Ural Heavy Machinery Plant (JSC Uralmash)

Ural Heavy Machinery Plant (JSC Uralmash) built in 1928-1933. For the prewar period, the company has mastered vol. More than 80 new types of machines, half from which one mfr. in the Soviet Union for the first time. Chap. s products da equipment was met., chemicals, heavy machinery., oil-producing, coal-mining, etc.. enterprises. Already in the period. second five-year plan he made hot and cold rolling of metal for Magnitogorsk, Zaporozhye, Chusovskoy et al. r-ing, equipment and valves for Moskov. Metro, for enrichment piano to Revda Ridder, Balkhash, excavators, powerful. parogidravlicheskie Read more [...]
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On the maps of industrialization young Land of the Soviets is a company appeared in 1936 year. In marshy and deaf Ural taiga 140 km north of Sverdlovsk in 1931, was laid the largest plant for the production of freight cars. Was not easy work of builders, with persistence and enthusiasm turns taiga arrays construction site, erecting grandiose future construction of a handsome plant. Read more [...]
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Structure of landscapes

The study of landscapes in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Yugra has shown that the establishment of a zone-subzonal boundaries, isolation and mapping of types and subtypes of the landscape in a region fraught with considerable difficulties. Background of water-logged, low heat supply, phenomenal waterlogging, cryogenesis obscure zonal differences landscapes. Climate actively influence the biological productivity and biodiversity, but its influence is manifested in specific locations. Relief is one of the main factors differentiating the landscape of the region. At the first level, large Read more [...]
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Perm Printing Factory GOZNAK

Perm Printing Factory GOZNAK leading enterprise Mfr. special types of paper, built in 1936 in Krasnokamsk Sverdl. region. For 1930-40 th f-ka MY mastered. communication. 60 tehn. complex types of paper, including performed tasks related to the 1947 currency reform in 1957 by the decision, made in the beginning. page. Goznaka printing factory in Perm, on the square. a swarm in 1959 was relocated Krasnokamskaya. In 1964 the company received a new Author. Perm. Printing Factory Goznaka. The company continuously improve Mfr .: in 1967 commissioned a paper machine for the production of banknote paper; Read more [...]
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NATIONAL THEATRE the centuries-old process of forming a theatrical traditions of worship, merrymaking, buffoon, dissemination on ter. W., pretty art. coincided with obscherus. tradition in terms of the (Christmas, Carnival, Easter, Pentecost), the ways and means of transformation in the fin. Actions (specific types of suppressors, principles kostyumirovki, masking, the use of traditional materials, etc..) and dec. types of communication between performers and audience: direct in oilseed and the Christmas merrymaking and mediated in a round dance. Regional originality manifested in ritual and spectacular Read more [...]
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VOSTOCHNOURALSKAYA CULTURE or vostochnour. Faculty of History and cult. region., ancient culture of us. Neolithic and Chalcolithic, ter. a swarm covers Avg. Zauralie with the surrounding low-lying plains of the Siberian Trans-Urals, in the south, occupies hours. Forest-steppe zone, in the northern reaches of latitude North. Trans-Urals. First identified as a culture A.P.Okladnikovym Neolithic and early Bronze Age. The concept of VK widely introduced in the scientific. turnover, concretized and elaborates VN Chernetsov, Bader and V.F.Starkovym in 60-70. VK Neolithic arose on the basis of the local Read more [...]
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Is It Potential to Modification My Muscleman Typewrite?

Can you vary your brawniness typecast to pee-pee you a amend jock?     Exposure: Pete Niesen/ShutterstockA:Ahead we plunge into the solution, thither are a few things you motive to live approximately character types. Kickoff, researchers loosely class man muscularity fibers as Typewrite I (dull nip), Case IIa (immobile squeeze), or Case IIx (first-rate quick nip). As methods of roughage typewriting bear go more accurate, nonetheless, scientists now recognise that character types subsist on a continuum. “We birth slacken fibers and immobile fibers, but we too let another family Read more [...]
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British scientists have proved the futility of IQ-tests

The authors note that the indicators of intellectual abilities vary from a minimum of three components - a short-term memory, the ability to reason logically, as well as the verbal component.Popular and widely used standard IQ tests do not correctly reflect the level of intellectual abilities, as they depend on a number of different sub-systems of the brain - the conclusion made by the British and Canadian scientists on the basis of large-scale experiment with over 100,000 volunteers. History tests for "intelligence quotient" - IQ (intelligence quotient) - began in 1904, when the British Read more [...]
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New star-pulsar emits just two types of radiation

Scientists have discovered a strange star, may surprisingly spontaneously switch between two different types of emissions: hard X-ray emission and an intense emission of radio waves in space. Although by themselves these two radiation is not unusual for the stars and the universe is a set of objects that are in the rotation and emit X-rays and radio waves, have not opened a single object that is to throw out the two different radiation immediately.According to experts, the closest example of the similarity of the new object is a star, which at one stage of its evolution, emit X-rays, and the other Read more [...]
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The Believers

