Orientation in the jungle

Orientation in the jungle it is a very difficult task. In order not to go astray in the humid Equatorial and tropical forests should be used very special orienteering techniques. We will discuss in the current article. The main problem for orientation in the jungle – the high canopy of trees called primary jungle and almost impassable, it is the same in all directions, thickets of secondary jungle. Completely unable to focus on the moss, as in the taiga and forests of the middle band, where it grows abundantly on the North side of tree trunks and stumps. In the jungle everything is just plastered Read more [...]
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The construction of the raft

In extreme conditions often faced with the need to cross the water hazard (lake, large river, sea), rafted down the river to escape from uninhabited Islands. To solve all these tasks need plavstredstvo. The simplest and best solution – to build a raft or catamaran from scrap materials (trees, drift wood, twigs, vines). In this article we'll talk about making rafts for a relatively long travel on water expanses. So, you were going to have to build a simple craft. The first thing is to pick up the basic the material for the raft. This is 9 times out of 10 will be wood, large trunks of trees. Read more [...]
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Corner Sap Theft On the Ascending

Sticky-fingered thieves get been pilfering the sap from Maine’s maple trees. According to the posit’s Timberland Servicing rangers, thither has been a spectacular ascent in sap larceny ended the preceding various days. The thieves typically overstep on personalty to tap the trees with a spurt and pail, so buy forth into the dark with gallons of sweetness liquified aureate. "It could be that landowners are more unforced to middleman us,” Commando Thomas Liba told the Associated Jam. “But it likewise may be that more masses are venturing out into the forest to try their Read more [...]
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Mood Alter Grouping Ringer Redwoods

A non-profit grouping is cloning redwoods and with the intent of planting them round the man to scrap clime alter. According to the Associated Pressing, David Milarch, co-founder of Archangel Antediluvian Shoetree Archive and his sons suffer crisscross the U.S. in seek of "hotshot" trees that suffer survived thousands of geezerhood. Spell scientists are questioning, Milarch is positive that ranking genes birth allowed them to survive the others, devising them the paragon trees to knockoff. Milarch besides claims that redwoods and sequoias are the trees outdo suitable to combating Read more [...]
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Indian Apple Farmers Mind to Himalayas

Trembler missional Samuel Evans Stokes outset introduced American Red Delectable apple trees to India in 1916 and they get full-grown thither always since, encouraging a full-bodied apple agrarian manufacture. But now the trees are threatened by a ever-changing clime, drive farmers promote and encourage up into the Himalayas to acquire their crops.Speedy heating has open many high-level areas such as Kinnaur and Lahaul, antecedently intellection to be too cold-blooded and dry, to finish. According to a Harvard sketch, median rise temperature rosebush by 1.5 degrees C since 1982, a hale stage grater Read more [...]
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A Want of Trees Can Obliterate You, Survey Says

Piece the front of trees has yearn been associated with meliorate wellness, you belike didn’t recall that removing them altogether could straight-up killing you. But that's what a new story in the American Daybook of Hinderance Music says.The work, undertaken by the U.S. Woods Serve, tracked the 2002 eruption of the emerald ash woodborer, an encroaching mallet that infests all 22 species of N American ash and is about perpetually calamitous for trees. They institute that in the 15 states where the ash woodborer had devastated corner populations, 15,000 more mass died from cardiovascular disease Read more [...]
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The Whaleboat

    Photograph: PeterVrabel/Shutterstock From that forward-moving cross Ishmael heard the smash of the harpoon. And from thither he radius to the reviewer of racking end. This many pages into the playscript, I can tone it in the pocket-size of my backbone. A congressional reputation, 4 pounds, 12 ounces, deadened crosswise my thighs as a pavement rock. I am indication it close in an overstuffed chairwoman in the 15-foot-square, Read more [...]
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150 Bee Colonies Die in Quarry Park

Biologists in Oregon are investigation what caused the batch die-off of 25,000 bees base in a Object park this hebdomad. As of Wednesday, the insects, the eq of some 150 colonies, were hush break of a clustering of European lime trees approach the storage."I've ne'er encountered anything rather comparable it in 30 age in the occupation," Dan Hilburn, the conductor of embed programme's for Oregon's Farming Section told the Oregonian.Initial tests suggested the bees had died later the trees had been sprayed with Campaign, a extremity of the neonicotinoid form of pesticides, which are extremely Read more [...]
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Hulk Redwoods in Unprecedented Ontogeny Gush

The finish of the goliath, old-growth sequoia trees on the California sea-coast deliver experient an unprecedented ontogenesis spout in late days, a cogitation by the Redwoods and Clime Modification First revealed Wednesday. Ended the by 100, the trees produced more solicit than o'er any former catamenia in their lifespan, accelerating in the finale few decades astern a lag in the Fifties and Sixties."It shows these trees are organism wedged by something in the surroundings," Emily Burns, conductor of skill for Relieve the Redwoods Conference, the San Francisco not-for-profit that is Read more [...]
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Wildfire Enters Yosemite Internal Common

The wildfire glary cheeseparing Yosemite has entered the parkland and now threatens the ability and water for millions in the San Francisco Bay ar. As of Monday dawning, the hell is alone 15 percentage contained. The flak has burnt-out done 15,000 land of country in Yosemite—though it has yet to participate the Yosemite Vale—and threats 4,500 nearby structures. Recent Sunday, officials confirmed that the ardor had burned-over done the Berkeley Tuolumne Phratry Coterie Locate. More 3,400 firefighters are combat-ready the hell from the background and air, but unaccessible terrain, hard Read more [...]
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Land Surgical: Anthony Ambrose, Redwoods, and Clime Alteration

    The Yosemite Rim Flak is presently glary approximately California's monster sequoias, but they've survived thousands of eld of ardor good amercement. And a bailiwick released this month shows that they and California's antediluvian coastal redwoods are living mood commute, also—hitherto.  In fact, the monolithic trees are midmost of a growing gush. The $2.5 trillion, multiyear inquiry undertaking, is funded done the 95-year-old preservation radical Write the Redwoods Conference and conducted by a pool of wood ecologists from Northerly California universities. We talked Read more [...]
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Does the Mushroom Dear Its Plucker?

