Brook trout trout strife

Under the name "char" know many members of this genus are widely distributed around the Arctic Circle from Eurasia to North America. Considered to be the main-through view of the fish Arctic char - Salvelinus alpinus. It is widely distributed not only in Siberia, the Far East, Primorye, Chukotka and Kamchatka, and Alaska, and Canada. Residential and entrance forms inhabit the waters of North America, where the fish is known under the name "Dolly Varden." Holtz caught not only by the sea in the estuary of the rivers, but even in the Baikal, he also gets to the angler hook. Read more [...]
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Trout — White Sea salmon trout

Salmon trout (Salmo truttd) - salmon passage, which has numerous residential forms in rivers and lakes in the European North. Externally fish easily distinguished from other salmon presence of dark x-shaped spots on the flanks. Proven to be blood relatives trout. Sometimes trout are called - sea trout. Sizes of fish going into the river in autumn, may reach 1 m with a mass of 12 kg. The shape of her body leaves no doubt that it is fish stronger and faster. Bruskovatoe body terminates in a wide tail fin with a strong stem with hardly any neckline. Large mouth with predatory curved upper jaw Read more [...]
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This fish has a special place among other water inhabitants. The name itself sounds to those who have tasted the beauty and poetry of its catch, almost magically. The question will be, first and foremost, about the brook trout, called flycatchers. In addition there is a wild species and other artificially bred in fish farms - rainbow trout. According to ichthyologists, "Iris" is incapable of natural reproduction in our latitudes. In flycatchers, in turn, there is another form due to habitat. Trout caught in a big body of water rich food, be it sea or a large lake, goes mainly to Read more [...]
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Law — the taiga. Chapter 18

On the third day, I ran into a left tributary, which had been kind of a mountain stream, jumping between the cliffs. With the order of mountain rivers I had affairs, and this, perhaps, would be able to wade, but - risk. I could topple over and carry, leg or arm could crunch, hitting between the stones, could recoil head on a boulder. But who knows what. We had to wade upstream tributary look small roll. There is something to be, because the top came the roar of a powerful, at times overlapping flow noise around. Along the river there was a marked trail. I'm not alone, apparently, ran Read more [...]
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Pike salmon on the trail

Taimen (Hucho taimen) - fish, for which anglers go to the most remote areas of Siberia and the Far East in the hope to fight the legendary "master of the Siberian rivers." But trout can also be found much closer. He comes into the European rivers and can be caught in the Kama, and even in the Volga. Moreover, the Danube subspecies of fish inhabit many rivers Czech Republic and Poland. Of course, there are no copies, comparable with the Siberian heroes, but "taymeshata" of 10 kg caught. Known that fish in rivers of southern Europe. But here, in most places it is prohibited Read more [...]
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