Wild turkey

The end of the '80s. I returned to regular field work in Central Research Laboratory. The usual procedure - surrender travel documents to the personnel department. Coming out of the building that housed our group immobilization, I went to the office. Slowly cross the square in front of the administration building and hear unusual sounds ...Weigh 12 kilograms large specimens of wild male turkey, female is much easier and weigh half as much.Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev Behind the main building in the woods are the main territory of the department dicherazvedeniya Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in Turkey and Greece

Greece December 4 in the western part of Greece specialists recorded tremors 4.6 points. This official said the global monitoring of United States Geological Survey (USGS). According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located about 80 kilometers north of the city of Patras, 180 kilometers north-west of the capital, Athens. Currently information on casualties or damage is not. Note that the earthquake in Greece happen quite often. In particular, less than a month ago there was a fairly strong earthquake with its magnitude of 5.7 it was registered off the island of Zakynthos Read more [...]
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In the Mediterranean Sea earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred on Tuesday morning in the Mediterranean Sea, said seismic observatory Bosphorus University.

The epicenter of the earthquake recorded at 8:06 am local time (9:06 MSK) was between Turkey and Cyprus. According to preliminary data, no victims and destructions. According to local media reports, the quake was felt over a wide area on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey — from Antalya to Mersin province.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Strong wind in Turkey and Georgia

Turkey Strong winds brought down the top of the minaret of a mosque in the Turkish city of Akshehir the tea in the yard, according to the publication Hurriyet referring to agency Anatolia. The incident in the city, located in Konya sludge occurred on 2 January. The collapse of the minaret nobody was hurt. In other parts of Turkey, was also marked by the negative effects of bad weather. Because of the strong wind was interrupted movement of maritime transport in the mud Canakkale. In addition, meteorologists predicted a storm in Antalya and Muğla. In the mud Tekirdag wind speed was 80 kilometers Read more [...]
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Turkey covered snowfall!

Snow paralyzed Turkey. In Istanbul virtually stopped traffic on. At least two people were killed and dozens injured in the past day from frostbite in Turkey, passed on Sunday, local media quoted police sources. Heavy snow and strong wind, the speed of which sometimes reaches 70-80 km / h, paralyzed life in parts of the country, including in Istanbul. Cnegopad lasts about a day. Roads are having many kilometers cork. It stops the movement of marine trams. Because of the strong gale came shortages of electricity and natural gas. Several urban areas remained without electricity. In Istanbul, there Read more [...]
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In Italy and Turkey floods

Mostly sunny, with a few interruptions, not stopping for almost 2 weeks, caused severe flooding in the north of Italy and north-west Turkey. Italy declared a state of emergency. There is a mass evacuation. Washed out roads and bridges, broken power lines. Flooded many houses; people move only by boat. Efros village that in Italy, completely disappeared under the water. Damaged motor road at the border between Turkey and Bulgaria. The culprit was a disaster cyclone, which yesterday moved from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. Already marked by a series of Mediterranean cyclones exit to the south Read more [...]
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In Turkey, a strong earthquake. Video

In Turkey, recorded two major earthquakes and dozens of smaller on Monday night. Earthquakes have been recorded in the Eastern Anatolia region of Elazig. The power of two aftershocks of almost six points. It clarifies the ITAR-TASS news agency, the epicenter of the earthquake was located at a distance of 45 kilometers from the town of Bingol, 70 kilometers from the city of Elazig, and 625 kilometers from Ankara. The earthquake was located at a depth of 10 kilometers. According to the USGS, the quake was recorded at 02:32 Greenwich time (5:32 Moscow time). According to recent reports, a powerful Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Turkey. Killed 51 people

As a result of a strong earthquake that occurred on Monday in Elazig province in eastern Turkey, killing 51 people and not 57, as previously reported, said Health Minister Recep Akdag. Similar data are read out and the crisis committee of the Governor of the province. According to reports, 34 people were injured. Previously, local authorities reported nearly 100 injured. All the dead and injured - local citizens, residents of three villages in the province, according to lists released by the authorities of Elazig. At the request of the provincial governor Muammer Erol, to the present time Read more [...]
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The earthquake in Turkey. Video

First funerals of victims of the earthquake will be held on Tuesday in Turkey. According to recent reports, 57 people were killed, more than 70 wounded. The first tremors of magnitude 6.2 was recorded on Monday. In just a few minutes to six villages in ruins. Damaged hundreds of homes. A day after the land has ceased to strike the province of Elazig, the site of the tragedy began to work heavy construction equipment. Excavators and loaders apart the rubble where people do not have one already. In the most affected by the quake Kovandzhilar county has a regime of full-scale rescue operation. Effective Read more [...]
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Transparent seismic in Turkey



March 8 in Turkey earthquake.
As can be seen the earthquake is still going on.
Draw conclusions gentlemen.

Images are clickable.

