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Noughts and crosses

I finish its long journey, making his way through the snowy woods and marsh alder. Fast fading frosty December day. The sun was still bright, but that even if meager, the heat that is felt in the afternoon, it was not. Soon I came to the swampy meadow. In the summer here I would not set foot man. But now viscous sludge was frostbitten and covered with a blanket of snow. Nest with grouse full clutch of seven eggs. Looking around the tops of the trees, I He caught the eye dark object located close to the barrel Surrounded by black branches. Whereas the object Read more [...]
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Otter and its traces

If your river otter inhabit you for a long time you can not see it, even if it is often visited on the river bankBut if you are observant, you will soon find out about the presence of this animal on the different kinds of tracks left them in their places of residence. Regardless of the season, the first thing you're likely to see is a broad paw prints otters, which are difficult to be confused with signs of other animals. And front and rear paws have five toes otters interconnected swimming membranes. But only on a very soft ground or snow wet otter leaves are crisp prints, which are clearly visible Read more [...]
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Labor hare

The most coveted beast for me hare. To hunt for chernotropu, I walked along the plantations, searched the overgrown chapyzhnikom ravines and thick bushes. A couple of times I managed to raise the skew, but it happened by chance, due to the strong noise made by me in going thorny bushes. Therefore, all raised rabbits safely fled without firing a shot, and I was satisfied at best the contemplation of their flashing heels. All hope was on the fallen snow. But it fell in the year just a lot. On the way to the land I mentally rubbing his hands in anticipation of first production, but there it was. I Read more [...]
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Powdered rabbit Malik just guessed on the white canvas of the forest. If it was not until white stubby branches of aspen may not caught the eye and have a place for it. We just have passed without paying proper attention. But for some inexplicable reason, we seized on the utilities bills, sensing that this is our chance! Photo Dzhus / FLICKR.COM Thrill of the Hunt embraced us father and we began to unravel barely visible trace. Hare dvoil, went trodden path, did everything to confuse their tracks. However, increasing the circles, we still found a single chain, which has Read more [...]
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If not for the dry grass rustled, I'd never seen a hare, which was held under the ground about 5 metersPhoto: Sergey Fokin In the 80 years I have been the Anglo-Russian vyzhlets named Danube. He was a strong viscosity, excellent voice and good preparations. With him was taken a lot of rabbits, foxes and raccoon dogs bit. One of these hunts I remember as never before.It was about 1985 in late December. Before that, a few days does not fall out fresh newly-fallen snow. So, I left the house almost dark. The street was cold –14°. I had to go far in the so-called forest roads. Read more [...]
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Christmas tradition

Like your favorite movie heroes, and my father and uncle Vitya December 31, love to spend - no, not in the bath as you might think - and in the woods. We have such a tradition. Photo by the author All New Year's vanity leave for women's hands and sees scope for yourself frosty day and the silence of the forest – drive cunning hare, enough to inhale and lift your mood! The weather is splendid! «Frost and sun; a wonderful day»! For several days snowing, so that all traces of the old covered with fluffy white blanket. Forest dozing. A ruffled white-coats, were fluffy Read more [...]
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Rabbit for dinner

Photo Gennady Suchanino Our family wound up custom game invite relatives or friends. Once, when I got two geese in the game and invited her son and his family, friend, having learned about it, I was offended that he was not invited. Meat fresh game he likes to hunt and here he does not want to go.At night I fell was not the first snow. On its branches had gathered so many that walk under the trees, it was very unpleasant. In the morning it was freezing a little, then it was warm, and the snow falling from the branches, creating noise than cool distracted my attention and made to Read more [...]
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Found protecting people

Rusak flashed among young pines, and I had to shoot at random and randomly place where he could be in the next moment. Here failure! Why such an unlucky day!Photos Martin Nikolaj / Six hours I have trodden the virgin snow. Another dawn has gone far in the field early in the morning hoping to hunt foxes mouse. But the search proved futile. And partly because of freshly fallen powdery snow a lot is not even on wide skis. And so the hunt until you see moth need tramped ten, or even more kilometers. And sometimes the day aimlessly kill. Although there are exceptions: I do Read more [...]
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Wonderful song rut

Flair and skill HOUNDExcellent working hound respectfully called the word "master". Watching her work from the very first minutes of fun. Surprisingly rational manner of search gives the impression that the master knows the place where the hare likes to hide prone. A pomknuv he conquers precision reference track, vibrant passion rut, high pressure on the hare. Hot rut care of its expressiveness. Unfortunately, the master is rare. Even very rare. Owning a dog - the age-old dream lover coursing. Feasibility Is this a dream? Do rise rock hounds, and in particular the Russian hounds, with backward, Read more [...]
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Well and heritage!

