Law tundra

For two weeks they were in the mountains, slightly above our parking place. Almost every day down to the foreclosure to see the all-terrain vehicle. But there was no all-terrain vehicle. Of the products the shepherds were only cereal and sugar. There was no flour, no tea, brewed the berries. When the snow began to fall, began to collect sticking the panicles of willow-herb. Today, work has to Kamchatka herders as much and in the past, and no liability less. But before such work were awarded orders and presented the award. A Now? How to live on, no one in the village Read more [...]
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Year in the North

Starting at the coastal sands of the river Mezen and flabby, but still high and thick bushes framing the wooded banks of the river town of Mezen higher, tundra, named for these rivers and the city besprivetnoy desert stretches to the far shores of the Pechora. Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev Too thousand miles lay on it fondly, and five hundred marched from the places where begins the boundless plain of the Arctic Sea, chained in granite shore up the dense forests, which have acquired the southern half of the county and Mezensky And Pinezheskogo which Read more [...]
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Fishing reindeer in Taimyr

For a long time I was going to Taimyr. Very much like to participate in the fishery and reindeer along the way, if you can earn a penny. Finally a dream come true, and I'm on a huge IL-86 flying to Norilsk. When approaching the airport Alykel look out the window. Local time two in the morning. A huge disk of the sun, barely touching the horizon, began to separate from her and again floated above the ground. It was August 2nd, and polar day is not over yet. On the train reached the city, along the way seeing predosennyuyu tundra. In the office Gospromkhoz everything was settled quickly and efficiently. Read more [...]
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Tales from the land of Even

The age-old taiga and endless tundra still keep unsolved, hidden secrets. You can pass by without giving much importance what he saw: that is the very nature of creation, rather than the traces of the centuries-old human activity.Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COMAborigenny fishing sea animals developed well with our neighbors - the people of the north of Alaska and Canada. The age-old taiga and endless tundra still keep unsolved, hidden secrets. You can pass by without giving much importance what he saw: that is the very nature of creation, rather than the traces of the centuries-old human Read more [...]
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At the goose in the Taimyr tundra

I do not know how anyone, but personally I with the spring goose hunt in Moscow this season with no luck.Photo by the author All the surrounding meadows in the area where I used to hunt with autumn were plowed, although this years stood intact. Flocks of geese cackling flew over arable land and not finding a place where they could to feed, flew away. No new «volume» profiles or decoys have not helped to seat a single goose. We had to do something.Rescued friend – Stanislav novice passionate hunter. «I have an opportunity, – he said, – hunt goose Read more [...]
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An amazing journey to the tundra

Greetings to all readers to "survive"! Recently Alex-Nord lecturing entertaining feature film "The Last Trapper", ibid-going discussion in the comments, it is better to "Happy People" did not appear movies. Recently I saw an interesting documentary that, I think, also worthy of attention, it is called "The Incredible Journey to the Tundra." Loved the way the education system is shown to attract young men to a hard-northern home, control animals Tundra part in wrestling matches, and more. Slightly from the description of the film: "Work on the painting lasted for eight years. The film crew spent Read more [...]
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If all the previous expeditions from Surgut North moved to the deer and only in the winter, the expedition BN. Gorodkov was the first who dared to pass this difficult path in the summer on a completely deserted and poorly on the edge. The route started from Surgut upstream of the Ob river to the mouth of its right tributary of AGANA. Then AGANA boat the expedition reached the mouth of Cavan-Auna. Path was extremely difficult. "Mosquitoes, midges and botflies, later wrote B.N. Towns, gave us no rest even on the open river. On the shore they became unbearable. Only recreation was to climb at night Read more [...]
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Sihirtya (Sirte, Siirt)

Sihirtya (Sirte, Siirt) legendary people inhabiting the tundra before the arrival of the Nenets. According to legend, St. were small in stature, wore beautiful clothes with metal pendants. They had white eyes, talked a little stuttering. S. houses were high sand hills. On the surface of the tundra, they come out at night or in fog; lived underground, where the dogs and drove mammoths grazed I-Choir (excavation deer). C. considered skilled blacksmiths, good soldiers. One meeting with S. jinxed, etc.. Luck. Math. cases of marriage on women Nenets C. Folk. S. mythological image imprinted features Read more [...]
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General characteristics of the polar Urals

The polar Urals is considered a segment of the Urals from the beginnings of the rocky July in the South to the mountains Konstantinov in the North. On the East and West ranges of the Polar Urals are adjacent to the taiga and tundra areas of the Pechora and West Siberian lowlands. Territory the mountainous region of the Polar Urals occupies an area of more than 25,000 sq. km. Harsh, but magnificently beautiful nature Polar Ural. Fast-flowing rivers, rushing waterfalls, streams, placid lakes with crystal-clear turquoise waters, dense forests in the South, lush mountain meadows, and bluish given ranges Read more [...]
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Blind guides.

