The traps in hunting game

Hunting allows a person in the wild to provide a game – meat, protein food. Hunt can be as small game and medium and large animals. There are two fundamentally different approaches to the chase: active and passive. Active hunting assumes the presence of weapons (firearms, bow and arrow, slingshot, throwing stick, spear, etc.) and an active search for prey. Passive hunting is to install on animal trails traps, traps, snares, in which the game itself comes. Today we will talk about the passive hunting on the snare and traps. The topic is vast and extremely interesting. Traps for large game. Read more [...]
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Woodsmaster — Traps, trapping animals and birds

After the construction of shelters and water production, obtaining food - the key to survival. You will learn to set traps for animals and birds. Especially for the more intuitive learning process of making video there are traps in the stage of slowing down. Episode 5: Trapps and Trapping - Trap, trapping animals and Read more [...]
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The relief is flat as a security

It is created to contain the pick up at your apartment thief and at the same time fulfills the primitive signal functions. What is the topography of the apartment? This is how your furniture is arranged and laid out your stuff. Hence the advice is about to leave home, do not clean up the apartment. Conversely, scatter everything possible and wherever possible! But most of all near the front door and windows. Or at least place by the windows in the corridor more things - chairs, stools, chairs, tables, pots, buckets, etc. And on the windowsills necessarily arrange china set the sixty persons. Read more [...]
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The method of hunting

Just as in the placement of traps, a preliminary reconnaissance of the area - half the battle, especially if you go out to hunt deer. The best option - a year-round observation of the habits, ways of life and the local population of these large animals. Pay special attention to the beaten track and the usual routes of animal, the direction chosen for the retreat and escape. Winter survey of the territory will find footprints in the snow, which previously was not possible to determine. As is the case with traps, look for all the nearby water sources. Read more [...]
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Setting the trap

For sale is currently a lot of variety of traps and snares, but we will explore the most basic. This traps, bear traps and clips. For fishing, we need animal protein traps and clips. Both devices are compact and lightweight, one person can easily carry a few. This is important, because in order to do something to catch, you will need a sufficient amount of traps. Primitive traps and snares - an interesting thing to explore, they also have the necessary skills for work, but to install them spend too much time, and if you work carelessly, they will be visible to the animals. Incorrectly installed Read more [...]
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Note: Readers of this section should be kept in mind that the information is of such a plan can only be used in real-life threatening situations. Use of game traps are strictly limited and even prohibited in many states. Check with your local regulations. During the Great Depression, my father was one of thousands of displaced somehow supply of meat, with more than a meager income. Setting traps and snares, the father caught possums, muskrats, raccoons, and sometimes otters. Poor quality fur sold for a few cents, and the meat was served on the family dinner table. Properly exposed snares and Read more [...]
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How to get the meat by fishing

Note: Readers should note that the information in this section is valid only for real emergencies - the use of networks for catching fish is prohibited in most states. Snares, traps, and other such tools can be used in a strictly limited, especially with regard to fishing in fresh water. Net for catching fish can be made from flexible branches of willow or any other wood. It is convenient to set these fish traps in shallow water. Place your traps 5-6 feet in length, similar to the ones you see in the pictures. Make a few. If your life depends on this fishing, do not rely on only Read more [...]
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Hiking food

Aborigine! I'll be going on a trip and plan on forestry to survive due to the fact it will offer nature. The question is: what knife you recommend? What do I want in the first place I look for when searching for edible plants and suitable for animal feed? Aboriginal response Aboriginal very pretty penny knife, such as Mora and Brusletto, another - a small hatchet. I would recommend to take the one and the other. Bring more food supply for the entire journey. Hunting and picking berries - that's fine, but there may be unforeseen situations. Do not forget to look out for Read more [...]
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Urban refuge

So far we have discussed only shelter for wildlife. Sometimes you may need to shelter in urban areas. Tom Brown's Guide to Survival in the cities and suburbs contains lots of useful information on mattresses, filing cabinets, chairs, sofas and other predmatam that you can optionally use as shelter. I highly recommend this book. After the Second World War, my father returned to the States and brought with him some pieces of furniture from the countryside of Southern Maryland. Hunting, fishing, trapping traps on - that's what my father had to do to survive. His father left the traps Read more [...]
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Traps and snares

Traps and snares pose: 1) the strokes - junctions, and 2) at the entrance of a home or uhoronku animal, and 3) on-site left little animal production, and 4) the put in place a bait fisherman. Setting traps with bait may be the first two of these cases. Give one a complete answer as to what is better way to set traps if transitions have a hole, with the bait you, or without, of course, does not matter, because it is often very much depends on the conditions at times also as if and petty. However, we can not make some general points. In the place of abandoned mining beast appropriately set traps Read more [...]
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Deratization means

Deratization means - Biological funds, mechanical devices and chemicals used to exterminate rodents. Biological means. These include bacterial cultures (from the group of Salmonella), causing the death of rodents. Such deratization funds usually applied in the spring or fall with a high number of rodents in limited areas. Prepare a bacterial culture and packed in containers of 0.5-1 l special laboratories. For the preparation of baits with bacterial agents take 1 liter of culture and mix it with 1.8 kg of flour, or 1 kg of crackers, or 3 kg of grain. The resulting flour dough cut into pieces Read more [...]
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Traps and their use

Most small game easier to catch than to kill. Even if you see a small animal, it is a very small target and easily find shelter. Use of traps requires less experience and leaves you time finding and other food. However, be prepared to use the opportunity to hunt and if the chance. There are many ingenious traps with a complex mechanism of action. Their device requires time and serious physical effort. Distress need simple traps that are easy to remember and easy to make. However, because each animal's habits and their habits, needs a relatively wide range of traps. If one type does Read more [...]
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6 simple traps for foraging in the forest

If you brought by fate in the woods, and no food or there are very small, you can try to catch the animal with primitive traps. The advantage over conventional hunting traps that you do not spend hardly any time and effort (except for the manufacture and installation). Trap game for the small size can be made of parachute straps, fiber tendons or fishing line. To catch an animal the size of a deer trap should be made of sufficiently strong material, such as rawhide or parachute webbing.   Ground trapTrap must be placed above the ground, tied one end to a tree, after scoring a peg or large Read more [...]
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