The main minerals Truskavets area are: oil, Gas, Potash salt, Industry and Mineral (therapeutic) of water, mineral wax. The most interesting oil fields are in Tustanovichah and on the eastern edge of Borislav. According to NR Ladyzhenskaya and V. Antipov (1961), within the field of industrial Borislav neftenosen complex deposits from vorotyschenskoy to yamnenskoy series inclusive (Oligocene, Miocene). Community exploit oil bearing horizon represented Borislav sandstone occurring at the top Norilsk series (flysch). Oil deposits in Menilite deposits found mainly in klivskomu sandstone forms small Read more [...]
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The rapid growth and development prospects and growing resort every year to correct the flow of willing workers is the health of our country and other socialist countries have caused a significant increase in consumption of mineral water, especially water type "Naftusya", which is the main thermal water resort, its a gem. In order to assess and increase the resources of the water at the resort since the early 50's, mainly Ukrainian Republican controlled hydro Ukrgeokaptazhminvod (formerly the office of the same name), under exploration. And next geological parties trust Kievgeologiya Read more [...]
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Treatment at the resort Truskavets Truskavets - drinking and spa resort of the Ukrainian Republic. Located 100 km from the city of Lviv. Truskavets located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Carpathian mountains at an altitude of 400 m above sea level. Occur near the resort mountain rivers. Extensive old park, which houses the sources, completes the picturesque landscape painting. Truskavets known as a spa resort since 1827, but the real fame and earned fame he received later, when there were open drinking sources Maria, NAFTA and Sofia. Currently in Truskavets operated 13 sources of mineral Read more [...]
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History of geological and hydrogeological studies Truskavets District 3

In 1912-1914. detailed geological survey Borislav oil region spent Kropachek, made a number of original views on the stratigraphy and tectonic structure of it. From 1916 to 1925, in the north-western part of the Eastern Carpathians geomorphological studies carried S. Rudnitsky. This explorer charted their orography and set several cycles of erosion in the area. In 1925, a small summary of the results of geological observations made between Truskavets and Stebnyk, published by G. Sizankur. In 1939, edited by K. Tolvinskogo published a geological map of the Eastern Carpathians, compiled on the Read more [...]
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History of geological and hydrogeological study area Truskavets

Truskavets resort in the Carpathian oil and gas area, within which in ancient times was known manifestations of salt, mineral wax, oil, and gas. The first information about the production here of salt from salt sources refer to the XII century., And early in the XV century. it was known that in the vicinity of Truskavets Stebnyk, Modrycha and Drohobych existed Salt Plant. As noted by A. Maciejewski and Matsyuk O. (1972), the first mention in the literature about Truskavets refer to 1469, and the healing properties of its mineral water first described in 1578 a royal physician Wojciech point. N. Read more [...]
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Drinking resorts ussr

At present, the USSR studied several thousands of sources, and water more than 300 of them are very effective in the domestic use for therapeutic purposes. On the basis of sources in different geographical and climatic zones operates 129 spas of whom are drinking. Many resorts of national importance - Borjomi, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Truskavets etc.Borjomi Pyatigorsk Batalinskaya sources Essentuki Zheleznovodsk Truskavets Hot Key Darasun Jermuk Sernovodsk Caucasus Krainka Berezovsky mineral water Morshyn Mirgorod Feodosia Avadhara Sairme Java Karmadon Arzni Easty-Su Jalal-Abad Kemeri Birštonas Druskininkai Read more [...]
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