Short striker

On the day we Ivan, an old hunter and my frequent companion, produced a good ingots and now with the help of ropes dragged it down from a high hillside, close to the trail. We stopped to rest. We sat on a soft, still warm pig's back, and my elder ruled: — Here, the slope a little more, you can drag and alone. Bring one as you can, then to put a spacer between the ribs, and the move to the path. I'll be there, let's go together to the baracheku. Now I go check on the trap ferrets. It has long been not looking.  So we broke up, I went down with his scraper and partner — along the Read more [...]
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Autumn spinning on Okuneva trail

Bright light puffed distant horizon, but to go on a fishing trip a bit earlyAutumn frost and the first night frosts are already being felt, and the underwater inhabitants are not very active in the early morning. Fish out of the pits and will "walk" acquainted trails in search of food an hour or two after sunrise.When the chilled air is warmed and melted a bit damp night, I go to the boat in search of fish swarms. This time my spinning aimed at fishing perches, preferably large, that on the eve of the freeze-up is often a good pet cool. Solid trophy goes to the most restless anglers who are not Read more [...]
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Each has its own trail

We returned one day with my old friend - a local ranger - from the far forest hike. We do not hurriedly walked the forest road net, which was to take us to the village. We passed. Talked. Suddenly we saw how some unknown creature quickly mince on the road ahead of us. – See hedgehog! – Huntsman said, not noticing in the predawn at «urchin»... Muskrat's tail. Yes, it was a muskrat. As it turned out there? Near the good three miles no more or less decent stream or abandoned ponds. Around the pine forest. And the animal itself runs on a clean way, as if his way knows beforehand. Read more [...]
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Burbot trail — Myth or Reality?

It should be a time to see with their own eyes, and all doubts disappearPhoto: Ivan Semyonov The existence of so-called burbot trails supported by many publications and the opinions of fishermen. But in any case there is nothing better than a personal experience. No wonder they say: «Better to see once than hear a hundred times». I, frankly, in the practice of catching burbot never seen confirmation of the existence of this very trail. Catching burbot are many: and in the autumn, winter and spring. In open water, and all sorts of Donkey postavushkami winter – Read more [...]
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Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM What is the path to taiga? It's all! Sometimes it's an opportunity that gives destiny. AND from what can match the a sense of joy when, having windbreak, losing track of time, tired to limit, you suddenly see: the trail! FROM what joy to fall, throwing off his backpack, next to the her Wet moss, realizing that now certainly somewhere to come!Yadavno go to solitary hiking in northern taiga, tundra. Northern, Polar and Ural Mountains were populated by me. AT This time the plan was: go to Western Read more [...]
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On the protected paths

There is a map Chernozemya amazing place - Usman boron, gets its name from flowing through it a small river UsmanSurrounded on all sides by endless fields, busy roads and cities, it looks like a huge green island, a miracle happened to be in the heart of the steppes. Here, according to biologists B.A.Kellera, «you feel as if left over from the steppe region in the zone of coniferous forests and tundra vegetation, even in part». The northern part of the boron occupies one of the oldest in the country, recently celebrated his eightieth birthday Voronezh State Biosphere Reserve.The history Read more [...]
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On the white path

The long-awaited snow fell. Driven hunt for the white trail was much easier to carry out. The presence of an animal in the pen if rangers are these activities with responsibility and understanding, easy to identify. Photo: Sergey Fokin The direction of travel of the beast on the white trail determined languishing and dragged. Dragged – it is a short bar (bar), made the beast in the snow. When removing the leg holes of the track and its holding up to the next step, the animal makes of it the snow, and then it draws the strip. Edge dragged rough, ragged, emission snow krosheva Read more [...]
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Jokes leshego

In life, not only I had a little whoring: in the woods, in the mountains, even in familiar places. It's no wonder they say: "get lost in broad daylight," and this is quite possible. Status astray to explain difficult and sometimes impossible. Awareness of what happened all the same: at first puzzled, then confusion, fright – What to do? Then comes a decision for further action. In Soviet times memorabilia lovers wander in nature eagerly awaited Red days in the calendar, and if a holiday on a weekday, it is a joy doubled.At the time the Constitution Day coincided with Monday. It was decided Read more [...]
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So much for the trail …

When she read the article with his grandfather Ivan Semyonov "Burbot trail - myth or reality?", Decided something about this talkPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov In the autumn of last year we had a protracted – Rain, wind and frost. Everyone raised their boats from the water, waiting for the winter. Winter did not come true, the off-season was delayed. Fishermen toiled. And we found way out.We went on our boat and pontoons Okushko caught on winter fishing rod. And let okunishki not good size, but our neighbor's cat catches were satisfied.One day we were sitting with my grandfather, Read more [...]
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Ticks go on the warpath

For the prevention of TBE vaccination is necessary in the period from late autumn to early springPhoto: AT recent years newspapers, «hunting» and «fishermen» no magazines time appeared sensible medical advice about Prevention and methods of protection blood-sucking arachnids attack — ticks, which are carriers of dangerous infectious diseases: tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme borreliosis, typhus fever, ehrlichiosis, Q fever.The sharp increase in the incidence of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), and as Read more [...]
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Head-shrinker Booby-Trapped Bicycle Trails