Mushrooms, much misguided as plants, control a humanity of enquiry, utilisation, and traditionalist vertu. You good bear to cognise where to feel.     Exposure: Andrea1971/ShutterstockYou may already cognise Larry. Retrieve the guy in the cat-in-the-hat hat marketing Indonesian jewellery at Thankful Deadened concerts from New England to California? The American guy doing judo moves therein Japanese punk-rock euphony telecasting backrest in '86 on Japanese MTV? The guy in the set storehouse who had good shut a hand to signification 10 measured oodles of Siberian nin-sin from which Read more [...]
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The Everyman’s Template to Felling A Christmas Corner

Founder and son with their dog aggregation a shoetree in the timberland, picture by Franz Kruger (1797–1857)     Exposure: Nagel Auktionen/WikimediaRemote's miniskirt Christmas corner deal cut and flown in consecutive from Varlet River-Siskiyou Subject Timberland in southerly Oregon.Bey grocery parking gobs and engraft nurseries marketing hand-raised Christmas trees are substantial, raging evergreens. From mid-November done December, land of desirable languish trees on U.S. Subject Wood commonwealth are sluttish—and effectual—to cut."If masses are slip their Christmas Read more [...]
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In the Odessa region killed up to 80% of the vineyards and fruit trees

Abnormal lowering the temperature to -30 ... -32 ° on the surface of the snow in January and February 2010 resulted in a massive loss of vines and fruit trees in the Odessa region, said during a staff meeting Head of the agro-industrial complex of the Odessa Regional Administration Anatoliy Nowakowski. According to experts, technical kind of grapes were killed from 40 to 80% depending on the grade of hardiness, the majority of table grapes were killed by 100%, according to forUm with reference to the "Bridge of Odessa." The situation around fruit trees, similar to the situation with vines. Fruit Read more [...]
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North oasis

A few years ago in the national museum of Ural campsite Lysva I saw an old photo. Column guys Orchestra led a solemn procession somewhere. Curiously looking at her adult. Processes to meet the low stooping people in uniform cap and a cane in his hand. Pictures, perhaps, fifty or sixty years. - It is filmed on the opening day of our park, explained to me the organizer of the museum, the old lysvenets Mikhail Sibiryakov.- Have you heard about it? The famous park! Must see. On the park, I heard something before. Those who had seen it told about this "northern oasis" downright admiration. As we do Read more [...]
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Flora and fauna of the Polar Urals

Polar Urals vegetation is rich and diverse. In the mountains, a short distance you can find the dead coniferous taiga, mixed forests, lush subalpine and alpine meadows with grass and flowers in the height of a man, the harsh alpine and arctic tundra. Change of vegetation zones is clearly seen both in the western and the eastern slopes of the Polar Urals. Forest climbs mountains to an average height of 450-650 meters above sea level, and the river valleys are even higher (up to 750 m). At the European hillside forest boundary on the 100-150 m, and in some places up to 250 m lower than in Asia, due Read more [...]
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Olga Terentiev. In the magical hills of the Buzuluk pine wood

There is on earth a huge number of unique places, not a similar one to another. Certainly, this diversity entice them to for yourself travelers and explorers of all the new, exciting, interesting and unusual. A small area of native land, called in the current time "the national Park "Buzuluk pine forest", has always been for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Colorful paintings flash memory memoirs of a distant youth, when a huge part of your own free time we spent with their peers on the lawns, warmed by the warm rays of the spring sun or swimming in nezapyatannoy shallow river Borovka Read more [...]
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For two passes. Part of the 3rd

Attempt story. Exciting the exciting the people and dedicated. Next, after the bridge, the road from the site snack made quite gentle turn popped up on the wood, collected from a thick log bridge and ran down the large meadow, overgrown young line. But everywhere we could see the traces of its former home. Here and there from the bush willow and nettle sticking time-darkened bar, once stood here gate. Here and there, read the skeletons of houses. On the hill, on the opposite end of the healthy clearing guessed cemetery. A very close, facing straight out of grass and young birches raises skeletons Read more [...]
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Hydrogen degassing in the Russian platform. Part 1

In late February 2007, the website Hydrogen future we put the article "Degassing of hydrogen detected in the central regions of the Russian Platform," which is also widely known on the internet under the name - "Mysterious funnel. " Now, at the end of July 2008, we present new data on this issue. First of all, we have to tell you - dear reader: hydrogen degassing is not only not ceased, but has a marked tendency to expand. It captures the new area and likely to become more intense. If a half years ago, we were quite happy with gas analyzers, which measures the concentration of hydrogen to 1000 Read more [...]
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Hurricane winds felled 170 trees in Moscow

In Moscow, a day hurricane threw 170 trees. For the past day the wind speed reached gusts of 20 meters per second. As promised, weather forecasters, there were heavy showers and thunderstorms. The complex urban economy of the Russian capital have reported that most of the trees - 102 was felled in the Eastern District. Today, during the day, all the fallen trees will be cut and removed. Squall in the capital was also damaged several advertising structures. Hurricane winds, fortunately, does not affect the operation of power grids of the city. According to officials of the capital, power outage Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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