Santa Barbara Wildfire Out of Restraint

A wildfire continued to tan Tuesday daybreak in the mountains supra Santa Barbara, minacious heaps of cabins and sending hikers fleeing for their lives. The ardor, which erupted Monday afternoon, had raddled more 550 firefighters and prompted the voidance of more 50 homes.The flak has carven its way done 2.8 lame miles of tinder-dry scrub, oak, and yen, and burned-out two vehicles, besides as a U.S. Timberland Avail gar. As of Tuesday dawn, the ardour was moving crabwise on the mountains. Though the brave has been composure, Santa Barbara firing government are implicated that a obstinate blast Read more [...]
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Shakes Italy, Chile and the Kuriles

For the past day zafiksirovanny earthquake in Italy, Chile, and the Kuril Islands ... Italy In the central part of Italy, on Tuesday, December 15, an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 on the Richter scale, according to news agency Associated Press. Fortunately, victims and survivors are not available. Authorities to react to what is happening and managed to evacuate about six people living in the province of Perugia, Umbria region. It is here that tremors were felt most strongly. Chile 5.1 magnitude earthquake was registered on Tuesday near the Pacific coast of Chile, data on victims or damage were Read more [...]
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Endurance Skills Living Six Animated in Nevada

A couplet and quartet children were base yesterday astern living two years in the acid Nevada frigidness. What started as a Sunday expedition to let the kids turn in roughly overbold coke, over with the class stuck in a canon following to their upturned Landrover, according to reports from CNN. Thanks to approximately innovational endurance skills from the adults, all six masses were reclaimed on Tuesday in goodness stipulation. Temperatures reportedly reached 21 degrees under nix on Monday nighttime, which made the cold-blooded an straightaway pertain. The grouping’s Landrover ostensibly Read more [...]
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New snowfall in New York City

Another snowfall hit the business capital of the United States New York, where on Tuesday, according to the national meteorological center, in some areas during daylight hours has dropped up to 10 inches of rain. However, in contrast to the snowstorm that covered the city six days ago, the current snowfall paralyzes life is not a metropolis. After a three-day weekend in connection with the Day of the president of New York on Tuesday returned to a normal life, despite the bad weather. Additional load fell to the utilities of the city. According to the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one Read more [...]
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East USA got heat stroke

Intense heat wave covered the eastern United States. The temperature rose above 38 ° Celsius over a large territory, from South Carolina to New Hampshire. In Baltimore on Tuesday recorded 40,5 °, in Philadelphia on Tuesday and Wednesday - more than 38 °. And farther north, the heat was perceived more difficult because of the high humidity. Temperature records were set from Burlington to Baltimore. Tuesday in Baltimore meteorologists recorded 40,5 °, against 38,3 ° in 1999. In Philadelphia, the temperature reached 38,8 °, Trenton - 40 °, leaving behind the previous record of 1999 (38 °). Read more [...]
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Freezing rain fell on Washington and Maryland

Freezing rain began in the U.S. capital and the bordering state of Maryland, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Small wet snow began in the region at 19:00 local time on Monday (03:00 Tuesday Moscow time), an hour later, the snow when the air temperature is minus three degrees and gusty winds turned into freezing rain. Despite the fact that the utilities of Washington, Baltimore, and companies that serve the highway, prepared for forecasters promised snow and generously sprinkled reagent roads and streets, traffic slowed significantly, began to develop a small tube. The police power Read more [...]
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The eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland

The smoke from the Grímsvötn volcano in Southeast Iceland, which began erupting on may 21, 2011, rose on Sunday to a height of up to 20 kmThe eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano in Southeast Iceland entered the active phase on Saturday, may 21. The plume of ash, smoke and steam from the volcano rose to a height of up to 20 km of Airspace over Iceland was temporarily closed and all domestic flights cancelled. The ashes of the volcano Grímsvötn is not as dangerous as we Remarked, but European countries, despite the optimism of the Icelandic meteorological, just in case, prepare for trouble.By Read more [...]
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U.S. Nordic Skier Nabs Golden

American nordic skier Simi Hamilton is plangency in the new class by devising account. On Tuesday, the 2010 Surpassing became the get-go American manful in decades to win a Mankind Cup raceway—a 1.5-kilometer freestyle dash, held in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, as role of the Circuit de Ski degree airstream.The close clip a win similar this happened was 30 eld ago by American grinder Nib Koch. In a mutation historically henpecked by europeans, the U.S. men's nordic syllabus owns lonesome one Olympic ribbon—Koch‘s silver-tongued in 1976.Hamilton, 26, a Colorado indigene, has ne'er Read more [...]
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On weather maps disappeared Asian anticyclone

November 4, 2013. In these days of November abnormally warm weather is celebrated on prevailing Russia. Even in Eastern Siberia and the far East, where at this time usually gaining strength frosty Asian anticyclone, temperature background on 7-9 degrees higher than normal. Instead of dry and cold continental air in the region is dominated by moist air masses of the Atlantic, amplified by the outflow of heat from Central Asia. As a result, day-to-day in the region overlapping the record heat. November 3 absolute maximum updated in Blagoveshchensk (+11,5). Previous extremum was +11.1 and was installed Read more [...]
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Force Traps Hundreds on NZ Flock