Source: EMSC

Previous News:
· In Turkey, a strong earthquake. Video

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Turkey continues to shake. A summary of

We constantly hear about the ongoing earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, sometimes. But there is one place that the media ignored - Turkey. Yes, Turkey continues active seismic processes and they clearly localization. Earthquake on March 8 in 6 points, which occurred at the junction of tectonic plates could have been a trigger. The total number of about a hundred earthquakes. The average strength of 3-4. Most recorded substantially at the surface 10 to 2 km. Most likely there proihodit active process of mountain building.By Turkish activity, you can add trend of earthquakes that occur in the same Read more [...]
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In Turkey navodneniefilm

Six people were killed and one injured in the floods and debris flows in the province of Khorasan district of Erzurum in Turkey, CNN Turk reports. Seven people are missing. Heavy rain began in the afternoon, writes TRT Russian. Highway Erzurum-mush closed because of the ravages of floods. Source:  Armenia News , Lead Read more [...]
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Turkey in anticipation of a massive earthquake

Istanbul for ten years now, living in expectation of a powerful earthquake. To reduce possible damage, the authorities have adopted a number of programs. However, indifference and corruption are stronger sense of self. Who started with a speed of 5 centimeters per year? Ever the Mediterranean sea will disappear because Africa is slowly but steadily drifting towards Europe - glide like ice, viscous, viscous mass. This great migration of land, hurrying to the North, as the army of Alaric, not left alone and that sea - water arena, where the battle enter the mountains to the heavens and gave to Read more [...]
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Turkey thought …

As a complement to the theme "be proactive" That was browsing today thematic sites and came across explanatory comment: "I think that the one who has little or less concerned about this topic already has a plan vyzhivaniya.No the most important thing in my opinion: it is to comprehend the fact apokalipsisa.Chetko share before and after ....." (c) Fedor ( www.postapocalypse.ru/2009/01/18/pervye-dejstviya/ )The most important thing is to win time to act. But it is very difficult to convince himself that the old life is over and peace is no turning back (well, unless frankly bomb not started). Whether Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Turkey Earthquake with the magnitude of 5.3, no casualties

The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.3 occurred on Wednesday morning in the Aegean sea off the coast of Turkey, no injuries or damage reported seismic Observatory, Bogazici University. Quake was registered at 4.52 local time (5.52 time. Its epicenter was in the Gulf of Saros, according to the Observatory, posted on its website. Quake, which lasted about 20 seconds, caused panic among local residents. Many of them left the house, reports of the earthquake area broadcaster NTV. According to seismologists, the influence of the underground elements were felt in the South-Western part of Turkey and Read more [...]
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Turkey was shaken 10 times in a row

In the West of Turkey in the provinces of Izmir and Aydin registered 10 aftershocks of magnitude to 4.9. As reported ITAR-TASS with reference to local TV, the earthquake occurred on Thursday late evening. As a result, no injuries or damage. Local residents, however, in a panic, ran into the streets, fearing more powerful earthquakes. Almost every earthquake of medium intensity in Turkey calls at the present time among the population of panic. This is due to the fact that in 1999 the West coast of Turkey has been hit by devastating earthquakes, which destroyed thousands of homes. Then died about Read more [...]
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In Turkey, there is increased seismic activity

In the Mediterranean province of Adana Turkey for the last three days were over a hundred aftershocks amplitude from 2.6 to 3.7 points. According to Haberturk, according to the chamber of geoscientists and engineers of Turkey, for the past 10 days is not terminated seismic activity and in the province of Izmir, located on the West of the country. According to researchers from Bosphorus University (Istanbul), the strength of the tremors here ranges from 2.5 to 4.9 points. Seismologists have recorded dozens of aftershocks, the epicenter of which is at a depth of five and a half kilometers. Information Read more [...]
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The Turkey. Flood

River Turkey out of the banksAle flooding in Eastern Turkey paralyzed life in several cities. Due to heavy rains the river overflowed the banks. Authorities closed schools, people stay in the homes, on the streets raging powerful streams of mud. The disaster claimed the lives of 20-year-old girl. She lost control of the machine, the car fell into the river. Two more people were reported missing. Rescuers are conducting their searches, reports NTV.Source: Lead, NTV Read more [...]
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Turkish resorts are blocked with snow

ANKARA, Dec 12 — RIA Novosti. Powerful wind, the force of which sometimes reaches 90 kilometers per hour, three-meter waves and hurricane rain negatively affect navigation in the sea of Marmara in Turkey. More than 20 local and foreign ships were forced to anchor off the coast during the night of Sunday, the number of ships does not set out to sea in the first half of the day, according to local media with reference to the management of shipping in the black sea Bosporus and the Dardanelles. A cyclone in Turkey from the Balkans on Saturday, has led to many accidents in the country, Read more [...]
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For tourist: Ladies unsafe vacation in Turkey

In the article the Los Angeles Times called ladies usmotritelnym be during a holiday in Turkey. Namely, in the article recommend ladies in big cities have a more modest clothes, that would not entice attention. The creator of the article asserts that the two lonely ladies even tourist towns in western Turkey is not safe to rest.And if you (ladies) saw coveted eyes of the local guys, do not react to it, just go by, recommend French coach horses race in Turkey, Gina Rarick. "No matter what kind of reaction on your part can be regarded as a provocation," said Rarick.In Turkey, Read more [...]
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