A head-shrinker who worked for Jackson County in Oregon has pleaded hangdog to booby-trapping pop trails out-of-door Ashland in an attack to impairment flock rockers. According to the Day-by-day Send, Jackson Dempsey, 57, strung nylon corduroys crosswise paths and disjointed nails and fallen trees on the reason to stumble riders, finally injuring leash masses, because, he aforesaid, he didn't same flock rockers, who oftentimes passed him as he walked his dog on the paths.Justice Lorenzo Mejia sentenced the shrink to 30 years in poky; he besides arranged him to stop off interior afforest trails Read more [...]
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The strategy of warfare — trophy abstract Chechen militants

The document is captured as the result of operational activities in the Czech Republic. Will be useful for thinking officers who are engaged in combat training units. 1. Acts IN the MOUNTAINS AND IN the FOREST.The location should be chosen with regard to several reasons: A. the Inconvenience to surprise attack the enemy. To do this, stand on the proposed location of the split base, to look around and think, like you attacked the base, if you were the enemy. On this basis, to elect the location is more awkward to attack you. To find a way back to the group. Split base and the mine site, where the Read more [...]
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Head-shrinker Booby-Trapped Motorcycle Trails

A head-shrinker who worked for Jackson County in Oregon has pleaded hangdog to booby-trapping pop trails out-of-door Ashland in an undertake to scathe batch rockers. According to the Day-by-day Send, Jackson Dempsey, 57, strung nylon corduroys crosswise paths and illogical nails and fallen trees on the reason to trip riders, finally injuring deuce-ace citizenry, because, he aforementioned, he didn't ilk mount rockers, who oftentimes passed him as he walked his dog on the paths.Justice Lorenzo Mejia sentenced the head-shrinker to 30 years in gaol; he likewise logical him to halt off subject timber Read more [...]
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MissoulaAhnu Kirkham, Woodland Earthkeepers, and Oboz Missoula     Pic: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: Travelling years, melt trails.THE Tryout: Well-nigh of the place hither aspect the contribution—they proudly say, I’m departure hike. Which is incisively why we same the skateboarding-inspired Missoula so lots. Its shallowly lugged outsole is way grippier than it looks and performed peculiarly wellspring on snow-packed and icy trails and roadstead. The buirdly midsole has an appreciable quantity of impish keep, and—Tom Sail types observe—makes you approximately Read more [...]
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Roclite 243Inov-8 Roclite 243     Exposure: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Racing, midfoot runners, specialize feet. THE Quiz: The Roclite 243 is alike a shoeless slider with fangs. Thither is identical niggling horseshoe underfoot (fair six millimeters up breast and a nine-millimeter cad), and what’s thither is a Gumby-like spineless—you can crease any portion of the exclusive in any steering. That flexibleness, combined with an highly assure midfoot and somewhat ensure hound (thither’s no international counter), made it the almost spry and effective skid hither. Read more [...]
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KrEcco Kr     Photograph: Inga HendricksonTrump FOR: Big feet, mellowed trails, midfoot strikers.THE Examination: We’ve institute premature Ecco chase runners to be xcvi gawky, but various testers raved roughly the fit of the new Kr—a loyal, low, natural-feeling horseshoe that stiff stoutly protective on jolting trails, thanks to a duncish, blotto arctic outsole. The Kr has a perceptibly roomie finish—wide-cut at both forefoot and hound—which way that this skid leave look well-nigh guarantee on high-volume feet. The downside? All that supernumerary board made Read more [...]
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Your Offset Tag Run: Frock Suitably

    Exposure: Roberto Caucino/Shutterstock.comYou don’t needfully demand to see and buy a new duad of train runners for your low run, but you shouldn’t bear your 5K racing flats, either. “A horseshoe with beneficial documentation, stableness, engrossing possible, and comfortableness is requirement for the trails,” Hobbs says. “A commodity general-purpose horseshoe leave execute comfortably on short-circuit sections of route too as the trails. Thither are few multitude who experience compensate future to a trailhead, so it is helpful to prime a horseshoe Read more [...]
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What Should I Cognise Around Tag Linear in Chamonix?

The lonesome wheels you'll uncovering on these French trails are your own two feet.     Picture: Trappe Pic/GoogleA:Travel igniter and loyal upwards mountains—that's the construct buns skyrunning, a sportsman that now boasts 200 races and 30,000 participants p.a..In fact, the 2014 Skyrunning Man Championships took berth terminated the weekend in Chamonix, France. The upshot continued the vale's report as a lead run mecca where unpaid and pro runners similar can run "where the land and sky fill."But don't good translate astir the celebrated races. Project Read more [...]
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Yes, Bikes Go On Ski Hills

Roughly masses may be request if bikes go on ski hills. Later a late-summer chat to northerly New Mexico’s Saint Ardour Cycle Common, I am hither to say—again—course they go. And if you let to ask, you believably harbor’t been to a cycle common latterly.Saint Ardour, a sleepy-eyed picayune repair tucked cryptic in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northerly New Mexico, has around beneficial overwinter terrain, but it’s frequently overshadowed by Taos Ski Vale, the posit’s chancellor overwinter finish that’s upright an minute outside. And if it’s unheeded Read more [...]
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Do Bikes Go on Ski Hills?

    Pic: Michael Waldmeister/ShutterstockThis summertime, during his delivery to roll his mood activity project, Chair Obama pondered the hob mood alteration is having on the Joined States touristry diligence. "Hatful communities concern astir what littler snowpacks bequeath bastardly for touristry," he aforesaid.So, ski hangout managers are intelligent lots astir how to meet their year-around offerings to conform to a hereafter with more mercurial storms and less predictable seasons. Deal biking is one obvious solvent. Resorts deliver been offer lift-served deal biking Read more [...]
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