace of blood on the physical evidence, and sent in blood samples seized from the victims and suspects. Comparison of antigenic set of blood in the various systems in the test tracks and samples can comment on the possibility or impossibility of the origin Read more [...]
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Clothing in the forensic respect

Clothing investigate the medical examiner during the inspection body at the scene, at the autopsy and examination of living persons. On clothing can be faulty in its form and nature to define the object, which they travel, in particular, set sometimes form the striking surface of the object or determine the shape of the cross-section sharp object. Care should be taken if there are buttons on the clothes torn, breaks loops and other damage. These data are recorded, as they may indicate a struggle, and self-defense. On clothing can be found traces of gunshot, the study of which addressed the Read more [...]
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Orientation on the trail

A man whose work is closely related to nature, usually of particular visual acuity of observation and memory, learns to detect invisible to other features of the surroundings. Signs by which he reads Nature, called tracks, and the man himself - a tracker. Techniques sledopytstva fluent in taiga hunters, desert shepherds, herders, guards. The doctrine of the tracks is called trassologii (from the French word «trace» - trail) And examines the origin of the various signs and change them from various causes, the rules of discovery and exploration. Trassologiya distinguishes three groups Read more [...]
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