Human capabilities are enormous, Who can argue, but often in my life give slack Th honest, and it is in these very moments forced to pay their attention to the life and deeds of their ancestors, to remember our departed heroes etc. And these unforgettable examples of support, do not give fall through the floor, forced to set new goals and choose the right put.Uzhe long ago, on the site of Podolsky Center stumbled upon a brief biography of Ivan Rultetegina, and now decided to census, and then got to the point that began to discuss the online whistleblower Germans. So that's what I'd like you comrades Read more [...]
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Flora of the tundra is growing due to climate change, scientists say

on 8 April. An international group of climate scientists analyzed the fluctuations in the sizes of dwarf plants of the tundra New and Old world over the last 30 years and found: flora of the tundra «growing» in height, and its species composition is strongly increased, which indicates a significant warming of the Arctic summer due to climate change. A group of environmentalists under the leadership of Sarah Elmendorf (Sarah Elmendorf) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada) believes that their discovery highlights the importance of creating systems of the global Read more [...]
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Beingness Beluga

Trample light: Churchill's thin, technicolor tundra     Pic: Microphone Macri/MasterfileCHURCHILL, MANITOBA, ATINRY Larboard Townsfolk perched on the westerly bound of the Hudson Bay about 600 miles n of Winnipeg, bills itself the "Icy Have Majuscule of the Mankind." And truly so. Apiece spill, hundreds of the white-furred beasts, and the thousands of tourists who pertain see them, meet on this hardscrabble Canadian outstation and its 1,000 busyness residents. Growth up in Winnipeg, I'd heard astir the bears and some Churchill's rasping slope—the loader aliveness, Read more [...]
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In the CIS countries live or occur during migration of 12 species of geese and geese. The most famous big goose hunters, which is known throughout Bean. The CIS 4 subspecies inhabit this goose: western tundra, also known as the European Bean, East Siberian tundra bean goose, taiga bean goose and sometimes flies to us korotkoklyuvy Bean. All of these subtypes differ among themselves Bean mostly color, beak, and unit size. The largest, taiga, bean reaches the weight 4, and sometimes 5 kilograms. Weight korotkoklyuvogo Bean is typically less than 3 pounds. The female is always slightly less Read more [...]
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Orientation winter

Orientation in the ski trip is different. For example, in the tundra are often not familiar landmarks, which are so much in the middle lane. The flat tundra with many rolling hills, similar to one another, a rich network of small streams, hidden under the snow, a large magnetic variation, anomalies - all this is difficult to choose the right direction. It should be good to be able to read a map, to understand the uneven terrain. Useful, and the ability to walk in azimuth for tens of kilometers. As a rule, the tundra has to go on an azimuth of 30-40 kilometers, with a flat front invisible landmark Read more [...]
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Tips from Uncle GO

    NWdravstvuyte, dear lovers of the PA and the survivalist!    In one time I had a lot of postranstvovat on light. Had a long time to happen, and in the tundra and taiga, and mountains. Even once had a chance to walk a few hundred kilometers stomped on Kara-Kum desert, but that's another story ...    I nor how many have no doubt that you can easily start a fire and warm yourself in bad weather, never get lost in the forest, and can live indefinitely on the "grazing" food.     Aboutdnako, I venture to give a few tips from personal Read more [...]
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Geography of the Arctic

Arctic - a vast area of the northern hemisphere area of 25 million square meters. km, of which 15 million square meters. km are bodies of water. Most of the surface of the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas year round chained in an ice shell, thickness of 2.5 - 3 m, but it is not frozen into immobility huge mass of ice. Wind and currents move continuously make ice fields. They move it slowly, barely breaking 1 - 2 km a day, for 24 hours covers the distance of 40 - 45 km. They can drift in the most different areas, but the general line is the drift from east to west. As the fields are moving at Read more [...]
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Perhaps the most widely used and one of the most numerous shorebirds in the North-East of Russia. With different density inhabits all types of continental and island grassy tundra East Siberian, Chukchi and Bering seas, except the Commander Islands (). The region inhabited by Yakut - C. alpina centralis (Buturlin) and Far East - C. alpina sakhalina (Vi-eillot) Dunlin subspecies, which differ not only morphologically, but also by the distribution on the breeding areas. Yakut subspecies spread east to the delta of the Kolyma River, inhabited upland and coastal tundra of the Arctic type. In the Read more [...]
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Blood-sucking insects in the Arctic

With the beginning of summer, when the tundra gets a lot of heat, mass flight begins blood-sucking insects. Their number in the millions. Swarms of insects that attack animals and humans - the scourge of all life on the tundra. Herds of reindeer in search of salvation from the midges are hundreds of kilometers to the north, to the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Animals, exhausted bloodsuckers significantly lose weight, well known cases of death from blood loss. Filed entomological research, the number of insects that attack the person for five minutes during their mass flight is several hundreds Read more [...]
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Continental tundra

Along the coast of the Arctic seas of the Arctic Ocean stretched wide in some places up to 600 km of the tundra - the vast treeless space. The climate is subarctic tundra. Winter is long - 8-9 months and very cold (down to -50 ° C). Summer is short, cold, often freezing. The average July temperature rarely rises above +12 ° C. Strong winds and big sky, summer often fogs. Annual precipitation is 200 to 400 mm per year and only in the north-eastern North America has up to 750 mm, which is much higher than the possible evaporation. The snow cover is low and reaches 0.2-0.5 m Power permafrost Read more [...]
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The movement of the spring, summer and autumn

Very short and stormy spring, at least a short hot summers and cold, rainy autumn complicate travel. But the most difficult - is the very surface of the tundra. Topsoil, thawed in the sun turns into a viscous, almost impassable swamp. Lakes, rivers, streams, constantly forced to change direction. In addition, rivers and streams often flow in deep canyons, the overcoming of which is associated not only with the difficulties of a purely technical nature, but also a danger to life. Together, compounded by the frequent rains, the abundance of blood-sucking insects and the same as that in the winter Read more [...]
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