Hard winds and large blow on Tuesday marooned more 250 skiers and snowboarders all-night at a ski reside Cantebury, New Zealand. Operators at Mountain Lyford unsympathetic the flock's park former Tuesday afternoon as bamboozle threatened to avalanche crossways the recourse's accession route. That leftfield around 250 mass, including lots of kids, with no quality but to pass the dark in a auberge at the foundation of the lot. Hangout faculty provided what nutrient was usable and a few mattresses, but sour off a author that was warming the edifice in an sweat to ration ability. "I don't cogitate—by Read more [...]
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Snow in the desert Namibia

On Wednesday, the 8th of June, in Namibia (South Africa) on the territory of one of the most popular among tourists Safari Park snow. Last time snow in this area was dropped in 2002.Snow sets new recordson 9 June. On Tuesday, the storm swept Namibia. Snow covered mountains, roads and houses near the national Park Namib-Naukluft. Reports and pictures of the snowfall quickly spread on the Internet, and incoming mail is filled with rare pictures of snow-covered landscapes in areas characterized by the heat and dust, but not harsh cold and snow covers. John Rabe from the farm Namibgrens, Read more [...]
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Typhoon Nesat struck the Northern Philippines

Powerful floods, the breaking power lines, cancellation of flights - these are the consequences of the disaster in the Philippines. Hit the country Typhoon “Nesat” caused the deaths of at least one person; four were missing. The capital of the island nation Manila almost paralyzed; many institutions have ceased to function.To walk through the streets hard; the wind speed reaches 170 kilometers per hour. Due to the Typhoon closed universities, schools, the stock exchange, as well as the U.S. Embassy. Affected by the storm and the island of Luzon, home to more than half of the population. Read more [...]
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May the record cold in Paris

Interview edition of Le Figaro - while winter saints keep their promises, the main meteorological consultant tells the newspaper that the weekend will be warmer, but Tuesday 11th may was the worst for the week. LEFIGARO.FR . Is this the month of may is exceptional in terms of weather? Pascal SCAVIN . - Yes, and especially Tuesday. In Paris, the day temperature did not exceed 7 ° C, which is a record for the month of may. The previous record was set in 1984, and was equal to 8.4 ° C! A small North-East wind, lowers the temperature of 4-5 ° C. the Normal temperature in February, but not may. - Read more [...]
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A giant landslide in Switzerland

3 January. Up to 4 million cubic meters of granite was broken by the distant peak of the Swiss Alps, in the southern Canton of Graubuenden (of graubuenden)announced on Tuesday the office of forestry. The landslide at the peak of Piz Cengalo below 3 370-meters was perhaps the largest in several decades in Switzerland, said Christian Wilhelm, an expert on natural hazards. \"This is an extremely large mass,\" he added. The incident took place last week, but the Swiss media reported on Tuesday alone, because the event occurred in uninhabited areas untouched highways or winter tourists, at an Read more [...]
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Landslides in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway

on March 13. The main landslide disrupted traffic on the E6 highway near the village Soknedal in the County of Sør-Trøndelag (Sor-trøndelag County) early Tuesday morning. No one was hurt. The railway track was also covered. «We explored the territory of the landslide and found no machines», — says chief operating police Department Labor Karlsson.The highway was opened to the morning peak traffic on Tuesday, but the railway line between Oslo and Trondheim is still closed, possibly for several days. Later on Tuesday, a smaller volume of the landslide occurred near Read more [...]
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In Moldova because of the heat increased the level of mediaopened to orange

July 3. Moldovan forecasters raised Tuesday in connection with the established in the country by the heat level of mediaopened from yellow to orange, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, an employee of the state hydrometeorological service. Today (Tuesday) until the end of the week maximum air temperature in Moldova will reach 37 degrees Celsius. The service of civil protection and emergency situations recommended to minimize the movement of heavy vehicles during the daytime, so as asphalt does not stand steady heat, and on the route Chisinau-Balti under its influence the concrete slab has moved more Read more [...]
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Moscow will be a very dramatic warming

After prolonged frost in Moscow for two days get warmer by more than 20 degrees, said the Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region."On Monday night the air temperature in the capital dropped to 24.3 degrees, the day will not exceed 15-17 degrees. In Tuesday night will be still quite frosty - minus 19-20 degrees, but on Tuesday afternoon the thermometer rise to 6-7 frost already, and on Wednesday afternoon - to 0 - minus 2 degrees "- quoted forecaster" Interfax ".According to him, on Tuesday and Wednesday with a weakening cold clouds will be more snow expected.According to the Read more [...]
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Destruction Afterwards Dam Fails in Canada

A aureate and bull mine in British Columbia breached more 5 1000000 three-dimensional meters of outflowing other Monday dawning, polluting two total river systems good the townspeople of Probably and suggestion a province of pinch and a local h2o ban that unnatural leastwise 300 masses. Although the release stabilised on Tuesday, Canadian newsworthiness organizations now reputation that the unhurt affair could sustain been prevented.Environmental consultants chartered by Royal Metals explicit worry as former as 2011 that the fellowship's Ride Polley Mine tailings pool, in B.C.'s Cariboo neighborhood, Read more [...]
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Heavy rains in the Philippines paralyzed the life of the capital, Manila

on 7 August. Showers Tuesday paralyzed the life of the Philippine capital of Manila, with its streets flooded by streams of water about waist deep, were evacuated tens of thousands of people, reports the associated Press. The Agency reports that in the shower, not stopping the last 24 hours, in the Manila area of the rivers were overflowing and the water would cross the dam. Through the flooded streets with hardly move not only cars, but even heavy trucks. By order of the government, in the capital on Tuesday remain closed schools and government agencies. Does not work the main stock exchange Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of the impact of hail in the Kemerovo region

Read more [...]
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