Once again on the transition cone

fotolia.com The EGR №13, in the category « Ask Konstantinych» asked Pavel Sergeyev length slug entrance A.Posudin posted. The answer I propose to discuss. So, my vision of the issue.Essentially response respected maestro. I recently had to answer this question. I wrote then about the following:«It is somewhat embarrassing assertion that the short length of the transitional cone (stingrays) slug entrance substantially improve the fight. As food for thought offer the reader an excerpt from an interview with The Queen, Head of Design Office of Izhevsk s-da. « Read more [...]
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Pillows on the transition

The story of the Siberian hunter.I wade sleepy eyes, staring through the loophole on the garrulous river, the peaks of the oil soaring to the sky. Fog spilled today by the channel and therefore enveloped the opposite shore, swam slowly, clinging to the shore willow. The river was clean, enlightened.Morning frost prohvatyval. Yawning I crush my jaw. Terrible sleepy.When the taiga, with dogs or traps - there easier, run myself, but run. And then, in an ambush, when the beast of the guard - and sleepy. Sometimes we have to lie all day.Transition - a place where animals are more often overcome obstacles. Read more [...]
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For tourist: Traffic on schedule

During transition recommended to look for the time on the clock. First, it is necessary in order to accurately observe the ten-minute intervals halts. It is best to entrust the guide or facilitator. But better that at first control of the time produced not one, but two people: young travelers, as mentioned above, the first a day or often forgets about the need to make halts.Additionally, allows control of the time by the number of transitions made to judge the distance traveled. Habit of watching the time and correlate it with the distance traveled uniformly leads to the production of motion Read more [...]
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PSU. The transition to a new level, or a step back?

You know, dear comrades, I have long been a question revolves. Well here I am suffering from what he saw contradictions. Speculated. Nights I do not sleep, you sit and Troll from anxiety vague. Can you clarify the situation to me somehow? Here write about BP. Describe the views from the various churches cut lead views and not very self-proclaimed preachers and prophets. Zetta unknown even dragged that God - nobody has seen them, but many believe them, and all of them heard. And most interpretations of one outcome - BP - is the transition to a new state, a higher, intelligent, good. It is clear Read more [...]
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For tourist: Upper odezhka for cold weather

Very warm and comfortable odezhka - coveralls. It is not blown and binds to a small degree of movement, this is popular with athletes mormyshechnikov. But athletes are caught in a limited area of the reservoir, and amateur fishing is necessary to make enough huge transitions.To do this, in almost all cases it is better to be able to partially undress. Coveralls such capacity does not. Because for recreational fishing is better to buy a set of overalls and jackets. Jacket with long transitions can be removed (strapped to the knapsack) and follow the same "polukombez." By purchasing Read more [...]
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The rotor is made of two turns of DNA

A group of Japanese scientists has designed nanomotors working by changing the conformation of the DNA molecule - the transition from the double helix pravozakruchennoy (B-form) in the left-twisted (Z-form). "Run" is the motor by changing the concentration of ions in solution. Securing the motor in a rigid frame that fixes it to the substrate, not interfering with the rotation of the rotor, the scientists managed by atomic force microscopy to monitor the operation of the engine in real time. They fixed two turns of the rotor, which is one BZ-transition.Fig. 1. Top: scheme of rotation Read more [...]
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In the next 20 years, inhabitants of the earth will need 50% more food, 45% — electricity

In the next 20 years, inhabitants of the earth will need 50% more food, 45% more power and 30% more water. This was announced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, speaking to students and professors at Stanford University, BelTA referring to the UN News Center.Ban Ki-moon highlighted the present stage of human development. The UN chief called it a "great transition."According to the General Secretary, the world is experiencing primarily economic transition, as the locomotive of economic and social development is starting to become the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, mankind came Read more [...]
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The last time the: 21/12/12.

Is just a few days before 21/12/12! So what is it all the same? A certain fateful date? Day global catastrophe? Day mass "Ascension"? Or just a normal calendar date, which set?Let us once again try to figure out, but apparently, at the last, because everything will be resolved one way or another this week, and we will see the end of it and experiencing "something", but what?. General, what is the "transition", and where he done? And what connection it has with the "Ascension"? There is a strong opinion that since 1986 the vibration of the Earth began to Read more [...]
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The transition in the mountains

Steep climbs, steep descents, narrow winding trails, dips, barely covered fragile snow bridges, treacherous ledges, going from under shingle scree, wrinkled cracked glaciers pose many difficulties. Overcoming them is not only a great physical stress, but sometimes with a significant risk to life and limb. Therefore, the transition in the mountains requires careful preparation, evaluation forces of each member of the group, quality camping equipment, etc. The planned route should be evaluated in terms of potential natural obstacles and the need to adjust for possible reduce them even by extending Read more [...]
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History and model of progress

We know enough examples of historical processes are accelerated to virtually infinite speed due to the fact that a number of significant events occurred simultaneously. For example, Solzhenitsyn describes the acceleration of events during the February Revolution in Russia: "If you must choose in Russian history fateful night, if there was such a one, condensed into a few hours of the night the whole fate of the country, several revolutions - it was the night of 1 to 2 March 1917. As with the powerful geological disasters new explosions, break-ins and sliding of continental strata occur Read more [...]
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Difficulties of transition

Consider the three postulates in a row. First, we all want to survive in our non-equilibrium world that threatens to crash. Second, although the crisis develops steadily, though the catastrophe had not yet occurred, there is some time to prepare for it. Third: we are reasonable people, homo sapiens, who are able to draw conclusions from the various facts, make decisions, plan and execute them. One of the areas of training for disaster - the transition to mass ekodomostroitelstvu, changing lifestyle. Q: Will it be done? A: I doubt it. Towards EKODIM many difficulties. The first - that Read more [...]
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In the fourth dimension

Among the many versions of the end of the world is one, according to which the Earth is a quantum leap in the fourth dimension. We offer you more look into the matter and see what awaits us. Transition but a new round of evolution is a phenomenon when a planet (or other celestial body) moves from one dimension to another. In our case, the transition from the third to the fourth dimension. Our planet with all the people inhabiting it will make an interdimensional transition. Transformation transition occurs relatively quickly, but we can imagine how the changes we need to go. The veil over the Read more [...]
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Exit to settlements, making fire and fires

Making the decision to move to the village can be in populated areas. In sparsely populated areas to make such a decision can be with the knowledge of the location of the village, the distance to it. In the desert regions can move away from the point only when sure of the proximity of housing and water sources. Unmanned space, cold and lack of roads in the north, the heat and lack of water in the desert in the south of the difficult conditions for the transition. When deciding on the transition, select direction, develop a transition plan. When leaving a loss of orientation, you must specify Read more [...]
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Who wants a landfill?

By chance, I found out that the Organization of American States (OAS), there is, after reading an article today on the Internet Georgina Salderna published in "La Jornada" entitled "Insulza rules out the possibility that Cuba will be immediately readmitted to the OAS." But no one could remember about the organization. See what arguments are antediluvian. "The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, yesterday ruled out the possibility that Cuba could immediately re-join the multilateral organization, among other things, for Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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