In Ecuador, the Tungurahua volcano woke up again

July 15, 2013. Tungurahua volcano, located in the national park Sangay in the Ecuadorian Andes (Cordillera Real) on Sunday reiterated itself. Agency "RIA Novosti" with reference to the Latin American media reports on the evacuation of at least 200 residents living in the vicinity of the volcano. Powerful explosion in the crater, followed by the release of gas and large rocky material and volcanic ash to a height of about four kilometers, forced the government of Ecuador declared in two central provinces of the country - Tungurahua and Chimborazo orange alert level.In a heightened state of Read more [...]
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In Ecuador volcano Tungurahua threw a column of ash to a height of 7 km

After three months of relative calm, strong unexpected explosion of the Tungurahua volcano, located in the eponymous Ecuadorian province, registered at 22:35 on Monday evening, November 22, roused residents from nearby villages Choglontus and Bilbao (Chimborazo province), Chacauco and Cotalo (Tungurahua province). Volcanic emissions consisted of large quantities of steam, ash and red-hot stones. Already in the night of Monday to Tuesday, at around 02:00 was deployed rescue, police and military went around the village to evacuate citizens from the most dangerous areas: Bilbao and Chacuaco. About Read more [...]
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The volcano Tungurahua eruption began

In Ecuador erupts again, Tungurahua. Now the volcano spewing ash and molten rocks, reports channel News One with reference to the geophysical Institute of Ecuador.At the moment affected by the eruption, but a volcanologist Ugo Apes says that for security reasons, in the area you want to change the routes and flights. \"The ash cloud passes just for this airline, because the planes have to put that another way, says Hugo Apes. In Europe this has been done quite effectively. They determined the height, above which the aircraft was forbidden to climb - they flew at a height of 7-8 thousand Read more [...]
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The volcano Tungurahua reminds himself

The sudden plume of ash was registered yesterday from the crater of the volcano Tungurahua, located in the heart of the Andean mountain range in Ecuador. Up to this point the last four months of the colossus, 5 016 meters above sea level, were in a state of relative calm, as reported by the experts of the National geophysical Institute (IG). The phenomenon was registered on Wednesday night, the emission of a cloud of gas and ash that reached a three-kilometer height from the level of the crater. Under the influence of winds, this cloud went to the South-West of the mountain, there was a fall Read more [...]
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The activity of the volcano Tungurahua affects air movement in Ecuador

The next period of activity of the Tungurahua volcano, located in the Central Andes, South of the capital of Ecuador, which began last Wednesday, affects the direction of movement of air transport in the country. A column of ash emitted from the crater of the volcano, reaches 12 km in height and this forced the civil aviation authority to change the routes departing from the capital to the South of the country. The aircraft, following the route Quito-Cuenca, must deviate from a straight line in the direction of the coast or towards the Amazon. However, as reported by the Secretary of emergencies Read more [...]
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Ecuador: the evacuation of people due to the eruption of the Tungurahua volcano

Authorities Equador began evacuating people living near the volcano Tungurahua. The crater spewing tons of lava, ash and giant boulders, which are at a distance of two kilometers from the mountain. Schools and government offices in the area of the eruption closed for three days in a row. The volcano shows moderate activity, however, experts from the national geophysical Institute of talk about the high probability of a large-scale eruption. If Tungurahua working in full force from aftershocks may suffer and the capital, located 135 kilometers from the crater. Source: The fifth channel Read more [...]
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In Ecuador began the eruption of the Tungurahua volcano

on November 29. In the last days markedly increased the activity of the volcano Tungurahua, located 135 km South from the capital of Ecuador, Quito. The authorities are preparing for evacuation of people from nearby «Fiery throat» the settlements. The volcano Tungurahua has entered the stage of eruption on Sunday. On Monday due to the increasing power of the government of Ecuador has increased the level of danger to the penultimate stage, providing absolute readiness of the army and police to evacuate people from the disaster zone.Since that time, the geophysical Institute of Read more [...]
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The volcano Tungurahua in Ecuador does not want to calm down

on January 16. Another round of moderate activity registered specialists overseeing the activity of the volcano Tungurahua (Tungurahua), located 135 km South from the capital of Ecuador. In several districts of the province of Chimborazo, close to the colossus, yesterday there was a drop in the ashes, after a series of explosions, it was also possible to observe a column of gas and ash that reached one kilometer in height above the crater of the volcano. Bitter Ruiz-duty volcanologist tracking stations Guadeloupe in the Canton of Pelileo, said that yesterday morning over the top of the colossus Read more [...]
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A new eruption of Tungurahua in Ecuador