Delegation // Reanimate THE Folk ProduceFOR A HALLOWEEN company death yr, Cheryl Rogowski got dudded up as Einstein. It was a meet search the 2004 receiver of a $500,000 MacArthur Initiation "hotshot" awarding. Rogowski, withal, is no lab oddball—she's far happier talk apples than atoms. A fourth-generation farmer-cum-agricultural-activist in Yen Island, New York, Rogowski, 44, earned the laurels for proving that minor farms can live by merchandising alien develop to urban consumers with fat wallets and constituent sensibilities. The discovery approximation transformed her kinfolk's Read more [...]
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Thanatology - Is the study of death and its causes, mechanisms and symptoms. Schematically, the main distinction types of death: Cessation of breathing (respiratory death), cardiovascular (heart death), Cessation of vital functions of the central nervous system (brain death). These processes occur total anoxia (see hypoxia) and the death of the organism. All types of death related, although one of them is usually basic. Identification of the primary death is of practical importance, such as resuscitation (see the revival of the body). A forensic thanatology Read more [...]
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Polio (Synonym: children's spinal paralysis, disease Heine - Medina, childhood infectious paralysis) - an acute infectious disease, is characterized mainly by damage to the nervous system. Epidemiology. Polio is caused by filterable virus, which belongs to the group of intestinal neurotropic viruses. Polio is on the type of intestinal infections is also important airborne transmission. The source of polio-virus carriers are convalescents and patients with various forms of polio. Most often affects children between the ages of 3-6 months. to 5 years. The highest incidence occurs in late Read more [...]
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How is the relationship of the organism with the environment

But in our society, there is another. I know dozens of excellent families, where children do not know that they are taken from the orphanage, so gently and carefully bring them up. As these are not real worried parents, if children get sick! And what splendor, what kindness shone eyes of these mothers and fathers, when children's hands wrap around their neck ... Learn the basic neural processes, Pavlov found that different people they can be strong and weak, active and inert, balanced and unbalanced. On this basis, it is proposed to divide the people and animals in the following types Higher Read more [...]
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The classification of drugs and dependency types

All drugs in terms of their origin can be divided into two groups - natural and synthetic. The use of certain plants and their juices for a magical, therapeutic eyforogennyh purposes is as old as the world and how the human desire to protect themselves from physical and spiritual pain. Some of these plants have a calming, others - a stimulating effect. Separate group of plants that change the state of consciousness and cause hallucinations and visions. The term "synthetic drugs" refers primarily to the many substances that have emerged since 1939, causing different types of addiction. Read more [...]
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Housing and resettlement of older persons 1

General provisions. Problem home for elderly people has recently acquired a special urgency. The number of older people in the population increases. According to the forecasts set out in the report of the Committee on Housing and Urban Development Economic Commission for Europe, by 1980, the proportion of the population aged 60 and over in many advanced and economically developed countries will increase to 20% 2. The increase in the number of older raises a number of questions on the scientific substantiation of domestic organizations, health and cultural services for older people, I settle into Read more [...]
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Hypnosis and suggestion-1

A brief historical sketch of hypnosis and suggestion Hypnosis in the animal world Physiological basis of hypnosis and suggestion in the light of the teachings of Pavlov Types and forms of hypnosis The depth of hypnotic sleep Types of hypnosis Types of hypnotic sleep Collective hypnotherapy Hypnosis by radio Hypnosis on TV Hypnosis by tape recording Hypnosis recording to record medical text The method of waking suggestion                Hypnosis and suggestion in medical practice Gipnosuggestivnaya treatment of functional disorders of the nervous system Hypnosis in the treatment of Read more [...]
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ECHO-viruses - Is a human enteric viruses. Are small RNA viruses belonging to the group pikorna viruses. Certain types of ECHO-virus can cause disease in humans: aseptic meningitis, fever, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, etc. ECHO-viruses (Enteric cytopathogenic human orphan viruses - enteric cytopathic "orphan" viruses person) - group small RNA-containing viruses that are attributable to the picornavirus family (genus Echovirus). Called "orphan" because for a long time remained unknown to their role in human pathology. Isolated from the human intestine Read more [...]
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Botulism (From Lat. Botulus - sausage, syn. Botulism, from the Greek. Alias, allantos - sausage) - severe poisoning caused by food contaminated with Clostridium botulinum type of bacilli and their toxins. Botulism is found in all parts of the world, often in countries where people consume large amounts of various canned food homemade. Mortality in botulism is currently: England 76.5, U.S. 65, Denmark 40.6, 31.9 in Japan, 24.5% in the USSR. Etiology. Known types of botulism pathogen belonging to the genus Clostridium: Cl. botulinum A (E. van Ermengen, 1896), Cl. In the botulinum (Leuchs, 1910), Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-8

German scientists H. Eppinger and L. Hess in 1910 proposed to account for the allocation of constitutional types of human dominance of one or the other of the autonomic nervous system. Those who have noted the prevalence of sympathetic, they treated simpatikotonikam: these people were in a relatively rapid pulse, they have wide pupils, they are prone to high blood pressure. In vagotonikov with predominance of parasympathetic nervous system (the main nerve trunk it is the vagus nerve - "vagus" in Latin), found on the contrary, slow heart rate, a tendency to decreased numbers of blood Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-7

So, H. Eysenck also identifies four types of temperaments, relevant Hippocratic types: 1) a combination of extroversion with emotional stability (sanguine), 2) a combination of extroversion with emotional instability or lability (choleric), and 3) a combination of introversion with emotional stability (phlegmatic); 4) A combination of introversion with emotional lability (melancholic). About four temperaments also speaks of modern psychiatry in the GDR K. Leonhard, the following types: 1) gipertimichesky characterized amplified thirst for action, initiative, speech and physical activity, emotional Read more [...]
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