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The traps in hunting game

Hunting allows a person in the wild to provide a game – meat, protein food. Hunt can be as small game and medium and large animals. There are two fundamentally different approaches to the chase: active and passive. Active hunting assumes the presence of weapons (firearms, bow and arrow, slingshot, throwing stick, spear, etc.) and an active search for prey. Passive hunting is to install on animal trails traps, traps, snares, in which the game itself comes. Today we will talk about the passive hunting on the snare and traps. The topic is vast and extremely interesting. Traps for large game. Read more [...]
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On signs, on which a prescription footprint, huge impact external conditions such as the condition of the soil, nature of terrain, weather, time of year and day, the state of vegetation or snow cover. Traces rapidly recorded snow, sand or dust, changed and destroyed. The study of these configurations disposition traces eventually external criterion and is based mechanism for determining the limitation of the track, allowing to judge about the time stay in this place troops and equipment.In dry calm weather tracks left in the sand or soft earth, there are very clear, perfectly visible and therefore Read more [...]
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The ridge Chistop. (First option)

The length of the walking paths 58 km.The duration of 18-20 days. Ivdel town village. Ushmaev. 115 km. Starting point is the northernmost city in the Sverdlovsk region Ivdel (4 km from the railway station of the same name it). The city in two shares river Weeks, originating from the master of the Ural mountain range. In the translation from the Tatar Ivdel clear water. On the right bank is cedar park recreation favorite place of citizens. The museum of history can learn about the history of the city and learn about the natural resources of the area. From Ivdel to the village Vijay (90 km) Regular Read more [...]
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With Suratkal on the Big Nurgush

The route begins in the village of Zyuratkul, on the banks of the homonymous mountain lakes. The village is the road from the M5. The road is not bad and prothera on all modes of transport. The car can be thrown in the Parking lot of the base NP "Zyuratkul" or other databases. You agree and with local residents. From the dam. Where the river flows out Big Satka, begins the road around the lake counter-clockwise. The road and then cross the streams flowing down from the ridge Zyuratkul. After 5 km on the left on the lawn will be remains Sharovsky cordon. They say that above the cordon there are Read more [...]
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Camping weekend at Mount Transverse

Dobratsyazhe to the starting point, you can travel by car, turning off the road M5 "Ural" city Yuryuzan. Continue through the village of reddish hill at the sign-naPervuhu Mesedu-Tyulyuk. From Yuryuzan distance is around 50 km away. In tommeste where grader road comes to a crossroads and turn directly Tyulyuk, turning to the right, toward the small poselochke Kordonnyy.Nahoditsya it specifically on the shore Yuryuzan. You can throw the car, agreeing with someone of the inhabitants. Or you can drive a bit further iostanovitsya on the riverbank. If you come late, and then you can zanochevat.Hrebet Read more [...]
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A trip to the pre-winter. Zyuratkul

Here fairytale town. Ships.  Built it all the beauty Satkinsky tycoon nicknamed Whales Whale. It can be seen in order to homestead allowed on the territory of the National Park to build. The truth will soon be seen bored and povoelel servants a gentleman to call. Slave at the gate and said, say the car could not be considered here, the master will come to curse. Over the entrance of 50 rubles, and for the rest of the entertainment separate price list approved by the gentleman and minted on tin, posted at the entrance. There in mass Wesley huts. Here for example is a. It says brothel Kashchei  Autumn Read more [...]
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On Atysh 71 km

In this article, we make out one of the days of trekking output ostanovochnogopunkta 71 km of railways Karlaman-Beloretsk.  First part of the journey is made by train Ufa-Inzer. OtUfy it is about 3 hours. Once out of the train, and she skrylasv tunnel, you need to walk 200 meters along the embankment in the direction of motion of a bygone elektrichki.Dalshe turn on the road that goes to the left of the mound and go through it in the direction byvsheyturbazy. Camp site it is necessary to bypass the left along the trail or walking through. Road and tropavyvedut you ultimately saves on the river Read more [...]
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To the river Niols. (Second embodiment)

The length of the walking paths 50 km.Duration 1,4-18 days Niols typical proud river with a height difference of 80 m. length of 20 km. In the upper reaches of the river is relatively quiet, with small rapids, but in the middle and lower reaches of the channel is encumbered with stones, constantly encountered plum and rifts. Therefore stlav on Niolsu possible only on the shallow-draft vessels and completely eliminated sea on a raft. Build it can only be in the mouth before the rafting on Vishera. Small tributaries Niolsa usually subside with steep slopes and form beautiful waterfalls. pos. Vijay Read more [...]
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To the river capelin. (Third option)

The length of the walking paths 55 km.Duration of 15-18 days. Capelin (Beaver River) left tributary Vishery. Length of 51 km. The river is very capricious, crafty, with a rapid current, continuous rapids and impassable rapids (Shiver). In the upper (Big Capelin) river compressed sullen bizarre rock formations and mountains ridge Tulymskogo Isher. Mainstream cluttered stones through them with noise rushing water. After the confluence of the Little Capelin possible fusion on a small raft. pos. Dr. Vijay. TOKHTA-p. Capelin. 106 km. From Vizhaya on West There is a road on which the goods are delivered Read more [...]
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Thieves trail