Wild boar as a result of their activities as the leaves in the forests and in the meadows and fields, a lot of different tracks of their stay. Meet the very boar in its natural environment (except, of course, cases battue hunting for it) is almost impossible.Fig. 3Summer marks the single boar found at old forest road:1. Prints the main hind feet, completely cover the traces of the front. Prints on thick mud. Step. Location and left right pairs of legs aligned with tracks on Figures.2. Mud bath boar, arranged in puddle forest road. Schematic view.  This Read more [...]
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I know a red gait …

Fox to me a very interesting subject, which I have given perhaps the most honorable place among the other representatives of the animal kingdom. All I know about this beast, almost 90% built on twenty years analyzing traces of his life. Prints paws on Fox loose snow. Fast trot. Up — trace back paws down — front.Figure Alexey Subbotin Looking back now, I more I agree with the wonderful zoologist of Game NN Rukovskim, said that one of the methods of animal cognition is the study of trace his activities. Here I would like to introduce the reader Read more [...]
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With crow on marten

Hunting experiencePhoto: Anton Zhuravko It was in the early eighties of the last century. Hunting with hounds, which I then held, it is permitted only until 15 January, and later it was possible to hunt fur-bearing animals without dogs, so in my free time I was shooting at squirrels podsluh, kept watch on fox bait, set traps for mink and the polecat. Beast is not available for a long time remained a marten.Marten tracks in the forest there were many, but to see a living animal even a chance I never had, so I knew about it only from the pictures and the stories of experienced hunters. Read more [...]
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Learn at stroke of a pen

Year after year, studying the traces of the different animals in the wild, all the time are discovering the secrets of their different life. But let it even known to science and more than once been described in the literature, the thrill of discovery to make your own non-transferable! And this leads to an even greater desire to learn new things. So one day I was with a black cock. «Kosach feeds on birch». thirty July 1994 of the year. One overcast November day while hunting near the flooded peat quarries, I looked up at dawn, a flock of black grouse. Read more [...]
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Hounds: field work and its evaluation

Ending. Beginning in № 7/2007AND NOW, try to understand STAGES OF WORK HOUND (climb, GON how) based on the use of the described hereditary characteristics.ClimbThrown to climb Hound has virtually no opportunity to use a flair for Wake the beast. Hare, as has been said, the smell gives only enough fresh tracks. Night zhirovochny trace has caught a cold, and the remaining excrement eating and make it impossible to trace its path to maturation. To give individual vzlaivaniya (transoms), ending with the rise of the beast does not indicate only an overly excitable olfactory response, ie the shortcomings Read more [...]
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With huskies for moose

I hunt in Yakutia began in 1970. In early October to establish a steady snow cover. A WEEK, Ivan, an avid LOSYATNIKOM, went hunting in the VALLEY OF KEY YSTYNAH. Highways LENA - PEACE KEY envelope top of this forty-first on the segment - forty-eight kilometers from the city.We turned off the road to the east of the old profile. A car with an effort overcame deep gullies and potholes. Hardly crossed the seaward right tributary Ystynaha overgrown bushes dwarf willow and birch. In the rare pine turned left at the old bypass road. Unload, before reaching the key a couple of kilometers.Near the road Read more [...]
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Secrets of tracking hare

Minimum noise during tracking even more important than camouflage clothing, as the hare hunter discovers the ear long before it sees. To get closer to maturation at a distance of a confident shot does not have to move the trail (and certainly not in a straight line), and bypassing the noisy places - present, branches, coarse stubble ...Photo g a f a k a s s i m / FLICKR.COM AT maturationWhen looking for discounts on complex twos, threes (rugged terrain, with little snow, thick grass) I pass first on one side of the track and then on the other. This allows you to go from the main Read more [...]
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Grey Ghosts

Since the end of October were incessant rains. So limp that of viscous slurry sloshing was hard to drag their feet. But in early December, to install solar days, and immediately grabbed cold, pinning down the marsh and swamp water spills.I I hoped that the approach of wolves hear in advance: in a quiet evening it will give even a faint rustle of grass. Behind week River is well chilled, ice donkey and waters from shore to coast acquired trough-shaped form. To pass on the river this ice ungulates not risked.Frosts increased. The night sky was covered Read more [...]
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Unexpected Hare

I had just started to hunt and, honestly, I knew how to hunt only from books that are "swallowed" immediately, as soon as the sale there is something new. By the day "swallowed" on the hunting of birds, but about the winter hunt fox and hare only knew something and they say, "in general".But it was the winter, the snow fell and did usidish home in another day off, went hunting permit on fox and hare in your pocket. As previously train dovezla Sukhodrev me to the station, and then abandoned the bus and walk two kilometers to the familiar woods near a small village, where once met a hare and fox Read more [...]
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Wonder boar

It was an unusually large fresh boar trail. The heart beat faster, kindled a sense of excitement of hunting, and hunting arms spontaneously felt armor. I went after him, and he went forward, leaving the bush clay smears from their sides. Flakes of foam on the branches reach up to the level of my shoulder (during rutting bulls have generously allocated foamy saliva). The boar was a moderate pace that allowed me to walk freely in his tracks without making the most of the characteristic rustling in the snow. His path crosses several large boar tracks. On the track it was clear that my boar worried: Read more [...]
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Ideal Hound

Offers readers a material - the result of my many years of hunting with hounds. They tied my whole life. My official hunting experience - 38 years. All these years I kept hounds. Photo Czeslaw Kozlovitskogo Canes kept as my father, and they were two of my uncles. Love to hunting and beagle instilled these, my native people. There were dogs and other breeds, but beagle has always favored. Who we are two brothers hold 5 Hounds (two — vyzhlenka, 6 and 7 months). I hunt mainly on Pskov in my native region.What should be the Read more [...]
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