Photo from archive: 4 January. The volcano Tungurahua quite suddenly and sharply intensified today at dawn. According to the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic high school, were registered shake the face of the mountain, the explosions, the roar and the ejection of stones on the slopes of MT. Tungurahua, 5 016 meters high, located 135 km South of the capital of Ecuador, is the current permanent volcanic phase since 1999, his last most serious reactivation occurred at the end of 2011, prompting the government to announce the introduction of a few days of the 2nd level Read more [...]
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Ash from a volcano in Ecuador rises to a height of three miles

on April 10. The ash from the crater became active volcano Tungurahua (Tungurahua) 135 km from the capital of Ecuador, Quito rises to a height of up to three kilometers and fell asleep nearby communities, according to Monday's edition La Segunda with reference to the Institute of Geophysics of the University of the capital of the country. Affected by ash city Kapil, Palitaw and Los Toktas located near the volcano. Experts say the increased activity of Tungurahua in the last days. From the crater of the volcano is constantly emitted plumes of ash and steam, also flying stones.At the end of Read more [...]
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A new eruption of the volcano Tungurahua in Ecuador

on April 11. The staff of the Geophysical Institute of Ecuador announced the launch of a new eruption of the volcano Tungurahua, one of the largest active volcanoes in the country, located 130 km South of Quito. According to the report volcanologists at 08:56 in the crater of the volcano was a powerful explosion, accompanied by intensive earthquake, which lasted about 40 minutes. At the same time from the bowels of the volcano threw the pole pair with a high content of ash, up to 5 km from the level of the crater. From monitoring stations Guadeloupe (14 km from the crater) reported that immediately Read more [...]
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Tungurahua volcano prepares for new eruption

From 24 January, from the crater of the volcano Tungurahua rises small column of steam and gas. Height of the column is barely one kilometer. On the same day there was a slight discharge of ash. In addition, from January 25 in the vicinity of the volcano, there were several volcano-tectonic earthquakes. Largest magnitude was 3.2. To date, recorded a total of 10 of these aftershocks, according to the portal Volcano Discovery.Volcanologists suggest that villagers should be ready to erupt, which can occur quite suddenly. Tungurahua erupted earlier on December 17. The blast, which was accompanied Read more [...]
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The eruption of Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador

Tungurahua volcano erupted in Ecuador on December 21.

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Tungurahua volcano in the Andes monster mile lava pillar

In Ecuador, the Tungurahua volcano woke up in the Andes. He threw a pillar of lava high kilometer. Scientists say that this eruption could be one of the strongest in recent years. Residents of the villages at the foot of the mountains are always ready to leave their homes. In addition, volcanic ash could affect flights: Tungurahua is located just a hundred kilometers from the capital of Ecuador, Quito. With the name of the volcano Indian language means "Fire throat."Category: Volcanoes Read more [...]
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The Government of Ecuador has declared an alarm due to the eruption of the volcano Tungurahua

In the Ecuadorian provinces of Tungurahua and Chimborazo declared high - "orange" level of volcanic hazard. In the management of civil defense began preparation for action in the event of a large-scale early Tungurahua volcano, reports France 24. The height of the volcano Tungurahua (translated from the Quechua language - "throat of fire"), a little over five thousand meters. It is located 135 km south of the capital, Quito, and is part of the most active volcanoes in the region. The last eruption took place six years ago, when his victims were six people - people at the Read more [...]
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Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador again wakes

Leaders of the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School (IG) reported that a column of ash, which saw the release this Friday of the volcano Tungurahua (Tungurahua) reached an altitude of 6 km, was also recorded outflow pyroclastic jets.According to the report IG, starting from 13:30 (local time) noted an increase of seismic activity of the volcano, which is characterized by a series of earthquakes recorded by the sensors in the crater of a volcano, and the tremor of the surface of the mountain. Volcanologists organizations also reported that at 14:35 a loud explosion was reported Read more [...]
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Increased activity of the volcano in Ecuador

on December 17. As reported The Australian in Ecuador declared a code orange alert — the second largest level warning — for towns near the volcano Tungurahua. The level of activity of the volcano increased, according to the Ministry of civil defence. The area for which issued the warning, cover the neighbouring province of Tungurahua and Chimborazo. Great activity volcanic activity began on Wednesday, along with a small increase in emissions of greenhouse gases. 5029-metre volcano is located about 135 km South of the capital Quito, reported in the geophysical Institute. Eruptions Read more [...]
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Ecuador volcano Tungurahua shaking from explosions

on March 4, 2013. Ecuador volcano Tungurahua, the name of which translates as «fiery throat» retains high seismic activity. He «woke up» December 21, 2012. Scientists of Geophysics at the National Polytechnic school recorded the explosions, as well as frequent ash emissions, gas and water vapor from the volcano crater. According to experts, in the area of Tungurahua, located 140 km South of the Ecuadorian capital Quito, last week registered about 100 weak tremors duration of several minutes. Volcanologists warn that the explosions in the crater and ash emissions will continue Read more [...]
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In Ecuador was active volcano Tungurahua

March 11, 2013. In Ecuador increased its activity active volcano Tungurahua. On Sunday, he was thrown into the air, ash and pyrolytically material. According to local media reports, the day before Tungurahua also threw a column of ash to a height of 2 km. According rescue service nearby municipality, access to the volcano is limited.Javier Mayorga, head of the rescue service: \"We have identified places where you can see the volcano. Had to look for other safe places review in the district, as where best seen volcano, we can not guarantee visitors safety. That is why we have limited access. Height Read more [...]
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Tungurahua volcano eruption

In Ecuador erupts again Tungurahua. Now volcano ejects ash and molten rock, according to News One channel with reference to Ecuador's Geophysical Institute.At the moment, affected by the eruption not, volcanologist Hugo Epes said that for security reasons in the area to re-route flights."The ash cloud is just on the air route, because it is necessary to send planes in another way - calls Hugo Epes. - In Europe, it was done quite efficiently. There they defined height above which the aircraft must not be raised - they were flying at an altitude of 7-8 thousand meters. "High activity Read more [...]
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