Horses with Satka stole often. Drove to the south-east, in the steppe Bashkiria. For this purpose is the so-called Thieves trail that passed Zyuratkul lake, on the saddle between Mount Lucas and Huge Nurgush. And then for Urenga ridge, towards the lake Semibratskogo in the Trans-Ural steppes, where they sold the horses nomads-Bashkirs. It was, in a certain extent to this day it is believed that the one who walks through the Thieves trail himself at one point become a thief. On the trail of this walk is not recommended. But the path trodden that to this day. The truth will probably not steal horses, Read more [...]
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Traces of wild animals

The book acquaints the reader with traces of different forest animals, knows how to traces is known of their life, hidden from direct observation, opens before the reader many potency mother nature. The Creator of the books - recognizable biologist-naturalist, Ranger vocation and experience, the candidate bio-Sciences, more than forty years of his life dedicated to the study of wild fur-bearing animals in their natural environment.Traces of wild animals Read more [...]
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Gives a way

In Elovka, by our calculations, we had to come in 12 hours, as the track was good. Crossed two clearing overgrown grass taller than a man. 2.5 miles from Elovka trail going influx Erldagou suddenly split up: the right was an old, overgrown, and the left - fresh. Turned left, steps were 200, and our trail disappeared. But looking it up a bit and decided to look for rail-seat center. They were nowhere to be found. Circling in search zatesok we finally lost direction ... Cudi go? We departed from the river so that it could be heard. Therefore, lost. It's a shame, because the village Read more [...]
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If the shot is unsuccessful

If a wounded animal remained in place, it is necessary to clarify the results carefully shot to avoid useless loss wounded animal, to organize the prosecution and as quickly as possible to stop the suffering of a wounded animal. First of all, carefully inspect the place where the animal at the time of the shot. Sometimes trace bullets in a tree branch or split it shows a miss. Embossed on the strand of wool is often possible to determine place contact with the animal and find out whether or oanenie bullet was only hurting coat beast. From the behavior of the animal at the time of and after the Read more [...]
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With husky on the trail

Than described hunting with huskies on the lead for a long time there is a hunt, in which the dog on the trail or the upper animal instinct finds and stops the vicious barking. The negative side of this hunt is that if the free search dog scares the animals and often failing to detain the animal, drove it too far. Therefore it is better to have two or three amicable huskies. It is important not to dismiss vain dogs, and keep them on a leash at all times, especially if the hunter pursues the beast on the trail left by the old bull. About identifying where you want to stay elk, hunter let the dogs Read more [...]
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The race for survival

    HAlaska was a traditional dog sled race called The 2010 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, which starts in the town of Iditarod. Participants had to overcome the 1150 miles snowy expanses of the state in the harsh conditions of low temperatures and the polar night. Iditarod - The annual dog sled race in Alaska, where teams of 12-16 dogs and musher pass almost two thousand kilometers. For the duration is from ten to seventeen days. Race Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race this year, starting March 6.DAdd security to the frozen rivers, dense forests, indescribable scenery, Read more [...]
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Pragma - no-cache -refresh -0; URL= ROBOTS NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW ROBOTS NOARCHIVE Pragma no-cache Read more [...]
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Who are you?

All before the throne of Lake Superior, I knew almost by heart. From the forest villages, inhabited by shepherds, I sailed on the first boat. The boat left at the end of the lake, on the shore of a small bay overgrown and hardly noticeable on the trail going to the far taiga lake, which Peter and Basil called top. Old, long hozhennaya Forest track passed a clearing and made its way cautiously between two gloomy firs. These ate always seemed to me the gates of the forest. I usually stay here, smoking and then moved on through the thick spruce blind. Spruce ended, and very soon hung Read more [...]
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The untouched wilds of the taiga. Meeting with Amboy

MEETING WITH Amboy Almost half a year I was in Shkotovsky area. All spare time was spent on research and the conquest of the taiga. I read a lot, studied directories, maps, asked experienced taezhnikov. I was interested in everything from ferns to cedar, from mites to bears. But I was more interested in the tiger. The initial panic before it was a predator. We missed him in the summer when I went to the freshly killed them boars. Then there was the night defense of the camp, the dog just did not get to him for dinner. Several times across fresh tiger tracks. I even like him in the return Read more [...]
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AE Berman Young Tourist. Search for the missing group. Part 13

18 hours 30 minutes. Kolya groups are not. The girls are nervous around the campfire: - Get plenty of fire do, they need to boil rather, they are about to appear. Katya and Natasha are confident that the guys are hiding in the bushes and in exactly 19 hours with whooping jump out into the clearing. But I know that Kolya enough sense not to do so. 18 hours 40 minutes. Kolya group no. - Bob, redistribute the load in the backpack so that the majority of the weight was for me and you. Here, we will not leave anything - who knows where we will go and how much. Bob understands. He pulled out of Read more [...]
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Tiger tracks

Morning, just got up, went to see the river. Dirty yellow water, rushes and boils. Compared to yesterday's level it has risen by about 70 centimeters, to the edge of the coast there are still 50 centimeters. Well, the rain has stopped at night, and then we went to. After tea breed huge fire and begin to dry up their belongings. Stretch tent directly over the fire, and she, like a balloon blown up and torn. Show the sun. Enthusiastically welcomed him. By 12 o'clock all dried up and we are moving down the flow. The trail is so good at the pass, was again good for nothing. Read more [...]
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